Joyner Lucas ft. Logic - ISIS (ADHD)

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Legendary 10 month ago
When 2 smart kids get picked to do a project together...
ItzYaBoiGladz. 3 month ago
Can believe US ARMY Released A Diss Track To Iran.
Axelphim 3 month ago
me and the boys bumping this as we get drafted
Fireball 3 month ago
This song hits harder than my mom’s belt
Nicholas Mack 3 month ago
So is this army recruitment commercial for the war in Iran?
why a yu Gê 10 month ago
No sex No nudity No violence Just guy flexing in level 1 body armor
Booker 3 month ago
Logic and Joyner got millions of people to search “isis”
Javi Mata 3 month ago
Everyone gangsta till logic takes his glasses off
Usand 2 month ago
Girls locker room: ugh PE is soooo boring Boys locker room:
janushkox69 3 month ago
me: joyner why are u dressed like that joyner: Iran i have been drafted
Michael Bentley 8 month ago
I think the FBI are worried about the 25+million people that search up Isis.
Janinka Ranasinghe 3 month ago
This is us when we are at the frontlines of Iran during WW3
GGofry [GD] 2 month ago
She: He is probably cheating on me He and the boys:
HiH Media 2 month ago
imagine if joyner lucas, logic and eminem would all make a song together. But thats never gonna happen because the studio would just explode
Naruto x XXXTentacion 2 month ago
Top 3 fastest things: 3. Flash 2: Bullets from Isis 1: me deleting google search history
John john 3 month ago
when u scared to diss north korea so u diss isis 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂
Mohd Mudassir 3 month ago
This is the song I’m blasting when I go to the world war lll
Yogi Bear 3 month ago
They literally have the best verses of the whole goddamn world
Sujeeth Sundaram 2 month ago
Best collab : Eminem, logic, Kendrick Lamar, Nf, Joyner Lucas
BakedPotatoYT 10 month ago
Eminem Ft. Joyner Logic Ft. Eminem Joyner Ft. Logic *The Trilogy is completed*
C_allsignDeveloper 3 month ago
"Me and Joyner need a couple hearses, double Homicide killed the beat and the verses" He definitely killed it.
nms499 2 month ago
Joyner looks like he wants to blast Logic from behind.
Nelsi Gaming 2 month ago
Me: *just a wired kid listening to music with his earbuds* Also me: *thinks he's cool and has airpods while listening to this song*
AceNewt 3 month ago
ww3 anthem.
Mythz 2 month ago
The US Army is using this as a recruitment advertisment
DJ_XM unknown 3 month ago
Me and the boys when we all get drafted to ww3 together 0:31
Ryan Brockley 3 month ago
Random girl:Joyner wanna meet up Joyner:Nah I’m with the boyyyyys
Ashley c. 2 month ago
Logic looks so freakin hott in this video now that hes not so skinny
Dj11211 10 month ago
Logic, Eminem, and Joyner collab just became a real possibility
Lawrence Withers-Jennings 3 month ago
Im here before world war 3 starts
ImDrewZy 3 month ago
Me n the boys pulling up to Iran:
King of svew ups 3 month ago
decided to revisit for the comments, i wasn't let down
Who Cares 3 month ago
When me and the bois get drafted at the same time
BlackySpeakz 10 month ago
This is how you end a beef.. Hop on a song together & start dropping bars.. No street sh*t.. No tough guy talk. They really did something here 💯
qtOli is goated 3 month ago
This song is going to be played while the army is going to Iran for WW3
Victor Barrera 2 month ago
Joyner made Logic go off because recently he hasn’t lol
Salil Mittal 2 month ago
The video becomes so much funnier when ww3 is trending
Jeremy Miller 2 month ago
"What's Beef" after logic says that part it's straight fire. Love his little move with "what's beef". Sick asf.
Frozen Legend 3 month ago
You know the FBI was scared when 32million people searched ISIS Thanks for all the likes!!
Steve Rogers 2 month ago
Does anybody come back and listen to this like everyday no ok
Trill • Force Hound of Predor Skal'Nas 3 month ago
Yeah. My ADHD easily zoned the entire lyrics out while watching Logic interrogate Logic.
Kanishk Gautam 2 month ago
The only song I didn't find "Who's listening in ____?" comment on
• Hoston • 2 month ago
*Hey Donald, can u lend me ur army for a rap video?* *Donald: ok*
Axelphim 10 month ago
I swear a rap avengers is forming. Em, Joyner, Logic, Royce 😂
broad minded 2 month ago
Trump: so how'd we take revenge from Iran? Joyner : how about making a diss track along with soliders.
Mr.E b 2 month ago
Logic said what beef beef it's when u leave it in a past and let it heal like a cast 🔥 bars
CONNER LEE 03 2 month ago
Logic, Joyner Eminem have to Collab
FaZe_ Martin 2 month ago
US ARMY: Is there a terrorist that can rap? Logic: HOLD MY MACHETE...
GnatKnight 10 month ago
wow Logic didn't recycle his lyrics and he sounds dope!
James Branning 3 month ago
"Meet the devil, I'm his cousin!" *Hello? Firefighters?*
M.r towel Boi 2 month ago
Call of duty meme How players react to level ups Noobs: yeah I reach 1 let’s go Pros: 0:32
Dev G 3 month ago
It should be Official Anthem for WW3 this year.
Matthew Irvin 3 month ago
Joyner holding that gun to his head so logic doesnt spit trash like he did on siracha
Levente Rossi 10 month ago
I'm glad I can say I was here when the historical moment of Joyner and Logic's collab happened
Kamikaze1014 2 month ago
When the bully and victim get forced to do a project together and set aside their differences
JAY DIMES 2 month ago
Okay logic went hard on this one we need this type of logic lol
Slasher 3 month ago
0:32 When the Americans win ww3
Israel Marquez 3 month ago
This is what the army does in their free time.
LeBraun Geims 10 month ago
Eminem looking at them like: "They grow up so fast"
First name Last name 2 month ago
Jaden Smith looks different in this
Harrytriant 22 2 month ago
Did he got copyrighted from himself lol *Look in the description*
My Superhero 2 month ago
Chi qua dopo "Round 1" de Il Tre?🙌🏻
ClutchGodDaddy 3 month ago
1:20 When the whole squad gets drafted 💪🏾
INVADE 10 month ago
Check list: -Eminem and Joyner- -Eminem and logic- -Joyner and logic- Eminem,Joyner and logic Lets make this happen
Helsor 666 2 month ago
0 girls 0 Flexing 0 Drugs 100% Talent and bars 100% Guns 100% Humvees
FLIP IT 2 month ago
1:10 the actually firing😯
BrennonSlow 2 month ago
1:35 That guy shot his gun
lil_dan_123 2 month ago
0:15-0:30 logic: 👁👁
Chandon Rees 10 month ago
Joyner and Logic aren't about that rap game beef, they just love the art. Respect.
Kevin Deas 2 month ago
The illest and lyricist on the same track. Yes im aware joyner is on this track.
Wilfred The Youngin 2 month ago
Me and the boys when we get drafted for ww3:
DrAg jmacc2016 3 month ago
2020: Us and Iran at war may cause WW3 Meanwhile Us Army: let’s do a dance for this song Iran: Training for war🤣 And I’m only messing I know this song is old but still ahhaah
Tesestra 2 month ago
be playing this song when I get drafted
sam same 10 month ago
Normal rappers have gangs with guns in the background joyner be having the army in the back😂
Rainbow Cherry 2 month ago
Me & the boys when we’re drafted to Iran
Billy West 2 month ago
I want to see Joyner’s shaving profile
Kory Pickle 2 month ago
2:29 guy in the background fires a round
Napalm Strike 3 month ago
Is the intro “through fire and the flames”
Insanity Riven 10 month ago
Lil pump: i got expensive cars on my music video Joyner: Hold my tank
VertexLyon 3 month ago
2019: isis isis 2020: Iran Iran
X X X F A N 2 month ago
I’m so happy that you in brace adhd it took me a long time to admit i had it you helped me Joyner and I’m so happy for that💖
Creepy Cat Piano Entertainment 2 month ago
Girl‘s Locker Room: Ugh, I hate PE Boy‘s Locker Room:
Idek anymore 2 month ago
no combat patches, no rank or last names on the vests, non regulation grooming standards
Sami 10 month ago
stephen h 2 month ago
Was at target with my mom's when this hit.. *looking for cameras*
Srdjan Despotovic 2 month ago
Future: I have Lamborghini Joyner: 3:24😂
Ayoubelk 2 month ago
Toy soldiers by Eminem bass-boosted and re-made by his children. We’ve gotta be proud of how much they progressed tbh
Holdmyweight35 2 month ago
I'm a simple man, I see Logic I click
Bug Chungis 10 month ago
We had Joyner + Em, Logic + Em, and now Logic + Joyner. It's time for all three to come together. Like if you agree 👍❤
jk 2 month ago
Can't wait for Isis to release their back-disstrack
Koo Pakoo 2 month ago
Wait, I don’t see anyone. It’s just backgrounds and tanks.
the three amigos 2 month ago
Hold up did he say Kelly as in MGK
Hema Nair 2 month ago
This song helped me cooked my mom's food with the fire
Ninbwij Lokot 9 month ago
Mumble rappers: i have a lambo. Joyner: hold my tank.
Rhymej0nes 2 month ago
Turn a whole kid in an adult
ShyGuy 3 month ago
Looks like Joyner and logic ready for WW3
TrapperT 2 month ago
When the USA beats Iran and they party...
Cory Upton 3 month ago
In case you're wondering where your tax dollars went.
Leo 5 10 month ago
Lil pump: I have expensive cars in my music video Joyner Lucas: hold my tank
Pimp Slickback 2 month ago