Are YOU Enrolled in STRANGE ACADEMY? | Marvel's Pull List

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Marvel’s Pull List, hosts Ryan and Tucker recap all of Marvel’s magical mags! It’s the debut of STRANGE ACADEMY #1, along with more magic-centric issues including Doctor Strange Surgeon Supreme #4, SAVAGE AVENGERS #11 and STRIKEFORCE #7!

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Mitchell Studios 3 month ago
So, Strange Acadamy is basiclly Marvel's Hogwarts? The Doc dating Elektra? Weird. Strange taking a page out of Parker's book? Weird. And, gotta love Wiccan. And also Deadpool.
RaChel B 3 month ago
Marvel: "a bunch of your favourite heroes and villains" Me: "my favourite character is Clea tho" Marvel: "no, not her."
RayfieldA 3 month ago
You Guys can have Dr. Strange, I'll take Electra!.... Just please don't tell Dare Devil. 😏
ComiXProvider FTW_02 3 month ago
Last time I was here early, The Pull List used to be the Marvel Hotline series.
Yorge Kaeli 3 month ago
I'm becoming a witcher, I just say that... Doctor Strange, Scarlett Witch... My teachers, I just say that...
Blade Wilson 3 month ago
I got ex-spelled from strange academy 😂😂😂
La vuelta al mundo no se como 3 month ago
Neriman Şixaliyev 3 month ago
Azərbaycanlı varsa like atsın
Ice Breaker 3 month ago
Yes Yes i will cause i want to learn Magic
Hunter A. 3 month ago
Each of these videos gets me more and more hyped for Loki in this. Time to stan *hard*.
David Emanuel Rosini 3 month ago
wow wow STRANGE ACADEMY epic
eon001 3 month ago
This feels like such an obvious concept. I'm surprised it's taken them so long to do a young magic user team. I've always wanted to see the magic version of Generation x/New Mutants. What took so long? :)
NIFAL RK 3 month ago
Unexpected 💛
The Idiot 3 month ago
Strange Academy has alot potential
Genghis Galahad 3 month ago
One of the most enthralling and fascinating and fun Marvel's Pull List! Pulls you in along with the art highlights and premise! maybe because it's Strange too!
benedict olsen 3 month ago
Hello :D
Ira Ford 3 month ago
Can't wait for this comic series.
sorceress supreme 3 month ago
Coral Ree 3 month ago
Doctor Strange, the hunky headmaster.
Robert Simon 3 month ago
No, but I wanna!
Mattías Norman Vasquez Novoa 3 month ago
Supreme Comics Girl 3 month ago
Dr strange is my fav marvel movie.
Chris Pap 3 month ago
I am very excited!!!
Boun Naret 3 month ago
Rosalice Dias dos santos 2 month ago
Alguém aí fala português????
Gean Carlo Loiola Cavalheiro 3 month ago
belas artes mostrada para os HQs.
Peridot 5XG 2 month ago
I want in
Syed Aslam 3 month ago
free fire 2 month ago
Oque ele ta falando
Abhijit gamer 2 month ago
Please Iron man is back
Steve Rogers4 3 month ago
TheNawak 3 month ago
So this week we'll have Strange Academy #1 AND Adam Strange #1? Coincidence? I don't think so
David Emanuel Rosini 3 month ago
i love forever marvel
free fire 2 month ago
Eu falo português
David Emanuel Rosini 3 month ago
Eurobeat Enthusiast Sky 2 month ago
Someone please tell me Doctor Strange kissing Electra is not the Marvel 616 universe
Sasha Good Fifer 3 month ago
Bxiilly 3 month ago
NO, but I want to be ENROLLED! I want to be STRANGE!
הראל וייס 3 month ago
Comments= 10 comments= 7
ANIS GENIUS 3 month ago
Nice best video likes Etmt
Samuel Attias 3 month ago
Free Marvels
Desi Girl 3 month ago
Tejas Gholap 3 month ago
Sultan Chaudhary 3 month ago
very good
محمد ضياء الدين ٢٠٢٠ 3 month ago
I Like video 😍 Very good 👍💞💞💞💞
Juan Ruiz 3 month ago
Y'all need to get rid of Zelma...
daredevil fan 3 month ago
Strikeforce has horrendous mediocre art. It has Blade it deserves a superstar artist..