J. Cole x Angie Martinez Interview at Salaam's House

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J. Cole and Angie Martinez in conversation at Salaam Remi's studio house in Miami before Cole's headlining set at Rolling Loud Festival 2018

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The Bronx Boglehead 2 years ago
"You're not free thinking when your ego is pulling the strings" I don't think I have ever heard something more profound from a celebrity.
Rashad Moore 2 years ago
He's dead right about ego. I feel like I became a real man when I let ego go. Not completely, but choosing to have an ego about true things. Not money, celebrity, or to be better than the next man. But ego about being a good person, husband, father, friend. Nothing superficial can shake me because ego doesn't control me. The ego will have you chasing things that don't really exist but give you a false hope. Once you connect to your inner self and let it go your only moved by real things and a new improved, realistic person emerges.
Jahred Sullivan 1 year ago
I’m putting having a conversation with Jermaine Cole on my bucket list
Liliana Garcia 1 year ago
The fact that he admits that social media is an addiction and is trying to not be controlled by it I think it’s a great inspiration. Thousands of people are guilty of it and I feel like it steals our time, questions our self love and just robs your time for entertainment. So raw
WIZARDIRL 1 year ago
I'd like to see him on joe rogans podcast
K Beau 2 years ago
J Cole low key transforming into the hip hop version of Bob Marley
KniX 1 year ago
Angie: How are you on instagram? J. Cole: (thinks for a minute) ... i'm trash on instagram. 😭😭😭
Mercedis Neal 1 year ago
He literally has the most beautiful soul.
Dennis Bennett 1 year ago
It's crazy cause I'm currently in the process of quitting drinking.
NinjaPreto DD 1 year ago
I feel like i didn't waste 1:34:15 of my day watching this.
Lethubuhle Hlongwane 2 years ago
See y’all in 4 years when he does his next interview
Shreeanant Bharadwaj 1 year ago
This interview changed me
Carl Monton 1 year ago
"kill Edward? some artist uh..idk he's fire tho" hahahaha
Money Mountain 1 year ago
That prince and Michael Jackson comparison to cole and kendrick was perfect
selam getu 1 year ago
Cole being open with his anxiety is something I really admire. It’s really hard for me to put words to how my anxiety feels, and having someone like him to look up to is valuable
Sweet Pea 1 year ago
Please Lord send me a HUSBAND like J.Cole!!! 😭😭 lawd Jesus come on man *in my Kodak Black voice🤣 fr tho😳😆
PixieBelle 1 year ago
this interview seemed like a masterclass, a therapy session, and a motivational speech all in one. absolutely incredible vibes
C Richards 1 year ago
I would love to meet and talk someone like JCole; grounded, connected, humble and wise. He could teach you so much about yourself without even knowing. Grow and admire.
alexis hunt 4 month ago
"These social drugs" -Lauryn Hill
Elijah Pierre 2 years ago
This man is so self-aware. We need his voice.
The Family B TV 1 year ago
"Why they mad at you? Cause you make sense and speak full sentences?" 😂😂😂
Ano Ny 5 month ago
CC Danielle 2 years ago
He's right we should not worship celebrities. They are just talented human beings, an we shouldn't buy into the hype of anything they say. Listen if they speak truth but when its bs we have to pray and petition for them. Alot of celebrities deal with mental issues, they believe genius people are crazy. Calling someone crazy is dismissive, they truly have mental issues and they need help. It gets worse with artist who have to do concerts, interviews, shows nonstop. They are tired, slaves to work for those who they have to make money for and they just get their percentage. mentally tired and physically, then after all that they did with paid people following them with cameras. No privacy. No peace, for some No God, Isolation, requirements just to be famous, secret (butnotsosecret) organizations, paid radio play. News is controled, radio is controlled, celebrities contolled, president controlled, controlled government calling us empty shells sheep, lives don't matter, population controlled. everything is controlled and they have alot of the people controlled. What bill cosby and r kelly did to and still doing to these women were protected until the higher ups their organizations dont wanna protect them anymore because to their oathes they messed up somewhere. Children missing in sex trades can be found, but will they look for them? No because its to much money involved and some of the higher ups are in on it. Watched a donald trump special and learned that if you want to make it in politics or the industry rub elbows with devils that knows everybodies secrets. You waana make it in politics or the industry all you have to do is know secrets and get protection. Some geniuses are locked up in labs never to go free or locked up underground never to go free and the post that they are missing or dead. And if they no longer have a use for you they kill you, or if they realize they can make more money off you dead than alive they kill you. J Cole said in the song Love Yourz sometimes he feels it was better when he was broke then him now being rich. we have alot of miserable rich people. Be careful what you wish for and whose life that you envy. Pray for these celebrities, these rich people. And one day I will be able to counsel them, I'm available now. Alot that God created as good like knowing your life numbers and so forth it really is good but satan turned it into something evil because satan is the great imitator of God. The earth heals, God put things here to heal every illness so we need to research it because they found it but wont share it with us. Social media was created to find every individual on this earth, find out who u are, your family, friends, like and dislikes so whatever they have planned it is very easy access to get to you and yours. Posioning the water was no mistake, and the huge blackout that happened was a test. The so called new technology that they have out now is old.........Yah help us.
Rahmel Gordon 12 month ago
crazy this man don’t know how he’s impacting my mindset rn. Favorite artist for a reason. God works in mysterious ways
Nadia Yahyapour 2 years ago
J. Cole the only person that will have me watch an hour and half long interview and not even feel time passing by.
Linnz 2 years ago
I really Can't explain my love and thankfulness for this man and what he is doing. It's staggering how real he is and how pure his intentions are. A true legend way ahead of his time. I know he says we shouldn't put people on pedastols above us and that we're all equal regardless of idoltry, but what he is saying and how he expresses himself through his art and just as a human being is insanely impactful. He really is a blessing to this generation and i really do hope we'll reach the point in society where we can all realize it and fully give him the appreciation he DESERVES. This man is a GOAT, ain't no discussion. Thank you Jermaine
Daylon Carter 6 month ago
This interview is more than a year old and it resonates with me now more than ever
Submittress TheCamModel 1 year ago
One way I fixed being on social media was getting a flip phone. Seems funny but it works
Livi shabangu 7 month ago
I can tell you now, J cole has read "The Power of Now" and he is really applying it in his life. Most of the things he speaks I've read off in that book. The reason why we love alcohol and Drugs so much is because they block out the noise and brings awareness to the now, hence we don't worry about past hurt cause its not in the now, we don't worry about the bills we have to pay next week or tomorrow cause its not in the Now. The now is where life is, The now is freedom.
BRUTHA WAR 2 years ago
Meditate on God's word, HIS LOVE, & presence with praise for breakthroughs!!! SPEAK YOUR SERVANT IS LISTENING!!!!
iris santana 11 month ago
This interview made me feel like I was sitting down with my friends in the kitchen just talking deep, world view, art, spiritual type stuff... super dope!
Tweedster Gaming 1 year ago
Cole is like the one artist that I wish I could just sit down and have a conversation with. Just the way he spins shit and how real he is man. It's crazy.
Variationsofnani 1 year ago
The transparency and vulnerability in this interview is incredible and inspiring. J Cole is the shxt.
Farid Bello 4 month ago
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Cole: Boom Boom Boom
RheyyBell 5 month ago
He is such a humble, self aware individual. I really admire his way of seeing things.
future hofer 10 month ago
He wants to kill the Edward inside of him 🤯
Annonda Wilkins 1 year ago
its incredible how this man just explained to Angie and the viewers how his words aren't meant to to be anchors but triggers. but the comments are full of praise and worship. take the message and apply it to your life. Were all capable of this thought process, look away from the screens and plug your holes with something more meaningful than another hole filled man. find something you like...and get good at it, find something within you that you dont like and change it. Were so young we begin to feel immortal. But theres like after 20, 30, and 35. You have to stop looking to others for answers.
MatafiedGaming 2 years ago
J Cole is a Therapist...
imeldwn 6 month ago
Y'all don't know how much I love his " And boom boom boom" "shees"
Simba 1 year ago
Damn I hardly ever comment when I watch these but J Cole is so woke its crazy
Mrs. Lucas 2 years ago
Over the top intelligent men just... I just can't take it. In love with his mind.
Ecuadorian Boy 10 month ago
18:10 i’ll come back to this tm. its 2:32 am lol
Corey Kelley 2 years ago
This man got interviews more entertaining and knowledgeable than most rappers actual album
paige leah 7 month ago
J Cole is a Therapist... thats why i can bet he never used *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M*
Sad World 5 month ago
The fact he’s speaking on Amy Winehouse respectfully 🖤
Mosab Awad 4 month ago
the fact that i can't have this conversation with people around me is really hurting, it's nice that this interview is so long so whenever i need to talk with someone with a brain i come back here
Natasha L33 1 year ago
Am i the only one who was like aww he has a son 😍
Augustine Vega 2 years ago
RoseyWhosoever 2 years ago
Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ - 2 Corinthians 10:5-6
Ann-Marie Litcof 1 year ago
I’m an addict in recovery and after watching this interview, specifically from 24 mins on, I have a new found even greater respect for Cole and what he’s about. He just gets it. Damn Cole, thank you for being so beautiful and genuine.
Liliana Garcia 1 year ago
Self love! Not idolizing celebrity’s dam how can people not love this guy
IAmCease 1 year ago
“Lemme bring that attention back...👈🏾👈🏾😳😳😳😳😳...to that fan”
vas 1 year ago
Cole in touch with the Universe 💭
Eraldo Fernandez 1 year ago
This is one of the best interviews of all time
Mariah Avon 1 year ago
I came back to watch this again after going to his concert... and he's just simply amazing.
BlackySpeakz 2 years ago
This is straight up therapy for me.. I love this so much.
MW xxx 5 month ago
When he's saying he doesn't want to be the thing to fix the hole of a broken person, I'm sat here like bro it's too late... Cole you are the glue holding my sanity together and unfortunately you're my prophet😂
Kudzai Sithole 5 month ago
i feel like cole should be a therapist, he is in tune and i honestly felt lighter and i wanna better myself all from this interview
celticz26 1 year ago
This man is the Tim Duncan of hip hop. How can you hate this man, even if you're just trolling?
TooClean Mylife 1 year ago
Why is it hard for both of them to say " Pray, God"
Lamine Diallo 2 years ago
Cole needs to do a Ted Talk
J & T Family 1 year ago
J. Cole- The "Intuitive Empath" 🙏🌍 I can relate...
Deja Smith 1 year ago
J.Cole is the genius of our time. Keep being you my dude
Chillin With TJ 1 year ago
Had to come back and watch this again 🎬👌🏾
Lucia Perez 1 year ago
Detachment is not that you own nothing, detachment is that nothing owns you. **Preach**
A Cole World 2 years ago
"You're not free thinking when your ego is pulling the strings." 55:25 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dey NM 2 years ago
He seems so kind, I love how thoughtful and how he is focused on improving himself. This interview is amazing. I’ve liked him since the first album but this made me like him even more! Yas Cole 🙌🏾👏🏾
Tshivhenga Thabelo 1 year ago
His consistency when he is answering those questions, J. Cole is so damn collected
abbie4949 1 year ago
Note to J. Cole: Just listened to a few JCole interviews & feel so much in common w/ him. 1) His mom “hustled” to help him follow his dream. Not illegal hustle, but “maneuvering; “ that’s me. I don’t know how I paid my rent without a job, borrow here, pawn there, off job now, worry tomorrow, I call it rearranging shit. But maneuvering is much more accurate word. 2) he said he’s gonna get a contract next month..I went to nursing school, start to finish it took me 10 yrs, I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel...BUT I KNEW IT WAS THERE. if I stopped, I would never make it to the light. I did not want to stay stuck in the dark where I been all my life. At times I felt like it was taking too long, but then I was like, well 10 yrs is gonna pass one way or the other. At least I’ll have something at the end of however long it takes. 3) one interview u had just came from Fruitvale Station, I’m from the Bay. I just discovered twitter and feel like I finally have a place to express my anger/truths, critical thoughts. Like u said it’s a good platform for black ppl to unite, organize, etc. 4) now I just heard you talking about addiction, a DM u got. My mom too was a drug dealer then addict then got aids and died. I miss her terribly. I medicated “our” pain by using also for 20 years. Went to a drug program before graduating from nursing school. 5) meditation being mentally present, not judging the thoughts, that pass thru, just oh yeah there’s that and let it go ..I think too many ppl thinking about what they have to do tomorrow what happened yesterday and everyone is emotionally unavailable. 6) my son is your age7) Money is not the most important thing, for me time is much more precious ....so much more I would love to sit and talk to you about....walking on eggshells in your own home. 8) I went to a catholic university..mine was Jesuit university of San Francisco, it looks like yours is Vincentian. Also big on service, advocates for uneducated incarcerated. Jesuit big on community service and justice.
Kdot 23 1 year ago
we need more jcole interviews!!!!!!!
Dame Dolla 2 years ago
I want to know what books he reads and movies he watches.
tj fritz 1 year ago
wow . I'm going to fill my holes for me and my self worth. Thank you for real.
Teolita Singleton 7 month ago
She is so goofy 😂😂😂😂 , J.Cole is just coolin.
chantonaki 1 year ago
omg he’s an INfJ!!
Varun Maan 1 year ago
So intelligent and conscious gives me goosebumps this is what life is about
Che Gibson 2 years ago
I LITERALLY DROPPED EVERYTHING TO WATCH THIS LOL, we don't get J.Cole interviews often
some nothing 1 year ago
25:55 the same thing
Anna Banana 1 year ago
Wow. This feels like a therapy session. Needed this!
some nothing 1 year ago
1:05:28 "i need you" relationships... instead of filling up yourself, filling your own holes up.
Samuel Steffensen 8 month ago
This man should really write a book
Rabeel Elahi 2 years ago
55:20 Cole on Kanye: “You’re not free thinking when your ego is pullin' the strings”.
GarynJanet 1 year ago
I’m so late on this interview. I just found a new love for Cole. So intune & aware. Everything he spoke on was honest & enlightening. He kept coughing & all I wanted to do was hand him some water. 😭 Such a beautiful spirit. 💛✨
Pablo Nassir 1 year ago
That’s real “ in thousands of years no one is a celebrity “
ThatBoiSuave 2 years ago
He spoke to my soul in this interview
MGang TV 1 year ago
Hard times don't last tough people do shout out to everyone waking up everyday and getting after their goals salute...
DZCIF 2 years ago
meditate, meditate, meditate... dont medicate, medicate, medicate...
Carlos Santos 1 year ago
Jcole is one of the greatest lyrical rappers in these day. Keep doing it quality music.
banksyou1 1 year ago
J. Cole lyrics are for REAL!! He's one of my favorite artists today!!
New Era KING 1 year ago
I come to Cole when I just need inspiration and wisdom.
Shontaye Beauty 1 year ago
This is one of my favorite interviews!
FaerieSensai 2 years ago
The fact that it’s Angie interviewing Cole, and they’re in Salaam’s house, in the same room Amy worked in not long before she died... with Fugee plaques on the wall... this interview is carrying crazy energy
Ville Tubman 8 month ago
I love this interview, my favorite artist. Very humble and we'll spoken. Oh yeah, best bars hands down. J Cole always love
K Bellami 5 month ago
Came here after the drake interview for some authenticity
Nyasha B 10 month ago
Live everyday with purpose! Think, read widely, discuss and share ur passions always! Watched this again and found new gems of knowledge!
Spaee 1 year ago
"boom, boom, boom, boom" - J Cole
A Fish On Fire 2 years ago
Cole is wise af
Claude Toleafoa 11 month ago
cole needs his own podcast
Katherine Gurovsky 1 year ago
1:05:00 ...eloquent explanation of a codependent af world
Hyron Harrison 4 month ago
This feels like a conversation between two intellectuals rather than an interview
Soraeya Malia 5 month ago
This interview went over so many people heads!