Michigan Commit JJ McCarthy Has An INSANE ARM! Top QB’s OFFICIAL Junior Year Highlights 🔥

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JJ McCarthy is WORTH THE HYPE! He's a top 5 QB in the class of 2021 and his stock is only RISING!

Every ball he throws is on a DIME. Not to mention he has an absolute ROCKET for an arm. I couldn't be more excited to see what he has in store for his SENIOR SZN.


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SpenceDa CoolKid 5 month ago
Where is the new bunchie episode
Isaac Pacheco 5 month ago
Where’s the new episode of bunchie
Mmil1010 5 month ago
He caught the smoke from mc in the championship game tho🥶🥶
Connor Leyden 5 month ago
just like the warriors, gets all the fame in the regular season then can’t win the championship🤣🤣
Maxx Gasca 5 month ago
Where’s bunchie ???
David Weise 5 month ago
Remember when Mount Carmel stoke off Naz in the state championship game? 😂😂😂
SweatDifferent- 5 month ago
He choked in a championship game
Ato tomato 5 month ago
Yo isn’t by his supposed to be back
MGOBLUE 5 month ago
dinari1903 5 month ago
Where is the new bunchie
Cole Roush 5 month ago
Angel Diaz 5 month ago
Absolutely first
Levelle and Aj production 5 month ago
Wesley Zaske 5 month ago
He as a great arm
Angel Diaz 5 month ago
And first like nocap
Christian Hernandez 5 month ago
cj stroud >
James Yoder 5 month ago
Terrible camera angle.