The Truth About 5G

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Real Engineering 27 days ago
Yes, the title is intended to draw in the conspiracy theorists. Clickbait for the greater good. While you are here, Real Science just released a fantastic video on the challenges surrounding Covid-19 testing. It taught me a lot about how viral tests work and why we are struggling to keep up:
najsam4240 27 days ago
“Today we send message through fibre optic cables...” as the camera scrolls by racks of copper.
Gary Hawkins 26 days ago
A "torch" to a Brit means 'flashlight' for those of you in USA (somewhere just prior to 10:00). Yes there's no fire involved in their torch, nor pitchforks.
bbbaaaaaaaaddddddf 26 days ago
"My first cell phone was the legendary Nokia 3310, which could be used to txt" or as a hammer, brick, paving stone or just about anywhere you needed something indestructible.
SmokeWise Ganja 27 days ago
B Dutta 26 days ago
conclusion: ban street lights
Kamil Bro 27 days ago
12:05 excuse me as a vampire that’s very offensive.... next time check harder ok
Mann Face 26 days ago
The real question: Will this make smash ultimate online playable?
Rob K 26 days ago
"blocked by rain" That seems like a pretty big problem for self-driving cars...
the demons 26 days ago
8:30, it is Fourier Transform! The best math i've ever learned
beastofalbeasts1 26 days ago
Totally ignores the fact that the telecom companies are abusing imminent domain to install these towers in people's front yards.
The Mechanical Entry 27 days ago
13:15 Oh, no, don't dare them to create a new trend
Gleb Golov 27 days ago
"Magic or math or something.". That's the same thing I say when I have to explain my own code changes a few days after I committed them.
Brett C 26 days ago
My mother In law believes it's making the birds crazy and they are going to start attacking us
Go Mezant 26 days ago
Sasquatch and Hitler drank a bleach and Lysol cocktail and invented 5G in their secret lair in Argentina.
Damon 27 days ago
But I’m addicted to fear!! Stop being rational!! I’ll have to find a new thing to be scared of! Damn you
Daniel Mandoki 27 days ago
Guess its time to burn those streetlamps
Joseph G 27 days ago
14:24 I read that as "Fiat 500 people get 20% off" Good video BTW.
bennyboiioo 26 days ago
Put on trending but demonitized whaa
Cee Jay De Guzman 26 days ago
8:30 well, I've been studying OFDM since 10th grade. I'm on my 2nd year on my undergraduate on Electronics and Communications Engineering, I still haven't fully figured out how OFDM is implemented in the hardware level.
Liam Malone 26 days ago
I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think Socrates
Rich Jageman 26 days ago
Next thing you will say is that the Earth is spherical.
Someone Someone 26 days ago
8:35 Facebook in Russian 🤣
Brenden Roughley 26 days ago
"Last time I checked no one is afraid of visible light" I see your bet and raise you blue light lenses :D
ballroomscott 26 days ago
The first time I heard about 5G conspiracy theories I thought it was a joke. I didn't think anyone would possibly be that dumb.
Benjamin Olsson 26 days ago
10:50 My eyes!! My precious eyes!! (💥_💥)
Tyler Matthew Harris 26 days ago
This level of stupidity is revolting.
Maurizio Mauricone 26 days ago
10:06 Hence the 1,5 meter social distancing laws: so the beams will not 'interfere'
jonathan lavezzi 27 days ago
This makes my brain hurt trying to figure it out PS that was my first cell phone too!
Pleb Plays 27 days ago
Karen destroys 5g towers Karen wondering why her internet is slow Everyone: *facepalms
Loren Couse 26 days ago
Sadly, the people destroying 5G towers aren't the types to be watching Real Engineering.
JWE 26 days ago
“How?... I don’t know” 😂 Well then I have no hope of understanding.
Keith James 26 days ago
Thank you for this valuable information. I have spent years in Telecommunication in Jamaica and I agree with and value your work. Thank you.
imago 26 days ago
What if we put up solar panels around the 5g towers, so that we can use these new powerful dangerous death rays to generate electricity? Yes, thanks, you can send my Nobel Prize to 122 Genius St.
Buğra Coşkun 26 days ago
"The cause of fear is ignorance." - Lucius A. Seneca I believe that when ignorance meets lack of self doubt and objectivity that's when it becomes truly dangerous. We must never forget that the innate response of humans to change they do not comprehend is, most of the times, fear and rejection. As can be seen from 5G and vaccine fiasco. Also all humans should be throughly informed about the phenomenon of selective perception.
John Brakes 26 days ago
Love your videos. One note "lunatic" is considered a slur against people with bi-polar disorder. Keep up the great work!
Mr Samyyy 26 days ago
Perfect video as always, however there is a mistake that can lead to a misunderstanding, in your graph at 11:58, the 5G frequencies below the microwaves frequencies that you are placing around 1Ghz, yes I know that 5G will use 700MHz in some cases, but it will also use 3.5GHz and 26GHz. Keep up the good work ! :)
Ratus 26 days ago
#20 on trending, that's good I liked to keep it up. You were just saying how youtube was killing your channel lol.
Vaes Joren 26 days ago
5:52 : 3G actually came much earlier than the iPhone, and was starting rollout in 2001. However, there was at the time very little demand for it (After all, lots of houses still didn't have internet back then) outside of tech-savvy users, industrial and commercial applications. It was with the introduction of the Iphone in 2007 that the concept of smartphones and such became more mainstream, and as a result the adoption of 3G did too. This is also why it can seem that 4G came so soon after 3G. 4G started rollout in 2009, and because most people first heard of 3G in 2007, it seemed like it took just 2-3 years for 3G to be replaced. But in fact, ever since 1G, new major revisions of the mobile standards have come at a steady pace of one per decade: 1G in 1979, 2G in 1991, 3G in 2001, 4G in 2009, 5G in 2019. In research, a lot of focus is already on what 6G will bring to the table (stuff like more millimeter-wave communication in the 200GHz bands, in-device beamsteering, etc).
Oliver Vázquez Galindo 26 days ago
When Brian McManus says "How? I don't know" means this is reeeeally complicated.
that_G_EvanP 26 days ago
"lower power tower." Say that 5x fast.
Gradius 26 days ago
10:50 could probably warrant a seizure warning. Watching that in the dark was a bit headache inducing.
Andrew Adams 26 days ago
Nah dude, but Carol on facebook said 5g waves cause Corona-chan
Hammad Ali 26 days ago
I don't know what's dumber, the idea that 5G is the cause of coronavirus or the fact that there are people who think 5G caused the coronavirus.
James Van Daele 27 days ago
Watching this video on a 5g phone while I also streaming video from the wifi hotspot from it. If speeds stay like this no need for a land based internet
Jack Patrick 27 days ago
Commenting so this video gets featured
alida flus 26 days ago
“Today we send message through fibre optic cables...” as the camera scrolls by racks of copper.
Follow Media 26 days ago
11:38 "The EM spectrum starts on the far left..." I KNEW IT! This is a leftist conspiracy!! Down with 5G!!!
Horizon Foz 26 days ago
I'm afraid of 5G because the subscription cost feels like immense for someone with low to no income.
Kaynan van Ego 26 days ago
I'm not sure to be happy about a new video from you or to be sad because people actually think it's something evil. Anyways, good video, as always.
DesertStateInEu 26 days ago
Are you out of your mind? Im somebody who is on the fence about 5G and was fully expecting this video to completely dig down into the middle of the worst reported effects of 5G and debunk them. Instead he said nothing that would address any of the things that we were worried about. You cant really convince people that 5G is not dangerous by repeating over and over again that its harmless and even claiming at the start of the video that people that disagree are not rational. What Ive noticed is that people these days will throw away their own rights and freedom in an instant just for a bit of practicality or convenience, let that be a new app, product, autonomous vehicles, cashless purchases or faster internet. This video was an extremely pathetic attempt to win over people for 5G. It only makes sense that people who want to roll out 5G would desperately deny all negative effects. Wanna know why anti-5G activists or whatever they are exist? Cause so far every pro-5G person I found sucks at debunking the negative claims.
Bumber Clot 26 days ago
Dave , Dave .. it’s me Dave 😂💚
Joe Downing 27 days ago
joeshmo725 26 days ago
I love it!!!! One of the images is of my hometown Houston
Alex Landherr 26 days ago
David Icke was banned from YouTube if I’m remembering the headlines right for his claims on this topic.
Tohtori Vanukas 26 days ago
I got 5G I got asthma Coincidence? Yeah absolutely.
K N 26 days ago
In The End, We Are All Animals.
Arun Kumar T S 26 days ago
That first few mins went through my head.
Sean Francisco 26 days ago
i wish this video was out during my earlier years in electronics engineering hahaha but now I'm graduating in a month
AvangionQ 26 days ago
13:11 "If you are afraid of 5G, you might as well be afraid of streetlights, because they emit higher energy frequencies."
Be. We. 26 days ago
Real Engineering: Let's bust some myths about 5G Also Real Engineering: 4G is like magic, or something
Henry Macharia 26 days ago
I represent the lizard people.... And yes we control 5G🌚🌚 LIZARD PEOPLE 🖖
Jake 26 days ago
YouTube background play has had me watch this 4 times to understand it lol
Who is John Galt? 26 days ago
Isn't it interesting how the 5g wavelength can't penetrate through a human body, Amazing
chen profesorsky 26 days ago
Hi there :) Lovely! well explained and very nicely edited. BUT.... There is, of course, one little issue here: THE truth implies you have all the truth and that in turn allies you know all... As we all know, truth depends on perspective and as time goes by our perspective changes since as humanity we learn more and more about our reality. Hence the need for humility. As a therapist in the "alternative" realm of Naturopathy and Chinese medicine I am used to such claims about.... well, everything health related. Experience has taught me that quite often, norm is a question of belief rather than knowledge - its just how we are wired. Despite the science behind modern health, many health related problems get solved better by Natural means less explored (Though I would add that empirically Natural medicine is far from un-researched) Back to safety of 5G - all that was said here sounds like sound science and clear "facts" unless you add the fact that some scientists arround the world have evidence that shows that 5g (And to a lesser extent 3g & 4G) DOES have potential health risks. To us as well as to the Fauna and flora of the world. Who will have the well needed humility to come to the following summit and check their evidence? Worst case it will turn out nothing but hocus pocus as you assume - BUT if it turms out that there is solid truth to what they found? Could we risk NOT checking this out asap? Would you rather eat you hat after the matter? It is not like we ahave all the truth about the reasons for many of the destructive maladies that plague humanity... The summit is FREE - will you invest some time to check it out?
palaash 26 days ago
I feel great at 8:32 minutes. Some explanations should be just left to magic (;
Capt777harris 27 days ago
I did a report on that weapon way back in University … over ten years ago, maybe fifteen. Fun stuff to write about.
Andrew 27 days ago
Thanks for the video, was informative and helpful. I was on the fence about 5G as I had thought that the intensity of the energy produced by these towers could be something akin to ionisation. It seems that is not the case. I know there are some suggestions that the combination of all the wireless type devices we have may be affecting us but who knows how and i feel fine so i'll leave that one alone.
The Old Wolf 26 days ago
Digital, modular, interactiveodular! <3
Aaron Smyth 26 days ago
"High per radio ters would communicate with people in cers"
dika2saja 26 days ago
5G tower: cOrOnAvIruS mEMes
ChrisKsan 26 days ago
"Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
Mort Kebab 26 days ago
So who paid you to produce this?
David Louys 26 days ago
My god the quality of that content is flabbergasting 👏👏
Nolan's Projects 26 days ago
Check out BigCliveDotCom for another good video about this! He goes into a bit more detail about the RF and power and stuff that 5G runs on
Tarobrob 26 days ago
We would be a Type II civilization without these ppl.
MP Senna88 26 days ago
Great video, seen you on RTE the other day too, moving up in the world, Gaillimh Abu!
Bee Foreal 26 days ago
My cell phone still says 3G
Ohi Hassan 26 days ago
This is great, this cleared many of my misconceptions but what about its effects on other animals and birds?
james cognito 27 days ago
Are we literally buying the whole radio spectrum wave spectrum 🤣? That's like selling air for free
Jared Hebert 27 days ago
David Horan 26 days ago
Great video, thanks for the info
MrPlasticduck 27 days ago
I'm more worried about how china uses 5G
zIHaXSaWIz 26 days ago
Not afraid of light? When why do I live a dark cave?
-Yop- 26 days ago
I knew it caused diabeetus, thanks real engineering!
Kumiko くみこ クミコ 26 days ago
*People Are Worried About 5G Deployment* *Many people believe that they can't do anything to protect their privacy online, but that's not true. There actually are simple steps to dramatically reduce online tracking.*
Priya Sengh 26 days ago
My solution, connect every house with fibre broadband connection and use 4g and 3g only.
Gavin CoolioYT 26 days ago
When 6g comes out ;)
Adam Hanbidge 26 days ago
thanks so much for doing this!
Jakensik 26 days ago
8:39 Спокойной ночи 🤭
7ERr0r 26 days ago
6:40 very misleading. Is this an explaination of OFDM or TDMA or what?
Rizki Pratama 26 days ago
Wait till we can transmit in subspace, what conspiracy theories that would generate.
Abdullah Saad A. Abdullah 26 days ago
Researches in fact are showing the opposite and you can see for yourself. I respect your engineering point of view. There is two issues here 1. 4G+ phones like many of our 2019 phones like samsung and many other brands, the 4G speed is 2000/150 mbps in terms of download and upload speed. Which is excellent.(you can just google samsung s10 gsmarena and take a look at the speed) Now increasing the 2000 that we already have slightly higher to like 5000-7500 theoritically like double or triple what we already have is not going to make the huge jump that the media is talking about, even the number that you mentioned in real life is less than 2000 as in your video. Now, not many networks provide this speed (2000 mbps) but it is there and available in the current 4G network. 2. Yes alot of researches that has been done and the results are not good! and you can check that yourself Now this mild increase in the speed together with the health risks has made me uncomfortable buying 5G phones. Now the rich people who have billions would try to convince the masses that it's safe. Now, as a simple person I do not need a car with out a driver, some people might need it although not much and would probably make alot of taxi drivers jobless and increase the poverty in the community while making rich richer, like car companies and taxi companies with out drivers which are going to be there after this technology who does not need to pay wages to the simple taxi drivers. Bottom line 5G is not worth it at our current knowledge looking form the majority point of view but the for minorities it means a huge business.
Matei Zipetre 26 days ago
real engineering : trust me
Rustoo 26 days ago
Please do a video about beyond 5G.. and what to expect in 6G and 7G, and how it will impact everyone.
Luc 26 days ago
Wow. I had never thought of the etymology of the word « bandwidth ». Now I know.
Ascii89 26 days ago
13:15 don't give them any ideas monkaW
jeremy so 26 days ago
TIL that my phone's data plan is on 3.5g F
Patrik 27 days ago
SupaNigsBoi 26 days ago
7:29 noice