iPad Pro Unboxing and Review

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Testing out the new 2020 12.9in iPad Pro. This covers a lot from a video editors perspective of using this to create content.
iPad Edited Vlog: https://youtu.be/gn6zRTF0i7Q
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Elena The Crystal 9 days ago
My heart: this ipad My iPad: non-existent My wallet: that chinese barbie phone toy
Sky’s adventure 9 days ago
She’s lucky she gets lots of apple products when she’s in quarantine it must be great I mean I I had that much I wouldn’t mind being in quarantine for a few weeeks lamooo
Bryce Nguyen 9 days ago
Me: * Has iPad Mini 2 (very old) * Also me: * iOS 12.4.5 *
AJ Holka 9 days ago
apple really out here trying to kill the macbook
Abhishek Mukherjee 9 days ago
“I take good quality pictures on my iPad” Said no one ever...
Tech Wise 9 days ago
I love how Justine gets everything so quickly! She is a true fan!
Elodie Jarillot 9 days ago
Conclusion: For those who work and like to take pictures on a big screen,i would recommend this iPad.This iPad is also good for those who can't afford a Macbook.This is like a Macbook but without the files and stuff. For normal people,or people that just want an iPad to watch movies amd stuff,i wouldn't recommend this new iPad. It contains fonctions that you don't even know how to use or need. I would recommend iPads from 2017 or something,just a normal iPad (that has a home button) but still recent. (btw this is all my opinion and please don't hate) Stay safe and have a good day :)
Destruction Gaming 9 days ago
Justine 2019: Ar who? Justine 2020 with a new ipad: ARARARARARARAR
Idk 9 days ago
Everyone: why do u need a wide angle lense on your ipad Justine: just because u doooo Me: can I have an ipad
Solange Barbier 9 days ago
the only person that would take pictures on an iPad is my grandma
Hans Vaughn Tangalin 9 days ago
Day 5 of wishing to get an Apple product from Justine.
MrEdwin1000000000000 9 days ago
Samsung: AR apps IJustine: oh, that's cool Apple: we introduce AR IJustine: OMG I LOVE AR THIS IS IT
freaktfx 9 days ago
"iJust-quaran-tine.." made me lol
Ayush Prasad 9 days ago
I fell bored of the things I can buy But love watching things I can't afford ....
ShadowCast YT 9 days ago
Has someone tried to bend it to see if it’s a big “air sack” like the last one
Marielena Pavlidi 9 days ago
Me: Just got the IPad Pro 11” Apple: We just released the new IPad Pro 2020! Me: WHAT? THAT IS EVEN A THING?
Amy Sinclair 9 days ago
Is anybody else thinking about how sore that thing would be to drop on your face ?! 😂 Nope , just me?
Horace Lee 9 days ago
My heart: iPhone 11 pro My phone: iPhone 6s My wallet: second-hand iPhone 6
Clickify 9 days ago
My heart: iPhone 11 pro My phone: iPhone 4s (currently in boot loop😭) My wallet: iphone 7 knock off😂
TheRealMage 9 days ago
I want to see you play animal crossing OR drawing something on procreate OR cooking videos!! 🙏
Omer Imtiaz 9 days ago
“I am this” “I am that” it’s al me, me, me with you isn’t it?
Spilled sh8 9 days ago
My Heart: Iphone 11 My phone: Iphone 6s My Wallet: Iphone 11 case I badly need a new phone but I’m broke😭
C Woody 9 days ago
Apple is so good at being first even when they are last...
Lutfi Amriyadi 9 days ago
The touchscreen, the track pad, the pen, the mouse = Alot of money with the same function. F
redsabr 9 days ago
If I had a nickel for every time I tried to touch a Mac’s screen I could retire. I look forward to trying out the new pointer.
Nemocami 9 days ago
I'm getting anxiety from her moving around with the iPad without a case
adrost06 9 days ago
Forget spending your money on toilet paper, get an iPad instead
Christopher Fortineux 9 days ago
I hate the phrase "it's like a computer but not a computer" does it compute? It's a computer.
J R 9 days ago
I really like the mouse support. Most people wouldn’t need a pc if they have this. If it could run a cloud pc option I’d be so happy
Kenyan Yearwood 9 days ago
Can y’all do a school functionality section, like how well PowerPoint and excel work on it ?
Michael Caywood 9 days ago
That’s would be perfect for me!
Mr T. 9 days ago
iJustine: as always entertaining and informative ... new iPad Pro: not so much 🥳 IMHO of course!
Noa's Simple Math 9 days ago
My Heart: iPad Pro My iPhone: iPhone x My wallet: Windows Tablet, I mean Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for kids, I mean Nokia, I mean Pocophone Dang it
Citlali Hernandez 9 days ago
Justine: “should I start a podcast on my iPad? Me: “padcast”
Azmatics1 9 days ago
My mom -iPad pro impress her Me- I want the iPad air 3 My mom - you’re boring
Zoë 9 days ago
if your into iJustine background music!? There's a playlist at Spotify named: iJustine💖 It's a playlist made for fans to enjoy the background music she has in here videos
Monaliza 9 days ago
2:51 did you just say “Your standard keyboard folio....it still has a keyboard”
Amy Sinclair 9 days ago
Is anybody else thinking about how sore that thing would be to drop on your face ?! 😂 Nope , just me?
Andrew Stewart 9 days ago
It cracks me up that apple cuts a relief in the packaging for that infernal camera bump, but don't think it's an actual problem they should just SOLVE.
Vincent Topete 9 days ago
That’s awesome I have never had an iPad and I have been looking for one so if you have any advice
Bhaumik Patel 9 days ago
does anyone felt like mosquito buzzing around due to music
Gumball Channel 9 days ago
ijustine: we do really need 2 cameras on iPad the Kitchen: wE sHaLl InVaDe EaRtH
Sweet Candy 9 days ago
the camera is so adorable 😂 it looks like large black iphone 11
Lnv Tablet 9 days ago
I was crying in my bed because everyone can buy their own iPad but not me😭😭😭😭
Arko Das 9 days ago
1:43 " iPad was sitting on my desk and then I realized it wasn't but now is, or is it? " **Vsauce Theme playing**
Lyly Nguyen 9 days ago
“iJUSTquaranTINE” 😂💀I was so caught off guard
Mylo Fryett 9 days ago
That would be useful for my Nan she loves using Apple products she has a the 2nd gen iMac Pro from 2017
Fuzzy Stripetail 9 days ago
In addition to doing all that technological stuff that Justine said, the LiDAR scanner also tells you if and when it is safe to eat the blue Pac-Man characters slowly scrolling over her digital clock.
Uknown Moop 9 days ago
🐸 Did you ever move your amiibo’s back on their shelf’s because I think I can see them in some shots
Nabiha Ahmed 9 days ago
At 1:43 when justine saif 'or is it' harry styles came running in my thoughts
Daniel, Daniel 9 days ago
Do a video of you just playing animal crossing. At this point we’re all just desperate for anything.
Cordell Frank 9 days ago
Guess I'll be upgrading my iPad Pro from 2019 then lol
The Playinghand Show 9 days ago
I love how advanced the iPad is. I will definitely get it since I need an iPad anyway
Jay Boag 9 days ago
Me:just buys the 2019 iPad Pro Apple: releases the 2020 one Me:UGHHHHHHHHHHHH
Jackson Stallings 9 days ago
I’m begging for this for Christmas! Or birthday which is coming up. I’m offering to my mom that I’ll trade in my iPad which is worth 110$ and also saving up another 100$ to help get it but she doesn’t want to budge lol.
Atharv Salve 9 days ago
I will only be able to see apple products on my table through AR 😂
amber williams 9 days ago
No lie .. watching this I want it however I can see a mini pro series being lit .. because I can see me dropping this playing games ..
Kiran Kumar 9 days ago
They could have upgraded the Display to Amoled , it's still LCD 🤷
Jhana Kimberly Malacaya 9 days ago
My heart:i phone 11 pro My phone: galaxy j2 prime Wish i can have i phone 11..
Banaider 9 days ago
That moment when she unbox the track pad and starts spamming the keyboard
Nicolas B 9 days ago
My iPad was the first apple product I owned, and I’ve had 3 over the past 8 years; it is my one ‘luxury product’ and gives me the same feeling of desire and wow factor as it did before I owned one...but I won’t be buying one of these, my iPad is strictly ‘not for work’ and all this track pad / key board stuff is just too ‘business’ for me.
Avi 9 days ago
You know what Zack is gonna do It Scratch’s at a level 6 with deeper groves at a level 7 It bends like a piece of paper
Camilo Galleguillos Cortes 9 days ago
3:57 La realidad aumentada de Apple llego muy lejos... Muy bien el nivel que lograron 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
D D- 9 days ago
It’s just the same ipad like always. Don’t want it.
Avocado Lover 9 days ago
My heart: 2020 iPad Pro My phone: iPhone 11 My wallet: 0.00$
Farmer Jim 9 days ago
How did you get it so early? Mines not shipping till mid April.
TheVegasPlayz RE 9 days ago
I can’t wait till jerryrigeverything gets his hands on this thing
EwAdd 9 days ago
1:21, i thought the apple pencil magnet was a 30 pin dock connecter! 😂 Edit: Apple should make the new trackpad then make a different version for like 50-100 dollars more tat works with the apple pencil, so you can draw on the trackpad with your apple pencil!
iTeach 24 9 days ago
9:38 I’m trying to solve a crime right now 😂
P M Delicious Its me 9 days ago
She makes me feel like i only have 5 bucks on my wallet
Fredric Andersson 9 days ago
Just ordered mine! Whenever I order something new, I go to Youtube to watch the reviews for hype and I always watch Justine's last, The Verge and all the other usual suspects are always to nit-picky and over-analytical that takes away from the hype somehow. But not Justine. Now I'm HYPED AGAIN!
Alexei Schmitt 9 days ago
I bought this iPad, honestly not much of a difference compared to my last iPad (12.9” 2018).
Cass_ 5446 9 days ago
Me: (Watching this from my new iPad Pro 11 inch that I just bought) Apple: WE PRESENT THE NEW IPAD PRO WITH A FLOATING STAND AND IT HAS THE IPHONE 11 CAMERA Me: *sad noices*
ismail mehfooz 9 days ago
The question i would like to know is is it still bends like the previous generation?
Luka Milicevic 9 days ago
Woow. I imagine making my medical notes on iPad pro. Amazingg! I need this, but I don't have money.😕😿
Baconface McGee 9 days ago
I had to look away when iJustine started looking at the biology of the frog, I can’t handle that stuff.
FrozenPunchStar XD 9 days ago
I wonder how long is this ipad/laptop tech going to take, and be like today's flip phone, to be actually affordable...maybe in 2036 when we all have our phones on our sun glasses. 13:50 I love the fact that there are obstacles on taking the picture but she keeps saying "just make it fashion" the art of being creative hahaha.
Andrew Polk 9 days ago
*ulta*wide The iPad and iPhone have always had a “wide angle” lens
drenck ! 9 days ago
Now it‘s even more difficult to deside wich Computer is best for me Mac of iPad...
M2M ... 9 days ago
Man that thing is smoooooth But still, I'm buying the galaxy Tab s6
CrewRiderz 9 days ago
if they add touch on a macbook thats good enough for me. Apple is so behind when it comes to technology but there are a couple reasons with patents and stuff but also because they still ate pretty stingy
Tiffany Louann 9 days ago
Me: C-can I just play with it? My bank account: Please don't i'm already crying please don't Me: LOOK AT THAT CAMERA QUALITY!!!!!!!! My bank account: Please I'd rather have you buy Starbucks
Fanny R 9 days ago
is it worth the money? I'm getting an iPad, but IDK if I should get the 2019(?). model or the 2020 model
Alan Hightower 9 days ago
At this point Apple should just make it run Mac OS X and be done with converting the iPad into their Surface Pro competition...
emmkats 9 days ago
We buy iPads and tablets to avoid carrying laptops around. Now we buy an iPad and all this extra hardware to kinda carry a kinda laptop again??? Wow... Inception? NO!!! I'm confused...
AudreyV 9 days ago
My husband literally just bought me the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil (loooove) for Christmas and then this come out 😂 I’ll stick with what I have.
Miguel Diaz 9 days ago
Giovanni Chakmakian ツ 9 days ago
9:30 was anyone able to find this app?
Im Owen 9 days ago
I would like to see a comparison of the speeds of the iPads
Yash Vardhan 9 days ago
Yup i was suprise when I Liesten last vdo was all by ipad she smarty played 😂😂
Amit Krishna 9 days ago
i wish i could just grab that iPad from her (jk) cus i’ve been using an ipad air 2 since it first came out. i was waiting for the 2020 ipad video made by someone and she came up outta nowhere. this thing is lit.
Rosa Csvlt 9 days ago
It looks so good. But imagine that big thing falling from your hands. Lmao😭
KOM CPT 9 days ago
I sold my 3rd gen IPad Pro after lugging it around in my backpack for 6months with no real use case for it, I either wanted to work on my Mac Pro, or my IPhone Pro, I don’t get the point for the iPad, it solves problems no one has
Alex Black 9 days ago
What does she means I’ve been working on this ipad for several days?! The ipad comes out tomorrow!!
Andr3o n3dic 9 days ago
Am i the only one who didn't even know about the new ipad?
Florian Boon 9 days ago
Just imagine Justine following a Bob Ross tutorial on the IPad pro🤩
Abhinandan Bang 9 days ago
1:44 *Vsauce intense music in the background
Farah Syahida Binti Fauzi 9 days ago
omg i reallly want that ipad for my taking notes :(
SimplyPops 9 days ago
8:19 she used the drama alert theme intro song lmao 😂
Tony Mane 9 days ago
Dissecting a frog in AR “I uhhh.... don’t think I wanna do that anymore... 🤢😰” lmao