The Vacation

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how was france


hey Show More and mobile folks. hope you had a good january. i hope you enjoy this video that was inspired by the fact that i, too, took a vacation! i did not actually see the face of god. he did not talk to me. that part was fictional. in any case, i hope your weekend is wonderful and that you didn't forget i make comedy
TravisP 4 month ago
Marissa Marissa 4 month ago
Oh shit, was I suppose to be covering your desk while you were away? Whoops!
William Avila 4 month ago
1:29 tiny zoom
Gooey Goo 4 month ago
baguette, more like *pain*
Stable Voices 4 month ago
Thank God you're back! No, seriously. Thank Him.
B Simp 4 month ago
my mans loves baguettes
Superlative CG 4 month ago
When you talk to God, you're considered religious. When God talks to you, you're considered psychotic.
AEmilius Resurrection 4 month ago
The master has returned.
Waffle Maker 4 month ago
Listen to god LISTEN TO GOD DUDE
Onkel Pappkov 4 month ago
Jesus, son of Jahwe: **Shares the bread.** James, son of YouTube: **Shares the stories of the bread.**
Olivia Kalentek 4 month ago
0:29 you can make a religion out of that
Zaid Al-Khaled 4 month ago
My hands were filled with baguettes
Penelope Smith 4 month ago
This is your most relatable one yet Phil
RidiculousQ 4 month ago
You know your day is gonna be good when Phil Jamesson uploads a video <3
willie lopez 4 month ago
This whole sketch had a strong Jake and Amir vibe especially “Listen to goood, listen to god dude”. I’m glad to have you back Phil
On3Wing3dJok3r 4 month ago
Oh God, I missed you. Phil too.
Iamjustherek 4 month ago
Was this whole channel a convoluted means of coming out as a prophet?
laskieg 4 month ago
Phil le porteur de Deux Baguettes. En garde, putain de dieu!
Mr.Bootcheekoh 4 month ago
*insert quotes from the video here" Haha, ah yes, relatable!
Hey 4 month ago
Heresy! Everyone knows god loves naan more than baguette.
Jack Garcia 4 month ago
welcome back, Philly boy
KBB 4 month ago
I think your new strategy is paying off, because this is your best video yet.
DeathnoteBB 4 month ago
You know what this is probably how it would go. Also I’m dying for Phil’s gasp after the boss tells him to forget about Marissa! He’s like “I would never!” XD
Excellenttt 4 month ago
Your videos are great!!! May God reward you with many baguettes
Sydney Stutsman 4 month ago
KOS_Nova 4 month ago
Phil, how do you come up with this stuff? That hands full of baguettes line made me laugh so hard. This is great
Omar Mujahid 4 month ago
Phil's triumphant return from auditing the elections!
linclip 4 month ago
Good to see Jared Leto doing other things than movies all the time.
Brendan Kelly 4 month ago
Phil man your writing and execution are incredible. I love your channel. I've been on YouTube forever and this is probably my 6th comment ever. That's how much I like your stuff.
Ellie W 4 month ago
forget about marissa!! * gasp *
benjesterw 4 month ago
Nice reversal of where I thought it was doing?
blessed_nowλi 4 month ago
Phil, you lovely shaman. Damn
AndiVx 4 month ago
I know you two have waaaaaaaaaay too different styles & humor, but it would be cool seeing you and Ryan George collab for one video.
Cinnamon 4 month ago
HA my man loved baguettes too :(
StudioSokki 4 month ago
Probably my new fave vid of yours! :D
Liz Danly 4 month ago
Listen to god, dude
Ellie W 4 month ago
g o l d (and no I did not forget that you did comedy :)
Krystian 4 month ago
I asked if it was aliens 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ernst Fourie 4 month ago
That was very good! Great
OnePhatKatt 4 month ago
What’d mean I don’t believe in God? I talk o him everyday.
Chris Allison 4 month ago
Say Tin 4 month ago
Wait! Are you God?
Albert Renshaw 4 month ago
Marcus Lew 4 month ago
are we not going to talk about that little booger
shonination 4 month ago
IrishKing 4 month ago
I nominate this for best video of 2012.
Matthew Walsh 4 month ago
So what is God's will on croissants?
Hubert Nordvall 4 month ago
your comedic career is unlikely to take off considering how distracting your handsome face is
e a t h e m o r y 4 month ago
thatguy00271 4 month ago
The best
tuna 4 month ago
I am crying
Tyler Hunter 4 month ago
God doesn't mess around.
Finemasilm 4 month ago
FredtheCat 4 month ago
Booger in Left Nostril!