De Blasio, Hannity spar over the rise of Bernie Sanders

85K views • 3 month ago
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Former Democratic presidential candidate and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio reacts to former Mayor Bloomberg's controversial comments about stop-and-frisk, weighs in on the current 2020 Democratic field. #FoxNews #Hannity

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slewdawg61 3 month ago
I would pay to see Bernie on Hannity
Domepeace_ltd productions 3 month ago
an endorcement from de blasio, even bernie can't be happy about that.
Harry Cranke 3 month ago
"Bloomberg was out of touch with the people in his own city." Like De Blasio is in touch with them? Bwahahahahahaha What a phony corrupt Dem jerk?
Tommy Annable 3 month ago
honestly happy they could actually talk not just yell
Nitro Martini 3 month ago
Don't ever interrupt your enemies when they are attacking each other.
AWSUM Ai - Info Stores 3 month ago
great segment hannity. nice to see a dem and conservative have a constructive conversation
Laura Pa 3 month ago
Look at deblabbio pretending the cops don’t HATE him.
Carol Harris 3 month ago
Bloomy admitted last night that he bought the House and Demerrhoids in Congress so Nutzi would be House Speaker and have the votes for impeaching Trump.
Titan12 3 month ago
Big Bird deBlasio says Bloomberg is out of touch.🤣
endo funk 3 month ago
Bloomberg probably bought both De Blasio and Cuomo.
Michael De Santa 3 month ago
I guess you call a civil and calm debate “spar”.
Sarah Petty 3 month ago
When you view the voter map of NY you can clearly see where Voootttter Frrraaaud took place... They Bus in people to commit VF in specific places.... sad...
jimbo boogie 3 month ago
Hannity is proud of his family being in law enforcement, he should've turned his back to debozo
John McCloy 3 month ago
Why didnt you ask him where his wife’s 800 million dollars went that is still unaccounted for related to homeless outreach amongst other programs?
Zeb Fross 3 month ago
This was actually a pretty fun and non-combative interview. This is how all our political discourse should be like
kenneth mclean 3 month ago
Michael Bloomberg remind me of Mr Burns
Jim McCracken 3 month ago
"Bernie Sanders believes what he's talking about." -DeBlasio Charlie Manson believes what he's talking about too!
cameron johnson 3 month ago
You know who else was in Moscow?? Regan 😂
Nick Taylor 3 month ago
Man Hannity working for the man... and working hard
kk worthy 3 month ago
Virgie Guthrie 3 month ago
Straight up called him comrad to his face 😂😂 He seemed somewhat nice though
T W 3 month ago
Credit to De Blasio for actually appearing on a conservative show. So many leftist refuse to go any network with opposing views.
Patrick Lewis 3 month ago
Does Hannity really need De Blasio to tell us Blooberg is a dirtbag?
W K 3 month ago
He reminds me of the mayor from The Simpsons
Caleb Harper 3 month ago
As much as I like hearing thoughts from the other side of the aisle, invite someone like Capri Cafaro, not someone like Bill De Blasio who shares some of the same views that Sanders has.
Stephanie Crow 3 month ago
"What percentage of our earnings do we get to keep?".....🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🙄
Anti Woke 3 month ago
Just another delusional clown
Mar Lewin 3 month ago
what the hell did we have in government ?!Marxist ? this country was built on liberty and freedom! Marxism has nothing to do with that; people better wake up!
Boomer Bob 3 month ago
Word is NY cops turn their backs in de Blasio's presence!
James Edmond 3 month ago
Deblasio is a fkn moron.
rob sniggers 3 month ago
8:19 says it all. he knows nothing about risk. policy never neutralizes the risk people take to get wealthy. the govt is like the mafia. you take the risk, they take the gain
Richard Delaney 3 month ago
Hey Hannity after that interview you should be hearing from Adam Schiff any day now.
El Jay 3 month ago
DeBlasio has a sickly look to him
acehigh733 3 month ago
OMG he's a jerk!!
Martin Foley 3 month ago
So if ya slap the rich with the tax they’ll leave then what? Rich will leave with their factories and jobs game over!
Steve ROGERS 3 month ago
JoJo C 3 month ago
Deblasio's a total pig
Chef Jeff 3 month ago
Clowns. All of them!!!
Brenon Fiwchuk 3 month ago
I respect democrats and leftists who have the courage to come onto Fox News, it gives me hope.
Hector Camacho 3 month ago
You can tell this guy is sneaky lier and his wife. They are crook.
Choon Seng Yeo 3 month ago
May we all be reminded of our 'national motto', “In God We Trust” and "be faithful to Him" only.
Frank Castle 3 month ago
If people didn’t like this mayor in nyc then why vote him in.
Elmer T Fuddrucker 3 month ago
Mayor Bill de Assio also a marxist?
Jaiden Sattler 3 month ago
For once I actually agree with Deblasio (about stop and frisk)
usmcvet 3 month ago
The Mayor is an embarrassment.
Eric Electro 3 month ago
I bought a used car from Blasio, I think. He looked like him anyway.
Bobby Hendricks 3 month ago
Mayor wants open boarders and more crime 🤬🤬🤬
geo rich 3 month ago
If Bernie went on Fox he'd have that final heart attack. Hmmm
Chip Mares 3 month ago
" Bernie believes what he says " Well so do insane a crazy people.. They believe what they say.
Darrell 3 month ago
Hannity, love how you have promoted conservative values over the years, but in this video, as bad as De Blasio is, he cleaned your clock in this video. You looked unprepared and let him walk all over you...please prepare better next time.
SNA FU 3 month ago
i love it when the dems EAT EACH OTHER!!
Marius Thefaker 3 month ago
How's that stock portfolio of yours going Sean? 🤣🤣🤣
Rori Rory 3 month ago
Michael Bloomberg is Aquarius sun Aquarius moon. Cold, detached, evil genius.
Dazbsldhuo 3 month ago
1:00 BASED Mike Bloomberg
fantastic1231 3 month ago
Bernie is the most legitimate politician in my lifetime ever!!! I can't wait to see him in the white house and that fraud trump out of it!!!!
Roger Gertz 3 month ago
Here is a guy whom wants the free trip Io.
jayndris 3 month ago
Bernie Sanders is the real life Mr Burns from the Simpsons 😂
ken shaw 3 month ago
I don't know,this was a lame interview..
Blane Blue 3 month ago
Wow, Sean really blew this one.. He let Deblowhole run him over.
G L 3 month ago
At least De Blasio has enough balls to come on the show.
Craig Williams 3 month ago
Dear Mr. Hannity: his answer is, “All of it!” They want all of it! Every last cent, because they’re so smart and were so... so much smarter so we expose them for the dolts they really are. That’s why Vermont’s Village Idiot, Breadline Bernie, won’t come on your show — he’s scared of you! 🤣 KAG 2020: God bless America and President Trump! 🇺🇸
Waya Hedia 3 month ago
Bloomberg talkin' straight about where the crime comes from. I'd never vote for him but.. tellin' it like it is.
Michael Allen 3 month ago
It all started when the Bolsheviks in London shot Lincoln and got their bank, then their wars, then their stooges like Duhblobio...
autobuff65 3 month ago
Wet dream on deblasio
Jocko Adams 3 month ago
Amazing world we live in where de Blasio and Hannity are in agreement.
Brian Jefferson 3 month ago
Such a weak interview
mr. kojak 3 month ago
I can't wait to give up 90% to the government. Working at a job I got myself, not through some government program. I'm totally beholden. What a load of crap.
TroubadorPoet 3 month ago
Mayor DeBlazio, est quoi nous s'appellent les incompetent.
Gabi Ramos 3 month ago
De Blasio and his wife are crooks … Enough said
RY HY 3 month ago
Based on Bloomberg’s new health policy, Bernie Sanders might as well just go ahead and die because he’s too old to be running for president
Florida Scot 3 month ago
he's just mentally ill
Justin Lundy 3 month ago
Started the music fishing for a 1up closer and it fell short repeatedly. Bernie2020
Steven 3 month ago
Great interview, respectful and informative! Blas is right about one thing, everyone is sick of rich guys like Bezos paying no taxes. This whole idea of Socialism for the rich and bankers but "rugged individualism" for the poor and middle class... thats getting real old!
EvilClowns69 3 month ago
Crime hasn’t gone down under Deblasio he’s just made things that would normally be illegal legal now
Alan Clarke 3 month ago
When was hannity elected to anything,what would he know about anything
Rooster Blues 3 month ago
Bernie Sanders never held a job, how does he know me or any working person in America?
RayytheHomeyy 3 month ago
Socialism, we meet again. 🤦🏽‍♂️
MultiBlacksheep123 3 month ago
Harry Smith 3 month ago
Ya know, as i see more and more of Bloomberg, i think, more and more, how much he resembles GW Bush... bet if your dig, you find they are more Bush, and def no to Bloomie Boy
t717mck1 3 month ago
He’s right we know who the number 1 criminals are in NY
Bit Chon 3 month ago
Bernies inauguration is going to be like Ghaddafi’s last day alive.
VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII 3 month ago
Hold his commie feet to the fire Sean!
Ronnie Hembree 3 month ago
i would like to see the real stats on crime percentiles in relation to and between poc and non-colored people... what ya say, maxine, baby ?
FLATTOP SAILOR 3 month ago
Where did you stash the 800 million mayor? Dunno where it went doesn’t cut it......
Christian Santos 3 month ago
As much as I despise Hannity and not a DiBlassio fan, I appreciate that they were not yelling the entire time.
Michael David 3 month ago
Wow! I thought I would like deBlasio, but I couldn't be more wrong. He's a total idiot & now I know for sure I don't like him in the least.
IM4NRA 3 month ago
Bloomberg is right on that! Its not the VFW commiting these crimes! Its deductive reasoning not profiling!
David Adrian 3 month ago
Bill De Blasio needs to be removed from TownHall of New York City
Tended Olive 3 month ago
Deblasio has balls to go on Fox. Never the less...he's a lousy mayor.
robbie G 3 month ago
Don Framal 3 month ago
Thanks for rejoining...i meant
yardenit magdala 3 month ago
i wish hannity news. I learned many things in hannity news. please stay in fox.
TheLandof420 3 month ago
Communists within are ENEMY #1
Don Framal 3 month ago
Thanks mr.deblasio for rejoining america for discussions! Unfortunately in 4 yrs your the
Kyle Gibbar 3 month ago
democrats startled themself
Lindee Lou Hendrix 3 month ago
Play on words? You know that's doublespeak?
Jacob Mossberger 3 month ago
Hi it's me 3 month ago
De Blasio wants to be Bernie's VP is what I think. Why else would he be brown nosing socialist Bernie?
Bucky Barnes 3 month ago
I first asked why was he on the show, and then I saw he is stumping for Bernie. What a surprise
william eiffert 3 month ago
March 21, 2018: Justifying his congratulatory phone call to Putin for the Russian president’s re-election, Trump tweets, “Getting along with Russia (and others) is a good thing, not a bad thing.” you want more?