100,000,000 Orbeez in Semi Truck!

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JayyBee Gaming 5 month ago
So we just gonna ignore that he’s eating the orbeez in the corner 😂 ( 6:11 )
B00MXR ! 5 month ago
This is the amount of people who wish they could be there with them I I V
Twin Gamers 5 month ago
COLTON MILLER 5 month ago
“We should get all our fans in here” (World starts falling downwards because of all the pressure in that one area)
Tobi Scooter 5 month ago
imagine the cops stopping them to ask whats in the truck🤣
Cindi Holmes 5 month ago
9:57 look at the air on them there literally flying
NaeNae Harper 5 month ago
9:56 he went on top of the orbeez it’s like he was flying
Mackenzie Johnston 5 month ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Capron: Did somebody pi** their pants because there is a warm spot?!🤣🤣
Christopher Gilkeson 5 month ago
They should do a split screen of who’s driving and what’s happening in the back so you can see what’s going on in both angles
Sydney H 5 month ago
Tododeku TodorokiXDeku 5 month ago
Me using my nose: IRBEEZD Me without using my nose: Orbeez *Everyone ignores while he's eating Orbeez in the corner* lol
Brayden Skinner 5 month ago
No one: Orbeez: moves this much * -> * Every one: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
the super girl123 5 month ago
Kids at school hear u say “Up your butt and around the corner” Those 5 grade girls who think that’s still a good roast: 2:38
Charlie Tyler 5 month ago
No one: Literally no one: Drage: comment orbeez with your nose
ESD 19 5 month ago
Word of the day... “OH MY GOSH”
Your Everyday Peppa 4 month ago
Billy: " comment orbeez with your nose" Me: orbeez with my nose.
Poppy Kay 5 month ago
Can we just ignore the fact that capron had no pants on when he was driving
Krystal Curtis 4 month ago
Everyone: I want to be there with them Me: knowing how crazy they are I don’t want to die 😂😂I looks fun but it’s suppper dangous
Creed Rand 5 month ago
When the lights go out or they hear thunder at the school 5th grade Girls: 2:38
Cameron Baird 5 month ago
I typed this whole comment with my nose “orbeez”
Justin being random 5 month ago
When he yelled “COREYS DRIVING” I died 😂
Sam and Colby 5 month ago
Imagine a police officer heard screams in the truck and opened the back and sees this
Kim Griffith 5 month ago
Was Cory driving and while on his phone 🤔
Michelle Miller 5 month ago
Corey drives Everyone else: this was a big mistake
Queen universe Mystic 5 month ago
The craziest part oh this vid is how Billy never let go of the wall😂😂
Astro zr 5 month ago
i don’t think i’ve heard the words “omg” more in my life
SauCiiX 5 month ago
The whole time I’m just waiting for someone to scream PINEAPPLE
E Knode 5 month ago
love how Corey is driving a semi truck while using his phone
John Holcombe 5 month ago
2:06 why is it there last day on earth?
Seal Dog 5 month ago
Orbeez:slides around a bit Everyone in the truck: AHHHHHH
Kai Miller 5 month ago
billys feet and whole body come off the floor. Also everytime im sad i watch you guys and then i get happy again. thank you for making super funny videos.
Hana Joyce 5 month ago
"orbeez with you nose" sorry I'm unoriginal
Ike Leventry 5 month ago
That’s how ups drives when delivering packages
patricco revansky 5 month ago
7:41 owh right here its warm Well its a pee
Dbz Gaming 5 month ago
Someone’s driving by the semi they hear the screaming they’ll be like is someone getting kidnapped
Denver Gomes 5 month ago
If I'd get a dollar for everytime they said OH MY GOD, I'd be freaking rich😂
Cameron Allen 5 month ago
*Truck barely moves* Everyone: Ohhhhh ohh ohh ohhh
Nolan S 4 month ago
9:57 drew goes flying and made me laugh
Lucius John 5 month ago
“Im in almost up to my knees” ( one inch above ankle)
Chris Moya 5 month ago
Now caprin knows how Amazon products feel in the back of the truck
THENOOBPLAYZ 5 month ago
The police:what in the back Me:oh the funk bro’s Police:omg I’m a big fan
jayden Martineau 5 month ago
The amount of back problems drage probs has or will have 💀🤧
KalmDownXD 4 month ago
They say this is "recycled" Get it Let me know if u get it | | v
Zaccarius Slowiak 5 month ago
My dad just left to go snowmobiling and I’m crying in my bedroom you make my life a lot easier
Renee Peugh 5 month ago
orbees i did that with my noes it took me five minutes
Natalie Rock 5 month ago
I want to do this soooo bad for my 16th birthday in March:(
Kimberly Mccann 5 month ago
They should do a 24 hour challenge in there
Irene Anderson 4 month ago
4:40 made me laugh so hard I omost
Sockz1771 5 month ago
When they said this is gonna be our last day on earth I though of Kobe it’s so sad he had to go and we will all miss his very much
Kolton AGUALLO 5 month ago
When I can’t find anything interesting to watch I always know I can watch you guys
Bubby TV5 5 month ago
2:99 Plane Pilot : "Aaaaaand it you look to theeee LEFT, of the plane, you can spot some THICC- (ahem) Anime legs."
Curtis Hairston 5 month ago
This is so amazing I wish I was there
Paolo Simon 5 month ago
Everyone got nervous when they knew Corey driving first when Capron’s turns everyone might think it more nurleir
Kaya Underscore 2 5 month ago
9:55 omg it came out of no were
carsxn roll 5 month ago
VEND 5 month ago
I just want to thank you for how much happiness you've gave me.I have never ever seen youtubers who work of their butts and do real stuff almost all youtubers fake stuff. Please like so they can see how much i appreciate them
Boshra Ahmed 5 month ago
8:34 drage is jus chillin on his phone😂😭
carsxn roll 5 month ago
Sierrah Hannaford 5 month ago
5:33 that dude in the corner probably ate like twenty orbites lol 😂
The Wentworths 5 month ago
For another video,you should make a slip-in-slid with the orbezs. Like with the blue tarp you did once.
Hannah Utt 4 month ago
7:55 he is checking his Instagram
Kai Miller 5 month ago
I also watched your live stream on tiktok the other day. capron youŕe really good at fortnite. My tiktok is doge2767
Sean Sanchez 5 month ago
That last time when he hit the brake 💀😂
It’s Grace Edwards 5 month ago
“ get in the orbeez billy” hahah
Miles Clements 5 month ago
billy is so scared, hes just standing up the entire time
Matt Weezy 5 month ago
I like how half the time Dredge just looked like a floating head. 🐔 <—— what you should fill a truck with next.
Keira Gilbert 5 month ago
the only good thing about this video is hearing a bunch of middle aged guys screaming lmaooo
Kadince Brewer 5 month ago
Did know what actually see that Billy like fluhe was so high up like when he break checked he went flying I need to still holding on it was at 9:55
Rare popcorn 79 5 month ago
What is billy doing 😂
Kengie Espiritu Vlog's 4 month ago
5:10 they are perpectly lined up
Robert Urban 5 month ago
Cant believe nobody said "oh my god"
Amber Thompson 5 month ago
That would be so satisfying
Amber Blacklock 5 month ago
I love you guys I always watch you and helps take my mind off my depression anxiety and work you always make me laugh keep up the amazing content x
CloudsAreCloudy 5 month ago
1:09 Drage: *better find another way to get in dis sHeD* Also Drage when he hops in: *im staring into your soul*
Charles Doughtie 5 month ago
Who would you rather have as an Uber driver? Everyone else: Corey Me: CAPRON!!!
Blynx 5 month ago
That looked so fun keep up the amazing content and we should play fn sometime Capron - tystor
Jeremy Reason 5 month ago
All of the sudden PINAPPLE!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh nothing happens 😝 lololol
Bunnykilller 5 month ago
I literrary just watched 6 grown up guys screaming in a truck for 12 minutes.
Michael Gutierrez 5 month ago
8:36 Me and DA bois at 5 am
Toxic Cam 5 month ago
Cassidy Barbet 5 month ago
Never watch one of the funk bros videos when you have broken ribs you laugh so much it hurts love the videos
dummy3 dummy3 5 month ago
I really like the idea of putting your fans in the semi truck it's sounds really cool and good luck because you guys really good 👌😁
MCgaming MCG 5 month ago
This is the first time I ever got to watch a video right when they posted it
Pyrowarrior 5 month ago
Hey Cory I am intrested in building my own drift car how do I get started
FS_Rusty 999 5 month ago
You guys have way to much fun! I love you guys so much, Corey, you tought me how to tailwhip on a scooter, ive been subscribed for 2 years and im still hanging in, after 3 accounts I subscribed on everyone! ♡♥
Miriam Dickinson 5 month ago
I first saw this come up as a recommended video and I thought they were in puke! Thank goodness it was orbeezs!
slattis 75 5 month ago
My headphones during the intro: ➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️
Alpha_XIV !!! 5 month ago
9:55 Best part😂😂😂I’m dying, my man went so high
Funk bro’s Fan123 5 month ago
Omg funk bro’s! You guys are the best Youtubers on earth! I have subscribed to u since idk when it was ages ago! I have made a fan page for you guys on tiktok! It’s @funk.bros.fan123 ! If you look on my bio on that acc it is my dream for you guys to follow me on there! Xxxxx u guys r the best! 💖
Lincoln Trinder 4 month ago
you need to get a truck and put a sun roof in it so you can fill it more hier
Gisela Obrien 5 month ago
How did Billy stay standing that whole time lmao 🤣
Rocko711 5 month ago
Your guys' videos are so hype I love them. Amazing editing too!
Alzo 5 month ago
Who's been a HUGE fan of funk bros before 2020?? 😍 👇 👇I'm gifting my next 79 loyal subs 🎁                    Must have notïs🔔
BenJo MC 5 month ago
Someone opens their window and just hears terrified screams from the back of the truck
Aaron Scheuer 5 month ago
Day one of asking them to fill there house with orbees
Jasmine Ramlochan 5 month ago
the amount of times when they said omg
Sadie and Eli 5 month ago
Orbeez lol I wrote that with my nose hopefully billy pin this 😂😂
Corey j 5 month ago
Really smart Cory. Literally have the loves of your friends and brother in the back and your on the phone while driving. Fucked up dude
TigrexHunter 5 month ago
9:57 😂What happened to Jason !!?? We're did he go?
Kalie Furr 5 month ago
I'm watching a bunch of grown men acting like giant kids, best video ever.