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We took a real twin telepathy test to test our twin telepathic abilities. We wanted to find out for you guys if twin telepathy was real or fake!

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Stokes Twins 2 month ago
Do you think twin telepathy is real?? 😳
Fons Dumont 2 month ago
imagine them being in an argument "Hey you look like a duck" *looks exactly the same
Top10Films 2 month ago
Alex: I didn't know we had this stuff in the house Toilet paper: AM I A JOKE TO YOU
Qisooyin Horror 2 month ago
Alan: Why did not you pick orange Alex: Why did not you pick Coke Me : Just pick one i'm trying to reach the end
Kate angel Lariosa 2 month ago
Alex: you look like a duck Me:your Identical twins bruhh
The Dancing Stitch 2 month ago
“Because he thinks I looks like a duck” *while doing a TWIN telepathy test* 👀
Dawn Keeneay 2 month ago
Who else is wondering where they got the TP in the first round?
Kishana Kengatharan 2 month ago
He said that he looks like a duck when they look the exact same
Ryan Duty 2 month ago
1 round,I don’t know why,they picked water,I would of picked toilet paper😂😂😂
Toxic Yeet 2 month ago
3:46 He thinks I look like a duck. But your twins...
Sameer Persad 2 month ago
He said how he looks like a duck so that means that he also is a duck
Gacha BrightStar 2 month ago
who else on the first round was gonna choose toilet paper
Ziva Marlow 2 month ago
" He says I look like a duck" Me- their twins
Math Geek me 2 month ago
Yes you literally look alike I don't even know who is Alan or Alex
Sabrina Harrison 2 month ago
Alan: Why are they so close to each other? Me: yeah why- At the same time: Realizes fifth grade health class
nena saleem 2 month ago
7:03 proves the whole thing. I mean making the same mistake at the same time and correcting it also at the same time can't be a coincidence people!
Michika Ban 2 month ago
On round two they had 6 iPhones in total..... that’s a lot of iPhones... wow
KING LION 2 month ago
Mom: Why is your screen broken Kid: I smashed the like button
Musicube 2 month ago
Adedas Me: it’s adidas, my friend pronounced it adedas
Logan an average girl 2 month ago
Anyone else think that the bird looked like a goat😂😂
PrettyPetty Girl 2 month ago
Alan: Why did you put the fruits so close together? Me: Laughing so LOUDDDDDD, my mom yelled at me
Maï Ho-naise 2 month ago
Rippp the Rivera’s they both took Andrew
Jon Tracer155 2 month ago
Twins: a divider between us, that we can't see each other Me: a divider that I can see both of u
HayzPlayz 2 month ago
Every intro ever by the Stokes Twins: *So we decided...* Me: well, *the people watching your videos decided they don't need an intro. it's in the title.*
BTsprite 2 month ago
him: we used to put sprite around the noodles everyone: what! Hahahahahaha 😂😂 Army: j-hooooooooooooooooope *idk why it reminds me of him lol*
Clement Family 2 month ago
They need to go back to school, they called a goat an owl.
Tyran Mason 2 month ago
The border wasn’t at the end of the table so they could see each other And notice at 4:38 he reaches behind the border to give him a sour patch kid
nick 2 month ago
Alex: u look like a duck Alan: wE’rE tWiNs GeNiUs
Cielo Felipe 2 month ago
2:21 i know whats the meaning of that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sarah Burge 2 month ago
Is given toilet paper Says where did you get this I didn’t know we had this in the house Me: boy what you mean what you wipe with usually
Jon Yeung 2 month ago
me and my sister: fighting 24/7 my mind: man I wish I could have a brother me watching this clip: 5:08........ nevermind
rileyyy sue 2 month ago
2:27 had me dying🤣🤣🤣
Amanda Tun 2 month ago
7:05 both said “7 for.. no 6 for 8”
Anna Kurinnyy 2 month ago
8:52 I heard the most twin telePATHETIC instead of telepathic
Ranya Ilayan 2 month ago
I kinda do but I mean I'm pretty sure twins can feel what the other is or when something happens since they're from the same egg.
SuperiorShadowX 2 month ago
If they argued, they couldn’t call each other ugly *cuz they look exactly the same*
Laviyashinee Visnus 2 month ago
When he said he looks like a duck. Me: you literally telling yourself a duck
xGamer PG3D 2 month ago
2:26 I stared to laugh so hard!!
Watermelon_Kittens634 2 month ago
I can’t tell them apart!😂
Danny Carter 2 month ago
2:30 so you know what that shape is??? Guys should
Taylor Baek 2 month ago
*everytime Alan picked something else*. Alex : * being the cutest bro * ALAN !!! ☹️
Madeleine Williams 2 month ago
I’m a twin and I got all ten with my sister I did that test when I was five. Lol no hate.
Randell the boss 2 month ago
2:27 got me cracking like if u agree
Michael Oconnell 2 month ago
Me: *looking at fruit trying not to laugh 😆 oh my gosh LOL*
Pénélope Steger 2 month ago
Alan: why did you put them so close together Alan: OH IK WHAT YOU DID me: I realized it the second I saw it XD
Syed Hussain 2 month ago
Alan: something smells like potato ( when he is smelling a shoe) Me: um... ok😂
SecretNinja 5897 2 month ago
Me sitting here watching pretending this isn't staged
Haley Hynson 2 month ago
Alan: Alex thinks that I look like a duck Me: then you say you look like a duck because you two are identical twins 🤣
Izzaiah KTF 2 month ago
They’re acting like there twins. Smh
loli rock 2 month ago
Cool You are the best twins on world realy
Johar 1978 2 month ago
2:28 I know what is is🤮
Naina Sherin 2 month ago
I love watching the twins post public dares or never have i ever😂😂
Luna Sanzone 2 month ago
He thinks I look like a duck You do! -my mind-they look exactly the same!
Ducks 767 2 month ago
3:20 How is that an owl?!?!
Nolan Sikes 2 month ago
This is fake, 2:10 his hand went through where the ''barrier'' compltely"blocking" there vision
_SeLaKov1ch_05_ UwU 2 month ago
2:28 IT KILLED MEEEE😂😂😂😂 And 'did you just farted' i can't xD
Mariana Ascua 2 month ago
When Alex said "if they see this we're in trouble," I just laughed
Twine Plasma 2 month ago
oh i thought “telepathy” was pronounced “telepathy”
Paddidas 2 month ago
When u realize the screen is angled to look like they can’t see each other but they actually can
Coltrane Da Man 2 month ago
He thinks he looks like a duck when there twins 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔🤔🤔
mis. whyareureadingthis 2 month ago
No one: *Them having 6 phones*
Ishrat Bano 2 month ago
Alex: looks like a duck Me: they both do
Why don’t we Limelight 2 month ago
0:58 it’s legendary... toilet paper 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Emily Howser 2 month ago
2:26 had me dead asf 😂😂
Muhammad М. 2 month ago
2:27 omg this is fanny moments🍌
Mya Deren 2 month ago
Alan and Alex : 3 2 1 I get cut off by an ad
Will this potato get 100k subscribers ?? 2 month ago
Notice how when they get it wrong they look at each other to see if it’s right but there’s supposed to be a divider in between them and they can high five
RG Jxi 2 month ago
2:11 there is no wall
Lex UNKNOWN 2 month ago
4:56 the say the exact same thing
Clxadiia 2 month ago
They can literally just show it sideways except for holding it upwards 😂
drizzy drxco 2 month ago
Galaxy Gaming 2 month ago
I’m identical twin to i trued this if someone does not understand me I ask my brother he always understands
Madison Kate 2 month ago
Me sitting here in the first round wondering if I can have that toilet paper🤣
3rdoftheherd YT 2 month ago
<—— That guy is my twin
Awesomeness unplugged 2 month ago
“He think *_I_* look like an owl” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 YOU GUYS HAVE THE EXACT SAME FREAKING FACE (except one mole)
Kudos 2 month ago
3:21 A DOG?
Finn Nettleton 2 month ago
The blocker is so short that u can see what the other person is going to pick
FrynixWolf 2 month ago
When he says he's other twin looks like a duck😂
Jimmy Manzo 2 month ago
Alex: He does look like a bird. Me: You guys are twins so if Alan looks like a bird you do to.
B.J. Koh 2 month ago
F U N N Y 2:30 OMG 😱😂😂😱 Damn
Jessie wessie Matthews 2 month ago
on the first round: toilet roll people: gimme love your YouTube channel vids and you
Maria Sibi 2 month ago
did anybody realise: 8:25 they can see the gift cards
Josh L 2 month ago
Says he looks like a duck, O wait he is a duck to bc ur identical 😂😂😂
Ritisha Jaiswal 2 month ago
Who else feels that they're very distant from their friends now? Except Andrew and Caleb, maybe even Brent but the others... I mean...there hasn't been a collab in so long :(
Kenan AutoGamer 2 month ago
2:28 denomitized
Eunice Park 2 month ago
This is kinda freaky in a good way lol love how you guys talk at the same time with the same words XD
ErikSG 2 month ago
2:22 demonetization there at the right.
Alma Rojas 2 month ago
I'm watching this in 1:55 AM
Wanee Roslan 2 month ago
Twins that have greatest telepathy 1. Merrell twins 2. Rybka twins 3. Brooklyn and Bailey 4. Stokes twins
Shawn Mendes Fan Forever 2 month ago
I just wanna know Where did all those IPhones come from???
ramez ayyoub 2 month ago
7:20 stick the shoe up what? 😂
beroo 1843 2 month ago
I really love you so much, you are the best twin I've ever seen. I adore you😻🙊❤.
Sam _milk 2 month ago
0:48 where the hell did you get toilet paper from :O
Samantha Workman 2 month ago
2:27 well then.....
Riley Rimmer 2 month ago
Y’all can be so weird sometimes 😂sprite in ramen, never heard of that😎
Circuit Sky 2 month ago
They have toiled- paper
Irish Abrematia 2 month ago
It's my first time watching there videos and I'm so confused who is Alex and Alan😵😵😵😵
Rachel Brown 2 month ago
the most attractive twins on the internet. I mean, tbh
Ben Rogers 2 month ago
Omg I can’t believe I’m watching this the same day it was posted... AhhhHhHhHhhHH
Student Aspen Andrus 2 month ago
2:28 only dirty minded people will understand or...adults I guess