Dating a Gold Digger (Part 2) | Anwar Jibawi

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Shots Studios 9 days ago
We 💜 this! Make sure to LIKE this video!!
Erky Kwok 9 days ago
"She's a digger she's literally digging" Bro 🤣
Nathan Achutegui 9 days ago
Adam Is That One Friend That Everybody Needs Edit: Thanks For 633 Likes And Thanks To Anwar For liking my Comment
Candace Bacon 9 days ago
“What is she a landscaper, she doesn’t look like a landscaper “ we need a friend like Adam.
Sarath chandran 9 days ago
Adam: "she is digging.... she is a gold digger"
Iron Errow 9 days ago
“He’s gonna go clean our pipes” Me: hehe “And I’m gonna help him” Me: 0_0
Yakki 9 days ago
“Housekeeper, driver and tutor” Parasite reference 👀
Dontpressonmyprofilpic 9 days ago
Ngl, we all want a friend like anwars Btw don’t read my channel name
afnaan mohammad 9 days ago
Who else has a bad habit of liking anwar jibawis videos before even watching them?
Capstain _PlayzYT 9 days ago
"what about pablo?" Ohh HE IS SUPER GAYYY
Makhluk_Jupiterr 9 days ago
I thought when she had the shovel,she want to buried his grandpa:v
ROAD FRAGGER 9 days ago
Anwar is a tough guy He is not afraid of anything Not even the corona virus That's why I see his videos
Rade Stankic 9 days ago
she: holds a shovel me: 100% gold digger
Li7ye 9 days ago
I laughed out loud at the line "She is digging, she is a digger, gold digger". Now I have to explain to my mother what I was doing instead of studying, that made me laugh.
moe g 9 days ago
I expected some kind of different twist than the last one. This was literally exactly the same.
Quade jacobs 9 days ago
The seriousness Anwar express towards Adam..... That's killing me😂😂😂 The excuses he makes and that slap Keep up the goodies U guyz 💯💯
10k subs without any videos! 9 days ago
Lmao imagine how the friend was feeling
Tfue 9 days ago
void - Minecraft 9 days ago
Adam is that one friend you need lul cause he knows everything lmao
puppy dog love 9 days ago
I'm still cracking up she had to shovel Digging for jewelry GOLD DIGGER ALERT 🤣🤣🤣
Pro101 9 days ago
Adam: “She is a gold digger” Anwar: “You say all my girlfriends are gold diggers” Me: “All of your girl friends are gold diggers 🤣😂
megalodon guy 9 days ago
This dude is the funniest first vine(RIP) Then YouTube Then tik tok and he is amazing at all of them
Robbie Reeton 9 days ago
Adam: She's digging she a gold digger Me: Adam u can't get a man
D Man 9 days ago
The 1st Gold Digger is Hotter
Arvin Singh 9 days ago
Qurantine day 9* My mom- This animal just eats, sleeps and nvr take a bath.... Me and my dog looking at each other.... .... But apart from jokes stay home, stay safe.... U can be a hero just by staying at home😂... So Quarantine and chill!!
Bilguun E 9 days ago
Should’ve lied about the allergy and make her look like an idiot when she realizes you’re not really allergic
panda product 9 days ago
Every one should have a friend like Adam
Sukhraj Rana 9 days ago
0:17 sounded like she said mustard bedroom.
GreatDiablo 9 days ago
"She belongs to the streets."
Anthony Hamilton 9 days ago
2:22 Bro...everything about that scene was scary...
Potato girl Kylie 9 days ago
Adam knows a gold digger when he sees one 😂 I need a friend like him in my life
gam_er lamek 9 days ago
"Shes. A digger she LiTeRLyDiNGing"😂😂😂
Sam Richards 9 days ago
“Who’s next”.. bro it’s a picture of you! 😁😁😁😁
Shahid Rahman 9 days ago
Adam is that one friend that everyone needs 👇like if u agree
No Name 9 days ago
This is like a spinoff of Get Out
Ahmad Osama 9 days ago
After Adam left I said to myself: “what about the allergies???” Lol this is dope
ARM MISD 9 days ago
“what is she a landscaper?” LMFAOOOOOO
Hanan Akmel 9 days ago
Corona is every from Ethiopia🇪🇹, Africa and im still at home for weeks!!
aabc ddd 9 days ago
“She’s a gold digger” “Nah, she is not” She started digging 😂
Nalla Meenakshi 9 days ago
I thought this was the part one and then I realized it was a part 2. Cool
Trap Høuse 9 days ago
When your friend tells you right but u don’t listen...
Nicolas Carl Kuechler 9 days ago
I want a friend like this too!
Sayuri Kidjo 9 days ago
Adam is the one friend that everyone needs
Monika Rivas 9 days ago
" she's a gold digger she's literally digging" 😂that had me dead😂
Jewwey 9 days ago
Those people that have notifications just to dislike the video...
Arcelia Guillen Ochoa 9 days ago
Me at the begining:why are going to trust adam* Me at the end:oh crap😬
Sarvesh Ramakrishnan 9 days ago
Anwar you’re literally my favorite entertainment YouTuber. Hope to one day meet you :)
Kariza Joan 9 days ago
Anwar always comes in with plot twists 😂
Punk Paine 9 days ago
“She has a shovel” “Literally digging” 😂😂😂😂
awaiz kamran 9 days ago
Who ever reading this comment may your parents live a hundred years❤️
Lil louisy officialvevo 9 days ago
She's a gold digger but hasn't find the treasure yet. I love to hear when Adam says we're done ❤️😁
littlebeaupit 9 days ago
“Everybody out grab what you can!” bruh
Jonathan Garcia 9 days ago
she: honey didn't you say that your grandpa hid cash Anwar: you there was a theory she: ok I am going to be in the back digging because I like digging me: *screaming* Anwar she is a gold digger
camilio B 9 days ago
Plot twist : adam was actually planning with her to do this
Artbyfinn 9 days ago
And again Adam proved that he's the kind of bro everyone should have!
majorcrew pranksters 9 days ago
“I’m going to be in the yard digging cuz I love to Digg”😂😂😂
Dontpressonmyprofilpic 9 days ago
Mate: she’s got a shovel, SHES A GOLD DIGGER Anwar: *Its not like that she’s probs just gardening* Btw don’t read my channel name
Life In English 9 days ago
So, wait! Was she lying about that shirtless guy being SUPER gay too? He was pretty flamboyant tho...okay he was guy.
Wild Foxy 9 days ago
Anwar - GET OUT OF MY HOUSE Adam - but maybe s- Anwar - GET OUT his girl - here take a bite T hee OK EVERYBODY TAKE WHATEVER YOU CAN What she really wants - where is that money
Dj Vegeta 9 days ago
Anwar: she’s not a gold digger Woman: 2:17 Me: yep, definitely a gold digger....
Cupcake Campbell 9 days ago
"He's a tutor" but he is not in school🤣🤣🤣.... everyone needs a fren like Adam
Maksim Sarchevski 9 days ago
Your ex-girlfriend robbed you, this one killed you, in afterlife she’s probably gonna steal your Netflix membership. Even when you have a friend like Adam, you’re the one who suffers!
Precious Johnson 9 days ago
The way she walks away after saying “your gonna kill it” had me dying 😂😂
Amiin Yare 9 days ago
Who loves when adam and anwar make videos togehther🤣🤣
Hammad Fans 9 days ago
Amazing but me Fan of Hammad khatri. He’s hearing impaired Youtuber. His channel name Hammad khatri
CJ DM 9 days ago
adam is that friend who is friendly loyalty to his friends
Omaejuice 9 days ago
“WHO ELSE IS WATCHING WHILE BEING STUCK AT HOME BECAUSE OF CORONA😅🏡” (ɪ'ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ) 😙
MasterR209 / 9 days ago
Adam is the one true friend everyone needs in their lives
Danko 9 days ago
Me when I see PREMIERING NOW: 😱 Yes!
Aftab Mohammed 9 days ago
Those days were great when he used to collab with inana sarkis.who else miss her!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
YASH KATARE 9 days ago
Having corona is kinda awesome like imaging the start of an apocalypse except the part about staying indoors and doing nothing.
Alex Valdez 9 days ago
Shouldn’t she have a golden shovel bc she is a gold digger
LeoMessiGaming Bias 9 days ago
Adam:She JUST ASKED FOR YOUR DAMN ALLERGIES. Me:Ok,I get it he’s dead Anwar:Ummm... NAH SON
Lil louisy officialvevo 9 days ago
Get out of my house You do this all the time And don't come back get a therapy‼️‼️
Kulgi TV 9 days ago
This reminds me Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, But this is for life (c) Phoebe
Corey Ware 9 days ago
:54 she is literally digging for gold
unemployed engineer 9 days ago
I would like to see a movie out of it and see anwar get its revenge...that would be so good.
Dilyara Tuychieva 9 days ago
We all need a friend like anwar. Lol
Marceline 9 days ago
In life: *Gold* diggers In internet: *Likes* diggers 🙂
Shadow10172 9 days ago
Who else was here for the priemere
Supreme Fernando 9 days ago
Anwar:dates a gold digger me:Broke as hell A guy:phew im not broke
Adan Delgado 9 days ago
“I’m going to be in the yard digging, because I love digging”. Lamo
VOJIN VOJIN 9 days ago
2:13 "She ONLY takes EVERYTHING if I die in a accident" 😂😂
Cool lit Bro 9 days ago
Idk why but every time when Anwar is says she is not a gold digger I want to strangle him
Dora the Clown 9 days ago
0:50 "iMmA bE oUt iN tHe yArD,diGgIng cAuSe I loVe tO dIg"😂😂🤣🤣
You_Smelling 9 days ago
When you realize Anwar actually skipped the info for the video
Atharv Pathak 9 days ago
Friend like Adam is all i need in my life
Ifti Kazi 9 days ago
robbers in 2019: get all the electronics robbers in 2020: get all the toilet paper
Don’t eat cake now I get she put the things in said the cake NOOOOO ANWAR
Suryansh S 9 days ago
3:57 when Anwar flexes like that it's so funny
Al-Amin miAh 9 days ago
3:05 Wow!!
The Rockstar 9 days ago
And this is why I always trust my best friend
Unika Ngxonono 9 days ago
Pool boy Me: I know what he's pulling
Dark Spark 9 days ago
"You're gonna kill it" 😂
Gmasha 9 days ago
Bringing her whole family to work disguised as a maid, a driver, and a tutor, just like the movie “parasite”. Nice video btw.
Uma Sahu 9 days ago
Anwar and Adam just kill it together...😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
David Pruden 9 days ago
😂😂😂 "Get out of my house you always do this" to the one person in the house who actually cares about his well being.😂😂
Ke'darius Hatton 9 days ago
Now I ain’t saying she’s a Golddigger but she ain’t messing with a broke dude And those ain’t the only piping he’s going be cleaning😂😂😂😂😂😂😊
zero to hero 9 days ago
Any one from Somalia 🇸🇴🇸🇴🤣
AliTheRealWinner 9 days ago
This is even better than the first one, loved it.