Lil Yachty - Worth It (Audio)

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Music video by Lil Yachty performing Worth It (Audio). © 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.
BoykieM 1 year ago
Isaiah Campbell 1 year ago
that lalala ending went hard af
Michael Cheslav 1 year ago
This song is like a combination of "one night" and "she ready"
Cnote 1 year ago
2:24 Elmo going dumb in the studio 😂😂😂
Jay v 1 year ago
This is a late night shower song
loveforthe90s 1 year ago
Giving me summer 2017 vibes. This is really good stuff
Jakle Grizzly 1 year ago
Respect to Yatchy for this one
Ray Zhang 1 year ago
i swear if someone says "here before it blows up"
Tomer Borik 1 year ago
Best song in the album.
Spooky ThaGamer 1 year ago
I think about my girl when I hear this
Mally 1 year ago
Lil Yachty Ft Elmo - Worth it
Mi-ty Sergio 1 year ago
Love you boat!!! 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
KD 1 year ago
dammn good song chilled
nechita 1 year ago
damn this gettin low views yachty kinda fell off . nowadays he only gettin views by collabs he hasnt got any gold songs since 2017 . but boat still fire
minx 1 year ago
The song is the good lil yachty
Drvgz 1 year ago
Why you aint tell me there was a new album
muhsin aden 1 year ago
EltzGaming 1 year ago
Who's here before 10 views?
BlessOff ! 1 year ago
Damn I missed lil yachty
drag0sss 1 year ago
Straight fire 🔥
Eric Moss 1 year ago
Ooh, you sophisticated, educated Held up for herself, it's perpetuated 🤩
Rocco Ammirata 1 year ago
Here before it blows up Whos mad? 😂
Khalil Young 1 year ago
If u don't like the song it's bc u don't get the story
Jewelry 1 year ago
She a city girl she be talking crazy 🌬💥
AyyItzRexx 1 year ago
Yatchy bro you NEVER dissapoint🔥🔥🔥
MassiMala 1 year ago
only 83 comments to lil yachty song? wtf
queefburgler3 1 year ago
i love when he sings in this voice its soothing as hell no homo
Mireille Teta 1 year ago
It’s a banger 🔥🔥
Bob Stone 6 month ago
This is the most underrated song by Lil Yachty🔥🔥
Nut Supplier 69 9 month ago
Most slept on song I've seen so far
Swavyyy Babyyyツ 1 year ago
Dang lil boat song goes to hard bruh love ur music
L C 1 year ago
Whose here before it blows up
Gerardo Medina 1 year ago
1:10 😍😍😍 Love that vocals
Ninja Huh!? 1 year ago
THE BOAT we here with you!!
Mvp 1 year ago
but love his love songs doe da hoe fire
DR 1 year ago
Xac Yuri 1 year ago
Lil boat’s talent is way more than his age.
Josh Cain 1 year ago
Danny 1 year ago
This song is so cute (:
Trolled 6 month ago
Yall ever just blast this whilst your in the shower.
Blake Play 1 year ago
Кто от Симпла?
Guilherme Bassan 1 year ago
This album is f*** dope!
G M 1 year ago
Som maneiro, já deixem o like monstro Pei!!!
Mancle Conyers 1 year ago
"La La La Laaaa Laaaaaa"
Lubu Naruto 1 year ago
I absolutely fell in love with this song. First heard it while my bf and I were having.. “special time” and fell in love with it since. Didn’t really listen to his music before but I sure do now. I got this song on replay. (Btw I’m commenting using my bf’s account, so I’m not a dude)
Adler Meyer 1 year ago
honestly I loved this song out of the whole album and I knew this would set off the rest of the album
Joe 1 year ago
Late night shower song
Pablo Estrada 1 year ago
Me gusta tu estilo Lil Boat ⛵, Saludos desde el puerto de Acapulco , sur de la República méxicana 👌❤
A Prior 1 year ago
Lil boat 🚣‍♀️
Laura G.J 1 year ago
Anna Facebaby 11 month ago
when is one of ur tours???
Mr_TalorYT 10 month ago
I’ll sing this to my girl 🥰
super stream man 1 year ago
Selling nothing 2:49
Tweak 1 year ago
This song fire🔥🔥
MC Smooth Rapper 5 month ago
Melissa 1 year ago
damn the lyrics :')
To Nim 1 year ago
okay,, s1mpuuul
AGS 23 1 year ago
Flow Violento Inc. 1 year ago
best song 🔥
Exotic Pix 1 year ago
This song make you jiggg🤟🏾😎‼️
Bryn Dustin 1 year ago
Love this
cYanide 1 year ago
okay this is epic
JacobyBlk 1 year ago
This dope🔥
Gabriel Patino 1 year ago
Heat for days
DXXXO 1 year ago
madara uchiha 1 year ago
This song fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ebony Nicole 1 year ago
💯Damn God😍
Courtland B. 3 month ago
Hmm...needs more attention
LiL devil 1 year ago
yeaah lil boat fire with the first comments !!
Rudy Ortega 1 year ago
Hell Yeah Yatchy!! Winning!!! #nostop
Balentug 10 month ago
L9V3 boat ❤
Looney x Toon 1 year ago
This man really got elmo in the song
happy people 1 year ago
Yatchy take a soothe dayum
Cristina Pinto 1 year ago
Alguien la puede traducir al español?
bikeshop 1 year ago
Yachty snapped bro, every song is great
SÏÆK 1 year ago
This is awsome lil b
SoberSadboy 1 year ago
Atomistic Zero 1 year ago
Lil boat dreams
MDlow 1 year ago
manbn you had to be in brazil
Heirr 1 year ago
SoaR Sage 1 year ago
JacobyBlk 1 year ago
6229 view
abdi muqtar 1 year ago
Monopoly Man 1 year ago
Wassup boat it's Russell
27vasquez 1 year ago
Yessss you are worth itttt YOU A GODDESS BABE.......... 🙏
Ahmad Usufzy 1 year ago
So underrated
Hiddenking NXS 1 year ago
Song for after a break up and wanna go back to your ex
La'Nya Coats 11 month ago
why did he la la???😕 oh well
Diogo Gois 1 year ago
Mamiizo _8 1 year ago
ジャベール・ザ・ムーンجابر القمر/ 1 year ago
alberts1985 10 month ago
Smoke some good
Janki Prod. 1 year ago
Drop W Song
Renan 1 year ago
King Ndno 1 year ago
Lil yachty's back Ayy (i mean lil yachty not lil boat)
BIGFaTTY waark 1 year ago
This hard
MC Smooth Rapper 5 month ago
elmo is that you??
Ethan Edler 1 year ago
Wrld ツ 6 month ago
This is underrated asf
Cooper Adams 1 year ago
35th comment