Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 9

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The Crew is joined by Stuntman and Fight Coordinator Ilram Choi to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!

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AnguirusDude 4 month ago
"Hi, I'm Niko." "What's up, I'm Clint." "Hey everybody, this is Jackie Chan." Make it happen boys. #MiddleSeat
looneyduck121 4 month ago
“Every once in a while I like to talk to you guys about the statistics of how many people are subscribed” every once in a while = every video
Triceratops 4 month ago
Stunt requests: Atomic Blonde Mad Max: Fury Road Marco Polo Into the Badlands Train to Busan
halo ninjas 4 month ago
We need at least 3 episode dedicated to Jackie Chan
Dalton Reising 4 month ago
The water wheel scene from Pirates of the Carribean: Dead man's chest!
Edward William 4 month ago
Do you think you could hit up Henry Cavill since he's such a fanboy and ask him to come down for a little Witcher goodness?
Sam Raycraft 4 month ago
AVENGERS ENDGAME: The time travel suits are entirely CG. They look great for being done over the actors other costumes, but THE HELMETS. Where the face meets the CG helmet is a little rough. Distracted me at least.
Ceedubs Entertainment 3 month ago
Please bring this guy back. He’s hella entertaining
Thomas Kelly 4 month ago
Alright, this guy's pretty epic.
Ben Clarkson 4 month ago
Viewers: We hate constant submission requests Creators: Let’s constantly request submissions
adam mac 4 month ago
I love how this channel shines a spotlight on people whose ENTIRE job is to not be in the spotlight. Another great video, guys! 👏👏
Oliver Cording-Booth 4 month ago
Niko: Where's Ilram? Wren: I don't know. Ilram: Whomst has summoned the almighty one?
Indrid Cold 4 month ago
I have what I think would be a really interesting idea for a segment, that I feel is perfect for your channel. Hear me out... It would be really cool if you guys covered Brandon Lee’s accident during one of these. Obviously, in a very, very respectful way. The Crow is on my mind, because I just learned the other day, randomly, that Chad Stahelski was the double for Brandon in the film, and that it was Chad‘s performances, with Brandon‘s face digitally composited over Chad’s that saved the film from being shelved. I watched a behind the scenes segment with the graphics team that did it, and I’m not sure if it’s true, but they stated it was the first time anyone had done a face replacement like that, in a live action sequence. Either way, it was one of the first. I believe they were working on it in 1992, and they stated that it took around 500-650 hours for the face replacements; the mirror reflection face replacement, as well as pulling 30 seconds of footage of Brandon walking in an alley and cutting him out of it, then placing him into the apartment hallway, and walking through the door. It seems, to me, to be a perfect match/mash-up of topics that you guys cover often. There’s just so much bad information out there, and myths about what happened, including that he was killed by a squib in a grocery bag, which is completely not true. You’ve also got the groundbreaking CGI aspect of it, and of course the various anecdotes that come along with the story, regarding how the accident changed the way that guns & gun stunts are handled on set, forever. Although there are quite a few folks out there who have made videos doing their best to describe to the average person what really occurred, you can tell from the comments that, without a visual aid, the average person just doesn’t get it. So I would love most to see you guys do what has never been done before, in all of my research: Use your team’s incredible effects skills to create A proprietary 3-D Visual animation/modeling sequence, demonstrating how it occurred, as it would finally clear up what really happened to him, once and for all. Video references are below, but just FYI: The prop master actually went out and bought live ammunition, which they then reamed The bullets off of and dumped the powder, in order to create their own Jerry-rigged dummy bullets, just so that they could make The 44 magnum revolver appear genuinely loaded for a two second close up. They then created their own DIY blanks out of the same box of live ammunition as well, by simply removing the bullets and crimping the casing. The problem was, an actual full metal jacket slug had become dislodged from one of their Janky dummy bullets, and was stuck in the barrel, where it did not fall out, due to an extremely dirty barrel. So, when they shot at him, they really shot him, essentially with the full force of a 44 magnum. One video says it was just shrapnel, but the slug that was removed is full metal jacket and mushroomed out like a hollow point. Below are the three best videos for reference of everything I’ve just stated. I hope you like the idea! Love your work! DreamQuest Images on the effects process: Best explanation of what truly occurred, but not perfect, although shows images of the actual slug that was pulled from Lee’s body: Brandon’s Stunt Double with the footage of him training with a young Stahelski:
Kyle Crawford 4 month ago
I really like this stunt guy, he seems like such a normal good guy
ChocoGamin3 4 month ago
I don't know why I'm not seeing any love for Ilram in the comments...
ImmortalDuke 4 month ago
"Im not a real spiderman", thats what real spiderman would say.
Ocean Redux 4 month ago
Jackie chan and his whole stunt crew are absolute LEGENDS.
JCT 4 month ago
HEY GUYS i was just think but could you do “Shaolin Soccer”? I feel like that would be a great movie for you guys to look at.
Justin Cruz 3 month ago
When you remember Dude Perfect is a lie because you know they must have done like 30 takes before shooting the perfect one. Same thing with the stunts you see in movies.
Nae Nae 4 month ago
Clint is me every time I see a crazy stunt in a movie. "OH MY GOD. HOW IS HE NOT DEAD?!"
yung triz 4 month ago
"how do you do this shot without killing your stuntman?" Responds in Ivan " *if he dies, he dies* "
Crazie Ghost 4 month ago
*Eat like a snake* that was the most uncomfortable video i had ever seen but it was well thought and hilarious 🤣LMAO
Wouter de vries 4 month ago
Jackie doing the same scene a 100 times to get it right. He's like the original dude perfect.
Jay Lewis 4 month ago
"the audio quality in this episode is poor due to technical difficulties" you mean niko not putting the audio equipment away and it subsequently getting lost?
Zan 4 month ago
The outtakes for chocolate are brutal. And during that scene they were wondering how the guy survived, he broke his back.
boredXsomethingXIDK 4 month ago
I think we need a whole episode dedicated to Jackie Chan.
Savana Spears 4 month ago
I’d really love to see Scott Pilgrim vs the World, either vfx or stunt react
Phillip Thurlby 4 month ago
When are we gonna get: "stuntdogs react" featuring Casablanca main fight from John Wick 3?
Shane King 4 month ago
Please do Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze. Everyone please like so they actually do it! Thanks. :)
alisuo toko 4 month ago
Skillshare: exists Jake: gonna bust my back fam
Gideon Buchleiter 4 month ago
Me: "Why does this guy look so familiar" Niko: "Burger King Snake Guy" Me: AHH HE'S REAL
walter denny 4 month ago
The final fights of Hardcore Henry lol. Please I’d love insight on it because apparently there wasn’t one injury during the filming of Hardcore Henry according to Sharlto Copley
bouytt guyt 4 month ago
Please do a stuntmen react to some of the “Lone Survivor” scenes, especially the scenes when they jump off of the cliffs when running away from the enemy.
Andre Shoe 4 month ago
You should do a whole Jackie Chan episode
Sir Hazwick 4 month ago
Please do a stuntmen react to some of the “Lone Survivor” scenes, especially the scenes when they jump off of the cliffs when running away from the enemy.
JainaSoloB312 4 month ago
The whole video can be summarized thusly: The boys: Wow, dang, that looked convincing. How did you fake it? Ilram: We didn't. The boys: 😮😮
wnnalis cioov 4 month ago
10:24 when they say" even the tounge thing u did..." he actually stickout his tounge
Kromunos 4 month ago
The apartment scene from "The Night Comes For Us" was absolutely brutal, you guys should definitely react to it
24sesko 4 month ago
You guys should react to the prison fight scenes in Avengement (2019)
Dustin Leone 4 month ago
These videos went from lengthy dissections of scenes to ads for over a third of the video.
Dogge 4 month ago
The fight scenes from Atomic Blonde were brutal. I'd like to see a stunt lady give her takes.
Chace Brown 4 month ago
Hey I don’t know if I’ve missed it but you guys should do the Jackie Chan, jet li scene from Forbidden Kingdom
Elizabeth Wagner 4 month ago
3:22 well yeah, he's in a skin tight suit. It's either a thong or nothing.
Magma Toad 4 month ago
Hey, could we see an episode of VFX dedicated to Transformers?(specifically the original and bumblbee because they are the only good ones.) Keep up all the good work and God bless
Taz Loren 4 month ago
You should react to the Into the Badlands where they fight basically every episode. There're some unrealistic components but the sword plays are pretty good imo
LumpyHippo Hoodiesdotcom 4 month ago
Stuntman for Spider-Man: 😃 Burger King Snake Guy: 😲👁👁
XxVenomex S. 4 month ago
Y’all need to react to an animation called Astartes. It’s a war hammer 40k animation and you won’t regret watching it even if you don’t do a reaction to it
Names Gator 4 month ago
M A D M A X: F U R Y R O A D
Silas Johnson 4 month ago
You guys should react to the fight scene from IP Man.
membear 4 month ago
I was guessing he was Keanu's stunt double at some point.
Puffy_Purin 3 month ago
Normal YouTubers: just a little bass in the background music. Corridor Crew: JUST BASS Edit: 666 likes, please make it stay at this, nothing more, nothing less.
Beatlesman421 4 month ago
Please react to Hardcore: Henry!!
SmnAtknsn 4 month ago
I would love to see you guys do a breakdown of the ending speedboat sequence in Face Off 🙏🏻
vliduu zeeb 4 month ago
Please do a stuntmen react to some of the “Lone Survivor” scenes, especially the scenes when they jump off of the cliffs when running away from the enemy.
TheGreenHeagOne 4 month ago
"The Knight of Hope" would be interesting to see.
Tom Wardman 4 month ago
Stunts request: James Bond special, particularly the Daniel Craig films: -casino Royale Madagascar/crane sequence -spectre train fight
Alpha Male 3 month ago
React to Donnie Yen's fight in Dragon Tiger Gate
JohnJRanbo 4 month ago
I know it's not a big thing, but Kick Ass' fighting scene at Rasul's place :3 Also, keep up the good work, love your vids!
Sebastian Loft 3 month ago
i would love to see you guys react to the CGI from the 1995 ”The indian in the cupboard” i think it holds up pretty for a 25 year old movie
Tristin Potter 4 month ago
you should react to Ep 1 of The Witcher for Stuntmen React
No Content 4 month ago
It's so sad when good stunts are ruined because they look like CGI the whole time
Tommygun mit vier m 4 month ago
I love it when you get different people on the show and when everybody is just so passionate about their work, that's just so enjoyable to watch.
Hoop Monster 4 month ago
That was too short. I need like 5 more hours. Seriously, I live for these. Thank you for another great episode!
Dat Man 4 month ago
React to “Gemini Man”
Albert Thoma 4 month ago
I would love to see you react to just about any of the fight scenes from "The Night Comes for Us" on Netflix
Dustin Neely 4 month ago
"Ninja Assassin" has a fight scene in the middle of a busy street. Ninjas are getting hit by cars and trucks while fighting the protagonist. How was it done?
Jonny Badger 4 month ago
There are a couple of brilliant moments in the film Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever. A great high fall and this sweet double car corkscrew jump. Check it out.
Camilo José 4 month ago
9:38 What a thrill With darkness and silence through the night What a thrill I'm searching and I'll melt into you What a fear in my heart But you're so supreme!
Sundown 4 month ago
The live action Scooby Doo Movies have hilarious cgi effects
Sarvan Kumar Dhadhich 4 month ago
React on movie - “Deadpool”.
Tanwir Ahmed 4 month ago
After seeing the snake advert, he's like a aged wine or mature cheese. Better over time
Nether Worm 4 month ago
React on 'I Am Legend' !
Megan X 4 month ago
I just saw "Long Shot" and the stunts in it had me dying for a Corridor Crew Reacts video.
TheSlovo28 4 month ago
Love that they mentioned Tony Jaa while watching Jeeja Yanin, she trained with him.
Gilles-alexandre Boisclair 4 month ago
Would like to see your reaction on the movie Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
WolfFenrir 4 month ago
Stuntmen: doing crazy work Director: let’s make a CG mess around him and make this looks like another generic superhero movie
RandomAnimeFan M.K. 4 month ago
I'm gonna say only one thing about this video, and it's "OW!"
Austin Phoenix 4 month ago
First episode of smallville when lex hits Clark on the bridge looks like a pretty gnarly stunt
Khi-Jon Chua 4 month ago
React to The Hitman's bodyguard. In particular the scene where ryan reynold's character flies through the car's windscreen when he didn't wear a seatbelt
zestytengu 4 month ago
Mad Max Fury Road! The harpoon and pole battle scene :] I heard a lot of that movie was practical, and the thought of that is bananas.
Joseph Cano 4 month ago
This is seriously the best series this channel has ever made.
Generally someone else 4 month ago
Reaction request: Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure if Ugart, pls?
Bruisedfrog 4 month ago
I'd love to see a Stuntmen React to some of the fight scenes from the AMC show "Into the Badlands"
Danny R 4 month ago
That Burger King ad brings back memories watching 'V' where Diana eats the Guinea Pig!
CliffBar 3 month ago
Can you guys do reactions for: -S.W.A.T. (TV Show) more specifically the long take fight scene in S2 Ep17 -The Rush Hour Movies -Ip Man Movies -Akira Kurosawa Movie Battle Scenes Btw I love you guys and your reaction videos. Keep up the good work!
Twitchell 21 4 month ago
Netflix’s “Love, Death, +Robots” ? For CGI
Lokiheiler 2.0 4 month ago
3:24 How agressivly clint Said that 😂😂
spencer corbett 4 month ago
The stunt episodes are my favorite!! But having just watched Kung Fu Hustle for the first time, I think that would be a fun one to talk about as far as the CGI goes.
HeyYoBighed 4 month ago
OMFG Y'ALL DID CHOCOLATE! Literally one of my favorite movies I'm so glad because this movie was so good and brutal
Abey Antony 4 month ago
React to the fight scene from the Malayalam movie "Lucifer", forest fight scene.
Philip Fahy 4 month ago
The current spiderman flailing a bit more really fits the character. Since he is younger, he should be less experienced as spiderman. Plus the sometimes twitchy nature of the new Peter Parker makes him more like the bug he is emulating.
Major Role 3 month ago
Did they ever cover Donnie Yen's fight scene in Rogue One?
astridjl85 4 month ago
5 plugs in 11 minutes. It's almost a plug every two minutes. The last one being longer than a minute. Seriously? Ouch
ZaTaisho 4 month ago
React to the "Burning Coach" scene from the movie, Van Helsing (2004)
Kladias Kim 4 month ago
Could you guys react to the action scenes in Mr. Right? I want to see how professional stuntmen think of the dancing-fights Sam Rockwell's character does!
ecliptic1101 4 month ago
I wished this episode was longer - great episode, bring Ilran back.
pym lundquist 4 month ago
you should react to sherlock holmes a game of shadows, more specifically the scene when they are running in the woods from germans!
joshua suddick 4 month ago
React the scene in lone survivor where they tumble down the cliff
J Michael Barrett 4 month ago
I've been watching since the first episode, sorry it took me so damn long to subscribe lol. Keep up the great work! Some of those stunts looked brutal!
Kaycinder 4 month ago
Stunt React to the "ronnie/lily" episode of Barry please.