Samsung Galaxy A51 “Real Review"

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Samsung Galaxy A51 “Real Review"
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Flossy Carter 4 month ago
#Squad Roll Call Happy New Year!!!
Golam Hossain 4 month ago
Samsung Galaxy "Area" 51
Hasham Almudhari 4 month ago
Who’s watching this while eating lunch knowing they ain’t buying this??🤣🤣😂
Jackiety 4 month ago
2 ads in a 33 minute video... Respectable
ilfourios 4 month ago
I just love how the cat is basically reviewing the headphones and the charger 😂😂😂
LiL RUSS 4 month ago
When he said "scumbag life" I felt that
Floss: *looking at the headphone jack* "APPLE, APPLE, GOOGLE LETS KEEP THE HEADPHONE JACK ALIVE" Note 10: *slowly looks away*
Andrew 4 month ago
"This one smells like savings..." I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing 🤣🤣
Sam The Music Man 4 month ago
Yo this dudes voice is legendary! Love it
4XFighters 4 month ago
*Cat Purrs* Me: This is a good phone.
Jaquan Xanthan 4 month ago
"...and a headphone jack" say no more take my money
Atul Meshram 4 month ago
When are we getting the cat review
Brandó 4 month ago
*MMMMMMMMMMMMMM* "this smells like savings" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kerim Akmurzayev 4 month ago
5:40 That's we've came for
Renaldo Tremayne 4 month ago
Using my iPhone XR to watch a review on a phone I'll never get but need to know about because every year my family asks me about what phone to get since the price of phones is to GOT DANG HIGH. This phone smells like savings indeed.
Fran Arauz 4 month ago
"Mid-range specs, bro. Mid-range specs."
Karina Serrano 3 month ago
@ 14:31 “ fully thot protected” 😂😂😂😂😂 “That’s pretty dope” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mike Collins 4 month ago
This one smells like "SAVINGS" 😫😂😂😂😂
Hazqeel Khan 4 month ago
“Mmmmm... this one smells like savings”, that’s like the best part
Ali Ashraf 4 month ago
Here for the “white shoes, calm down” part!🤙
Caesar Flordeliz 4 month ago
When Flossy said "savings" in the smell test i felt that.hahaha
jaydacubcake 473 4 month ago
I love when you do a samsug review you go to apple. com and when you do a apple review you go to samsug. com 😂 😂 😂 😂
Bruno Henrik 4 month ago
Flossy: I gonna make a review" Cat: rrrrrrrrrrrrr
KevsJustHavingFun 4 month ago
11:34 for all those jealous women out there in 2020 tryin to be sneaky at night while your man asleep next to you. Not no more 😂
Chatamus 4 month ago
LOL!!!! "All your it right there!"......LOL!!!! Floss, your reviews never get old man!!! LOL!!!!
youtubeBeast 4 month ago
While you talk about the specs i was focused on the cat.
Archie Unevski 4 month ago
Hello Flossy from Archie in Australia, love the straight out honest reviews good work brother, thank you.
M B 4 month ago
Hey Samsung , how many cameras do you... Samsung : Yes
Chris Williams 4 month ago
Gf: let me see your phone real quick Scumbags: 😳 Samsung: dont worry fam you good.
Lil Trappz 4 month ago
Can’t wait tell he calls his next cat ‘black Air Force 1’
Lance Escalante 4 month ago
Does the "A" on the A51 stands for "AREA"? It explains the alien looking camera setup🤔
IvanVlogs 4 month ago
Hey when will you do the best smartphones of 2019?
Marquise Thomas 4 month ago
My boy, I was just saying "I gotta see floss review this phone"
ღ Kurisu-San ღ 4 month ago
they should have released this phone on september 20 2019 for the "AREA" 51 raid
ShivPlayz 4 month ago
This guy does the best phone reviews 😂 and the cat so cutttteeeee
5 Great Waters 4 month ago
Really appreciate the detailed review, Floss. Only tech reviewer who can make 30 mins fly
Tharaka Abeyrathne 4 month ago
the way he explain "Secured folder " is so hilarious 😂
khemerong chean 4 month ago
2020 feels so good in the hands...ladies you know the procedure
Angelo Vargas 4 month ago
White shoes: Flossy: CALM TF DOWN SHOES
Ali Yousafzai 4 month ago
Yo Floss! When you dropping the "Best smartphones of 2019?" Really waiting on that one before purchasing my next phone!
Spitdogger 3 month ago
You'll never see the glasitc build when you drop it in a case. I'm liking this phone. Seems like a great deal.
Rey_ Azteca_009 4 month ago
If your partner trying to unlock your phone when you sleeping, that's a major major major no
ZamaSuperior 3 month ago
4:12 his bongs are always so smooth, im watching again thinking about picking up this phone
Vinesh Tamrakar 4 month ago
Darling tell me those three magical words.. Flossy : Major Major Go ❤️
learnED 4 month ago
floss: If you want a premium build you gotta pay premium price. Chinese companies: hold our gorilla glass and metal frame.
Hezza 4 month ago
Shoes going for those cables 😂 love her
Seanimates YT 4 month ago
I cant tell if he's being serious or sarcastic
Jose Mendez 3 month ago
I finally found this channel I was looking for it damm YouTube and damm me for not remembering the name
Mike white 4 month ago
This guy is the business. Love the secure folder comments
なんでもない 4 month ago
everytime i watch one of floss' videos my cat comes running into the room
260_.anime_nigga 4 month ago
0:47 shoes purring loud af lmao
Onyx 4 month ago
Me:I thought the A51 was a rumor *Flossy drops a reveiw* Me: oh hell yah, lets go
Daniel Oliveira 4 month ago
The hype while watching BMW's videos hahaha i NEED that sound 😂
This one smells like savings hell yeah
Asuzen Fonas 4 month ago
This is the first smartphone review that I've watched that sounds freaking badass.
Lorenzo Washington 4 month ago
"HHHMMMMM, this 1 smells like savings"😂😂
Artie Alba 4 month ago
His cat is so adorable that he wants in on the review too 😂
Blaze King Gaming 4 month ago
Bro shoes was just at us like we criminals 😂😂
Mira W 4 month ago
Shoes is so affectionate 💜
Yaeir Banks 4 month ago
HNY Floss Happy to see you back man was waiting on this review
Kilian T. 4 month ago
Hey man, I really appreciate your reviews, definitely the best of their kind! If possible, could you review the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1? I've had them for roughly 1½ months now and I'm still blown away every single day! Would be really interesting to see what you think about them since they really outshine the Galaxy Buds and even the SoundCore Liberty 2 Pro, if u ask me Somehow, they didn't really get the hype they deserve, but trust me, those are A MAJOR GO!😁
Akiva Katan 4 month ago
Can’t wait for the day when they rename Secure folders to Thot protection!
Debra Dukes 4 month ago
Floss really enjoyed saw this in the store where I live and your right they are absolutely nice for the price I was pleasantly surprised.Did not know they existed until I saw your Videos.Thanks so much for sharing Deb 👍✌
Anthony Rodriguez 4 month ago
“Talk amongst yourselves” *awkward silence*
Derktron 4 month ago
Damn the phone looks really nice, so this is what we should expect from the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S11.
Ayowolemiwa Awosika 4 month ago
This is the 1st time I'm watching your video and I absolutely loved it, especially the parts with scum bag activities
Blue Glitch 4 month ago
M5 E60 😢♥️😍 You are a legend I loved your way in reviewing the phone, Subbed♥️
BigChap J 4 month ago
“Thats your Worldstar Hip Hop Button”. 🤣
Suleyman Rahimov 4 month ago
6:06 Seems like White Shoes is doing hardcore tests on Samsung Earbuds 😂
QWERTY LOL 4 month ago
DUDE! This guys speaks so clear! *So where was we* he literally is aware of his viewers!
Reactivebat70 playz 4 month ago
New cool phone "Gsm only" Bruh
jencen blanco 4 month ago
Love how your cat purs in the background :) <3
CCHIITOO14 4 month ago
The longest review I had ever seen😂😂
Danny 3 month ago
🤣 You Living that Scum bag life🤣🤣 I like this guy. This my favorite review channel. I keep that notification bell on...
Merlyn Dejucos 4 month ago
I love your cat ❤
Elijah Plummer 4 month ago
Can't wait for the new flagship phones this yeat especially since 5G had enough time to be a little more available.
Preston Fox 4 month ago
Just now found out about secure folder! Great Feature!
Kevin Breeze 4 month ago
Who else thinks Floss is the best YouTuber? 🎉🎉🎉
White Shoe's... Calm Down... 😂🤣😂
You're the best on the game bro. You're the Goat!!! I love this shit!
Danny Lopez 4 month ago
Aight Floss I see you. With the Glowy filter haha when you come back from setting up the phone 🤣🤣😎😎
TheJimi74 3 month ago
First things first, shout out to White Shoes😄😄, gotta love the cat
Stefan Vasiliu 4 month ago
what about the 2019 phone nominations? the top 10 smartphones of 2019!?
My Bricks 4 month ago
That smell test was aggressive😂😂
adela rose 3 month ago
I just found your channel right now and I'm glad I did 😂😂 I love your tough guy review ❤❤
Sobhan Sarthak 4 month ago
Love that cat. :)
Mel Rivv 4 month ago
Thank you so much for this review! Instant sub
Tanzim K 4 month ago
Can't wait for your review on the Galaxy A71 when it arrived to the US.
Uriel Morales 4 month ago
I got the A20 for a couple of weeks, is it good to buy the a51, is it worth it P. S I got it a month ago, the a20
P Tranfaglia 4 month ago
Bought it, Floss man, it's a great phone. Shout-out to White Shoes!
adam 4 month ago
hey flossy i just wanna say i really respect your reviews and how much time and effort you put into your quality videos, and i just wanted to say thanks and i'm keen for more too come, thanks flossy, lotta love.
Contemporary Aquarius 4 month ago
I'm just following this channel. I appreciate. 🙏🏻 Thank you for this animal loving 😸
Gaming on glasses 4 month ago
Floss used up a lot of juice with his thot bot Activities
Sergio H 4 month ago
I love your videos <3 found you recently but you one of my favorite youtubers :) as a side note what's a quad HD display? Lol...
Jaquez Woods 4 month ago
Floss! Will you ever do a review of the Razr Flip when it comes out? Love your reviews btw.. I have a white shoes too.
Ayoola Kehinde 4 month ago
you triggered my Google assistant when you said 'Headphone jack Google' lmao
Ton Lee 4 month ago
you are the best tech reviewer dude, so specific ,keep it up !
fkw123 4 month ago
when do rog2 ultimate edition real review floss my man?
JER EMY 4 month ago
Really the best review ive seen
ROYALOG _SAIYAN 4 month ago
Flossy loves cats just like me