David Plouffe: 'I Think Bernie Sanders Is In The Catbird Seat Right Now.' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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David Plouffe joins Andrea Mitchell ahead of the first in the nation New Hampshire primary to discuss the state of the race in the Democratic primary. Aired on 2/10/2020.
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David Plouffe: 'I Think Bernie Sanders Is In The Catbird Seat Right Now.' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
Rio de Janeiro 1 month ago
Andrea: Who is in the most trouble among the frontrunners? Plouffe: The question is... (don't make me mention Joe Biden)
American Paisa 1 month ago
“If you believe the polls.”🤣 Good luck with that.
RickK RocKStar 1 month ago
David Powell 1 month ago
I only wish Chris Matthews was sitting there listening. That dude is completely off the deep end - time for a transfer to Fox News.
USAs Left 1 month ago
Have the Democrats figured out how to count votes yet? 😂
Jennifer King 1 month ago
why are we talking to someone from the app that supposedly screwed up the caucus to help his friend pete. get this guy off tv. wtf.
Sean Moore 1 month ago
not going to happen
brian noland 1 month ago
Why is it that when it’s info you want to know(like this info) it’s 1min, and when it’s repeated bipartisan filler it’s 10 min?
J. Muller 1 month ago
Mostly just young people that were brainwashed in schools by socialist teachers.
C D 1 month ago
Never heard the term "Catbird" before today. TIL.
Jeff Adelman 1 month ago
Chris Matthews RESIGN!!!
wolfman02 1 month ago
Douglas Lees 1 month ago
wtf Catbird seat?
Manny j 1 month ago
New Hampshire: Bernie... 45% Pete..... 17%
jonathan babcock 1 month ago
Veterans for Bernie. Donate. Volunteer. Register. Vote.
Weston Vaughn 1 month ago
Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson 1 month ago
Bernie 20/20!!!
Fintan 1 month ago
Let's not get too confident, we have to win by much more than any of the corporate candidates. Get your family and friends motivated and voting.
Shanna Sweger 1 month ago
Catbird seat?
juan treviño 1 month ago
Feel the Bern!!!
John Edward 1 month ago
Brian Garrow 1 month ago
Union guy here for Bernie
Cory Snyder 1 month ago
A Sanders/Yang ticket would dominate.
Danny Sullivan Music 1 month ago
The only logical choice is Mike Bloomberg™!!! This comment was paid for by Mike Bloomberg™
Helmut Hitzig 1 month ago
Sanders 2020!!
Sapna Sahil 1 month ago
Pete cheated his way through Iowa.
Venice Lockjaw 1 month ago
Is that good? To be in the catbird car seat headrest??
Konstantin Polyakov 1 month ago
peachees 1 month ago
Dems will never let Bernie win the nomination. They will rig it AGAIN. The question is what will you Bernie voters do about it this time?
Weston Vaughn 1 month ago
Helmut Hitzig 1 month ago
Bernie for President!
Helmut Hitzig 1 month ago
Feel the Bern
George Goldman 1 month ago
go bernie
Hedi Nermin 1 month ago
i'm not even american but i hope you guys make the right choice :) BERNIE FTW <3
Trap Town 1 month ago
I like! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]
Trap Town NCS 1 month ago
I look forward to more videos.Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]
Robert Thomas 1 month ago
Wall street pete is in the most trouble...he has cheated IOWA and they are maintaining his lies!!! He has no ideas for the country he only has media appeal for the simple fact that he is NOT Bernie. The corporate media is scared of Bernie because he wants to give the power back to the people by removing the corrupting influence of money in politics. The money in politics goes to campaign adds that are bought on their channels! It's not a conspiracy it is a failed system that ultimately leads to republican obstruction and fascists like Trump.
conference Justice 1 month ago
Stick Bernie Sanders going to lose.
Trap Town NCS 1 month ago
Goob job! :) Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]
Trap Town 1 month ago
Good video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]
Elle Moss 1 month ago
Good!!! Go Bernie!
Lance Powers 1 month ago
nice 63 second video, really deep commentary I have a much better idea of what is going on now MSNBC
Dave Waldon 1 month ago
The problem is that Libertarians and Independents won’t vote for a Socialist. And they want smaller government not larger. And that’s a real problem.
Mike Fernandez 1 month ago
Real American's aren't going to Willing Vote for a Communist to steal their money, take their rights away, and destroy 250 years of American Progress.
Mag 1 month ago
My fears are growing that Bernie might not be the right candidate.The ignorant side of America will not vote for him,
Dee Lynn 1 month ago
We the People WANT BERNIE SANDERS 2020!
Nima Pahlevan 1 month ago
Donald J Trump parody 1 month ago
Some men stand up to trump. Some would let trump grab their wives by the pu$$y.
Nice Guy Eddie 1 month ago
There are no moderates in the Democrap Party. God bless Bernie. I hope he gets the nomination because that will ensure another four years of Trump. KAG!
The Ang Endeavor 1 month ago
Harry Sacket 1 month ago
Bernie Sanders 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Kyung Yu 1 month ago
Really? What kind of weird, passive-aggressive framing of a question was this? "Who's in the most trouble among the frontrunners?" What? Someone needs to explain to Andrea Mitchell that people in the front of a race are not the people in trouble, it's the people who were in the lead and have fallen to the back of the race -- Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren. In fact, Bernie gained 2-5 points in polls (FiveThirtyEight.com) since the debates to remain the leader, Buttigieg has flattened out or lost 1-2 points to remain second, and Klobuchar is still fourth. Did someone from Comcast write this question for Andrea Mitchell? Be a journalist... not a drone.
Daegog The Wyrdmake 1 month ago
Bernie is the president we need, but im not sure we even deserve him. But he is kind enough to run, so lets get him into office!
C W 1 month ago
Socialism will never win!
a a 1 month ago
Bernie to the end!
William Kiene 1 month ago
Marxist professors have brain washed our youth for the past 3 generations. Nobody wants to work anymore. The youth are not getting married, not having kids and not buying homes? They want everything for free and they want the evil greedy 1% to pay for it. They are fighting to destroy their own futures? Wait till they find out the truth.......
Rob MM 1 month ago
BLACK voters!!! Iowa & NH represent black voters opinion now. So black voters don’t have a say on who should be the nominee. The race is over or do black voters have a satin the matter. I don’t care who wins Iowa or NH. What matters is black voters voting after NH.
Anna Notherthing -12 years ago 1 month ago
Bernie’s average lead is 6 points above Pete the small town Major. Biden will drop out after facing a dismal finish in South Carolina. Pete comes in third or fourth for Super Tuesday. Sanders should finish the primary race at around 44% of the delegate, Pete will drop out after loosing big in CA and Texas. Warren will stay until the convention where she donates her delegates to Bernie. A clear winner going into the general election where Trump has amassed a list of childish insults and nicknames void substantial policies for the average American. Bernie Sanders, the 46th President of the United States
Joe G 1 month ago
Let's start calling it what it really is....This big push against the "Elite vs the Working Class" is the age old song of the Bourgeoisie vs the Proletariate. Instead of crying out for "Bread and Land" it's "Healthcare, Loan Forgiveness and Open Boarders". "Wake up people. Break the chains of confinement and join the revolution" is all we hear coming from Bernie supports.
Josh Allen 1 month ago
Do democrats realize that Medicare for all doesn’t mean you get Medicare soon? They honestly think they will be sick, call the doctor, and get to go in that day. In Canada patients have died from not being able to see a doctor in a timely manor. The incentive for doctors will be less then what it currently is and many prospective students will decide not to go in the medical fields. Not enough doctors, and millions of waiting patients, equals a disaster waiting to happen
Travis Walden 1 month ago
Bernie or Trump clash of the Titans what direction will America go
ByChoiceMuslim 1 month ago
Bernie won Iowa
Jim & Corinne Forever 1 month ago
I think all dems are in a seat and trump is standing tall
Mr. Pritchard 1 month ago
MSNBC should call themselves OligarchTV.
Tasha Kelly 1 month ago
Get it Bernie!! Let them underestimate you carry real legitimate receipts and proudly showed taxes unlike con the Don made for reality drama tv shows. You have a huge average American base that trust your in our best interest. But must stay weary of greed hungry republicans and corporate dems. The way they despise you seals the deal! Bernie Bernie feel the BERN!!
Prisoner Zero 1 month ago
Too Funny! None of these Clowns will ever be President.
Michael Humphrey 1 month ago
David Plouffe's afraid to say Joe Biden is simply not doing well in New Hampshire. At least he knows Bernie's the one who has a shot at winning the nomination.
Taiyi Pan 1 month ago
Bernie 2020! Medicare for All!
Helmut Hitzig 1 month ago
Mad Luigi 1 month ago
Bernie Sanders 2020....finally draining that swamp for real.
StandingRoomOnly 1 month ago
No more moderates!! We need a revolution!! #Bernie2020
josef jerbils 1 month ago
Trump 2020
Peter Jeffery 1 month ago
The same "catbird seat" that George McGovern sat in? The last time the progressive nominee won in '72, he carried 1 state vs 49 in a historic loss to Nixon, another beatable Republican Incumbent.
She's my President 1 month ago
Andrea seems worried like as if her MSNBCannibal Frankenstein creations may turn against her.. This is speculation on my part.. Let's hope #StopMSNBCannibalHolocaust
Billy Jack 1 month ago
BERNIE 2020 VISION. It must really burn for MSNBC now that they're forced to cover Sanders.
Dwayne Bell 1 month ago
Just stop looking at MSNBC. Its to the point where these idiots are no doubt no longer pretending they want democracy to play out.
atin eigh 1 month ago
Go Bernie go Bernie. Berlin Bernie will win the nomination. Ha ha. And the rest of America will roll in the floor laughing. We love what it’s doing to the dem party.
John Hopes 1 month ago
Trump 20/20 oh, God bless that good man.
maxine priest 1 month ago
sanders will not win he wants to give the country away,plus he is not related to other presidents so hes out. Trump 2020!!!
Ryan Gollings 1 month ago
All the democrats should team up and put out a message showing unity against whatever it is that the republican party is nowadays.
Chris 1 month ago
BS Polls! America is Ready for BERNIE2020, or Ill Elect Trump just to Prove a Point!!
Monsieur Mike 1 month ago
I honestly think they are all in Trouble with a capital T. I am not impressed but I am leaning more to mayor Bloomberg. I truly want to see him and Trump on the debate stage..No holds barred. Billionaire vs Billionaire live at Cesar's Palace. I will pay to watch that live and it will be great reality tv for viewers at home. Get your caramel popcorn ready. Let's get ready to rumble!!😎🤙🍿🍻. History will be made in November 2020.
Gunner4Ever 1 month ago
Bernie!! President Sanders!
Kevin Cowden 1 month ago
I can't wait to see Bernie debate Trump.
Sheik Yo Booty 1 month ago
joe Vasquez 1 month ago
Bernie and communism is the only way to really fight climate change, it’s literally all right there in the green new deal and democrats agree with the deal.
Doug E 1 month ago
America is too dumbed down to vote for Bernie. Half the country can't even define socialism.
Rocky Blackthorn 1 month ago
Bernie won't release health records because he's knocking on crony commie heavens door. Won't last until November if Hillary doesn't do him sooner.
nobody d 1 month ago
The problem he is the bird and President Trump the cat. The Dumbocrats keep forgetting President Trump has the Real Tiger Blood.
VladI 1 month ago
Love Bernie, but if you vote for him, you'll get Trump.