U.S. Declares State Of Emergency Over Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Mika Brzezinski has the latest updates on the spread of the coronavirus, the advice from leading public health officials on reducing infection, the infection rate in the U.S. and Europe and the chaos at airports. Aired on 3/16/2020.
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U.S. Declares State Of Emergency Over Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Madara Uchiha 24 days ago
The US should declare a State Of Stupidity.
Phoenix Smith 24 days ago
Panic buyers at supermarkets are putting vulnerable people at risk and its really starting to get on my nerves SMH.
Diane Young 24 days ago
With such a tiny percentage of Americans who have been tested, the actually number of people in the U.S. that already have COVID-19 is so much higher then reported.
ken z 24 days ago
How can people get ahold of this “Food Aid”?
China Bill 24 days ago
I am Chinese , I think US should do this earlier to protect the American people, since the world has witnessed what happened in China. I upload the life reality of ordinary Chinese on my this channel
North Eastern Roberts 24 days ago
Better to be criticized by 12 Than carry by 6
Jazmine Palmer 24 days ago
CDC: no gatherings of more than 50 ppl U.S. Grocery Stores: 300+ people fighting for tissue paper 😐
Vivo Cano 24 days ago
2019 storm area 51 2020 storm the tp aisle
Undeadly 24 days ago
My life long antisocial behavior has trained me for these days. Finally a pay off lol.
mikefromwa 24 days ago
I live in Washington state, and the entire State just went into lockdown. All bars, restaurants, movie theaters, etc are shut down. All other businesses will either close or have strict occupancy limits. Much of this could have been prevented if Trump had acted quickly and decisively in the beginning instead of lying and calling this "a hoax by liberals."
Desh Gaming 24 days ago
This is it bois, Greenland has been infected I can totally assume the end of the world
Verse 24 days ago
Trump: "15 cases. And they're almost better. This is a Democrat hoax." 1,629 cases and 41 deaths later. Trump: "I'm declaring a state of emergency."
mary henry 24 days ago
I feel sorry for this doctor because he knows whats to come but look at the administration he has to work with, it's two steps forward and four steps back, poor man.
Muttley 24 days ago
State of emergency started in Jan 2017
first Impression 24 days ago
People claiming (without prove) China was hiding the gravity of the situation...now in the US the president clearly thinks not testing people is good because it keeps the numbers down...
R C 24 days ago
Has anyone else stopped getting spam calls on your cell or home phones?
Victor Garcia 24 days ago
Have "FAITH" in Jesus people!🙏
Bill Cook 24 days ago
well, the good thing about the Coronavirus is that my friends aren't coming over to smoke up all my weed.
Princess Shufa 24 days ago
While most European countries had coronavirus, how come I dont hear any cases in Russia? Kinda weird though..
Moscow Mitch 24 days ago
if this is called making america great again ...then I'm out !
Justin Pearl 24 days ago
Well I used to believe humans evolved...
Steve Logue 24 days ago
0% interest isn't going to work, overnight futures down 1000, who is going to buy US debt at 0%, the government is going to have to , wow, looking like a trump casino out there.
Stephen Ferree 24 days ago
The “National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense” was created under the Obama administration after the Ebola epidemic in 2014 in order to prepare for, and prevent disease outbreaks from becoming epidemics or pandemics. The Trump administration dissolved that office in May of 2018! Why?
Antonio Renteria 24 days ago
there is no proper reaction to a pandemic, you either under react or over react
nsgkuaov 24 days ago
The incompetence of the government is incredible this virus has been circulating since the beginning of January we have no idea how widespread this virus is because there have been so few tests , people have died from this and not been counted because they were not tested .
Si Yang 24 days ago
Close everything for 2 weeks
DAILY BEAST 24 days ago
*The incompetence of the government is incredible this virus has been circulating since the beginning of January we have no idea how widespread this virus is because there have been so few tests*
eveningcook 24 days ago
We need to start a list of FN companies keeping employees hostages in order to protect their bottom line.
Richard Ball 24 days ago
CoronaVirus [looks at Map]: TIME to GO to West Virginia! 😂😂😂
Goatking 24 days ago
And every one thought I was crazy building a bunker and stocking it with a year's worth of food well look at me now 😆
Robert Lee 24 days ago
We will have millions of test two weeks ago.... Last week we will have millions of test this week..... Now we will have millions test next week..... Next week will we hear we will have millions test the week after!
P G 24 days ago
This is like watching some kind of Apocalypse movie
Jack Jacobi 24 days ago
The best laid plans of mice and men. Man plans. God laughs.
Miles Away 24 days ago
Remember that flu that people have been getting even when they received a flu shot? COVID-19 has probably been here for months. Nothing to see here.
Google Knows me 24 days ago
Why we got to be antisocial when we got internet. Phone sales will grow. What's going on in your(STATE) OF MIND?
Progressive Humanist 24 days ago
1 billion in food aid. 1.5 trillion to Wall Street (in "loans") to buoy the market for about a day.
Esther Kaplan 24 days ago
People the doctor who spoke up passed he was 36 years old and he was treating working sick people it's not only old people besides most older are in private homes they don't go out wake up people.
Anne 24 days ago
Thank you for posting this so quickly 👍
Dick Coombes 24 days ago
And still Trump supporters are calling it a hoax...goes to show there's no cure Moronavirus!
Miranda Bri 24 days ago
Thank God; is that ALL that had to HAPPEN was for the CORONAVIRUS to TAKE OVER the World BEFORE They'd START SHUT DOWN the BARS in America!?? WOW....... Thank the good Lord JESUS!!!
Flare Soong 24 days ago
the only effective way to stop the virus is wearing a mask, keeping away from 6 feet is not doable at all .
Anthony Katsivalis 24 days ago
Me: *having fun playing Plauge Inc virus on casual* CDC and WHO: *Sweats nervously*
Shannon Harvey 24 days ago
Lol my school just announced it was closed for 2 weeks.
Asgher Ali 24 days ago
Russia continue lie saying usa responsible
Q M 24 days ago
I remember when an “official” said it was “tightly secured”.
Calm Heart 24 days ago
The poor doctor’s voice! He is so hoarse! I am very worried about him! 😞
Spice Cabinet 24 days ago
Friend returned home yesterday from Europe. Zero test for corona. Zero screening. Zero quarantine.
Fulton 24 days ago
and A BILLION DOLLARS IN FOOD AID!!!😃 so like $3 per person. thanks for the free medium sized fries US government
M F 24 days ago
West Virginia here we come woooohhhooooo
Blu C4t 24 days ago
-You: *a good boy* -Coronavirus: *senses dettol in your vicinity* Coronavirus: aight imma head out.
OneLight Media 24 days ago
Testing time for us all.
Helga Rat 24 days ago
Wait so it said that no social gatherings over 50 ppl for 8 weeks... does that mean school?
Call Me Pro 24 days ago
*Can't imagine how a real Defcon 1 will happened.*
King Nate 24 days ago
Lmao why yall making a big deal it only kills old people 💀💀💀
Peter Phil 24 days ago
USA is screwed
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank 24 days ago
⛔No coronavirus reported in🇷🇺 Russia: Is a miracle! Are they immune?🎃
Trigger Warning 24 days ago
🎤🍸It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine🍸🎤
Ivor Scrotumic 24 days ago
The USA has been in a 'state of emergency' since the 2016 election.
DadeReamer 24 days ago
Chinese propaganda started claiming that US army brought coronavirus to Wuhan and that US and Europe are responsible for the spread of the virus. *facepalm*
RaisedByCats 24 days ago
Waiting for trump supporters to start wailing about this being a deep state conspiracy and just a pretext to take their AR15s.
Chuck E 24 days ago
To heck with toilet paper! I hav'in me one of them there bidet's installed soon as my plumber is outta quarantine!
Jeroad 24 days ago
So 7.100 people dies in 4 month of coronavirus (1.775 each month), while the influenza (flu) kills about 646.000 people each year. (53.800 each month)
Suzanne Leigh 24 days ago
What's bizarre is no cases in West Virginia. I and my family live near Wheeling and all I can say is WV is considered one of the most unhealthy states in the US. Many here are poor, sick, and they smoke. Not to mention the fact that several states with cases surround WV. Either this will blow up on WV or this is a divine intervention. ???
Pat Stokes 24 days ago
Good heavens people are like lemmings ready to throw themselves off of a cliff. Shutting down a country for a handful of sick people.
Lndin Galle 24 days ago
Why do they keep using this title, we know that already.
Cosmic Charley 24 days ago
Step 1- cutoff international travel, discourage interstate travel, concentric circles, let every region get itself under control, it's temporary
lisa vaden 24 days ago
American's DID NOT HAVE TO GET BACK IN THE US BY THE DEAD LINE!! That deadline was to STOP Non Americans for entering the United States!!!!
brown bird 24 days ago
People acting crazy is making daily life more stressful. I'm more afraid of mob mentality and man made chaos than a virus.
Fred Contreras 24 days ago
What would happen if we just made free surgical masks for everybody
Huan Le 24 days ago
2:14 i am very worried about this,i am not a pessimistic person but, i think those peoples are at best 40% of them are infected. I hope my fear is not correct though. God bless people of America in this dark time. Love you from Viet Nam
The Money Maker Sports 24 days ago
60% of All Americans are Functionally R..#TrueStat
China Sux 24 days ago
**SURPRISE- The DNC is already trying to ‘Nationalize’ certain companies. DNC=Communism. Stay healthy everybody.
Asgher Ali 24 days ago
don't forget Russian Bio weapons
USA STRONG 24 days ago
Shut it ALL down. Everything now.
Lookout Post 24 days ago
Again the nation’s future is in the hand of Mitch McConnell
Francoise Loffler 24 days ago
Please go and read the article on THE GUARDIAN NEWS.UK how Trump and Pence has bribed a GERMAN PHARMA CONCERN CALLED CUREVAC!,
Maskedbloom 7274 24 days ago
Well can we go live with Dr. Fauci? Seems like he gots it together.
Sharon Allen 24 days ago
God is speaking to those “Christians” who voted and follow someone who is not in keeping with his words
Esther Kaplan 24 days ago
It's the people traveling who are bringing and sending germs all over stop for a while
D 24 days ago
Someone talking science and truth....I'm surprised trump hasn't fired the doctor.
魯耶! 24 days ago
If you chose to do this last July after the outbreak from fort detrick, you only need to lockdown Maryland. Goodluck !
Mr Sarcastic 24 days ago
The Perfect Storm
Alonzo Diaz 24 days ago
Is that includes schools too because of so Tennessee is not listening
Kaan Deniz 24 days ago
71 dead maşaAllah
Joseph Avallone 24 days ago
Jee a whole billion for food!? Ty thanks that's 3 $ for everyone
Asgher Ali 24 days ago
coronavirus soviet era Russian Bio weapons. leakge in china border area
SoonToBe Salad 24 days ago
Lol it's funny how they got all sassy when addressing the airport situation
darryl runnels 24 days ago
The fact is most test kits went to the U.S. military. I believe this because they have to constantly test so our military remains stable. I would bet if a soldier coughs they test him.
David Kingdom 24 days ago
The destroyer is here coming right at us from by Venus.keep your eyes up and open.
N.W.A /IceCube 24 days ago
Pray for Italy 🇮🇹🇺🇸
Ren LeBlanc 24 days ago
First comment!
Rick H 24 days ago
Operation Jade Helm, fema coffins.
Angel McCosh 24 days ago
issue sanctions on China for this Pandemic!!
K F 24 days ago
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Siera (The Chosen One) 24 days ago
Time to finally sit back and watch a good comedy movie with hundreds of snacks and Jack Daniels. Woooooooooooo!
Trish Abbott 24 days ago
20 seconds contact with any soap BREAKS THE VIRUS MEMBRANE and actually kills it. just do it.
Trump 4 Prison 2020 24 days ago
Put Trump in Federal Prison 😷😳💀
Low Rider 24 days ago
Sir, first get testing done!
Junior Harry 24 days ago
Hello Mika.👋🐇🐔.
The Becerrils 24 days ago
How many cases of the corona virus in the United States do we have to reach to go under quarantine as a country? Right now we are at 4,000+