The Scariest Nails On the Internet (Simply Review)

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Simply Nailogical 7 month ago
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Brian Libucki 7 month ago
Cristine: “This may get this video demonetized” Me: *immediately gets an ad* You’re good, sis 👍🏻
Txramiisu 7 month ago
"the scariest thing of all, naked nails" me: *looks at nails* "aight imma head out"
Isla Maria 7 month ago
“I’d like to see his bones, if you know what I mean😏😏” Ben has left the chat
Kade Devito 7 month ago
Christine : that’s terrifying ! Nails of different lengths ! Lesbians : 👁👄👁
Peachy Aesthetic 7 month ago
"Is that logan paul?" Every theater kid: *Offended*
Brianna Johnson 7 month ago
"Is that Logan Paul?" You can't disrespect Beetlejuice like that 😂.
xx s t x r l i g h t k u n xx 6 month ago
*”the scariest thing: unpainted nails”* Me: **hides nails**
NegroRosa Oficial 7 month ago
“Is that Logan Paul” Me: *Cries in beetlejuice* I love both the musical and the movie
Simply: The scariest thing *UNPAINTED NAILS* Me: *looks at my unpainted nails*
Sen Tariana 7 month ago
Cristine: Would rather have teeth for nails or nails for teeth? Me: ... I'd rather have teeth for nails, because I wouldn't be able to eat with nails for teeth.
Ana Salazar 7 month ago
Cristine: "I'm scared of wieners too." Ben: *sad man noises*
Annmarie Cameron 7 month ago
Her: "is that Logan paul" Me: *face plams*
Failed to Load User 7 month ago
"I'd like to see his bones" 😂 Damn simply sexualogical
Anne Sully 7 month ago
Is it just me that thinks the “vampire teeth” one is for lesbians? Yes? Okay...
Fan Pet 7 month ago
Cristine: May get this video demoniti- **ad starts playing** Me: Guess not then
Federica Sanna 7 month ago
Cristine: different length nails! That's horrifying! Also Cristine: **have a long nailed hand and a short nailed hand**
Grace Newton 6 month ago
I love how u have a gravestone that says “simply Nailogical”
nithya inapanuri 7 month ago
Literally I didn’t even notice that the “fingers” were hotdogs!”😂
bella lyn 7 month ago
Simply: is that LOGAN PAUL beetlejuice: *offended*
Šäpphírê .Êxé 6 month ago
what do I think were the scariest nails? *cristines long toe nails*
Eve Donnelly 7 month ago
No one: Not even menchie: Comments: wHo wAs a FaN bEfoRe 2o19
Kawaii_Gacha 5 month ago
1:28 as a diehard Betelgeuse fan I was offended but laughing at the same time lmao 😂
Brookell Schott 7 month ago
“May get this video demonetized” *que ad* Apparently not 😂
zarkeesha 7 month ago
Older movies aren’t really scary in our times now, but when the exorcist came out people were so scared they had priests in the theaters. People would run out to throw up.
Fflur Morris 7 month ago
I didn’t realise they were hot dogs either 😂x
Eveni Astrid 7 month ago
"I'm not talented enough to paint myself on my nails five times." no, but you do have that nail printer thing... *wink wink*
i like chicken nuggets 7 month ago
1:26 "is that Logan Paul?" Me: ITS BEETLEJUICE AAAA
Ms Pineapple 7 month ago
1:27 so ik u probably know this BUT THATS BEETLEJUICE GOSH
Allie Kayla 6 month ago
u look like lana del rey and tati when they have a child
Shanae Wood 4 month ago
Me: Hasn't watched this channel since Polish mountain "well nothing has changed"
MiraculousNerd 7 month ago
Cristine: “the scariest thing of all: unpainted nails” *Damn I feel personally attacked* Edit: oH MY GOD MY PHONE AUTOCORRECTED CRISTINE TO CHRISTINE I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE
HeyImSquanchin 7 month ago
Daywolf lollipop 7 month ago
cHristine: this video is getting demonatized .... Ad plays
•Cookie Does Gacha• 7 month ago
I told my classmates and said "HAPPY HOLOWEEN!" and they said its halloween not "holoween".THEY DO NOT WATCH HOLO QUEEN!!!!I AM SHOOKETH
lostwitchu 7 month ago
6:17 "Also looks like a bad first attempt at inserting a tampon." says a female who understands these struggles.
-Virus- AmDahger 7 month ago
**she sees Beetlejuice** Simply: is that Logan Paul
Abigail 7 month ago
Popular opinion: The Shining isnt scary at all
Lucy Ort 7 month ago
my friend just sent me a link to ur acc saying “it’s you” and after watching this, i can confirm this is my whole personality—cats included
Twilight Wolf 7 month ago
"What are you guys doing for Halloween this year? " Making edibles so I can trick or treat higher than a kite (Nah Jk I'm not like that I'm gonna go trick or treating or Staying inside to scare ppl lol)
Kyera 5 month ago
I know it's "not spooky season anymore", but you should totally try recreating some of these looks (:
TΔCDΔM 7 month ago
1:28 GIRL THATS BEETLEJUICE MY FAVOURITE DEMON (besides the whole cast from Hazbin Hotel)
harlequinsnap 6 month ago
Why I decided to watch this while eating, I will never know.
Ama Eve 7 month ago
Cristine: "may get this video demonetized" YouTube: plays ad
Sydney Stefan 7 month ago
Right after you said “they may get this video demonetized” an unskippable add popped up and in my head I was happy 😊
Aarna Dhanuka 7 month ago
Simply: the scariest thing of all, unpainted nails Me: (looks at nails)
Danny the habit queen 6 month ago
*Betelgeuse nail* Christine: Logan Paul?????? (Yes it is spelt like that use google or watch the movie)
Diana Peguero 6 month ago
The “Logan Paul” nails was of beetlejuice
Teegan Gayewski 7 month ago
‘Bens worst nightmare or his fetish, one or the other!’ 😂😂😂😂
Exxe GL 7 month ago
1:30 I really hope she was being sarcastic as you gotta stay loyal to BeetleJuice I mean come on Logan Paul is way uglier than BeetleJuice
im sp00ky 7 month ago
No one: Literally no one: The comments: no one: literally no one
Rayne H 6 month ago
Think of this: hold your finger and slowly pull and just think of the bone popping out of the socket
blue rose 6 month ago
No one: Cristene: Have to spell Halloween right for searching purposes.
Hannah Duncalf 5 month ago
5 years ago i lost my whole and I mean all of it i literally lost my nail and also I got a nail that you nail in the wall stuck in my foot 🦶 This is real
banditsbirthday 4 month ago
1:26 It’s ‘Beetlejuice’ the movie themed nails. I need them! 💚🖤💚 Also the “Logan Paul” one is Betelgeuse...
Ivy-Rose Gardner 7 month ago
Cristine: "Scariest nail art of 2019" *immediately goes to Nail Sunny's Instagram page*
Саша Котик 3 month ago
10:05 if anyone is interested why Vladimir Putin’s face was on the post that’s Nail sunny congratulating our president on his birthday 😉
Avery Matthews 5 month ago
Who else is watching in December
Emily S 7 month ago
1:27. "Is that Logan Paul?"
Amanda Dudley 7 month ago
What size shoes they’d have to wear with those mermaid toe nail, is what’s scariest to me.
k a t h e r i n e 7 month ago
Beetlejuice: * exists * Cristine: oh my god is that Logan Paul
Christina Arts and Crafts 5 month ago
She is using the holodays collection before she introduced it to us! The peely base ad is when
Flamingirl 6 month ago
My theory: cristene is high on the fumes in the polish
Mercedes G. 7 month ago
Me: **see’s thumbnail** No one: Me: ouu I like when she’s dresses up
Lesbian mermaid Queen2599 7 month ago
You’d be scared by my nails I usually cut and file them way too short
Huda Atta 7 month ago
"is that logan paul?" beetlejuice: *offended*
Masterful Moonlighter 7 month ago
In all honesty, I'm pretty sure some of those DID scare me out of biting my nails
Gacha- Kawaii 7 month ago
I realized I accidentally had captions on: Cristine:Why hello everyone it's me Cristine again Captions:Hello eeveryone it's me Percy again Cristine:*laughs* Captions:*music* Cristine:MENCHIE! Caption:MANJI!
Adriana 7 month ago
I just realized that when you did the banana nails on Ben, nail sunny also made them. Nail sunny had always been here, we just never realized.
TicciTock188 ! 7 month ago
1:25 that’s Beetlejuice Christine XD
Alexis Velasco 7 month ago
Why do those feet mermaid nails scream Jenna Marbles
maire spaight 7 month ago
The dark corners of the internet: nAiL sUnNy So scary.............
Julia_The_Child :3 5 month ago
I live fairly close to where the shining was filmed.
•Honey Jimin• 7 month ago
No one: No one in this world: Christine:*pulls out a bag of nail*
Wild Pippi 7 month ago
The scariest part is when i got an ad for troom troom
Aparna Krishnan 7 month ago
"im scared of weiners too" "I'd like to see his bones iykwim" *sad ben noises*
Sean Ferree 7 month ago
"Are those hotdogs?" 😂😂😂
Ava R. 7 month ago
5:22 oh, that’s what the tooth fairy uses all those teeth for...
Sierra Wintonyk 6 month ago
I got a nail fungus advertisment while watching this omg lmao
Mia P. 7 month ago
Heya cristine, I keep on seeing this ‘nail polish pen’ all over Instagram and I think you should try it
The Valerie Lorenzo 7 month ago
You don’t need to paint a portrait of yourself, use your nail printer!
StalkingPeopleThroughTarot 6 month ago
Watching this while two people in class are talking about sucking dIck...this is my life now. LOL
Mélodie Cusson 7 month ago
4:43 she didn’t ben recognize her own nails😂
Red Ramiro 6 month ago
just got an ad after she said "may get this video demonitized" 😱😱😱
cally weiss 7 month ago
1:27 cristene sees Beetlejuice:is ThAt LoGaNpAuL1!!!!!
Ayana Davila 7 month ago
Ben: “You’re pretty” * *Cristine gasps* * Cristine: “I thought you were going to say stop taking so long” Truly the cutest moment of them together
Alex Barry 7 month ago
3:31 "I'd like to see his bones, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!" I LOVE IT!!!
Devin Chubb 7 month ago
Go to to plant 20 million trees by the end of 2019!
Panicking! Emo 7 month ago
When a video starts with “oh my god this is so discomforting” you know it’s gonna be good
Zoe Trautman 7 month ago
Cristine: that reminds me of scary stories to tell in the dark, does anyone remember those? Guillermo del Toro: Am I a joke to you?
Lilly Otterson 7 month ago
Confirmed: Cristine has never seen the movie "Beetlejuice" Edit: Thank you all for the likes! I've never had so many people comment and like a post of mine before.
MAHcookie 7 month ago
1:26 it's beetle juice ngl kinda offended
Alicia Mestdag 5 month ago
Bro I thought she was going to create one! Like if your with me. 👇🏻
Lyla reee 7 month ago
Beetle juice: *exists* Cristine *Imma bout to end this mans career*
Hope World 6 month ago
e l e n a 5 month ago
Aww “discomforting” is exactly what makes Cristine so lovable
JoyFlameball 3 month ago
11:06 If you pause here, the face she makes is adorable xD
Abigail S 5 month ago
You know what else is scary? *YouTube rewind 2019*
Alex Darum 7 month ago
9:05 wait shouldnt that be "we're waiting for you" 😂
WaterSheep_ 7 month ago
*Cristine: “Is that a holo skeleton? I’d like to see his bone if you know what I mean”* _sad Ben noises_