Jake Paul is Risking EVERYTHING vs AnEsonGib

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Jake Paul is putting it all on the line against AnEsonGib.
True Geordie 5 month ago
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Robertleatfitness 5 month ago
This video is sponsored by raid shadow legends. Me: Tripple taps forwards
Alex Watson 5 month ago
Imagine if Gib drops Jake and then calls JJ out
Baina YT 5 month ago
Hears the words ‘Raid Shadow legends’ skips 3 mins straight away
skarfester1987 5 month ago
Raid is just a money laundering scheme for the Russian mob just like World of tanks.
Chris Peacock 5 month ago
3:55 for those who already know what Raid Shadow Legends is
Terence Flynn 5 month ago
Everybody: Geordie: “Don’t fight someone who would fart in your face”
Glenn Broughan 5 month ago
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate just how funny Lawrence is
Bikmikker 2010 5 month ago
26:42 this is one of the best wheezes i have ever heard
bowen voowy 5 month ago
"Do You Think Deji Just Sits At Home And Just Goes. What Have I...... The Dogs Dead". Laurence Mckenna--2020
BL Gamezzz 5 month ago
True Geordie: “ I’m not saying this cus it’s an ad” Inner Geordie: “ I don’t even believe that myself”
The Yorkshire pud 5 month ago
"Do You Think Deji Just Sits At Home And Just Goes. What Have I...... The Dogs Dead". Laurence Mckenna--2020
Saikou * 5 month ago
Geordie saying he loves logan a lot brought me back to when he shitted on him in January 2018. Geez time passes by fast
Gareth Stead 5 month ago
I can’t be the only one that wishes they actually played the game so every time they had another sponsored post it showed their progress. Might actually be enticing to play then
Miles Reger 5 month ago
“The dog isn’t dead yet” “As good as”
Don Mamon 5 month ago
“When he got sacked you think they were like alright let’s go champ” lmaooo 😂😂
Hamzah Mahmood 5 month ago
Laurence is so cheerful these days. God bless.
Justin Collado 5 month ago
I don’t love jake but I been voting for him I knew he would win
HashTagHeelGFX 5 month ago
24:38 “Welcome back to Buckingham Palace Fan TV” 😂😂🤣
Anon Nimus 5 month ago
If Gib was black: Seven Figure Ni
Syphez 5 month ago
And now a word from our sponsor: RaId ShAdOw LeGeNdS
dipsetdonkey 5 month ago
"Or big bear as he calls him" 😂 no mate that's where he's been training
Rupert Bergeron 5 month ago
Lawrence: "I'm gonna go down this avenue, I hope you come with me" Audience: "oh, we will."
Matt Scott 5 month ago
The deji line killed me “the dogs dead”
Your Dad Has A Dog Filter 5 month ago
"Prince Andrew's not a convicted black man though" 💀💀💀
Haytham Alani 5 month ago
Me: Bout to get a good nights sleep Geordie: Me: Ahhhhhhh go on then
Joe McCarthy 5 month ago
The bloke in the press conference sounds like Kermit the frog 😂
* 5 month ago
When you see food reviewer 😍
MentalJack 5 month ago
Not singing along to the food reviewers intro is borderline blasphemous.
Johnny Sweatpants 5 month ago
"People in the NFL are the peak of athleticism!" (Shows NCAA photo)
Haunter_COTW 5 month ago
Who will win? like AnesonGib Comment: you’re wrong
MVH 1809 5 month ago
Still think Jeremy Clarckson is such a legend for punching piers morgan that one time
Callum Beecher 5 month ago
No one: Laurence: you shallow man
Jude F 5 month ago
26:43 When you've been breathing in too much of Brian's vape 🤣
Keenan Benj 5 month ago
That “Prince Andrew isn’t a convicted Blackman” comment by Laurence really didn’t get the respect it deserved loooooool
EHBprd 5 month ago
***queens voice*** “The big bearded newcastle man knows too much... eliminate him”
JFN 5 month ago
Who will win? Comment: AnesonGib Like: *_Raid Shadow Legends_*
ching chong 5 month ago
It was jumpsuits he "killed himself with" not bedsheets
Ozzee playz 5 month ago
26:47 best laugh I’ve ever heard! 🤣🤣🤣
Shep 5 month ago
Nothing makes me happier than hearing Lawrence wheeze laughing. Few and far inbetween but god, they are worth the wait.
StepKickKing 5 month ago
Jake Paul needs KSI, but KSI doesn’t need Jake Paul. It’d be an amazing troll if Jake won, called out KSI, and then JJ just refused to fight him, because Jake’s just not on the same level. KSI could just be like “Nah”. It’d leave Jake’s career dead in the water 😂
Nathan Cull 5 month ago
18:58 clocked the subtle “always the same” office reference
Martin Klimza 5 month ago
Honestly Lawrence with the line of the podcast - "Upload some videos, you're YouTubers!"
Molly Brick 5 month ago
26:40 He’s 100% the type of guy to have a shrine to the queen that’s just like the toad’s in Flushed Away
Joshua Neves 5 month ago
Loz losing it to the queen's stalker is just too good 😂😭
MMGaming 5 month ago
as Stephen would say.... “ah yes lad”
Morgan Saunders 5 month ago
28:20 Brian be careful, you wouldn’t want to “trip” down some stairs TG’s bouta get suicided
Leon Barker 5 month ago
10:48 When crows find their food
Rowan YT 5 month ago
26:42 What noises came out of Laurences Mouth 😂😂
Conor Fahey 5 month ago
25:30 Rory: 'What's Grandad doing on true news' Dead
AARON WADDELL 5 month ago
Have you heard about raid shadow legends Why yes I have
Jack.Mclean27 5 month ago
10:47 They've known each other for that long now that they laugh in sync
KappaQVC 5 month ago
26:42 I just love the reaction there.
[NA4Q]TitchGamerUK 5 month ago
"Andrew's not a convicted black man though!" Laurence McKenna 2020
monkeymagic436 5 month ago
How has that women got a video with 15million views Perverts thats how
Guilherme Davitoria 5 month ago
4:21 Brian is very giving? I thought he was more of a receiver...
umpa lumpa 5 month ago
true news: its just like a console game kick off : i dont even belive mi self
Dylans World 5 month ago
TG definitely knows a good ass when he sees one
swansea007791 5 month ago
You forgot to mention that the CCTV footage of Epstein's cell was "accidentally" deleted
Alex Markham 5 month ago
“Prince Andrew isn’t a convicted Blackman” 😂😂 ffs Loz
Paul Levy 5 month ago
Lol can't take any ads on Raid Show Legends seriously.
That Devix 5 month ago
11:50 This would make such a great reaction gif
Skank Hunt 5 month ago
Thought ur pal Gervais’s iconic golden globe cameo, ripping in to the privileged would’ve been discussed
butti fdft 5 month ago
24:38 “Welcome back to Buckingham Palace Fan TV” 😂😂🤣
Atto tame 5 month ago
We need a podcast of Jake and Gib individually
Pluetsch 5 month ago
3:52 to skip yet another raid shadow legends ad from somebody that clearly doesn't play it XD
TheRealSkitz 5 month ago
26:42 i love that laugh😂😂
Paul Swann 5 month ago
Food reviewer is back uploading videos get him on the podcast
Kieran Brain 5 month ago
Lawrence without a beard is my sleep paralysis demon
Matt Ayres 5 month ago
Remember this as the day that started Brian’s true dominance of 2020. Let’s go!
Dingo 5 month ago
4:00 to skip add
Me7 Games 5 month ago
I swear Lawrence is just amazing🤣, you both are the legends of YouTube🙌🏾
Reasoned Wood 5 month ago
I’m literally gonna play some of this game just to help the boys out. I got you.
Jack Dowle 5 month ago
26.42 Lawrence’s laugh has crippled me😭😭😂 hahahahahahhah
Atl 44 5 month ago
Respect for Brian and Loz for providing us with the quality content there’s nothing like it.
CaMm 5 month ago
when Lawrence laughed it genuinely made me crease up
TM Toby Martin 5 month ago
4:00 start of video ✅
Public toilets Cheap toilets 5 month ago
I'm just happy I've known viddal before 5 fights wait till he becomes a champion
TheAdamHawkTTV 5 month ago
The never ending budget of raid shadow legends. Ffs
7ft James 5 month ago
Some say when you die, if you lived your life as a truly good person, you go to a world where Brian uploads everyday.
Josse Noynaert 5 month ago
I've never loved Raid: Shadow Legends more than today
Allen Danielsen 5 month ago
I wouldn’t want Deji and Weller to fight just because I would want both of them to win.. Maybe Deji should fight Fousy or something I think that would be interesting
Doug 5 month ago
Glad you are back doing the news lads❤️
Omar Fakharany 5 month ago
26:42 is Laurence transforming 😂 wtf was that laugh
Ape -X 5 month ago
Man I've missed True News, glad to see it back to bring a smile on my face. Love what you guys do and the energy that's between you, great set of lads!
Paul Shepperd 5 month ago
Harry’s just a normal lad 😂 i remember he was chowing down on a big mac in devon and all the papers were going mad like how dare he 😂
Scarlett Angel 5 month ago
I’ve missed these two making these. The vids always made my week.
swapnill dfg 5 month ago
4:00 starts the video thank me later ladds
Charlie Paling 5 month ago
Gonna be honest I was playing Fifa and when I heard that old fella I genuinely thought it was Rory 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pablo Malaver 5 month ago
"What it takes to get into the NFL you have to be a beast" *Puts picture of college football* (No hate lol all jokes and all love for TG, Loz, and everyone involved)
J. Devos 5 month ago
32:30 it's like you coming out with Raid: Shadow Legends, Brian.
michael freedman 5 month ago
I didn’t even realize this was a true geordie podcast in my feed from the thumbnail , until I went to your channel directly later on and saw it - just a tip
Tim Barker 5 month ago
It’s on about 2 o’clock Friday morning 😂 no one is paying for this
IntoxicatedTurtle_ 5 month ago
I’m soooo happy you’re back, I hope everything is okay ❤️
TOMZY HD 5 month ago
Brian and Laurence are the only youtubers where I can watch the ad
Its Josh 5 month ago
True news BREAKING : Geordie Sorts out the top of his beard( well donr brain).
LEVID 5 month ago
Seen raid for so many months I’ve finally started playing it for the bois hahahahaha ya boi
Matt McVeigh 5 month ago
If I had a quid for every time Laurence says “d ya know what I mean” I’d be minted
John May 5 month ago
have missed this so much, brilliant end to the day and i cant wait for the next year of content from you lads
Alexander Marks 5 month ago