Inside Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's FINAL Royal Event

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The fab four reunited for Commonwealth Day, marking their last appearance together before Meghan and Harry step down as senior royals.

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Manuelita 4 month ago
I wonder if Meg and Kate talk about what they’ll be wearing to public events when both of them’ would attend because I’ve never seen them dressed in the same colour
P. BelGus 3 month ago
Harry with his coat lining is just an accessory to Meg’s glamorous looks🙄
Jewel Phillip 4 month ago
Susie Varnado 4 month ago
I love to see what the Royal ladies are wearing.
Brigita Larsen 3 month ago
But we never see royals “hug” at public, official events like this. Has anyone ever seen royals—British or otherwise— give hug greetings inside a church??
Delfin Jr Morales 3 month ago
This Katie Nicholl still at it. She's a Meghan stan...a very pro Gringe & Cringe backer.
Melinda Bendle 4 month ago
I Believe Human's Need to Focus on The inteligent DOCTOR'S, HOSPITAL"S Regarding The VIRUS..🇺🇸🌎🌍🌏🇺🇸
Ann Stewart 4 month ago
Harry is pribably wearing matching green boxers!😂😂😂
ychel topaz 4 month ago
seems like only meghan was happy..
Cynthia Brown 4 month ago
Did that news reporter say there was no going out of the way to hug between the royal brothers and their wives? Why would they hug when everyone is trying to avoid hand shakes due to the virus? 😕😟🤔😾
Jacinta Coleman 4 month ago
In reality 70% of people hate there in-laws. Just because you marry a person doesn’t mean you have too like the whole family.
Aara Aidah 4 month ago
Everyone except meghan looks so stressed out
Essence Northern 4 month ago
Is it me or is Harry starting to go bald?
Armchair Guru 4 month ago
The saddest part of this is Harry and William's separation.
Jenna Kash 4 month ago
0:25 Williams famous scarfed adjusting
Maria K 4 month ago
It’s a shame that if their mother, the late Princess Diana, was looking down on her sons today, she wouldn’t be pleased.
M C Jennings 3 month ago
I’m sorry, why is there so much animosity toward H & M , when he has said long before he met her that he wanted to live a normal life, has anyone stopped to think that the constant news coverage with the paparazzi triggers his mental health issues and is a constant reminder of his mother’s death. We don’t know the whole story and assuming is not fair to this young couple. His family obviously is very important to him, give them space don’t risk pushing either to suicide or escaping the paparazzi and being killed. If he lived to be 100 he will not have to be King so why not let him enjoy living his life as he wants to. Pray for his father, brother and grandma that he will always be blood family and he’s accepted as such.
Genevieve Words 3 month ago
Un huh, the brother may have said, the "N" Word and his jealous wife, kate.
Expat Lifestyle 4 month ago
Are you people crazy, Jessica taking care of Archie is so far reaching 😂😂😂😂
Linda Bowman 4 month ago
Only meghan was smiling...
Roxy Mimi 3 month ago
Kate and William are looking old :(
Diane Slaney 4 month ago
they make it sound like they won't see eachother anymore or something its like not they won't still be family lol
Peace Justice 3 month ago
Who cares what they wear. I want to hear more about Kate and William😁🙌🙏❣
Joanne Schell 4 month ago
There's literally nothing left for them to talk about. Did you really expect them to hug in the church? Lol ! They left town already !
Mel81 4 month ago
The "tension" is pretty obvious between all four of them you don't have to be a body language expert to see it wow 😖
E Gosep 3 month ago
The father, Prince Charles started all of this "diluting the royal bloodline by marrying commoners nonsense" . He crept around with Camilla .. Princess Diana was doing all she could to honor her royal obligations despite the struggle (behind closed doors). So maybe Harry is just following his father's footsteps. 😔
BETSY SINDANI 3 month ago
She poses for the Camera all the time. Yet she complains about media and wants privacy!
Donna Martins 4 month ago
Holy crap unhappy bunch
Nia Niah 4 month ago
I wish they did stay Megan.....look just like r mom
Maureen Gironda 4 month ago
U can see it in their faces....Kate and Will have the issue not the Sussexes. Sad
Betsy H 4 month ago
Harry can cut some looks when he thinks no one is watching.
Julia Johansson 4 month ago
Harry’s face..priceless 😂
marlene mcmillan 4 month ago
Meagan is the only one smiling in this picture
llea Nge 4 month ago
there is something attached behind of MM
Allison 3 month ago
"icy" they are literally sitting there smiling.
WB A 4 month ago
Except their stunning cloth ,All of them looks going to funeral!
Rebekah Kirkendoll 4 month ago
Its amazing how the camera just works for them. How is it possible for that little flash of color on the lining of Harry's suit to be captured? So awesome! Meg, killed it! 💚💚
Izzy Fon’alledas Arnault 4 month ago
These tabloid trash gossiper reporters talk talk talk about things they know nothing about 🤨 so boring
Iris Jay 4 month ago
William and Kate look upset, Harry seems completely broken. Guess who is the only one shining with happiness? I am not surprised.
Mena J 4 month ago
Kate looked great, Meghan looked even more beautiful. I think the baby weight looks great I hope she doesn't loose any more. I pray for the best for both couples.
JAY 730 4 month ago
Prince Harry and Meghan look so youthful compared to His Brother Prince William and his wife...
Amanda Christian 4 month ago
Harry looks upset, what a scowl.
regina freeman 4 month ago
Wonder why they choose to stay in a hotel instead of staying with her Grandmother in law? You know there's no lack of rooms.🤔🤔
IAM 1 4 month ago
Onto better and greater things. I wish Harry and Meghan the very best. I realised yesterday they've made the best decision.
Jasper Horace 4 month ago
So many of the still phots I’ve seen have Harry, William andKate looking grim and Markle smirking.
Bonita Jordan 4 month ago
I cannot imagine having zero privacy being subject to public scrutiny. I’ll take my simple private life over what the Royals go through.
Mrssewhardtoplease 3 month ago
Wish you would stop saying 'megxit'. It is being used as a derogatory term and meant to disrespect the Duchess of Sussex.
Versiculos de la Biblia 4 month ago
Everyone looked sad except for meagan. And thr grn and red were likely about Italy. And they do not dress themselves fyi.
Annette Melnychuk 4 month ago
Thank god a video that is not coronavirus related
Ipso Facto 3 month ago
Hopefully now they will fade into obscurity (but I doubt it).
Awesome looking and beautiful.
Birgitt Fastwalker 4 month ago
I hope, their come by boat !
Jacqueline Fryman 4 month ago
I've been waiting for decades to see Harry on his own living out the future manifestation of HIS vision. A spare no longer. Asking God to bless The House Of Suxxex each one. In Jesus name
Shviko 4 month ago
amazing content keep up the great content
maria gonzales 3 month ago
Just like a narcissist to stripe their significant other from their loved ones and all they know so they can gain control and manipulate and abuse. Watch its coming.
SHAhar GRAY 3 month ago
Megan is perfect
Abc abc 3 month ago
Yeah,remove my text....
menaga maniyan 3 month ago
MM looked like she was dressed for some Hollywood award ceremony.
ouatt222 4 month ago
This all megxit show was very entertaining. Thank you meghan
Iki n 4 month ago
Farewell, enough of nonsense 👋
Kavya Reddy 3 month ago
Meghan is much more beautiful than Kate 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
shanniworld 4 month ago
Hope Harry and Meghan come to the USA.
arnold sanders 3 month ago
Can Katie Nicholls prove anything she just said?????????
Tamam Igdır 4 month ago
Meghan mare&Herry❣❣❣🙏🙏🙏❤
M. K. 3 month ago
Meghan should be happy. She ruined her husband’s relationship with his family. So sad😑😟
Jacinta Tate 3 month ago
I do hope harry and meghan settle down in canada and live a healthy stable life with their family. and Hopefully the brothers can still hang out each year.
zina steinsiek 4 month ago
Standoff definitely
Alberna Wills 4 month ago
Catherine Montalbano-Harris 4 month ago
They look like they are going to a Xmas
Vanessa Marco 4 month ago
You can speculate all you want but we just don't know what's going on really.
hongkongnana Newterritories 4 month ago
They all skipped the Queen's processional? Your picture was from last year.....
Stefani J Weisshaar 4 month ago
He looks miserable. She looks ecstatic.
Hajia Goke 3 month ago
Lovely Couple Shall be well with both of you Inshallah Ameen
T. Houze 4 month ago
Meghan has turned the Royal Family upside down. There's to much divisions in this family. It's sad to see the disconnect but there's one thing for certain you can see this marriage will not last very long.
Nye Be 3 month ago
It's understandable that Meg is "ok" in the middle of all these...she barely knew the people, the family and the institution. On the other hand, this is what Harry grew up with. It's his LIFE before Meg and he was certainly happy and full of life back then.
Ila Bell 3 month ago
Not fab four. They couldn't stand being in each other's vicinity.
S C 3 month ago
William is petty to not show warmth towards his brother Harry and his wife Meghan.  William is unfit to be King if he can display such indifference to his only sibling.
Myrna I Pazos 3 month ago
Kate dress is the same one from last year just her hat was different.
It’s Chayce 4 month ago
Im early wth😂😭
john anderson 4 month ago
So thankful I wasn't born "A Royal"!!!!!
Flowers Flowers 4 month ago
Ill do that thanks.
robert Spivey 4 month ago
Dang! You didn't get Harry's cussing tantrum on film either!
jaye simond 4 month ago
“Megan is expected to return to Canada pretty much immediately..” Though not immediately enough.
Diane Johnson 3 month ago
Harry and Meghan remind me of Edward and Wallace, hope Harry fairs better than Edward did in his life
Marie 4 month ago
I wish it was the end of all the royal monarchy!
Lilian Flynn 4 month ago
Good bye Good luck Have a good life Good riddance
curiosity 2019 4 month ago
At their seats.....William and Harry's expressions 😕🙁😑😐
Hi Its me 4 month ago
It's kinda Sad in way..That their departure will also split up a brotherly bond. I hope they're happy though.
Sabah Sabah 4 month ago
the media is so petty and messy
Mariza Martau 3 month ago
Harry não parece feliz...não entendo porque precisa se afastar da família para ser feliz ...
June Bug 4 month ago
Megan and Harry looked the best. I'm not a fan of Kate's style....I proud of megan and Harry's one should put up with anyone's bullshit. Look at William he looks quite bored and unhappy. Now they have to work harder while parenting.... good
Abl Abl 4 month ago
Гарри и Меган прекрасны.
Eunida pieters 4 month ago
Sorry to say, I don't think I've EVER seen Harry looking so miserable in public, this kid seems truly unhappy???!! For his wife... well its clear, she got what she wanted....
Billy B 4 month ago
Look at that scowl on Harry !!omg!!
Charles williams 4 month ago
Both Duchess and the countess look like a plate of spaghetti 🍝.
JAY 730 4 month ago
It's seem like everyone is attracting Meghan which isn't right she love her Prince as well as he loves her and that's all that should matter... Princess Diana lives in her Son's but no offense Lives in Harry behind his choices in Life...
Vaingalo Tamale 3 month ago
The Sussex is the winner 💙💙💚💚💙💙💚💚💙💙💚💚
Phathi Mdluli 3 month ago
Kate looks 58 l wonder why
tyqwan pettty 4 month ago
Lmao! What do y’all calling Kate and Megan by their maiden name when there married LLF
Jennifer Abbott 4 month ago
For cryin out loud. No matter what they do,it will get picked apart.Just let H&M be. Give them a freakin chance. Sad that Prince Andrew doesnt get the same nasty treatment H&M get. He is royal & scumbag.