Sam Smith - How Do You Sleep? (Sleep Mix)

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Directed by Raja Virdi

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Andy López 8 month ago
Sam: How do you sleep? Me: Listening to this
Pretty buoy Jones 8 month ago
One minute into the video i was like this a long intro,2 mins later where the vocals at? Lmfao
Shubham Swadi 8 month ago
I was literally waiting the entire video for Sam's voice to pop up and say "I'm done hatin' myself....."
Yoo Jihyun 8 month ago
My depression is attacking me again but this calmed me down thank you so much
MrFruitCup 8 month ago
Sam Smith probably made this cuz he can’t sleep😐
Emerald Takora 8 month ago
Now all we need is How do you sleep LIVE performance, Sam pls don’t wait till the Grammys, we need one now 😭
Robin Leno259 8 month ago
Never set this song as your morning alarm NEVER....
AmPhenux 8 month ago
I’m the whole time waiting him to sing, I can’t use this to sleep
Julianna Knight 8 month ago
I'm done hatin' myself for feelin' I'm done cryin' myself awake I've gotta leave and start the healin' But when you move like that, I just want to stay What have I become? Lookin' through your phone now, oh, now Love to you is just a game Look what I've done Dialing up the numbers on you I don't want my heart to break Baby, how do you sleep when you lie to me? All that shame and all that danger I'm hopin' that my love will keep you up tonight Baby, how do you sleep when you lie to me? All that fear and all that pressure I'm hopin' that my love will keep you up tonight Love will keep you up tonight (Tell me how do you) Oh no, how did I manage to lose me? I am not this desperate, not this crazy There's no way I'm stickin' 'round to find out I won't lose like that, I won't lose myself Look what I've done now Dialin' up the numbers on you I don't want my heart to break Baby, how do you sleep when you lie to me? All that shame and all that danger I'm hopin' that my love will keep you up tonight Baby, how do you sleep when you lie to me? All that fear and all that pressure I'm hopin' that my love will keep you up tonight Yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Love will keep you up tonight (Tell me how do you) Oh Love will keep you up tonight Baby, how do you sleep when you lie to me? All that shame and all that danger I'm hopin' that my love will keep you up tonight Baby, how do you sleep when you lie to me? (oh) All that fear and all that pressure I'm hopin' that my love will keep you up tonight (Tell me how do you)
Jaquibe Kind 8 month ago
me: how much of a sleep version can this really be me 58 hours later: well i’ll be a buttered biscuit
sopraltenass13 8 month ago
I still hear his voice at 3:15 saying *tell me how do you* and throughout the song.
Vanderval junior 8 month ago
Original, acústico, mix, são tantas formas de expressar a perfeição dessa música que eu não sei qual delas eleger como a melhor❤❤❤
Mike Yang 8 month ago
Sam: how do you sleep? Everyone: we don’t 💁🏻‍♀️ Sam: how bout now, love? Everyone: z☺️z😊z🥰z
Marlogne Dela Crüz 8 month ago
label: how many How Do You Sleep? versions do you want? Sam Smith: YES!!
Miranda Tapia Meza 8 month ago
The aesthetic background made it like 10 times better than it would’ve already been with the music, I LOVE this song
Claire Stewart 8 month ago
Hannah Schultz 8 month ago
Benjamin Batchelor 8 month ago
I don’t know how you’ve managed to make this song into so many things, and yet have it perform effectively in each variation it finds it self in. The original is a bop, CAN NOT stop listening to it, job done. The acoustic version, more intimate, more personal raw, forms an emotional connection with the listener and then this, I just about fell asleep but then I had to write this comment because I just wanna let you know, if you ever read this, how amazing I think you are, and whatever’s going on in your life, I wish you all the best, all my love ❤️ (to anyone else reading this, I’m not crazy I’m just tired, blame the song, it’s very effective 😉)
Gabriel Zotelli 8 month ago
Fiquei o vídeo inteiro esperando o "I'm done hating myself for feeling"
Mayra com Y 8 month ago
Quando você acha que não podia melhorar, vem o Sam e faz isso. Amo demais! 👏🏼👏🏼♥️🇧🇷🇧🇷
ANACLARA08GMAIL Gabriel 8 month ago
que lindo😇😇😇😇 obrigada
Lymone Ple 8 month ago
how do you sleep?: Hi- how do you sleep? (sleep mix): y'all hear sumn?
Cristinalenita Brasil0202 8 month ago
Brasil🇧🇷 amo suas músicas sam Smith😍
Joyce Amorim Dos Santos 8 month ago
Brazil Loves You Sam Smith 🇧🇷🇧🇷❤❤❤
MrFruitCup 8 month ago
Idk how do you sleep when you lie to someone. I just stay up all night👌🏼 Edit: Thanx for the likes
Alia Haig 8 month ago
I feel like this mix is if Sam smith and Enya made a song together....magic is happening.
Jessica Maribel Ruiz Benicio 8 month ago
Te amo Sam Smith saludos desde México🇲🇽😍😍
noobmaster69 8 month ago
just after the intro I was ready to full on sing the song and I was like ooop-
Jesús 8 month ago
Sr. DiegosGar 8 month ago
Colombia Presente 🇨🇴 #SamSmith tiene un Gran Talento y una Impresionante Voz. Saludos desde #Colombia
Vodka Straight 8 month ago
*I love you but you should stop being so perfect please* 🤧✨
Sofia Pedraza 8 month ago
Esta cancion es hermosa, demasiado 💙 aparte lo tranquila 😊
wesley 8 month ago
sam Needs to do an ASMR version of this song ....
Johanna A. 8 month ago
Shouq 8 month ago
I swear I was playing this song on a constant loop today wth! and i was checking youtube before going to sleep and saw this AAAAAHHHHHHHH
Kathy Márquez 8 month ago
I think I'm going to dream singing this song. I will do a karaoke with this.
Indera Affandy19 8 month ago
Sam : How do you sleep? Me : lying down
Guest :3 8 month ago
Sam: How Do You Sleep? Me: Well I listen to this ofc^^
Bebeca hihi 8 month ago
A voz desse cara é muito linda sério merece todo meu respeito💜
Blinding Ace 8 month ago
I'll play this in a loop and Tell you how i slept afterwards :D See you guys tomorrow :) I make some music, too, maybe you'll have a Look :)
I think I'm sick again 8 month ago
I was here before 100k views I'm so in love with this it's so calming andrelaxing it's sad but happy at the same time this is then kinda of music that takes me back to old memories love it
Vitória Oliveira 8 month ago
Amo Você SAM SMITH 😘💖
MrBate Akihiro 8 month ago
I was about to move on in this music and Sam Smith uploaded this. Well played Sam!
Xenogamer Senpai 8 month ago
Oh my god, yes my king. I have fucking been binging these songs today.
laura LL 7 month ago
Omg that's just what I wanted cause I love "how do you sleep" intro so much. Having it in replay is a blessing
Leandro freittas 8 month ago
Tem um Remix que sempre toca nas rádios aqui no Brasil que é sensacional.
Noci Grant 8 month ago
Sam, Love this song & made a Cover! Would love to know what you think☺️❤️
wesley feitoza 8 month ago
Cadê os BR que Cortiu esse Mix❤😎 Deixa seu Joinha❤
Indigo H 8 month ago
Me: How do you sleep? ... Sam: How do you dream?
Iluminar- se 8 month ago
Tô esperando uma live desse hino viu senhorito
Satomi 8 month ago
sam meu amor obrigada 💜 ps: sera que já tem no 4shared? kkkkk
Gaby Porteglio 8 month ago
Love you Brazil 🇧🇷
Milla Barreto 8 month ago
Perfeito! Amoooo ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Denisse Díaz 8 month ago
Está en la aplicación de Calm, la recomiendo muchooo 😍. Para esos días que necesitas relajarte más a la hora de dormir 🛏 😴
A shrimpest 8 month ago
I came home by train mid evening and this was playing in the main square of my town tinkling away. One of the restaurants must have thought it would get customers in. It sounded weirdly exquisite and beautiful.
Estrella Almanza 8 month ago
I love this song 😍🤷
gold오로라 8 month ago
sam smith to his partner: how do you sleep when you lie to me? also sam smith (maybe) to his partner: sshhh, come here i'll make you sleep
Stevie Austen 8 month ago
HOW MANY MORE VERSIONS ARE YOU CREATING!? I'm not complaining but what is this about haha
Satria McCall 8 month ago
Listening to this make me wanna sleep, it's just my lullaby 😴
Manfres 8 month ago
How do you not sleep when you listen this music.
ducky 7rtb 8 month ago
I need 1 hour of this so I can listen to it while i am studying 🥺🥺🥺💜
Tutu Mtima 8 month ago
Oh Sam couldn't sleep so he decided to make us sleep for real
Dylan Franco 8 month ago
i was thinking i'm the first
Darwin Nadeak 8 month ago
1. Dancing with stranger 2. How do you sleep 3. ...... ? New song what next?
Lu 8 month ago
While I listen this I start to feel magic, I don't know if I'm the only one.
A shrimpest 8 month ago
Why did this song not reach number 1? Gorgeous, his best to date.
Menor Pálida 8 month ago
This is not enough. We need a Spanish version too. This song is a drug.
yas usman 8 month ago
i was expecting an acapella of sam. his voice is more than enough ❤
Rahim Zaki 8 month ago
Thank you sam Smith for helping me sleep lol
YONGYIVIDEO용이비디오 8 month ago
This is Korean morning. It's a good rhythm to meditate. Haha🙏🏼🙏🏼
angel 8 month ago
we all love u, sam!! we're all always gonna love a succesful and beautiful boy...u
Tony Vans 8 month ago
😂 when is the next single coming out I want some Moore new music
Juan Emel Macea Bettin 8 month ago
Thank u Sam,now i can sleep 🥑❤️
Scootie Anderson VEVO 8 month ago
This song is so peaceful💜💙💖
Paola Montero 8 month ago
JAJAJAJJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ y yo esperando a que cantará
[Last_Stand] 8 month ago
I sleep ass up, that way I know troubles comin
ghaneu iddrisu 8 month ago
This melody is the energy to my soul😍😍
Alejandro Sánchez 8 month ago
How do you sleep... with Sam Smith? ):
JPaniagua 8 month ago
You’re one of the best from the new era music
TENGIS Murunbaatar 8 month ago
3:39 is what youve been waiting for
Cristy Landi 7 month ago
Essa musica me desperta um Lado obscuro e promíscuo 🥰💄ao escutar ela não tenho medo de nada é como se eu fosse livre , A Dona da Porra toda rs Musica do Caralho quê AmoO 🎵🎼
Kai. A. 8 month ago
This sounds so beautiful!!!!!!! Thank you for blessing our ears @SamSmith!!!!!!😁 Where can I buy this version 'Cuz I need this in my life like RIGHT NOW!!!!
Lucy Gaming 8 month ago
im playing mobile legends and got afk coz i watch thissss. i love you sam<3
Alanna Laverty 8 month ago
first, how do you sleep - official video then, how do you sleep - visualiser then, how do you sleep - bts then, how do you sleep - acoustic/visualiser then, how do you sleep - vertical video now, how do you sleep - sleep mix he really be treating us :))
Chims Chips 8 month ago
so aesthetic <3 feels like water drips in my ears lmao
Josh LâSupreme 8 month ago
Jackelyn Lili C. A. 8 month ago
justo en mi DÍA DE CUMPLE......TE QUIERO MUITO SAM ERES EL mejor de todos......❤️❤️❤️❤️
AydinXGaming 5 month ago
4:11 Lion King music starts kicking in NAAAAAA SAWENYA
Vyomini Darkchase 8 month ago
What my nights will now consist of: Me: knowing I can’t fall asleep to music Me: trying to sleep to Sam for Sam because this is beautiful
koya koala 7 month ago
Sam: how do you at night? 😴 Me talking in my sleep:
Milos Ricardo 8 month ago
I want a 10h version of this art 😭
Lidia Perez 8 month ago
This is perfect for me keep up with the good work LIY SAM ......❤🤘👍🥰
Sam : How do you sleep? me : i'm insomnia every night Sam : listen this. me : ,*heaven in my dream all night long
Paquito Arizmendi 8 month ago
Love you Sam💛. México 🔥🇲🇽
Yenney Rossi 8 month ago
Incredibile e meraviglioso sleep mix caro Sam Smith ♥ Ti ringrazio infinitamente per il affascinante video e condivisione ★ Complimenti e un stupendo fine settimana!! ♥
Your papi. 8 month ago
Me: i'm wide awake, no way am i falling asleep to this -Not even 20 seconds later- Me: I'm ready to go to bed..😟
Vanessa Angoma 8 month ago
Oh damn... I love this music, this remix, every word
Caitlin d'Avoine 8 month ago
I didn’t know I would enjoy background music so much 🤩 really beautiful 👏
dany v: 8 month ago
Dalia 8 month ago
Sam: how do you sleep? Me: *showing him this video*