The NEW McLaren GT is a $300,000 Grand Touring Supercar

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2020 McLaren Review by The Straight Pipes. The 2020 McLaren is pumping out 612hp and 465lb ft tq. At $321,258 CAD, would this be your pick over the Audi R8, Porsche 911 Turbo, Bentley Continental GT, Aston Martin DB11, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera? Thanks to McLaren Toronto for providing the McLaren GT

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TheStraightPipes 5 month ago
What do you think of the McLaren GT? Most superest grand touring car?
Todd Gordon 5 month ago
Nothing like the classic intro to start the weekend.
Yiannis Dodai 5 month ago
I was really crossing my fingers not to hear "Here's what to expect in today's video"😂
BelieveInMatter 5 month ago
This may be an unpopular opinion but i frickin’ love that roof rack haha, something about a supercar that you can put skii’s on just makes me smile 🤷‍♂️
Austin Angles 5 month ago
I cant believe I'm saying this, but that's the best looking McLaren out there in my opinion.
Dylan F 5 month ago
Last time I was this early jakub owned an ISF and yuri was dressing like a hippy from the 80s.
Trinom1c 5 month ago
Yuri looks so concerned everytime he launches something
NfsNick 5 month ago
8:31 Yuri's life flashed before his eyes LOL
i Neifion 5 month ago
As a GT I think it's meant to be kinda incognito, which I like personally. I like cars that don't bring too much attention to themselves, but then have a gorgeous red leather interior. oh and 720s all the way!
Uri Katjiuongua 5 month ago
Still waiting for the Carwow x Straight Pipes Collab😗 Could this be a thing in 2020?
Aero 5 month ago
I honestly absolutely Love this channel , best car channel out there , u two make the video so , so entertaining man , I always watch the end , I cannot afford any car on here but still watch them , big up Straight Pipes
DGhost19 5 month ago
Don’t know what you guys are talking about but Mclaren hit it out of the park with the styling
Bill Minkowitz 5 month ago
Love seeing these great cars in winter, too many don’t buy them because of fear they can’t use them enough in the north.
Nigel games 5 month ago
0:30 when your girl takes your pants down for the first time
Jacob 5 month ago
Holy hell that car is SO gorgeous
BASITH PH 5 month ago
I like McLaren’s take on the grand tourer Its like a supercar you can take for cross country trips
Supercars in Greece 5 month ago
Masterpiece from Mclaren! just wow!
Salmonfaky 5 month ago
"Do the doors go up? Heck yeah they do. Do you look cool getting in and out?" ..... erm no, no you do not.
B Singh 5 month ago
The face they make like a 5 year old ! when launching ! shows the love for cars ! <3 !
Abhay Sharma 5 month ago
11:35 Doug's gonna have a breakdown.
SarcastikB 5 month ago
An actual everyday McLaren! I would buy this as my daily in a sec.
jwillautoblog 5 month ago
So jealous! McLaren is my dream car and if I won the lottery that would be my major splurge haha. Love seeing it in the winter!
Master Olu 5 month ago
I love the styling and concept of this car. Excellent review as well.
ThatOneDude702 5 month ago
"If you want a supplementary McLaren..."
Jimmy Huerta 5 month ago
Exhaust so wild, mic couldn’t even handle the launch at the beginning 🥴
OfficialHoneZtAbe 5 month ago
The sketchy thing about driving a car like this in any kind of wet weather is not being worried about yourself, it's the other people on the road I worry about. It's cool if the car can handle the weather, but if someone slides into you, you'd be pretty relieved that you decided to drive your Jeep that day and keep the McLaren warm in the garage
Robby O'Reece 5 month ago
2:23 *AAAAAAAAAH!!!*
ThruTheCosmos 5 month ago
imo the best looking mclaren so far... alot less busy looking. Also, I love it in the colour you had - so basically to complete opposite to you :)
kapital research 5 month ago
Great video as usual Keep it up guys everyone loves the hard work that goes into this entertaining channel
Dom Marston 5 month ago
17:20 from this angle - wow this car is impressive 🤩
Chip and Donno 5 month ago
I want one! It sounds and looks great!!!
Bryan Mcgoon 5 month ago
02:58 Awesome seeing the Canadian flag in the shot. Great review boys!
MERICA #1 5 month ago
12:21 no cracked and pops then I hear pops
Varad Bhatt 5 month ago
Loving the ski rack!!
BASITH PH 5 month ago
The McLaren GT is like a luxury supercar
Mohammad Tabbaa 5 month ago
Oh Yeah The Classic intro
Hizzy HI 5 month ago
Joker 5 month ago
0:30 when she bends over in those Lulu lemons
RangoTheFlamingMango 5 month ago
Did I mention this is my favorite channel on this whole app?
LeJunny 5 month ago
wow I didn’t realize the huge resemblance between this and the C8 Corvette, only differences are the headlights and taillights. Besides that the body style is very similar
Wking 5 month ago
I love everything about it. My favorite McLaren body.
Waleed Alghussein 5 month ago
0:17 my house in the background 🤩
Clifton Cheng 5 month ago
That McLaren is breathtakingly beautiful!
andru myers 5 month ago
i love watching each of their faces being mildly terrified when the other one is driving LOLLLL
nclj thmsn 5 month ago
To me the McLaren GT is my favorite looking and sounding McLaren so far! I am really a fan of it!
Per Erik Wennberg 5 month ago
Perfect timing!!!.. I was just thinking how cool it would be to see a McLaren GT winter video, and here you are! 😀👍👍👍
Gavin Kelly 5 month ago
That’s fucking awesome congrats on getting such an expensive car
Qwerty 5 month ago
Thanks for the review, I finally decided to spend my money on this beautiful car in forza horizon 4 lol
Keemborghini 5 month ago
0:43 “A little bit squirly there” lol sound like Mat Maran
Shack 5 month ago
Wow that color is amazing on this car
Muhammed Asaf 5 month ago
Oh, the rhythm of “I’m Yuri, I’m Jakub, and we’re going for a drive” Beautiful.
BCOutdoorsman 5 month ago
Such a great review, can't imagine how much more awesome the Chiron review will be.
Kamus On 5 month ago
"But somebody who's like a boomer, this would be perfect for them." Best line of the whole video lol love you guys
Rentta 5 month ago
"We need to find if it's a supercar" well yes it is... one that tries to be GT car but isn't
Ali 5 month ago
"heck yes you DEWWWW!!!" :')
d1arkblue 5 month ago
"This is McLaren. This is a REAL brand." ~Jakub and there goes all the other car manufacturers giving them review cars.
Paolo Santos 5 month ago
Its nice to wake up and have some mclarens and straightpipes with my breakfast
仮面ライダーブラック 5 month ago
Can't wait for the new Jaguar xj220
Dexter Lee 5 month ago
Finally something that took out the “meh” in their faces! 😂
Theodore Tikhomirov 5 month ago
I absolutely love it when you guys do reviews in the winter, especially with Grey cars.
Stefan Johnson 5 month ago
Friday uploads are the best way to start the workday. Thank's so much guys for all the hard work you put into your videos. Keep it up!
Thomas Ning 5 month ago
6:00 In the sunlight though, that slight tinge of green looks amazing. I imagine it'd look a lot more classy in the summer than just completely bland in the winter.
McLovin 5 month ago
I love yuri's reaction when jakub is sending it on cliche corner. His face was so scared and jakub is the friend who's not scared of anything LOOL
i Neifion 5 month ago
Speedtail with this kind of rear "boot" you could put an electric Bass in back! Maybe even a double Bass.
Er2us Lebron 5 month ago
13:30 😱😱😱 Jakub liking IPhone?? No way 🤭 Love the content guys! ❤️💪🏾
Kieron Hodgson 5 month ago
I think I would keep that roof rack on year round. I’m strangely attracted to the McLaren GT, she’s stunning and there is something so cool about seeing a rocket ship like this getting driven well in winter. Kudos McLaren 👍🏼
DownShiftChris 5 month ago
"A boomer"
Amit Biswa 5 month ago
How do these guys don’t have 1 million subs already
Thomas Sumpter 5 month ago
Great content guys! Can you do a comparison between the Camry TRD vs Avalon TRD! Interested to hear your opinions!
CDNG416 5 month ago
OK, The Second I Saw This Car I Fell In Love With It!
Victor 5 month ago
4:52 misaligned
PATRIOT HAM 5 month ago
I Love McLaren!😘❤❤❤❤❤
Curt R. 5 month ago
Man what a beautiful car! The rear end almost looks half Aston-Martin. Thanks for the video!
Mohamed Mayet 5 month ago
Love the smiles, attitude and real enthusiasm! 😎
M.A. 5 month ago
**Talks about audi r8** "No this is McLaren. This is a real brand" hahh
Leonidas K 5 month ago
Nice intro ;)
P2Feener 305 5 month ago
There’s a r34 V spec II NùR selling for around the same price. 😂
Siddharth Kanukala 5 month ago
Love the content ❤ Hardwork paying off. You guys are going up💪
Avery Loinette 5 month ago
this is my new favorite McLaren. reminds me a bit of the 959
Aadil Faizal 5 month ago
This is my favorite person looking McLaren. Just wish it could lower it a bit lower
Arvid Karlberg 5 month ago
I think this would look amazing with silver wheels, a classy sparkly blue paint and full tan interior
Alberto Valera 5 month ago
Those window switches remind me of bow-tie pasta... Maybe I’m just hungry 🤷🏻‍♂️
Chucky 5 month ago
Jakub and Yuri: This is the best GT car. 812 Superfast: Am I a joke to you?!?
P Cho 5 month ago
16:31 - passed by Canadian flag in the background!!
Erycon 5 month ago
I love the look of it with the Snowboard and Ski on the roof. Great Video.
R8 5 month ago
when i see a doug demuro title i click immediately
Dawid Does Tech Stuff 5 month ago
I think it looks really amazing in grey. The sound is also pretty nasty. 👍 *edit* I even like stance, its the least showy Supercar, which works for McLaren in my opinion.
Misadventure 5 month ago
This car is absolutely beautiful. A supercar being in the snow with a rack on top is super stylish and cool to me for some reason
infernohit 5 month ago
Yuri looks so scared on the sends! Love it 😄
Zaki K 5 month ago
Always watch your videos before school ❤️ always fun to watch ‼️
Art Aglubat 5 month ago
BAD-ACE!!! WOW, awesome. Love the skis and board.
TheMoose2010 5 month ago
THIS is the intro I like to see. Wasn't super happy with the whole preview of the video (aka spoilers) thing.
Road To The F1 5 month ago
The more I see of this car the more I like it. Might be my favourite looking of the current lineup.
Mike Perry 5 month ago
I really keep coming back here for motivation to study then I end up watching for 2 hours -_-
CarsofGlasgow 5 month ago
The GT Mclaren is soo sexy and sleek! Any money I would still want the Bentley Continental :D
Shawn Skiba 5 month ago
My favorite channel. I'm glad it's doing so well for you guys. You both seem extra excited in this episode I imagine that was due to content
Shayed Mansur 5 month ago
ME: Best duo car reviewers !! THROTTLE HOUSE: TRAITOR
Fabian Herrmann 5 month ago
Cool review thanks! I can never really tell if a car launches fast. It doesnt translate very well on film. But your faces are priceless if it is rocket like this one.
J.D. Summers 5 month ago
Some of the best sounding exhaust I've ever heard on a turbo car
Kelvin Angeles 5 month ago
They're soooo excited about the steering wheel 😂