13 Year Old Bunchie Young Is BACK! Prodigy Trains With Football Guru & Heads To The SUPER BOWL!?

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Bunchie Young is BACK! It's the first episode of 2020!

On the last episode of Bunchie! our guy went work with Darelle Noel, a LEGIT NFL trainer who worked with Todd Gurley! Then his Dad took him to this CRAZY hill and made him run all the way to the top and back!

Bunchie has been a free agent for a minute, but his dad has some good news, he found Bunchie another team! There's not much time left in the season, but Bunchie was still recruited to help the team get one last dub.

Now it’s time to put some work in before the big game. Bunchie and his boys link up with WR guru Dwayne Frampton. Bunchie and these dudes been training together FOREVER! Coach Framp helps the boys with their technique and to get them ready for the next level.

Finally it’s GAME DAY and they're giving our guy a chance to make some PLAYS! Only problem is when you are as famous as Bunchie, the other team knows you’re getting the ball. It was a close game to the very end, but our guys came up short in an overtime loss.

Bunchie clearly has been making noise because the NFL calls pops with the CRAZIEST NEWS EVER!?

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nemthedancer 3 month ago
I pray who ever sees this become successful 🖤
Nyron Adams 3 month ago
When his dad said “guess Wht are u ready” in da car, I thought he was gonna he found another team like damn😂😂
Yur boi Jonesy 3 month ago
The kid in dreads who said books before field looks like a grown man
Jamal Socool 3 month ago
Lol why the question mark like we didn’t watch the super already😂
LilStxnk Tv 3 month ago
Finally he’s back let’s goooooo
Nicster Elite 3 month ago
Can you do more vids of him because there is to little to watch
Reversed Compact 3 month ago
Yo deadass bunchies house looks like a gta house no cap
og news 3 month ago
this guy switchs schools faster than than flash
Overtime 3 month ago
QB1 Trizzy 3 month ago
I've been waiting for this to come back on for so long
OK_170 3 month ago
8:01 "hes not getting pass me"-recks right through
Maxalan Vickers 3 month ago
I've been waiting 4 years for this! 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Dave Zigerelli 3 month ago
YES this shows so good
Nicster Elite 3 month ago
Yes another Bunchie vid
UrMad Lol544 3 month ago
Wasnt he on that one super bowl commercial?
Josh Fendrick 3 month ago
when is summer throne dropping tho
2Slick 3 month ago
“He might be bigger than me but he is not getting past me” That’s the energy right there
Rocco Barbera 3 month ago
Finally back at if🔥💯
Lucas Kanarek 3 month ago
Let’s go
Jayden Percodani 3 month ago
Imagine changing teams everytime u get tackled
Ok Ok 3 month ago
I feel he switch’s teams everyday
Overtime Europe 3 month ago
Bunchie dropping
Josh Fendrick 3 month ago
we are so back this is great
cOmMeNt pOlIcE 3 month ago
I think they hyped him too much....
Sir Elliott Sessions 3 month ago
He is finnaly back
Yesir 916 3 month ago
Ayyyee I hyped up when I seen Bunchies commercial 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 s/o to his Pops 💯🙏🏾✊🏾
Princeofthe 03 3 month ago
7:59 - the dude might be bigger than me but he’s not getting past me.. he trucked him😭
Danilo Gwilliam 3 month ago
Ive waiting so freaking long
Kevon Phillips 3 month ago
Finally they made a new one of my favorite kid football player
slikiy FN 3 month ago
Esketi bro let's go another episode
HeartLxss IOS 3 month ago
I’m the same age as Bunchie and I Love this Dude training and everything I play football my self I’m A Qb And CB
11 11 3 month ago
I can tell he won’t quit football anytime soon. He seems to genuinely love playing. Many other kids like him are forced to play and aren’t as passionate as he his and will get burnt out.
uuda mann 3 month ago
Bruh what took so long bro I’m happy he back
TJPLAYZ09 3 month ago
Dang I loved when my dad boiled the mouthpiece it was so warm
The Truth 3 month ago
Kid with the braids got my respect . Books before sports.
Turtle Doodeee 3 month ago
aight no way these gonna be in high school they all midgets
Jaxon Harrington 3 month ago
He really said there’s perks to being famous because he got tackled behind the line multiple times
Adam Baker 3 month ago
when bunchie hit puberty big time his voice gonna go lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Elijah Santiago 3 month ago
Bruh I watched him go out live
Na8o. 3 month ago
I thought he was maybe 11 years old man… no way he’s a teenager
Brayden Gibbs 3 month ago
I’m 13 and u have played on bad teams my whole life I have played since 6 and won a total of 5 games
LowKeyin 3 month ago
When he said females 🤧🤧
Savageisidoro 209 3 month ago
Love this show and I follow bunchie insta
Benji 3 month ago
Legit two weeks late 😤
Andre Booker 3 month ago
We back 💪🏾
Jacob Kvech 3 month ago
Why that one kid with dreads look like a grown man
js 3 month ago
We back! Bro!
LOGAN HILL 3 month ago
I wonder how he’s a rams and a niners fan. (Both been on Super Bowl past few years)
Nola Rodgers 3 month ago
Oh so they had to wait till the commercial came out to release the episode
ACE 7TM 3 month ago
Why are they d1 in MIDDLE SCHOOL THO🤯
Danelle Cortez 3 month ago
I saw you on the field
Daniel Vlogs 3 month ago
Thanks for posting again.
Adan Carmona 3 month ago
Connor Hesse 3 month ago
Chase Neyer 3 month ago
This guy isn’t even good he had a one yard run chill
JJ Knight 3 month ago
Who else clicked on this vid because the kid on the thumbnail is built like a grown man
FatToni97 - 3 month ago
Why Duse so swole 😂
makei 3 month ago
isn’t crenshaw where all american started ?😂
Brady Kane 3 month ago
what up Brodie Mac!
Seth Richardson 3 month ago
If bunchie comes to az I wanna so 1on1 with him
Ballrkid08 3 month ago
Why he leave Compton Tar Heels
James Moore 3 month ago
Another diva! Ladies and gentlemen the next Antonio Brown 🤦‍♂️
SaintLaurentDon 3 month ago
Duse gotta get put at RB 😭
beastbuilds 3 month ago
whos here from snapchat?
Huckleberry 3 month ago
Tough loss in the super bowl. Go niners
Grace-Caroline Alumbassa 3 month ago
Yeah finally!!!!!!!!!!!
Matt Fogarty 3 month ago
This the heat we deserve
leo ll 3 month ago
They try and hype bunchie up so much but hes really just that fast kid on your team that only runs jet sweeps and plays safety on defense... Bunchies isn’t even in the top 8 best players on that team
Rayin Robinson 3 month ago
thats were im from miami
Yeti08 Flick 3 month ago
Thank you
Jason Smith 3 month ago
Thank you
Jake Dettwiller 3 month ago
My friend at nationals beat the 13 yr old
Hector Calvillo 3 month ago
I see you hector
Savageisidoro 209 3 month ago
I seen bunchie ad already
Matthew Kenderes 3 month ago
I was first
AiMNotorious 3 month ago
Bunchie a Beast💪🏻😤
IsoMeech2x 3 month ago
Dominican King 3 month ago
So brunchie pops rollin 60 crip?
Kijon Matthews 3 month ago
They all gon be nice asf in HS nokap
WS- B0T 3 month ago
Chance Carter 3 month ago
Yeah I saw
Kristyn Holley 3 month ago
Bunchie is really going to make it to the nfl
Justin N 3 month ago
Bunchies friend was like 5 ft but he built like a grown man
Heartless TV 3 month ago
That commercial idea was dope
TG Alvarez 3 month ago
He's overrated
Official_ Jay2213 3 month ago
Jason Londen 3 month ago
Yngb bb4l Frizzy 3 month ago
Jim Shortell 3 month ago
Plus race me I did on field day 100m 10sec
geezer1ification 3 month ago
So they can run... who knew?
Camry 3 month ago
You late but I still love it
Synix_ ACE 3 month ago
The kid in dreads looks built asl he already set for hs
Hudson Heiskell 3 month ago
Jeremy Santana 3 month ago
Yo u know um Gary
Rocco Barbera 3 month ago
Why doesn’t he just get a battle mouth gaurd that you folding have to boil
Dingo Lingo 3 month ago
Ok so explain this to me. Bunche is 13 and 5 foot tall. Only is good at football and plays no other sports. So your gonna tell me he’s the most athletic kid in the nation??
Alwaz Carey 3 month ago
alwazzz cool
INC Reaper 3 month ago
Yo this all American middle school edition
E Schwartz 3 month ago
I swear his dad only owns 1 shirt
Aaron Happy 3 month ago
This kid is awesome