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Mr. Paradox 5 month ago
Hacksmith : make a new project The old projects: *my time has come*
jhfdoggy 5 month ago
Throw that “unbreakable box” with all the money Inside at it
SumGuy123456789 3 month ago
You've turned Thanos into General Grievous! This is incredible. Edit: damn, this is a shitload of likes for me
Alvaro Blanco 4 month ago
“We are trained professionals “ zip ties a big dangerous sword to a wheel chair and spins it really fast
Mr. corrin Miscellaneous 5 month ago
Next: infinity gauntlet that actually disintegrates half the universe
Zee Katz 5 month ago
At some point y'all need to get Adam Savage ( From Myth Busters ) out there.
Qubez_ 5 month ago
Girls: what do boys do at sleepovers Boys:
Snek 5 month ago
When they have nothing left to throw: *picks up a peice from the wall*
I don't know i just made this channel Idk for short 5 month ago
fruit ninja: i am the best a cutting things Thanos:hold my beer
Kons37 Flyingreapper 5 month ago
4:13 turn to 0.25 where the heck did that wrench come from
Breno Menezes 5 month ago
protection wall: cinderblocks throw cinder blocs at the blade: total obliteration protection 100
haziq ali zuhdi 5 month ago
The hacksmith be like: T H A N O S C O P T E R
Firewolfsoldier 5 month ago
"looks at my ceiling fan" It's time...
Zxeon Verse 5 month ago
Hacksmith: "we can't weild it properly" Thanos: *P* *A* *T* *H* *E* *T* *I* *C*
Live 2 Drift 5 month ago
I started watching 4 years ago so when I became a member it was the best day of my life. Love you guys
Rob Eagle 5 month ago
Throws Cinderblock : Breaks instantly Me : I dont think that wall will hold...
Majestic Raymon 5 month ago
Hacksmith: Are you all right Zombie head: No I’m all left
MagicMineX 5 month ago
Has anyone ever thought about if any of their projects are actually like ya know legal 😂
নুবাইদ খান 5 month ago
Stark industries: Makes armors of ironman Hacksmith industries: Makes all marvel things.
Wira Kusuma 5 month ago
8:31 No one Literally no one "IT'S ART ATTACK MOTHERF*CKER!!"
Erik S 5 month ago
"This is one of the most dangerous and irresponsible things we've done" -Man who strapped rockets to his wrists
Joao Paulo 5 month ago
at some point they were just trowing random things and screaming histerically, i loved it
I have to wait 90 days to change my name 5 month ago
*Thats sounds like a propeller with extra steps*
RedLightningTheLegend 5 month ago
"Thats a lotta nuts" had me on the floor for some god damn reason
Baronopolis Network 5 month ago
4:57 Mysterio before he was famous.
Sven 5 month ago
Cameraman:hey where is all the stuff on the shelves? Hack smith: *gone. Reduced to atoms.*
Aidan Daley 5 month ago
"I have invented a knife weilding tentacle... if anyone wants to come turn it off that'd be fine by me"
Mutalib Gozalov 5 month ago
6:36, if Avengers weren't exist: *Humans vs Thanos*
Matthew Thomson 5 month ago
This is the most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen in my life and I applaud you for it
Edgy Teenager 5 month ago
Thanos: destroys military test dummy like it’s nothing* *Damnnn takin like a CHAMP*
Kyle Andreolli 5 month ago
Question: what spins faster This Or A lawnmower
Midnight Soul 5 month ago
If Thanos isn't being careful, he might chop his hand off.
Angga AR 5 month ago
Ok now lets collaborate with: Planet slow mo, and SAW movie
My cat is named Melon 5 month ago
I can imagine it flying away with the power source and it just breaks through the roof
Brandon Ejem 5 month ago
Hacksmith: we built a bunker to protect ourselves Also Hacksmith: throws said bunker at the sword.
Assassin Xeno 5 month ago
"The deadliest fidget spinner" So you made a propeller.
Chuck Graves 5 month ago
Thanos sword is definitely ZGB approved.
Evil Stewie 5 month ago
Now i want to see someone drop a Thor hammer on a spinning Thanos sword. Mind Blown
Rudraksha Chandel 5 month ago
Someone in that room is thinking about cleaning this mess😂😂
Jackson Studner 5 month ago
A brief summery: James, aka the hacksmith, and his team thowing everything and anything they see to its inevitable doom.
zappy gaming 5 month ago
that’s literally dravens weapon from league of legends
adrian dave 5 month ago
6:32 is like the sounds on scp 096
Trenyce Kok 5 month ago
No one Literally no one Hacksmith: world's deadliest fidget spinner
Manjeet Dhillon 5 month ago
A guy uses this to open a packet of chips Swag level:99999+
Kassuboiq 5 month ago
I surely would NOT want to see thanos' wrist after that spinning
sad vibes nigga 4 month ago
he's still playing with those nuts people gave to him
Ry Young 5 month ago
2020 they change their youtube channel to “The Hacksmiths”
Emmil Angel ANGEL 5 month ago
Mrhacksmith raiding area 51: I'm inevitable
CosMicNubPlayer NubPlayer 5 month ago
And yeah this is like chad wild clay.
Deadpool _I’m so cool_ 5 month ago
Hacksmith crew mothers: where are the decorations I brought you for this Christmas? Hacksmith crew: gone, reduced to atoms
Pogisiako214 official 3 month ago
Blender: "first time? "
Margaret Cockburn 5 month ago
10:40 It’s scary how it actually sounds like human bones.
Tech Gawwd 4 month ago
I wanna see Avengers: Endgame "R" rated now.
karmenkay64 4 month ago
Friend: you have a figet spinner? Me: hold my juice
GhostDiamond 5 month ago
Hacksmith: why is the electricity bill so high this month? *Flash Back To This Video* Hacksmith:
xXSony_ZeroXx 5 month ago
This mans is like years ahead of us in technology and wisdom
Arguinghen JIP 5 month ago
So THIS is where Evan has been! LET HIM GO.
Gaming Central 5 month ago
0:00 did he say"unfortunately were sponsored by squarespace"
Mr. Soulless 3 month ago
Everybody: throws stuff** The hachsmith: throws pair of legs😂
Organic Bananas 4 month ago
Kyber King 5 month ago
Throws You Tube Rewind 2019 into Thanos Blade: "Now this does put a smile on my face"
surfitlive 3 month ago
11:35 Deleted scene from 3rd act of Endgame.
SP3KTR _979 5 month ago
All the little kids be like : mummy I want that fidget spinner
Awesome Beast123 5 month ago
People: Did you make Thanos’s spinning sword? The Hack smith: Yes. People: What did it cost? The Hack smith: Oh just money.
Gustavo Rosa 5 month ago
This reminds me of 6th grade when me and the boys stayed at the classroom during lunch break to trow stuff on the fan
Jeff Goldbroom 5 month ago
9:06 this dude is throwing a whole ass cinder block
Waiz Ahmed 3 month ago
This is the coolest thing I have ever seen! Loved it😍
Nicholas Gagliano 5 month ago
Oh my God it’s Evan freaking kale thank you guys for giving him a home I was starting to get worried after his kidnapping
Matt fromWork 5 month ago
Hacksmith: Don't try this at home! Me at home with my real Thanos sword: DAMN IT!
HARSH 5 month ago
9:30 Is what u came for 😁😁😁 Thank me later
RavenousVibes 5 month ago
4:36 I love how they throw something over the wall not knowing where it went and the ext thing you know it’s like some screaming robot is throwing it back at you 😂
Nguyen Khang 5 month ago
3:11 Jim:What have you created?! Me:A masterpiece
joelch100 5 month ago
4:12 throws hat wrench flies
Jacob 23 5 month ago
Absolutely no one: James: *grabs half of mannequin* "I'm just gonna yeet this over"
Jared Lankford 5 month ago
"A portion of this video has been sponsored by Squarespace" *Visible Confusion*
Tidal Waves 5 month ago
4:14 where did that wrench come from?
InfamousFriday 5 month ago
Random person: I have the power of God and Anime on my side! Hacksmith: That's cute.
Mahedi Ferdous 5 month ago
6:29 . Thanos: I wanna die again.
Red Wolf 5 month ago
Thanoscopter: exists 10.000$box: Mom come Pick me Up im scared.
LeBlinky 5 month ago
Now, all I have to do is wait for the spinning Draven axes. :D
Bluey goes Blue 5 month ago
6:30 sounds like a train
SPACE PANDA420 5 month ago
Kugelpanzer Studios 5 month ago
"Sqwaore space"
Shikhar Verma 5 month ago
I wanted to see you throw thor mjolnir towards that sword.
Andre Howard 5 month ago
3:48 FULL THROTTLE!!! but sire, the cameras- JUST DO IT!!
LEMEMES 21 4 month ago
“Now this is an Avengers level threat”
1000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge 5 month ago
4:54 blurs out nba logo like no one will know what it is😂
kam bing 5 month ago
amazing, you can make grapple hook, I recommend trying to maneuver 3d form attack on titan, pliss
Gao Industries 5 month ago
"We are trained professionals" - The guys who hire untrained interns
YTyvngpsycho . 5 month ago
4:07 hes eating the fome lol😂
evad_ _1131 5 month ago
3:49 No one Not a soul Hacksmiths voice crack "ThAtS FuLl ThroTTle"
ASISH KAR 5 month ago
Imagine Someones HEad there. IT's like i just wanna get snapped. thats it i'm out.
Ark Point One 5 month ago
Tristan McClintock 5 month ago
3:55 it sounds like the thanos copter is screaming
Kurtis Moellmann 5 month ago
Loved the Kung Pow reference at 7:47!!! "That's a lot of nuts!"
Umesh Villa 5 month ago
Damn can’t even imagine it flying towards ur crew hacksmith. Thanks for entertaining us and yourself guys
jahviz 5 month ago
Thanos: I'm inevitable Hacksmith: try me bih I dare you
Stormcloud20 5 month ago
Zombie head: * splits * James: *excited screaming in mechanic*
MOTTO motto 5 month ago
4:13 who threw the spanner
360 Fish Slayers 5 month ago
Yo I literally forgot about fidget spinners for years lmao