Kourtney's Still the Least Interesting to Look At | KUWTK Telenovelas | E!

147K views • 3 month ago
It's beginning to look a lot like the family Christmas card is cancelled when Kourt refuses to bend to Kim Kardashian's schedule. Enjoy on "Keeping Up Con Los Kardashians"!

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Kourtney's Still the Least Interesting to Look At | KUWTK Telenovelas | E!
Never Lose Forex FX 3 month ago
Your LIFE will CHANGE for the BETTER in March 2020 like this if you agree
Ethan Boucher 3 month ago
Again, this editor needs a raise!
Anu아누 3 month ago
The Latin-type of editing though 😂
T 120 3 month ago
I would actually watch the show if the editing was like this 😂
Psyche Kaleidoscope 3 month ago
Technically, Kim doesn't say "least interesting" she says "least exciting "
vjejfjrn vbr h 3 month ago
Khloe "also here"
Sri Devi kka 3 month ago
Kourtney required that shouting. She can dish it but not take it.
Fatehah Ibrahim 3 month ago
Eventhough I disagree with Kim's "Kourtney is the least interesting to look at" remark, but her anger is totally justified. Kourtney is so inconsiderate and non-cooperative.
Violet_ Amxthyst 3 month ago
Last time I was this early Kylie had no lips
Niharika Raghavendra 3 month ago
i legit am dying at khloe's face XD
Samki Mokgothu 3 month ago
I hope the person editing these is getting paid real good😂😂😂👌
Anna Luisa Rossini 3 month ago
Kim was harsh but Kourtney is unbearable...
Chad Coley 3 month ago
Kourtney: “Look at this Mole Hill, let’s turn it into a Mountain” Kris: “No, a volcano”
tina kundih 3 month ago
I did always hate how they talk to each other. It's insane...
Karabo Mamabolo 3 month ago
"Khloe as also here" 😂😂
Raven 2002 3 month ago
This seems like a Mexican Soap Opera from the 90s😂 Kim: Kimbelinã Khloe: Khloé-yettã Kourtney: Kourtninã Kris: Kristinã😂😂
Aryan Malik 3 month ago
How did Kim approve of this edit 😂
lemon water 3 month ago
Yes, but Kim's still a B to the itch .
Dionne Lewis 3 month ago
She may be the least interesting to look at but her hair is to die for!! She has absolutely gorgeous hair! Its so shiny and beautiful! I dont like straight or black hair lol but Kourtney has some beautiful hair! Look how sleek n shiny n wet it looks! Its really nice
Rahab gaale 3 month ago
"The busy mom" lol. So on point.
Denise Lay 3 month ago
Oh Stop it Kourtney you are an Amazing person although we have never met , You are beautiful girl, Have a great day today
Sankhadeep Das 3 month ago
0:45 khloe's stare🤣🤣
Melissa Kelly 3 month ago
This editor is the best 😂😂
pratik pendse 3 month ago
The disappointed look by Kris Jenner at 2:08 is absolute Mood !!! My God I dunno why I'm so obsessed with this Family.
K.sunshine emprezz 3 month ago
Kim’s smile while she cry 😭 thing is it’s not about the phone call crying ... Kim knows that Kourtney must was thinking about it for hours before actually calling to vent 😂❤️🥰❤️
vonna Peters 3 month ago
This edit is hilarious 😍😂😂🤣🤣
Gaea 3 month ago
Kim has a dirty soul haha
larry arriola 3 month ago
Kim: ur so uninteresting Kourt: 😀😀
Cumcuber 3 month ago
I love how Kourtney gets yelled at and insulted and just smiles 😂
Le Snãke 3 month ago
*Keeping Up Con Los Kardashians*
Sydney Grace 3 month ago
This is amazing 😂😂😂
Malissia Stanton 3 month ago
She said she was the least exciting to look at not the least interesting.
Ana Villanueva 3 month ago
Me: "also here"
Notmyrealname 3 month ago
Well Kim, "the least interesting to look at" sister is the one that looks most like you, so what does that mean for you
Colby and Brennen 3 month ago
I resonated with Khloe's "also here"
Glynis Marthinussen 3 month ago
She said she is the least exciting to look at gosh get the caption right guys
Clashverse Royale 3 month ago
Omg! I feel like i am watching Indian daily soap😅😅 How dramatical is this editing?
Carol Berwind 3 month ago
You cant blame Kourt for not being interested in staying w the show the wsy they treat her. Maybe she isnt cooperative but i mean the things that were ssid are just way out of line.
x lostmoon x 3 month ago
That zoom reminds me of indian soap opera's😂😂😂😂
Lori Barnett 3 month ago
It breaks my heart the way the girls talk to each other.
Mightyme. Makingitnew 3 month ago
Kourts needs to take some time out , she’s been fighting with her ups and downs for a while now god bless her 💋
yuu martín 3 month ago
Y'all with Kourtney BUT if you watched the full video, y'all be with kim.
Rhaunice Smith 3 month ago
They need to start showing this on tv ill tune in every sunday☺😂
love life 3 month ago
Kim "yo ugly girl" when you get pissed!!!! Lol 😂😂 😂 HAHAHA 😜🤭
Navaporn Vongkusolkit 3 month ago
This editor did a very great job!! I like Keeping Up con los Kardashians
Joanna Ch 3 month ago
Savage 😂
Alienated Alien 3 month ago
Love Kourtney Smile. Kendall Too.
brenda gnias 3 month ago
Beauty is only skin deep. It's who you are on the inside. 💟🌷💟🌷💟🌷💟🌷💟
Nigel Mutepfa 3 month ago
I don't know why this is popping up for me to watch. But then agen, I actually think she's the most beautiful out of all of them.
Candie Evans 3 month ago
Can y'all do some episodes with Kendall and Kylie from when they were teenagers
Shaydaboss10 3 month ago
Kholé:as also here me:LMAO
rosey bud 3 month ago
The background music is animated af! Lmao 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣👍👍👍
angeljclunar 3 month ago
Kathy Wiggins 3 month ago
Way to talk to an older sister,wow!
Candace Weatherlow 3 month ago
Kim is evil ask Me how I know :) Kanye loves some one in reno
Jason Shiflet 3 month ago
Kourtney is actually naturally gorgeous super pretty she sooooooo is🕊️💎🕊️
Mariah Ontiveros 3 month ago
Whoever titles these videos deserves some type of award😂
S Harrison 3 month ago
thye are ally horrible to kourtney .... The mother always take kims side then they start barking at her
ckha kim 3 month ago
kim is saying kourtney that she is the least exiciting to look at..kim really need to be reminded that she is all plastic..whats natural in her these days..everything is surgery..atleast kourtney is natural
Ashmitha .s 3 month ago
Khloe is literally me at school
Leona Izeti 3 month ago
Hahaha 😂
Dawn 3 month ago
Forget all that, y'all are sisters and they should work it out!! Family is first your all beautiful ladys talk it out xx #LIVELOVELAUGH #FAMILYIS4EVER #KUWTK #215PHILLYGURL Have a great day everyone many blessings to all ⚘🤟🏽🥰
Nathalie Dufour 3 month ago
Kourtney is my favorite K :)
Fifthward Texas 3 month ago
I agree, i dont see the big deal with Kourtney shes like a 3 to me, more annoying than attractive
flydamage kayks 3 month ago
I need more Kardashian telenovela edits🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Candie Evans 3 month ago
I thought Kim already apologized tho and Kourtney is beautifull she is the most natural sister
L X 3 month ago
The Mexican ready to braw song in the background!!
Marcent Mayweather 3 month ago
the least *exciting*
Anna D 3 month ago
Kim so jealous of Kourt
Nicholas R Fant 3 month ago
Kim didn't have to be mean, grade school? Try, my doll bs, what happened to piss Kim off, with her mom said don't say anything you will regret! Be kind or Ellen will not talk to you, Kim.
Mary Narcissus 3 month ago
kourtney’s my favorite tho😭
Dee 925 3 month ago
Kourtney MOST natural beauty to look at 🙌🏾 ❤️💛💚Ldn🇬🇧
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank 3 month ago
🎩Prince Harry&👒Meghan to appear on the Kardashians show?
Marissa Jones 3 month ago
Kim and Chloe are so hard to talk to
Rooster Stclair 3 month ago
Kim is right tho! 👊
Anya Adamyan 3 month ago
Kim said least EXCITING to look at not least INTERESTING to look at Just saying
Jay jay Squad 3 month ago
Okay that was a lot of BLEEPS
Matheus Gomes 3 month ago
Alguém e Brasileiro ???
Sophie Gray 3 month ago
Angie Vu 3 month ago
Lol I love them
Mohit Rathi 3 month ago
i don't like it when kim shouted on her n how bearable of kourtney she smiled to her every idiotic n hurtful talk
Jason Shiflet 3 month ago
Kourtney also has a natural majestic attractiveness to her she's a sweet heart🦋 Bless you Kourtney IN THE ALMIGHTY NAME OF CHRIST JESUS🌹
harlow jean 1975 deymonaz 3 month ago
Khloes duck lips...teehee
Fatima Idrees 3 month ago
Idk, is this all scripted or no?
Jordan Bartholomew 3 month ago
truth teller 3 month ago
She def is lol
jennie bloom 3 month ago
Drama queens
adelya tuleu 3 month ago
Я одна русская?!
fluturaa krasniqi 3 month ago
l love kortny
KingMe Angel Palacios 3 month ago
Kourt is not the least... Thats my wifey
Maggie Mae 3 month ago
Kourtney and Kendall are the prettiest
Sara Woldegiorgis 3 month ago
Kim is so mean !
Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android 3 month ago
People want to ride a surf.
Candis 3 month ago
I will be so happy when E! retires this Telenovelas theme. It's starting to annoy me.
Try not to laugh Clips 3 month ago
First 💕💕💕💕💕💕
VSCO Tube 3 month ago
Lily Donaldson 3 month ago
TimestheTruth 3 month ago
Ironic because Kourtney looks the most like their dead father. Is that why Kim hates her?
PECJR23 3 month ago
Kourtney's the best to look at by far ...
Andre Alvarenga 3 month ago
For sure