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In the midst of a war of words with Meek Mill, 6ix9ine is back today with his first song since he was arrested on gun and drug charges in late 2018. He first revealed the song, titled “GOOBA,” and then went on Instagram Live to air his grievances to 2 million people.

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Jacques Morel, Senior Correspondent
Delisa Shannon, Associate Producer
Joe Ali News Video Producer/Editor
Tia Hill, Senior Producer

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UNKNOWN ** 27 days ago
This man comes back and just breaks the whole dam internet 🤣
1629 jxxdon 27 days ago
The internet just got very interesting very quickly.
Jim Beauchamp 27 days ago
Lmao y’all just had to put “I LET MY NUTS HANG” in the video
Sean Clarke 27 days ago
This man has taken being a Troll to the next level
Tanyaradzwa Janga 28 days ago
6ix9ine got a cheat code to the world 😭
gtabro 27 days ago
Lol it’s like he was on a pause. Literally kept the same energy for years, kinda impressive idk
Lowgi Official 27 days ago
He really just spit in everyone’s face who called him a rat😂
Young Dommy 27 days ago
He’s definitely a final boss character now 😂
GHOST T.V. 27 days ago
He hasn’t changed at all.... 😂😂😂😂😂
OLBAP VG 27 days ago
This dude just said he the most hatted rapper bruh is we good
Ditditto The Dark Lxrd 27 days ago
Hey ppl the internet just came back
Lefika Shashane 27 days ago
“I would be mad too” - 6ix9ine
Chy Sayeh 27 days ago
man jacques sounds like he doesn’t even wanna cover this lmao he sounds exhausted
IndaCouch 27 days ago
I’m mean gotta respect the same energy after all this time
1629 jxxdon 27 days ago
All of this we already knew, Genius just needed to ride the wave. 😂
SCU Gunz 27 days ago
he just pissed on the whole internet
TG WOWSI 27 days ago
The Colored Haired Thanos is Back
JaySway 27 days ago
He literally is having the biggest comeback ever 🤷🏾‍♂️
r6mee 27 days ago
lmao he makin fun of himself nd makin ppl even more mad 🤣🤣
Kenny Palacios 27 days ago
“Least favorite”????? He’s the favorite! You tripping! The numbers speak for themselves he’s the favorite troll!
Inactiveuser 27 days ago
I feel like this guy doesn’t like 6ix9ine but it’s funny how he has to make a whole video on 69 to make bread 😭
RDS Ace 27 days ago
20 million views in 9 hours
Animation Chronicles 27 days ago
Oof..who knew this song had so much meaning..it went over my head..like soooo many times
BANDS RUNZ 27 days ago
Everybody called him a snitch before he got out, it was like a trend. And now that he's out and everybody saying the king is back... That's just disgusting
anthony 28 days ago
Who else saw 6ix9ine in the rat filter 😂😂
Jude Goodall 27 days ago
The video director: "sooo whatchu tryna get" 6ix9ine: "I mean i've been thinking bout Megan Thee Stallion alot recently if you catch my drift ;)" director: "Ahhh I've got you bro, CTRL-C "
Mike Tironne 27 days ago
Call him a rat, but he a master splinter.
Marcos Rivera 27 days ago
he still Taking that BIG W
Kellita T 27 days ago
When you realise he made the "stupid I'm not gon even let you get the chance" meme...
VuziTube 27 days ago
Biggest Comeback of 2020. Don't @ me
TheRealOne SS 27 days ago
Why did I expect him to change🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
raj dharmendra 27 days ago
This guy Flexing on us like crazy... 3 watches... Gawdamn😂
Young Orange 27 days ago
He really said hiphops least favorite troll 😂
Marko Pejic 27 days ago
6ix9ine: *finesses the whole system and breaks YouTube* Haters: Wait that’s illegal
Vaselineflute Tv 27 days ago
“Hiphop least favorite troll” no bro hip hops most favorite troll
10k subs with videos? 26 days ago
Everyone: 69 will be shot when he gets out of prison 69: hold my views
B.O.A Yang 27 days ago
Why he gotta do meek like that 😩😂
Re!gn 27 days ago
3:09 you may think 6ix9ine's stupid but he's making a genuinely valid point here. All this ratting and beef aside, he's still relevant and getting that bag.
datguy pop 27 days ago
Lmao did they say "least favorite troll??"
10k subs with videos? 26 days ago
Views: exist 69: I’ll take your entire stock
Rafael Fulgencio 27 days ago
Personally I think people are going to give him a second chance but they will always remember what he did and that's fine P.S I supported 6ix9ine the whole way so hate on me all you want but am just glad he's back making bangers and being himself just as he was before
Oh yeah chungus 27 days ago
“Most hated rapper” only idiots and people he snitched on hate him
1k subs with 1 vid challenge - 27 days ago
genius: on may 8th 2020 me going to look at the calendar to see what day it is: .....
Kicking Man 27 days ago
Hiphops least favorite troll? Lol you played yourself genius
Tyler Durham 27 days ago
He’s literally the real life joker
Jrkchamp1031 27 days ago
GUMMO _the sequel_
Number 2 27 days ago
6ix9ine really just returned like he wasn't in prison for a year
Journee Hall 27 days ago
Feat. The iconic “stoopid, I’m not gon let you get the chance” never forget 😂💀
Gimme that quasson boi 27 days ago
Dude. I don't agree with all things that he is doin but I have to say that this song is just lit
Erica ! 27 days ago
6ix9ine still dont understand why people call him a rat
Ac Ndubizu 27 days ago
69 is a funny.. hes gotta be the fakest guy I've ever seen in hiphop..
Shahsamartha123 27 days ago
The last person to like my recent will become a multimillionaire
CouchCommander5000 27 days ago
hip hops least favourite troll??? this man is our king
Juanito Queintin 27 days ago
Two words: hot garbage
innapropriate nickname 27 days ago
Womens lie. Mens lie. Epstein didn't kill himself
🔥Zay97🔥 27 days ago
1:19 he snitched on DeDe too 🤣🤣🤣
Iso Scottie 27 days ago
Mans bossed up on every hater ✍🏾
Beatrider 99 27 days ago
Yeah not gonna lie, still not a fan and never will be. But I just had to see what crappy song he made.
Isaac Fontes 28 days ago
Finally. YouTube got it right, 9 likes 9 views
Emiljan 27 days ago
court: "you will get 47 years in prison" 69: "are dumb, stupid or dumb?
Leyfu 27 days ago
6ix9ine is my favorite troll tbh. he entertains me
H.dukes 95 26 days ago
The song is catchy but there isn’t anything really respectful about him at all
I HATE EVERYONE 27 days ago
They said the internet's " least favorite troll" and the guy has 25 million views in less then 12 hours......
King Boi 27 days ago
6ix9ine : “16 M in 6 hours” Lil Pump : “17 M in 2 weeks” King : 69
g_r 27 days ago
Hip hop’s least favourite troll did I hear that right lmao Correction hip hops most favourite troll.
Ashley Chissano 8c 27 days ago
This is what happened to me when I snitched on my older sibling came back with a stack of candy
Atlas 27 days ago
You really gonna disrespect the king by saying he our least favourite troll?! 😤
Reck Flims 27 days ago
I dont know why people work with him hes gonna snitch on him too
Harvey Briones 27 days ago
Imagine a grade school kid doing a costume project using crayons and art materials - thats how rappers dress now.
Justin Dir 27 days ago
I starting to think this whole thing was a publicity stunt
Young Tay 27 days ago
Everyone: We gonna hate 69 no matter what he does Gets releases: 31mil views in 18hours
SG_ DIOR 27 days ago
“chicken spot” was a Kooda b shoutout if u don’t believe me listen to kooda b - fess me up
Elias Stathakopoulos 27 days ago
I'd rather him not yelling he sounds better tho
Erickmaybe 27 days ago
They hating right off the get go😂 “Hip-hops least favorite troll” YOU TELLING ME 2 MILLION ON LIVE IS THE “LEAST” FAVORITE???
Mayborn Music Beatz 27 days ago
Genius Having a slice of the clout Smart move
Luis H. 28 days ago
Who here to see what genius had to say ? And don’t lie!!…
Vybezxn 27 days ago
Lmao this song makes me want to pour the milk before the cereal
danny summer 27 days ago
Rainbow hair Mexican guy on internet Rest of the world, lets listen to him
Alan Iturio 27 days ago
*"Peace!"* So satisfying to hear Jacque say that on every video he voices over lol
Isaiah 710 27 days ago
Y’all we need an interview. And a lyric video.
J&S DIARIES 27 days ago
We just done a reaction to this!!! Showing him love from LONDON!
Addie Maroney 27 days ago
dude just hit pause for a while
Nemo Fortnutised 27 days ago
Na don’t ever say huh don’t steel Quedecas thing
Francina Mei 27 days ago
You're mad I'm back, big mad He's mad, big sad Haha, don't care, stay mad Ah-hah, ah-hah, ah-hah 🤣.
Awful_Matt 27 days ago
If you see this your gonna be rich one day. God bless all you.🙏
PumpedUpKicks 27 days ago
He's going to get killed by the Bloods.
Mike Wazowski 27 days ago
Conspiracy Theory: Illuminati.
The Real Reason 27 days ago
Imagine not being black and manually typing in the full N word on a Genius Yt Vid. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Albert 27 days ago
The people who call 69 a snitch are the same people who couldn’t last 2 weeks in quarantine
Aaron Lopez 27 days ago
He is officially the biggest come back of 2020 🤣 greatest news since this dam epidemic/pandemic like whichever one it is now good shit though 👍🏾
A.T.M- 3li! 28 days ago
He might be a 🐀 but he speakin facts.
C K 27 days ago
6ix9ine is the king of rap, king of clout, king of NY, and king of Trolling
Kenyatta Wolf 27 days ago
A dude from the hood Nipsey was trying to help killed Nipsey
Noah Rofsky 27 days ago
YouTube still ain’t putting it up on the popular page even though it made like 15 mil views in 6 hours
Johnny Specter 27 days ago
imagine if he came out and collab with zillakami right after that would be based
stephsteph9744 27 days ago
But this song isn’t really good ... at all, he sounded better before
Faddys Place 27 days ago
So how can we eat of this wave? I'm just saying.
Fao Aini 27 days ago
Hai listen up Song "SWEET SCAR and LATHI from WEIRD GENIUS" I like ❤️💛💚💙💜♥️🖤
Nigel Kotahatuhaha 27 days ago
Nah bro. Some legend said, “men lie, women lie, so do numbers. The energy never lies when you over comer”
washingmachine 27 days ago
“Internet’s least favorite troll”....... yea sure