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Thanks for watching! and thanks to the amazing people below for the amazing work!

Mom: Gus Johnson

Animation and clean up: Nathan Wheeler

Backgrounds: Davecavedraws

Music: Sam Long

Audio Editing: Justin Greger
DaddyFat Sack 3 month ago
Just so everybody knows that's his dad just giving him a goodnight kiss
Gabriel 3 month ago
This should be a requirement to watch before bed everyday.
beefaroni 812 3 month ago
Demon in the corner: hey bro can i sleep with you tonight your moms scary
Bruhstoptrying 3 month ago
Watching this before going to sleep home alone is just suffering.
Lupin lll rocks 3 month ago
"Mommy where do we go when we sleep?" Mommy: "We see Bugs Bunny" Bugs Bunny: "Lookin like a double wide surprise gawd damn."
Bitch dono 3 month ago
_"Sleep tight my little angel."_ *_*Black man crawls up to him with every intention to not let that happen-*_*
Anna Turner 3 month ago
Wait... the mother is Gus??? I didn’t even recognize his voice, he’s such a good voice actor
Tyler Douglas 3 month ago
“Mommy are we going to Bryces birthday tomorrow momma sweet mommy.” Lmfao
Christian DAmore 3 month ago
Imagine being a clueless child scrolling through YouTube Trending and finding this at #6 LMAO
vate __ 3 month ago
"Mommy where do we go when we sleep" "In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened."
Jaybenew 3 month ago
YourFriendlyNeighborhoodLad 3 month ago
I like to think when the demon comes on screen when it cuts out he's just like "Aye yo mom weird as hell."
Potato king 3 month ago
*demon crawls over to Jeremiah’s bed* “Bro you moms pretty crazy”
Jim Moriarty 3 month ago
00:34 Actually most people who pass in their sleep go quite peacefully
Daddy Eyebrows 3 month ago
Me: lol look at that weird creepy doll Me five seconds later: 😳
a very green gamer 3 month ago
"Mommy, where do we go when we sleep?" "Down the ol' bunny trail...."
CASE - NES On the Internet 3 month ago
1:10 When the Mom stands by the door stairs at the camera and ends her statement I can't help but think it sounds like the intro in Half-Life 2
Gilgamesh AMV MAKER 3 month ago
0:25 “Their well be a night where there are no more dreams” This one shook because it is true that we’ll stop having dreams at some point but sometimes we get dreams that are either worth while or scary...😶😅 1:01 “Pray that this night, is not your night.. son....” 1:15 “That hill is just on the horizon, and one day you’ll have to walk that mighty hill...”
TheBrolyTv 3 month ago
This man is constantly testing the distance till getting banned
pyscho_killer 905 3 month ago
" Mommy, where do we go when we sleep?" "Witnessing perfection"
weston colins 3 month ago
Jeremiah’s voice actor was on point he sounded like morty
Darkstalker 212 3 month ago
This legitimately scared me and I've seen a lot of crazy shit from anime and horror movies. But this is legitimately disturbing lmao
1 million subs no vid? 3 month ago
Im a grown man and now im scared to go to sleep
Thoroughly Wet 3 month ago
"Ok I'm ready for night-night now." Eat your cereal
Simple Animations 3 month ago
I thought I'd be safe when the credits rolled, only to see that he calls his patreons supporters "First born patrons"
Grim arasikan 3 month ago
Well, once when I had a sleep paralysis and some dark figure was sitting on my chest, I punched the figure. Stupid weak demons ain't got s on me
T Y M E 3 month ago
Dang! I didn't realize the mom is Gus Johnson! Solid Performance my dude
Skeleton Entertainment 3 month ago
0:20 you know S**t is about to go down when this music plays
the_original_Goose 3 month ago
When I finally got used to sleeping alone this guy had to make this video to make me wanna go to another room with people.
max ball 3 month ago
Thought the demon was just gonna be like " dude your mom is weird"
Logan Majors 3 month ago
I don’t think he’s gonna make it to Bryces birthday party
Killa Cam 3 month ago
This guy is pushing how far u go until YouTube has a say in it😂
The World's Okayest Michigander 3 month ago
When the video said "Jeremiah" it scared the shit out me
Joseph S. Collins 3 month ago
The mom reminds me of Joker at the end when she's at the door.
David Allard 3 month ago
Mom: this is the point the rollercoster goes over that hill and your afraid aren"t you? kid: VERY
P. Brown 3 month ago
Kid :"Mommy where do we go when we fall asleep? " *Billie Eillish enters the chat*
Txnio.Tv. 3 month ago
This shit actually scared me 😭
xXPro_gamer36 0 3 month ago
"Mama are we going to Brices birthday party tomorrow mama sweet mami."
A daily dose of meme 3 month ago
I was watching this video at like 12:00am and I didn’t sleep after seeing that demon thing
Seeker227 3 month ago
Yo, does anyone here actually look at the Trending page? I only did because MeatCanyon said they hit Trending
Noahs Movies 3 month ago
“Mommy where do we go when we sleep?” “Oh, to see God”
Luigi Cat 3 month ago
It's official: MeatCanyon is the new Oney.
Davon Da_God 3 month ago
Demon: "I smell pennies!"
Joe Rivers 3 month ago
Boy: where do we go when we sleep Billie eilish has entered the chat
-888 - 3 month ago
“Momma sweet mommy” idk why I find that so funny 💀
Best_Youtuber 34 3 month ago
Aww daddy came to tuck in little Jeremih, I love it when african american culture is properly represented in the media.
ghost kakyoin 3 month ago
Why does this make me feel nestolgic
CREEPERFACE 2605 3 month ago
I love the second she closes the door the T H I N G just comes😂
Giovanni Blanco 3 month ago
1:08 My eyes were on the corner of the room the whole time
Chris Maynes 3 month ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Youtube: buy my premium
emilbello 3 month ago
" Oh but Jeremiah, dont ever forget..."
Baking Soda 3 month ago
Juan Rodriguez 3 month ago
This is why when we were kids we always cover our heads with either our blanket or pillow So the creepy crawler monster doesn't get us during our sleep It's a proven fact with science
abortnite season 6 3 month ago
Gabriel430 Chavez 3 month ago
I can't be the only one that this video gave me chills on the back of my head
לחם 3 month ago
Literal chills went down my spine when that obsidian creature started crawling
10RexTheWolf01 3 month ago
1:06 Her eyes are in darkness now
RaigoZura 3 month ago
1:07 - 1:34 I knew that figure in the background looked suspicious!
Jaden TV 3 month ago
Billie Eilish : When we all fall asleep, where do we go
Jarda B 3 month ago
Demon crawls to him: Let me show you.... the perfection!!!
Edwin Diaz 3 month ago
Was just about to go to sleep and this pops up in my recommendation. Thanks a lot [email protected]
NLwavey 3 month ago
1:32 literally scared the shit out of me with that lengthy as black dude. I did not see him
Lara Martin 3 month ago
I really love how Gus mentioned that he wants to work with Meatcanyon on his podcast and now they have
ImmersiveJoy 3 month ago
1:34 i knew it!! 😂 i was staring at that figure the whole time 💀💀
The Opinionist 3 month ago
Don't ever ask questions like that ever again Jeremiah.
Nayops 19 3 month ago
1:33 I freaken knew something 💩 was about to pop outta nowhere...
randomawesome dude 3 month ago
Not gonna lie, the shadow creature scared me for a sec cuz I thought there was a bug on my phone
Shrubs 77 3 month ago
It started so well but when she said i dont know it all went down from there
inspector detector 3 month ago
The lie was uncovered his life was a lie and now he is in danger he must act soon for the shadows are on the move and desire a blood sport
SaltyToad 3 month ago
1:32 Sscared the hell outta me
Mrulez 3 month ago
Monster: *wakes up boy* Boy: *about to scream* Monster: Yo you mind move a little your mom freaked me out..can i sleep next to you Boy:.......
Richard Jokes 3 month ago
Dude, the voice acting on the mom was phenominal. I felt my skin crawl on that one.
Kendethar Zendeth 3 month ago
1:33 Startled tf outta me
Your Sexualized Grandparents 3 month ago
This is what I'd imagine Mrs. Frizzle is like at home.
Flavored Rice 3 month ago
"Mommy where do we go when we fall asleep" Billie: When we all fall asleep, where do we go? I see what you did there pal.
Svide 3 month ago
Why did Meatcanyon Make the mom look like "Epicfacefist"?
Greiyv 3 month ago
I can't wait till you reveal that you've actually been telling one long and dark story this whole time.
Fujin Hands 3 month ago
1:33 Me reaching out for a snack at 3 : 00 AM.
Death The Kid 20 3 month ago
When you go to Sleep you're witnessing perfection
Ziminiar - 3 month ago
Demon: look at him...he’s witnessing perfection 🙌🏾
Ironshell 3 month ago
1:32 I think that's Bugs Bunny in a scuba diving suit.
Joker 3 month ago
I actually thought this was a wholesome video, even though the mother was being brutally honest, until she shut the door. Some people just want to see the world burn.
Lord Lucius 3 month ago
“Enter sandman starts playing”
Hiệp Dương 3 month ago
The creepiest thing is that in the end the demon just open his eyes and move forward to the boy bed
Andrew Williams 3 month ago
That's dark
RⒶ VEN 3 month ago
You are the only feeling on my guts about life and depression.
Amra 3 month ago
Demon reaches the bed... "Hey hey people! Seth here!"
Shallot 3 month ago
The tales of legend that emerge from the meat canyon are always charming, and yet frightful. I'd like to think all of these are taking place in some sort of twilight zone.
Kevin Saldana 3 month ago
Demon pokes kid and kid wakes up and says "Oh hi dad when did you come home?"
DillaWorld 3 month ago
not gonna lie ending part gave me the creeps
Poopsikins 3 month ago
I never knew the G-Man had a child. 1:12 "Wake up doctor freeman and... smell the ashes"
Mario Le Grange 3 month ago
I've said before that his animations remind me alot of Ari Aster's films, but now it's even worse than Ari Aster. Get this man to hollywood, and we'll have the scariest movie of all time.
Azemov 3 month ago
1:33 SCP-106 has breached containment!
Dead Purple 3 month ago
I feel like I'm watching a memory of Dr. Reed's from 'Criminal Minds'
cyberneticdex69 3 month ago
can't wait to see some people's reactions while seeing this video :D
RollingxBigshot 3 month ago
Lol Lebrun James at the end 😂
Mr.VoiceGuy 3 month ago
1:20 eyes reminds me of the Linus Tech video
Jman Jman 3 month ago
Anyone notice he has a Bunny poster? Maybe he dreamed of Wabbit season.
Gbraidotti 3 month ago
What the heck! This ending gave me the chills for real and its 10am, on a sunny summer day in Brazil. Holy ^!€$€
AverageJoetwopoint0 3 month ago
Oh God... They're trending.....