I Let a Twitter Bot Decorate My Room

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burbank - sorry i like you (congrats on 10 mil)
jpn - bloom. []
jump man 93 - bruh
Joe? Mama 7 month ago
Shout out to the one person who got him a shelf, they actually wanted to help you have a nice room
Ulysses Edens 5 month ago
This has to be the FUNNIEST crap I’ve seen in forever. However, shout out to the lawful good person who got him the shelf- I’m glad people like you exist.
Finn Reedy 5 month ago
Just casually, “The communist manifesto”
Alex Finch 5 month ago
"Art and God don't mix" - Michael Reeves
JJ the Parfait 5 month ago
is everyone just going to ignore him circumcising this other guy with a knife?
The Heretic 8 month ago
I love how he censored the hentai poster only sometimes.
Sara 0642 4 month ago
Michael at 0:09: I don’t wanna talk to an interior designer cause that’s social interaction Michael at 6:15: *This is Alex she is an interior designer*
Morgan Suki 5 month ago
Does he realize he has a trans pride flag in his room???😂
Alice Chanie 5 month ago
“What’s BTS?” “Yup.”
Emirhan Kuşdemir 4 month ago
“Someone breaks in, wuba-luba-dub-dub, you’re wuba-luba-dub-DEAD”
Arif Ansari 8 month ago
She actually did a great job decorating considering all the literal shit he received from the internet.
Martina Undurraga 5 month ago
“Is it Hong Kong?” *sees the scorpio blanket* “Oh it’s Hong Kong” me: subscribed
Kage Song 4 month ago
Me the whole video: What's BTS Michael: Yep Then I realized he's not wrong. It's just more k-pop wishing it was j-pop. ;)
ysxbll presents 5 month ago
people sending him bts products: michael: bRuH
Jin Ho YU 5 month ago
shoutout to the guy who got him the communist manifesto
Meike Kroll 6 month ago
He looks like a 13 year old, he sounds like a 13 year old, his decor looks like a hormonal 13 year old chose it
haha Big FUNNY comment 5 month ago
"Welcome to another episode of Bad Unboxing."
You are my Destiny 5 month ago
I love how he says *STAN ARMY* and not *STAN BTS* . ARMY have fans now y'all..
Baney 5 month ago
Will: Whats BTS? Mike: Yep
Wyvern 4 month ago
"what's BTS ?" "yup" I'm dead
ElmoStreetside 8 month ago
I’m surprised his room didn’t look like a sex dungeon
Diowo ・ω・ 5 month ago
5:13 Micheal: There’s iCarly colon! “it’s flammable” * cuts to them playing with literal fire * “NO! NOT SHELDON!!”
Foxeswhisper animates 5 month ago
“whats BTS?” *Fangirls come in and take over*
RangerPlays 5 month ago
So were not gonna talk about the fact that it looks like he’s standing in front of weed in the beginning
ilike tiddies 5 month ago
“it has an opening tab” “uh not in the war they didn’t”
adriana sette 5 month ago
i can’t BELIEVE no one got him led lights.
triledink 4 month ago
the nick cage pillow got no love, its just up on the wall, alone.
William Edmands 4 month ago
Did he straight up stay in that house for like a month and then move to offlinetv?
T r a g i c 4 month ago
"Whats BTS?" "Y e p ."
Maddie Hood 5 month ago
“What’s BTS?” “Yep”
Just Sophie 6 month ago
“What’s BTS?” “Yup”
Eainai 5 month ago
*Takes a sip* "coyote urine" first time I've literally snorted out liquid.
Holden McInerny 4 month ago
“What’s BTS” “Yup”
Nec Robin 4 month ago
*talking excited* "This is my bean collection"
Christian Chavez 5 month ago
8:24 When Mary and Joseph went to the mall and got separated from Jesus
Germaphobe 8 month ago
Next video: I made a bot that automatically makes Amazon refunds
Mr Crab 4 month ago
80% of the comments: "wHaTs bTs" "yEp" The rest: *people talking about the room*
Sunset Sarah 5 month ago
Him:so that was a mistake *2 seconds later* Him:I THINK THIS WHOLE THING WAS A SUCCESS
ᴡʜᴀᴛ 5 month ago
I was expecting chairs, shelves, table, "casual home stuff"
Madisyn Cota 5 month ago
ARMY are literally everywhere. I love this fandom. He got a whole shrine going
Urban Monkey 6 month ago
First time Michael has had a girl in his room and he paid her.
Ghosty 5 month ago
7:55 "uwu i made a fucky"
xXBTS x ARMYXx 5 month ago
*Goes to chick fil a with the fam* Me: Hey mom could u get me just a small chocolate milkshake thanks Mom: You go order it yourself Me: “ but that’s social interaction and I don’t support that”
giantgamingchannel 5 month ago
3:14 me when my rpi 4 doesn’t boot into kali linux and shows no signal
Julia D 5 month ago
“for those of you who don’t know, skill share is-“ me: *closes the video*
Spicy Spice 6 month ago
someone should of gotten him a race car bed
Sandy P 4 month ago
"I can't find Jesus! " Same
Johanna Rodriguez 5 month ago
Why is no one talking about how smart he is?!? He made a literal bot and showed us how he did it
Caleb Bird 5 month ago
Somebody breaks In all you have to do is just cover yourself in the coyote urine and charge at them.
UndertalePotato 5 month ago
I love how he doesn’t say anything about the trans flag- . _ .
Omar Robles 8 month ago
I lost my shit at “They live in the same house but aren’t the same people.” “My parents.”
The Canadian Flight Deck 5 month ago
If there is one thing I have learned from watching internet historian, it’s that you DO NOT TRUST THE INTERNET WITH ANYTHING
Y00NG3NIUS 5 month ago
this is literally that room im dream of having
Josh Payne 5 month ago
He did all this and then moved to offline tv.
Corbin Higgs 4 month ago
And that's the story of how Michael Reeves' room was condemned.
basti329 8 month ago
The Amazon recommend section on his account is having a stroke right now.
Semystic 5 month ago
"What's BTS?" "Yep."
OH GOD 4 month ago
2:25 when the ups driver sees a fragile handle with care written on a package
Musa Ntombela 4 month ago
Micheal where's the code for your bot i wanna see something please.
ImHallYall 5 month ago
I like how when the delivery man was leaving michael was like "Oh mY PaCkaGes cAMe"
Raven Horan 8 month ago
It literally looks like the internet threw up on his room
Shindinder 5 month ago
2:27 He looks, and sounds like an amazon employee when you click same day shipping
Kermit Scooter ankle 5 month ago
Michael: moves into a new room Also Michael: then moves into offline tv Also Also Michael: moves again into the new offline tv house
rayers1000 5 month ago
Expectation: William Osman and Company when he opens the door Reality: Gus and Eddy I ain't even mad yo, its the most ambitious crossover of our time.
Kim NamJin 5 month ago
Me: why is this in my recommended... 1:52 : ...Oh .....
commander 84 8 month ago
"That is social interaction and I don't support it" Developer level: 10000
Nicholas Mann 5 month ago
Every time the camera pans around I find something more cursed than the last
Makaela Chan 5 month ago
Some boi: what’s BTS MAH:gets BTS doll smacks boi*
Une Girafe! 5 month ago
“Where’s Jesus, I can’t find Jesus.” Yeah girl, same..
Evelyn Snachez 5 month ago
*10:58**: every army’s dream room.*
Jenna Rosabelle 5 month ago
THE AMOUNT OF PACKAGES HE HAD AT THE DOOR i’m dead “is this for michael”
Piece of trash. 4 month ago
“I can’t find Jesus” girl same
juicebox 5 month ago
I wasted all my braincells watching this.
Kylie Harris 5 month ago
“What’s Bts?” “Yep” - my entire life
nihao kailan 5 month ago
People gonna be like: you like bts..? Him: no, you see I-
Eric Altenburg 8 month ago
*blurs anime poster in the beginning* *gives up and doesn’t blur it afterwards*
Thomas Silva 4 month ago
I had youtube minimized and at 12:59 I legit though someone was in my apartment for a moment and almost lost my shit
Neko Kawaii 5 month ago
I liked this video just because I heard him saying: "Oh, is Jungkook"💕
Oscar Yasunaga 4 month ago
There’s 24 h per day 1/4 of 60 is 14 so 4 multiplied 24 is 96
Redmaxstone 5 month ago
Who else got this video in their recommendations?
Ethan Ha 8 month ago
he can now say he’s had a girl in his room at some point
M. B 5 month ago
6:34 bro he got all the bts dolls? AND a funko pop?! Bro that cost some MONEYYY Edit: I made it to the end of the video. He legit got around 500 quid worth of bts merch
A heroic and well-reviewed lizard 4 month ago
this is exactly what I imagined a room made by the internet would be
FION_ LOL 5 month ago
“Jesus, weres Jesus, I lost Jesus “ How did u lose Jesus
Nick Ladner 5 month ago
"Whats bts" "yep"
Riaccoon 8 month ago
The scary part is there are actual rooms that look like this unironically
Kimbleh! 5 month ago
Michael: *It's Jungkook* Me: *Awwww*
Carbohighstakes 4 month ago
"Pickle rick boxers for when you have a wubba lubba wet dream"
Epic Torch 5 month ago
4:59 *holds up Scorpio flag* “Is it China? Oh it’s Hongkong.”
Tasso Demo 5 month ago
5:32 I hope that wasn’t his......
u wot m8 8 month ago
If she isn't an interior designer, then she should seriously consider becoming one
Jinxy Official 5 month ago
Me: Sends A Grabify Link.
Alan Richardson 4 month ago
I love how you got so many stupid orders to even a shrine to BTS and there's just a trans flag in the corner. It sticks out like a sore thumb in contrast but it's just wonderful.
Grammar Nazi 5 month ago
10:30 "soem" *some
Aiden Reed 5 month ago
I wish I could have tweeted stuff like dildos, pornography, and the most expensive things ever
Cheaf Min 8 month ago
"That's the interpretive Japanese art section." "Why isn't next to the Bible section?" "Art and God don't mix."
Dylan Cook 5 month ago
2:40 Me trying to get all my clothes to the laundry room without a basket in one go
p2020 5 month ago
Bruh the legend who bought him “Bold and Brash” from spongebob needs a gold medal
Shoeperman Butthman 4 month ago
the girl is legit good at decorating and should go into interior designing. Cute too.
Rebecky J 4 month ago
Umm... it never occurred to me that u didn’t write a bot