We RECREATED Viral Instagram Food (with NO Recipe...)

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NO Recipe... just a photo... can we recreate these famous Instagram Foods?
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Hi I'm Brennen. I've been eating food for 24 years. I'm basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:

Family friendly pg clean
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Brennen Taylor best/worst reviewed videos of 1 star yelp restaurants and businesses series and his newly beloved viral tikok life hack tik tok lifehack series.
Brennen Taylor 10 days ago
Incase you missed the last vid : https://youtu.be/hj4pVG4PSC0
Jamie Passard 10 days ago
Who else wanted to go on vacation but now they can’t because of covid-19
MinYoongless 0429 10 days ago
Brennen: Honestly ours definitely looks better than instagram Me trying this: wow it really does! *smiles in delusion*
KnocKedOut1234 10 days ago
Brennen Talyor’s favorite line: “I’m lactose intolerant” 🤣
Just a dude And chill 10 days ago
Brennen Taylor: I like every woman. Me: Ah, I see you’re a man of culture.
Karla Bonilla 10 days ago
*Brennen puts hot cheetos and nacho cheese in a plate* The whole internet: A cheff
nellie jump 10 days ago
“quarantine sucks” Brennen straight spitting facts before the vid even starts
The_Only_Dubb ___ 9 days ago
Don’t even bother to text him it’s not him they’re just notifications when he uploads a video and they are pre written😂😂😂
Damian Gonzalez 10 days ago
"As our Latinos would say, roho cheetoes" no
Christos Belibasakis 10 days ago
Who else cringed when he started deep frying with olive oil 🥶
Taishi Terry 10 days ago
Well can’t believe he’s putting his text message out he’s really has more who this right this is Taishi again
autismum attack 10 days ago
me: does what brennen does in the video my mom: wheres all the food?
Billie ellish Lover 10 days ago
Taylor: all I do is sit around all this food! Me: broo at least you have food😂😒
anthony barajas 10 days ago
When I text him, the texts are green instead of blue
Official Express 10 days ago
9:11 when he said" I'm telling you no joke WOW!" I STARTED LAUGHING SO BAD
egg_i.o jr 10 days ago
Brennen is right he does text back that's what I love about him he is the best life hack YouTuber and he's really good in general
Breeze H 10 days ago
I’m full on waiting for “I’m lactose intolerant” merch from Brennen😄
Cristiana Colangelo 9 days ago
Jake:" Wow, that peanut butter is intense" Brennen:" It'S ThiCk"
Bre Sprouse 10 days ago
7:09 " *you think that's small?! you should see mine!* " 🌭 hahahaha BRENNEN 🤣💀 I'M CHOKING 😆😆💖💖😩😩
KillerMerkz 10 days ago
Was my mouth the only one watering
Giovanni Ramirez 10 days ago
Quote of the day " That's a big Weiner" - Brennen
E3ssayy CEO of bruh 10 days ago
“Viral food trends” *155 likes*
M. adrien 10 days ago
“It literally needs to be like ur great great grandmother.. dust” excuse me😭😭😭😭😂😂😂
Jashley Valentino 9 days ago
When quarantines over... “Brennen tried quarantine Instagram food for reals!”
Haylynn Studdard 10 days ago
Ah man I cant wait to put this in my taste buds- Brennen 2020
Lapointe-Houle Jade 9 days ago
Question for the chili mac and cheese dogs : am I seeing more melted cheese between the mac and the Lays? 🤔
alpha Wolves 10 days ago
Me trying to recreate it : Fails My mom trying to recreate it : almost kills it , but fails Brennen trying to recreate it :leterly kills it.
Mya Rozier 10 days ago
He rlly doesn’t respond to texts tho😂
Alexandra Kizirian 10 days ago
Yes quarantine does suck😂, fortunately I have things to use all my free time on, like drawing & listening to music and learning how to play different songs on my guitar
Kim Taehyung 10 days ago
Brennen: “I like all women” Me:....me too 🏳️‍🌈
Tanya Ontiveros 10 days ago
The fact that he has more food than me
Bre Sprouse 10 days ago
Brennen: " *I like all women* " Me :" *AAHHHHH HE LIKES ME YAASSSS I FEEL LOVED* ALSO ME: *crying and happiness* ❤️❤️❤️
wrilled 10 days ago
16.28 : this looks like diabetes in a shell
wendy's food 10 days ago
Quarantine really sucks now I can't go out anywhere and I feel I'm in jail
KEITH_APE 10 days ago
lmfao imagine thinking that it's possible to deep fry something in olive oil smh you guys are pretty braindead.
Hoyt Dickinson 10 days ago
I was actually the 6k like o my god I am freaking out Brennen if you hearted this it would make my year thx
mya de_dannn 10 days ago
Nobody: Brennen:I'm lactose intolerant 😂😂😂
Exotics YT 10 days ago
"I love all women" And welcome to the stage Mr.simp
honey bunny 9 days ago
7:45 he got some mozarella above the mac n cheese .. U missed it....
bad boy daddy 10 days ago
Do you miss you’re homeless friend
Leeah Brackenridge 10 days ago
i literally have dipped hot cheetos in nacho cheese my whole life 😭
Martin Santillan 10 days ago
14:04 I see u with that Henny🍻
nellie jump 10 days ago
Yo who got the text and automatically clicked on the link or got the post notification
Ignacio Alvarez 10 days ago
0:55 It would be “Chetos rojos” bro
Julien Grenier 10 days ago
Nobody : Literally nobody : Not a single soul : Brennen : iM lAcToSe InToLeRaNt
Jaelyn Mcgleese 10 days ago
When he said it has to be like dust like your great grandmother I said “dam” 🤭
Cows_go quak 10 days ago
When you said red in Spanish I wanted to destroy my ears
Nayeli Julisa 10 days ago
Who also cringed when he said “rojo chitos” I don’t think any Latino has ever said that 😂
Angelo Aspiras 9 days ago
15:04 That is one ghetto taco stand LOL😂!!!!
Nate Dawg 10 days ago
I found out the hot dog and Mac and cheese combo when I was eating my dinner and now that’s the way I eat my hotdogs now at dinner SO GOOD 🤤
Germa Dominguez 9 days ago
Caiden W 10 days ago
When he was scrambling the eggs did he say he was sautéing them 😂😂
Garnet Fusion 10 days ago
Brennen: doesn't add milk to the egg mixture for the French toast My face 🙃
-*im trash *- 10 days ago
“rojo Cheetos “ I’m offended by him
Youngboy Richhi 10 days ago
12:05 I felt disrespected by that bc that actually happened to me a while ago
Kishana Kengatharan 10 days ago
I love how the pans lid doesn’t even fit
Raiti Gang 10 days ago
“Quarantine sucks” by Brennen Taylor and I can also say that it does suck a lot
Haroun Haroun 10 days ago
12:53 he’s saying he doesn’t know how to do it
Tammie V 10 days ago
Oh no 🤦‍♀️ when he put the lid on the deep frying I was like that is for sure burnt
Faze Nicolas 10 days ago
“Just how I like my women, thicc and full of cream” Brennan says 😂😆
Hunter Goulding 10 days ago
This is the definition of “we have food at home”
Dreysond Dimondd 10 days ago
I been texting you for 2 months and you haven’t responded 😢😔
hilda 00 9 days ago
The fact that he deep fried that with olive oil gave me next level anxiety
Sherlynv 10 days ago
😂💀13:44😂the lil song and then “oh shiit”😂 and it was burned😭
Trap House Getting Lit 10 days ago
I live in Australia so I can’t text Brennen
Reaper 70707 10 days ago
14:15 and now were tied The score:
playerslay3r2876 on Ps4 10 days ago
Youtuber: Comment this in the the comments Commenters ignore that completely
Official Milana 10 days ago
Brennen has quality content me and my cousin watch him and we didn’t know we both watch him
Aj Vlogs 9 days ago
The mac n cheese part literally made my mind blown for him you just have to mold your mac n cheese in to a circle and freeze it for 2hours then you will do it :)
Dominator 515018 10 days ago
He already messed up on this first one. Wasn’t even the extra hot hot Cheetos
The Lighting 10 days ago
Brennen saying there's no butter in any store Where I'm living the whole stores are empty except the vitamin section
Gamerz Tubes 9 days ago
His favorite word is asthetic
Αρτα Τσεκο 10 days ago
Tiktok life hacks!!!! Plss!! ❤❤❤❤
Jessica Boyce 10 days ago
You can tell you’re not from the south when you’ve never had Mac and hotdogs 🥺😅❤️
anonymous retard 10 days ago
french toast : heavy whipping cream, eggs, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
XxRenaldoxX8 10 days ago
7:09 Family friendly?
gacha Bat 10 days ago
Larry Martínez Cruz 10 days ago
When Bren says you should see mine he means that his is way smaller
Ethan Filipski 10 days ago
At 0:13 he searches food and #foodporn comes up on the second search 😂
Adriana Resendez 10 days ago
What Mexican calls them “Rojo Cheetos” hahaha
Kaleab Seme 10 days ago
You are the best stay safe with your brother and other loved ones during Quarantine. May God bless you!
Editer 2o2 10 days ago
Brennen: Know we need to crush these up we need to make it like dust it litterly needs to be like your great great grandma dust Me:OK👌🆗
SilentJoker9614 10 days ago
Brennen : food is trending right now Also says : foodporn
Mr. MattyD 9 days ago
9:04 why does he sound like Shaggy from scooby doo
Augustin Thai 10 days ago
16:38 In sorry what?😂
AZ 10 days ago
Yo I laughed my ass off when you turned over that Cheeto mozzarella stick Mac and cheese thing.
Litty Langs 9 days ago
French toast in SOUTH AFRICA Is called egg bread
Frank Valencia 10 days ago
I don’t wanna be mean but how he said Cheetos gave my a werid feeling
Solarr 10 days ago
12:41 sounds just like my dad😭💀
Monica Rivera 10 days ago
The cotton candy one should be called "the diabetes taco" lol
Top Call of Duty Clips 10 days ago
Brennen is the man he has help me and encouraged me to create my own YouTube channel and move out of my comfort zone and I have a video due in 12 mins and I would love some feedback and support
Jonathan Espinoza 10 days ago
I agree with everything but the hot dog one
avsiii 10 days ago
Oh, maaan, you guys are raising my blood sugar levels up.
Team Dennis 10 days ago
Textgang like all Brennan’s videos and show him love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
gabby h. vlogs 10 days ago
Honestly this is how I’m able to survive not being able to go outside
Abraham Perez 10 days ago
“Honestly quarantine sucks”-Brennen Taylor 😅😁
challenge foxies 10 days ago
I'm in quarantine and I can't see my girlfriend
Kiley Case 9 days ago
See I went to target yesterday and I went to go get those Tim tams and they were gone maybe you tok the all
Isaiah Simpson 10 days ago
At 9:06 he’s sound like shaggy from scooby doo lmao
Haily Desaveur 10 days ago
Brennen:and if you don't know I'm Lactose intolerant. All his other vids:I'm lactose intolerant so I'mma go💩after this.