Taking 6'10 Hooper LSK To The Gym! Vertical Leg & Shoulder Workout!

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Lakshay Sharma 4 month ago
This would be a dope weekly series where you lift with someone different for every lifting day and we get to see their progress
Kristopher London 4 month ago
Itz_Ekon 4 month ago
Who else laying down in bed right now
Waplin Boys 4 month ago
At this point, Cash just gave up on Flight...😂
Jakob Greenman 4 month ago
6’10” hooper like you don’t know him😂😂😂
SεηzμΒεαηs 4 month ago
Bruh I really like how Cash tells us and explains to us how to really get a work out and what not to do. Like he ain’t just tryin to show off his muscles and show off what kris can do. I like it.
ProMagicMoose 4 month ago
I’ve never seen a giraffe at the gym before
Gav_god 1 4 month ago
1:30 kris wingspan crazy
Honey Bun 4 month ago
9:28 Am I tweaking or do this man got balls of steel.
Jaime Bernardo 4 month ago
Kris built like a MyPlayer 😂
E Shoota 4 month ago
Bro i know that thumbnail is photoshopped 😂 look at LSK's arm
Liam Gordon 4 month ago
1:30 lsks right arm is about a foot longer than his left
rsf FRIZZLEZHD 4 month ago
The definition for Goat: Greatest of all time also (Cashnasty)
Miko Umagat 4 month ago
10:04 thought it was Jesser😂😂
Cameron Bortle 4 month ago
Gotta get jesser w you here
K1ng Carlton 4 month ago
0:00 he was definitely going through a breakup of some sort
Yash Dandu 4 month ago
1:39 am i trippin or are lsk arms hella long💀
Albert E63 4 month ago
Cash got that 80s porno music in the background lol
Isaac Edwards 4 month ago
Cash progressive overload would be increasing after a month when its to easy . Not each set
Pinche Poor 4 month ago
9:17 My mans is recording his anterior deltoid
PS4 xPro 4 month ago
Bruh his arm span looking like he gonna take flight when he brings his arms back down
J- Phill 4 month ago
13:50 lsk has 1 leg longer than the other
Jace Anderson 4 month ago
Giraffe out here making gains
Lol Its me 4 month ago
Cash showin' everybody how to work :D
Brian Turner 4 month ago
Being that tall in the gym is terrible A long range of motion for everything
Guy Guy 4 month ago
Bro this guy cash dont know wtf he talking about, doesnt know what progressive overload is, doesnt know that power IS strength and speed combined which is explosiveness man im like 2 min into the video dont spread the wrong knowledge
Anthony Moore 4 month ago
Stretching is really important if you want a 45 inch vertical like me like this and dm me
YHN 2TIMEZ 4 month ago
The first two people I’ve ever watched on YouTube and I’m 22
Hunter Carter 4 month ago
Cash has really done a great job explaining the value to his workout strategies and techniques. Thanks Cash
BallerzLife Channel 4 month ago
15:17 look how small Cash look next to him 🤣
eLiTe sWiSh 4 month ago
13:43 They really playing Chance: Hot Shower at the gym😂😂
HxCK lol 4 month ago
I really wish I could work out with you everyday cash! You’d definitely help me out a lot.
tai vaka vlogs 34 4 month ago
My guy said i haven't done this since college and he dropped out
Q.Corleone 4 month ago
Cash I need to go see your hairline doctor and that’s fax!!!
GuilleGoStooopid 4 month ago
Hope kris makes it to the pros, I think he could 💪🏽
Awe Dee.0 4 month ago
13:42 but yo mind aint growing though 🤷‍♂️
Lmaooo Scrub 4 month ago
The fact that he did legs where Brian Shaw and Eddie Hall held hands 😤😂
Roby Tomas 4 month ago
I like how cash squat low like that Everybody go two inches down for 5 reps and call it a day.
Daniel Dacey 4 month ago
1:25 LSK’s right arm looks long as hell (no homo)
Larry Ooooi 4 month ago
Is that Greg Paul on the left at 11:04
Kyle Cosgrove 4 month ago
6:00 sitting on the toilet 🚽 *takin’ a 💩*
Sr. Pepegæ 4 month ago
6'10'' athlete overpowered. looking good chris
Landon Jones 4 month ago
I see you cash I be in the gym like “I know I can get 0 but ima shoot for 1”
patric sarkodie 4 month ago
Yo what is good everybody
Jason _713 4 month ago
LSK is willing to learn from cash, not flight tho flight was just noding his head every time cash taught him something
Breixo Pereda 4 month ago
Day 1 of telling Cashnasty to come to Miami for a 1v1.... :))))
Brian The Lifter!!! 4 month ago
Bruhhhh you don came up like throw up fam! The last time I watched a video you had 500k subs.....God is blessing you man! Your gift has made room for you! You need to give God the glory on your channel. He gave you this size platform for a reason. Use it to glorify him!
Q.Corleone 4 month ago
315 on the bench for me right na. I’m on testolone rad 140 making all kinds of gains
Andre Mack 4 month ago
Y’all remember when kris used to lift
Caden E 4 month ago
These videos are cool, keep doing them with the rest of 2hype
SmokeGoodEatGoodLiveGood 4 month ago
Next time you edit your muscles for the thumbnail, don’t forget leg day😂😂
Caleb Caltrider 4 month ago
Why does he have 2 biceps in the thumbnail?😂😂
Hesi HD 4 month ago
This the content I like to see cause I work at a gym in Vegas and finally built the habit of working out daily and need more foundation wherever i can it
Brian Alex 4 month ago
This video is great in terms, helping each other what others don’t know. Good video honestly.
Beasts 4 month ago
Let’s go another fitness video🔥🔥🔥
demonic tuna fish 4 month ago
When they were streching arms Cash looked like he has crazy wingspan
Jaden Jones 4 month ago
Been waiting for this since the Instagram post
Rick King 4 month ago
Cash keep on making these types of videos they firee 🔥
Xavier Woodhouse 4 month ago
when you work out don’t do that jerking Cash is
A.A.Ron Davis 4 month ago
Bruh, even G-League would be really cool to see Kris at.
RaZe Tez 4 month ago
I’m back watching cash glad to be back 🤝💪🏾
WaterMelon 4 month ago
Flight: ....I CAN DO THAT
Marwan Makhlouf 4 month ago
Can you upload a vertical jump workout(explosive)
itsTrenton 4 month ago
I really hope LSK had clearance from his PT to do this. Assuming he's is going through legit rehab.
BotusLoco 4 month ago
Bruh they was fighting over a pipe bruh I thought I was watching a gym video
Allen Smith 4 month ago
Can’t lie cash I use to wanna troll you on lifting but you actually have been educated and you are giving great advice. Respect for sure.
Beasts 4 month ago
These my favorite type of videos
90s Kid 4 month ago
Bro for the next video you needa put rice gum in that boy needs gym 😂
Max Smith 4 month ago
That wingspan tho😂
Mythic Haze 4 month ago
The 11s 💔
EightFourTre 4 month ago
Proud of you cash been rocking with you since the H1Z1 days. Glad to see the growth and how your channel has evolved. YOU'RE DEF AN INSPIRATION!!!!!!
The_Michael_Scott_Paper_Company 4 month ago
workin in the 11s tho 🤭
Dayne Morrison 4 month ago
Yessir keep these workout vids coming in
Yazz Remington The Third 4 month ago
This made me bust out a 430 am workout
Awe Dee.0 4 month ago
lsk bout to die after the warm up 😂
Jayden 4 month ago
Lsk looks like kyle from ispy
Emanuel Domingo 4 month ago
Who else remember golds gym from wii😭
Deformedmaggot 4 month ago
Y did u photoshop his arm in the thumbnail he’s high enough
bdog wagner 4 month ago
He’s a twig
Nathan Partain 4 month ago
I’m sitting on the toilet
Brenton Jones 4 month ago
I love Kris but dude ain’t making the league lol
YvngPierre 4 month ago
I need a workout buddy, who live in broward?
Malcolm Obi-Allison 4 month ago
I thought I was going crazy but then I realised you edited LSK arms in the thumbnail
PSU_ Nittany Lions 4 month ago
Cash kinda remind me of Pat Beverly. He kinda looks like him and he a lockdown on the court
Keishon Taylor 4 month ago
Cash I know you look at the comments when you post a new vid wassup man👋🏾
Nathan Johnson 4 month ago
We just not gonna talk about the box squat? Even for LSK it was too high
Zboyy 4 month ago
Cash can you make a workout routine video for people just getting back into the gym/beginners
Unknown Justin 4 month ago
Kris- Adidas sweats with jordans on bottom? Bro
SwishEnterTainment 4 month ago
Softest soy boy I’ve ever seen
Tae A.F. 4 month ago
is it just me of cash look like buff patrick beverly
Barkev Megerian 4 month ago
Next is Zack 🔥💯
MadPro Skillz 4 month ago
Kreeshay 4 month ago
really been fw the gym vids and the other shit. Cash genuine asf
Cody Felt 4 month ago
2 hype bouta be swole. Get them boys in there cash ✊🏼
Jacob Dipietro 4 month ago
If kris gets as swole as cash he gonna be a hastle defending
PR0D1GY 4 month ago
Love the fitness videos keep up the good work👍🏼
Robert A. Ray 4 month ago
Yo cash you should do a series where you tailor your workouts to try and dunk/ improve jumping
Mason Williams 4 month ago
Do videos where you lift with everyone in 2hype
Datboydj DJSquad 4 month ago
Ur inspiration to a lot of people cash keep it up💯
Datkidd Jayy 4 month ago
Yooo cash, can you do a video with a chest workout?