PARTYNEXTDOOR - The Right Way [Official Audio]

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The official audio of "The Right Way" by PARTYNEXTDOOR from the EP 'Seven Days'.

Listen to SEVEN DAYS:


K.Slimmy 2 years ago
Sounding like the PND I first fell in love with...but with some extra Sazón and cayenne peppers.
Melelmechanic 2 years ago
why hasn't anyone made a 3 hour version of this, I could listen to this all day
Brandon Thompson 2 years ago
Party's vocals mesh well with this acoustic wonder land
Camino G 2 years ago
I'm single these days because I'm trying to do things the right way.
Aaron Nguyen 2 years ago
[Verse 1] You're mine for now Until I get you mad somehow You're mine for now You're mine for now 'Til I start cussin' in the house You're mine for now Until you start rackin', trackin' my whereabouts And thinkin' I don't care about you Because I gotta handle some things without you Look what you're tryna figure out, babe They gon' throw doubt, babe It's a marathon and a race for your love But let 'em chase, ooh Your clock's still tickin' I'm still wishin' that Your intuition says give me permission To be in your life, to stay in your life I gotta do things the right way to make sure you're mine [Chorus] Tryna do things the right way, baby Tryna do things the right way, baby Tryna do things the right way, baby Tryna do things the right way, baby Tryna do things the right way Right way, the right way, the right way Tryna do things the right way Right way, this time [Verse 2] We don't owe each other nothin' But we know this is more than solo Well this one is all about you I'll sacrifice my rapper's attitude Sex sells, I ain't mad at you Get your money, girl, I'm proud of you Shuttin' down the station In love, so dedicated You're my for now and forever You can say you got a man, amen like a pastor I already got what I want so you know that's now what I'm after still I want no more day and after pills Okay I know why I got to chill Because... I can't lie about the way I feel I can't lie about the way it feels I can't lie about the simplicity Between you and, between you and I [Chorus] Tryna do things the right way, baby Tryna do things the right way, baby Tryna do things the right way, baby Tryna do things the right way, baby Tryna do things the right way Right way, the right way, the right way Tryna do things the right way Right way
chris Washington 2 years ago
We need this PARTY all the time
tamielisa 2 years ago
that guitar tho feeeekk 😰😍 his slow stuff is the best 😍
Sabea Darling 2 years ago
2:33 vocals let me know he meant that line
Darrell Reese 2 years ago
He needs a SZA feature she would've been good on this
Kareem Jones 2 years ago
holy shit! this one speaks to me. I'm sending this to me girlfriend.
endjla X 1 year ago
he's so underrated i can't
Shay Dawson 2 years ago
Kehlani ? 🤔🤷 I love it tho ❤❤
Kevin White 2 years ago
0:49-1:21 is the best part
Princess LiL Chief 2 years ago
This song makes me want to start doing things the riiiight wayyyyy🤗😍
C. Harr 2 years ago
The sparse guitar and vocal delivery is veryyy Frank Ocean and the instrumental outro is sooo chill. Reminds me of Grizzly Bear of Beach House
MsKoenigsegg 2 years ago
So smooth. love this R&B style 💕
Peshawa Baboly 2 years ago
Jastin Lashell 2 years ago
Party never disappoints. ❤❤
Max Victor 2 years ago
Uma das melhores musicas do Party que já ouvi!
J G 2 years ago
This the best song on the album the others are all trash
Rafael Dominguez 2 years ago
Yo I hear frank ocean deadass
maxine chan 2 years ago
Trying to do things the right way baby is my favorite lyric.
Xavier Tavernier 1 year ago
lowkey, I can hear John Mayer on this 👌🏾
Destyne Alexia 2 years ago
When I clicked the like button and I didn't even listen to it yet 🙄🖤🖤
Ndéa Patricia 2 years ago
Masterpiece ... the guitar damn
Eddie Thomas 2 years ago
Lisa Lee 2 years ago
why does this song make me 😢
Jade Crockran 2 years ago
Sabea Darling 2 years ago
I'm feeling this 💜 here before the mill
Marcus sanchez 2 years ago
Now that's a vibe 💯
my style D 2 years ago
im Such a big fan of party next door his music is just amasing i been hearing him for so long since he began his music on ovo im from Toronto the 6ix is pure lit im so happy im from Toronto this is the toronto expérience
GLINCH 2 years ago
Someoneeeee, man's gotta learn em chords but I can't suss it and none online, who's the Hendrix here cmonn
cynthiaaa t 2 years ago
2017 pnd is blessings me
Javed Dastaghir 2 years ago
This song would fit perfectly in a Toy Story movie
Lons Anydi 2 years ago
need a guitare tuto lol
Manny ViiF 2 years ago
man i just wanna learn how to write music . party is a goat
Yusuf Saleh 2 years ago
Party 🔥Back at it again
Kevin LaFlame 2 years ago
Ed Sheeran & John Mayer vibes right here!🙌🏾
lil uzi vert jr 1 year ago
This song got me in my feelings
Leckerd Samuels 2 years ago
When my heart strings got plucked at 3:28 .... #OMO #OVO #PARTYNEXTDOOR
Mell 2 years ago
I love all his songs 🔥
MDMA My Demons x My Angels 2 years ago
It's a marathon and a race 4 yo love💪🏿
Walt Rza 2 years ago
I can't lie about the simplicity... between you and..... between you and I......
Vibes_Garden 2 years ago
My fav on the album
Stefan Lunte 1 year ago
you're mine for now...
User890390 2 years ago
How has this not exploded??
Tommy - 8 month ago
Those low faded out vocals hit me every time
Bando Beatz 1 year ago
James Fauntleroy / frank ocean influence 🔥
Asad 2 years ago
This whole project is eargasm
Valentina_L 2 years ago
Who is here from Hailey Baldwin?
Jelani Le'Bourne 2 years ago
that frank ocean type beat, the feel of this is new and refreshing from PND.
Memphis Depay 2 years ago
This beat sounds like the beat of wizkid and future
OXYTOCXN _ 3 month ago
This song helped me through a lot of shit..
Yolanda marin 2 years ago
Te amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo❤
Ashley Brat 2 years ago
You sound like a remarkable man, she's blessed to have a man like you! Great song
Jade Crockran 2 years ago
Clean 2 years ago
Glad you went back to your old ways
Charlie Ford 1 year ago
Mad underrated..
SlothKing 2 years ago
Smooth ❤️
Ariyanna Rice 2 years ago
makes my heart warm😍
James Smith 1 year ago
Andre 3k would be perfect for this fr
Isles Celestine 2 years ago
I'm looking for that one break from toronto that one recognize that one freak in you, you get my drift lol
bowwowmusic8 9 month ago
Such a beautiful song
Richmond 1 year ago
slept on album
Bryan Torres 2 years ago
bookoo27 2 years ago
Fire!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Monquele Davis 2 years ago
New parrrrrrrty!!!! 🔥🔥
Regjznae James 2 years ago
favorite artist 💙💙
Whimsicalarab 2 years ago
Love this ❤🤙
elitemal87 2 years ago
Excited for this new project
PatrickStarBeats 2 years ago
Nice Smooth joint.. diggin it.. I just made a beat similiar to this
Thabitha Shange 2 years ago
This goes in 🙏
Alaa Mohamed 2 years ago
smooth 🖤
kickbackworks 2 years ago
gives me frank ocean and old weeknd vibes
libbymarie xo 2 years ago
Early squad ❤️
Annastazia Miller 2 years ago
😍😍😍😍😍 is all I can say PND jus knows me lol
Torsten Bjerling 2 years ago
John mayer!
Melvin Trap BRW 1 year ago
i swear somoene learned from someone else Drake or you
Darrell Reese 2 years ago
This song would be great on a movie soundtrack
J&G T.V 2 years ago
Beautiful ♥️
ray thom 2 years ago
Free Party
Carmelo Anthony 2 years ago
elodieyuna 2 years ago
dean brought me here haha
Noah Norris 2 years ago
John Mayer vibes🔥🔥👌
Alexia Kaseka 2 years ago
I looooveeeee the guitar on here
Rama Diallo 2 years ago
So in love!!😍❤😫
KING • JAY 2 years ago
Apex Gamer 2 years ago
who let John Mayer into a PND song?
A Beleza Da Força 2 years ago
Você é o melhor party
Fatima H 2 years ago
Leon 2 years ago
JUST EBONY 2 years ago
Here before it makes a milli
Nredup 82 1 year ago
500K views? tf?
zeaswxrld 2 years ago
lust4cash 2 years ago
imma start in atlanta
Ghost Vibez 7 month ago
wirman saputra 2 years ago
this songs make me crazy
Christine Read 8 month ago
Sven Lindecrantz 2 years ago
Mr. René Wong 2 years ago
Here before the "here before" comments ;)