TIMEWASTER: Movie Night - Oney Cartoons

2M views • 22:42 04.06.2014
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Chromic-6 20:41 06.01.2015
The movie playing on the background sounds great "Dad i've been feeling lonely ever since mom died" *Dad starts laughing* "Why the hell are you laughing thats not funny" *Dad laughs*  "Wtf is your problem?" Dad says: "Its funny" *laughs*
CreepsMcPasta 22:55 04.06.2014
Living in Oney's animation universe would be weird
The Unlucky Tug 00:01 05.06.2014
The movie's audio. Superb.
Skoringo 23:00 04.06.2014
I'd personally like to see a Directors Cut.
a.belov 08:15 06.06.2014
the cutting edge humor! I suppose he better use his head next time! This guy just slashed through!
Dr Shaym 06:52 11.07.2014
You realize that you're gonna have to make a trailer for _Where's My Hat_ now, right?
MrChillaxin2010 23:16 04.06.2014
I'm glad Oney cut to the chase with this one.
tenchimuyo69 08:45 16.06.2016
It would suck to live in a world that was literally like Oney world.
darkheat246 20:19 05.06.2014
dont lose your head over it
Alanzomega 22:49 04.06.2014
Oh, I get it!
Afrodisiac 01:03 05.06.2014
I bet that being a cop in Oney's universe would be a daily re-enactment of Saving Private Ryan
Imulsion Edits 22:49 04.06.2014
I didn't get it. I think I'm overthinking this joke...
Spartan 104 23:00 05.07.2016
LOL Indiana Jones as Where's my hat
Jarl Balgruuf 00:48 06.06.2014
Where's My Hat is still in Theaters?
SuperBonk64 06:12 05.06.2014
"Cutting edge video Oney, very sharp quality lol ex dee" -PressFartToContinue, 1998
Tyler Gaydosik 22:50 04.06.2014
I'd like you to cut with the puns O'Neil
Youngster Joey 00:27 05.06.2014
Yeah, I've been feeling lonely ever since the last Leo & Satan Eh heh heeeh Why the hell are you laughing? That's not funny!
Kasper 22:50 04.06.2014
2 years to make a 30 sec cartoon
OblongWalrusTV 05:00 17.06.2014
"Zach I've been feeling lonely ever since mom died" "Heheh"
Renaissance Thinker 20:48 27.07.2014
"Dad I've been lonely ever since mom died" "ahahahahah" "Why are you laughing, that's not funny"
The Dill of All pickles 11:26 07.06.2014
"Where's my hat" "I can't find it" .....
A Fennec Fox 04:27 13.06.2014
Where's my hat?
Justvideogames 08:38 20.07.2014
the dude at 0:22 like "Sssshhhhhhhhhh" :DDDDD 
tonyfamous 02:39 07.06.2014
classic mistake. he should have specifically said " no cutting in line with a knife. "
Mr.Torgue High-Five Flexington 18:30 06.06.2014
Not Leo and Satan. 0/10 
John L 01:35 05.06.2014
0:16 Movie: Guy 1: I've been really lonely ever since mom died. Guy 2: Eh ha haaa! Guy 1: Why the hell are you laughing, that's not funny! Guy 2: Eh heh heh haaaa! Guy 1: What the @&#% is your problem?! Guy 2: It's funny! 10/10 FIVE STARS BES MOVI EVUR
dingusbringus 00:38 07.06.2014
I wanna watch that movie they're seeing.
Mister Gacado 17:18 22.05.2016
"Where's my hat I can't find it"
TheOriginalNightHawk 02:48 20.06.2014
He is head over heels for her 
Robert Alex 22:20 30.08.2014
"Ive been sad since mom died...." Ha,,,,haaaa,,haaa "Hey why are you lauthing" Haa haaa haa "WTF is your problem" Haa haa funny haa 19/10 Would watch movie........
Tom Fjällström 6 month ago
It sucks that Oney took down the full version of "Mom's Dead" from his soundcloud, there it is revealed why the guy laughs at his mother dying
Glinko 07:41 06.06.2014
Funny posters
DispleasedEskimo 14:36 05.06.2014
My fave bit is the "Thank you" at the start ha
i_iz_link 21:29 24.06.2014
Where's my hat I cant find it.
mia freeman 09:16 28.12.2014
i wanna see the movie they're watching, it sounds interesting
x1ic1x 22:51 04.06.2014
Hey OneyNG, my phone notified me you made a new video and I got rock hard.
Archie Bernardo 07:53 03.08.2014
You guys do realize that signing up contracts and getting all the necessary paperwork to get a us visa will take at least a year right?
ruins 02:21 05.06.2014
the poster: "where's my hat - I can't find it"
kevin delaney 03:16 21.07.2014
guy 1: "i've been feeling lonely ever since mom died" guy 2: "ahahaha"  classic
Sea Kay 1 year ago
“I’ve been feeling lonely ever since mom died”. “Euhheeehhhhheugh”
Matt Trulock 2 years ago
I'd love to see "Where's My Hat: I can't find it"
instanceTu 2 years ago
To be honest i allways prefered the sequel "Where is my hat 2: I still cant find it"
Reality Winner 23:34 04.06.2014
WHERES MY HAT i cant find it
VerboseQuestion 10:26 22.12.2015
Where's my hat I can't find it.
cJinL 18:42 06.06.2015
Literally every comment is a pun.
Cody the random dog 9 month ago
0:07 when you get pissed at the guy telling this wasn't your spot
schloob 08:18 29.03.2015
listen to the movie they're watching xD
mayuri206 23:09 04.06.2014
was dat stamper?
Wolf Gang 21:22 01.02.2015
You've made so,e good videos, oney, but this one is definitely a cut above the rest.
Shut the hell your mouth 10:57 08.06.2014
"WHERE'S MY HAT. I can't find it" LOL best movie title ever
SpaniardChris 20:27 28.04.2015
0:06 ISIS In a nutshell
Wendigo Van der Blitz 1 year ago
I'dd watch "Where's my hat, I can't find it."
Random Green Day Fan 182 16:37 05.05.2016
The awkward moment when your guy gets cut up n you're like "oh I get it!"
Adamantu-Kun 09:15 06.06.2014
Where's My Hat "I Can't Find It"
Ketzzy Vargas 22:50 04.06.2014
My phone just alerted me you posted a new video. I am pleased.
Michael Weida 21:56 08.07.2014
"Yeah I've been feeling lonely since mom died, heh heh."
pokio55 02:41 05.06.2014
"Where's my Hat" is one of my top 10 movies!
yolka 22:48 02.08.2014
he was like "no cuttin" and then he CUT his neck off "wat the hell you laughin at" "heheee is funneh"
Kardel 00:26 05.06.2014
eheheeeeeeee..........its funneh...........
HonorNecris 14:41 05.06.2014
Pebbles' "thank you" was my favorite part. I like these shorts... I bought them yesterday.. hhuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn
John Hughes 21:22 30.04.2015
Hearing Zach say "Thank you" like his nose is completely clogged makes me happy :>
ᅚᅚᅚ 00:49 06.06.2014
I've actually seen this happen before
gta sanan 12:54 05.06.2014
"wheres my hat i can't find it"
Chicão Xavier 01:03 05.06.2014
0:09 "wheres my hat i cant find it" lol
MrDuploelephant 17:42 06.06.2014
"Where Is My Hat" staring Hatless Jones
momomum 00:31 12.06.2014
What's with all of the allusions to the video...they really need to be cut out
Duplino 06:37 05.06.2014
The posters are my favorite, 'Where's my Hat' instead of Indiana Jones xD
Kiyo 15:33 05.06.2014
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I love how angry the guy in the back got at 0:21
Pizzaman Jenkins 00:49 05.06.2014
"Dad I've been feelin lonely since mom died. ahhaahhaauh "Why the hell are you laughing?!? that's not funny!" It is now! XD
Jayfunnyman 23:10 04.06.2014
I feel like if I was in one of the animations my character would die...
Red Guy 5 month ago
Me:SOMEBODY CALL THE POLICE *calls the police* Me:this guy is cutting
Bob's your uncle 4 month ago
"Thank you."
Yu Narukami 05:27 25.06.2014
Siknik64 23:23 04.06.2014
I'd like two tickets to "Where's my Hat, I can't find it."
Mayolo Duarte 05:36 05.06.2014
Omgf I got the joke when his head fell off LOL. Great job Oney <3
NIMRODakaNIMROD 17:58 17.06.2014
Well and I heard "no cuntin'!" at first...
CCScorseseVideos 23:49 04.06.2014
Stamper's accent on that guy is glorious hahaha
Tim Tickler 10:51 05.06.2014
"Where's my hat"...done
Londicimo2008 22:51 05.06.2014
hahahaha that ending "shh" golden!
Anna Marie 23:01 04.06.2014
I feel this on an emotional level
Ladmaro 19:17 15.06.2014
I would like to see that movie they're watching xD
Snow Flowset 9 month ago
After 5 years still so good
angeloXsk8er 02:42 05.06.2014
LMFAO wheres my hat i cant find it
PLAYDO 02:35 31.07.2014
I've been feeling lonely ever since mom dying
MickeyBeast 06:58 11.07.2014
I really like the movie they are watching. hahaha.
shadydragon22 2 years ago
Were the watching Oney's version of the movie "The Room"?
ilaac 20:23 05.06.2014
WHERE'S MY HEAD I can't find it
Ryan 00:12 08.06.2014
I want full Length wheres my hat I cant find it, FILM NOW!
Daniel Perez 22:50 04.06.2014
Imagine me posting a picture literally saying lmao....lolololololololololololol
Rory Horgan 23:13 04.06.2014
felt like i was watching south park for a second XD
memphis tennessee 01:30 11.09.2016
ya I've been feeling a bit lonely ever since mom died
Grape Cola 02:59 30.08.2014
Dad, I've been feelin' lonely ever since mom died...
Brian Cevallos 23:17 01.05.2015
I love this video, especially the movie in the background lol
Eli 04:43 30.01.2015
Where's my hat
daneofurexistence 13:46 05.06.2014
I wanna go see "Where's My Hat?"
JuicyMoist 02:43 07.06.2014
that background poster "Wheres my hat"
TehFingergunz 02:52 08.06.2014
WHERE'S MY HAT I can't find it
Bobbi Winters 10:42 07.06.2014
Yeah, I've been feeling lonely since mom died..
chinezeFURY 22:51 04.06.2014
Meh, not your best work
Null 00:29 05.06.2014
Where's my hat? I CANT FIND IT