Life WIth Fluffy: Episode 1 | Gabriel Iglesias

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Fluffy vs Daaamn!

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Jamie Sucie 3 month ago
Upvote to anyone who would like to party with Gabriel. “Fluffy gonna get Puffy”
ARTSONICFAN990 3 month ago
André: I'm André the Giant. Gabriel: And i'm Gabriel the Fluffy.
BLAZZE 3 month ago
Big show : Gabriel i am you father Fluffy : NOOOOO Franky : YEEEEAAAAAA
Baca BROTHER 3 month ago
And you could tell he was going easy on them 😂
Radonis 3 month ago
Juan was a beast just for stand after that slap, he's clearly *The Chosen Juan*
Ziad Rafii 3 month ago
1:48 I know I took some kid’s Make-A-Wish, and I don’t even care. Fluffy 2020.
Jen Chi No 3 month ago
*_Big Show Chop_* Me: *That for a 100 bucks? Too less, brah!!! That HURTS. Owww...*
Blaze Osirus 3 month ago
Blew up Stone Cold Steve Austin's shitter? An absolute Legend
Vaachaal 3 month ago
I know YouTube is crazy and drunken bcz it's count views slower and likes faster.
Ooo Para para 3 month ago
When is your next special
Cripple Ninja 3 month ago
"Money money money, shirt off shirt off money money." What it's like hanging with Fluffy?
Drake Caliburn 3 month ago
1:38 Why did Gabriel just take a selfie of himself?
Dr. Humpty Mudholkar 3 month ago
Godzilla Stop motion 3 month ago
No views six likes YouTube’s on something
Headshredder 3 month ago
I really want Show to go into voice acting, he’s got such a deep voice he would be great at it.
John Arise 3 month ago
Love fluffy and it breaks my heart to see him that heavy again. We lost koby and I dont want to lose someone like him prematurely.
Aakarshan Plays 3 month ago
Hello Puffy ur Honestly the best comedian hands down so props to you
Ray Nomadic 3 month ago
You're my favorite comedian. wow big shows hands are huge. You do look like you have little baby hands next to his. Lol big show did a baby slap for the baby sized humans around him 😂😆😆
Peeksuh 3 month ago
Does anyone know when the 2019 world tour special is coming out?
Yuri 3 month ago
Those guys would have a cardiac arrest if The Big Show *REALLY* gave his signature slaps
E-Rock 3 month ago
The slap.💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣
Chris 3 month ago
i found out a month back that fluffy comes to greece and me and my friends we where hoping for almost a year to do a show in greece, thank you so fucking much!!! prepare for some crazy ass gift baskets!
Raansu 3 month ago
Damn I didn't know you were coming to Tampa so soon. I just looked and tickets are sold out. Oh well.
Marshal Entertainments 3 month ago
XxPhinøëxGämêrxX 3 month ago
I would like to think I’m early but the likes and views say different
Mary Keo 3 month ago
i love you fluffy.And if I had to pick two of my favorite latino camedians , I would pick you and George Lopez because you guys are cool and funny.😘😀😀😍❤️❤️😀😍😘
Rouge Oso 3 month ago
Big Show is so hilariously awesome! Love him!
Sergio Sandoval 3 month ago
I'd be happy on both ends either paying a friend to receive a Big Show Chop or getting paid for that, The biggest benefit is either way I get to meet The Big Show
WhyspurZetta 3 month ago
Anyone else notice the "i" in the word "with" is capitalized? xD
Hathor Liderc 3 month ago
I figured you were a wrestling fan when I saw you on Lucha Underground. Now I'm just waiting for you to pop up in an AEW show
Hyacinth Brown 3 month ago
That slap in his chest almost killed him at 4:34
Linkypoo 3 month ago
I can't wait to see you in Orlando FL. It'll be my first time ACTUALLY seeing you on stage and not just on YouTube or Netflix. I'm excited but nervous. This is going to be the best B-day gift EVER. Stay funny Fluffy 😁 and be safe, don't have to much Chocolate cake and Diet Sodas😅
Callum James 3 month ago
If I met my favorite wrestler I'd just do a Mable and hug their leg and shout " I'm never letting go of you're leg".
Ernie C 2 month ago
My favorite ones back in the day was Undertaker and Kane. Scary mofos.
Christina C 3 month ago
DylanFett01 3 month ago
I'm so excited to see you tomorrow! Whenever work gets tough I turn on a show of yours and it helps me get through the day.
darkvamp1969 3 month ago
vboomzyX 3 month ago
“Fluffy gonna get Puffy” Me: *Dying of laughter*
Aleana nortina 3 month ago
When the new season coming out :(
shurikkaru 3 month ago
Super excited, I’m going to see you tonight in Syracuse! Hope you pick on me lol
Thefatscambaiter 3 month ago
Hey fluffy wys if u reply to this I can say my look alike replied to me lol (everyone thinks I look like the Middle Eastern version of u cause I’m fat 😂)
Roger Limoseth 3 month ago
Rowdy Rodney!! Dude im so jealous. Rowdy Rodney and Macho man savage were my two favorites. Big show took it way easy on them.
The Wyld Hawk 3 month ago
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...he met "Rowdy?"...TWICE?!
Dustin Surprises 3 month ago
Come on Fluffy I like Raw I wish I could go to a WWE show. I’m still going to watch you because you are cool dammit.
Rhonda's Craft Obsessions 3 month ago
He looks great considering how he looked back in the day. Have you met The Undertaker? That thing he does with eyes totally freaks me out!
Donald Monroe 3 month ago
That was awesome I too am a huge wrestling fan have been for about 47 years ... And fluffy you are the greatest comedian since the late Sam kinison and George Carlin love your shows
Felix Sanchez 3 month ago
Honestly can't wait for season 2 on Netflix to start, the waiting is killing me, I love love LOVE the show
ROLAND 3 month ago
He regained all the weight he lost years ago... :-(
Ric96813 3 month ago
OMG - I was crying with his big slap!! :D
MegaBekem 3 month ago
The big guy looked like he was thinking "Did he slap me yet?" Didn't even phase him! Gabe, it must be nice to be able to know these people or even be able to attend one of the shows but since I live in the city of the poor "Windsor, Ontario," I never get an opportunity like that!
silverbullet1620 3 month ago
Tell Big Show I loved him as an Orion. That was awesome.
Lunt Cicker 3 month ago
Awwwh you won’t come to Dallas this year but that’s ok, I’ll drive more cause I know it’s worth it 🤘🏻
RepoDraghon 3 month ago
OH, I REMEMBER. The one Wrestling PPV I watched was the day my TV blew up, Literally... Lex Luger picked up and bodyslammed Yokozuna.
Matthew Fanning 3 month ago
Man as a life long wrestling fan myself this was fantastic I'd love to go see a wrestling show with fluffy
Chris Moon 3 month ago
OMG FLASHBACK!!! Hulk Vs Andre!!!! LOVE the hand print on the chest! lol! WOW that had to hurt!!
Its Real Saint 3 month ago
😨 that was the finest hand print I've ever seen in my life. And it don't even look like he smacked him very hard. Jesus
Opochtli 3 month ago
Wow, had to sub!
Kraven Spider 3 month ago
1:29 Is that SERGEANT SLAUGHTER?!! And the Iron Sheik?!
- jimy J - 3 month ago
sick sick sick ....i love this man .... i was 13 years old on new years eve 1987 <3
Sheila Blair 3 month ago
That was cool! I used to love wrestling too, before it got all... whatever? Lol smh Still love those guys though :) ntyfs
I_Dawg123 3 month ago
The Attitude Era Was My Favorite Era!!!
Eric Guedea 3 month ago
I would love to get a big show chop just as long as I can give one back lol
x LatinAssazzin 3 month ago
😂😂😂😭 he broke stone cold Steve Austin toilet wonder how pissed he was
Blizzard Pup 3 month ago
I'm going to your st louis show! I'm so excited I've never been to a comedy show before
Doni Anthony 3 month ago
I’ll see you next week on Thursday! Love from Orlando!
The Wyld Hawk 3 month ago
Not gonna lie, forget the money, I will take a giant chop from The Big Show just to have the honor of meeting him and doing so
Clinton Daugomah 3 month ago
I'm sure Big Show could make a regular persons chest cave in with that chop. Awesome perfect hand imprint on homies chest
Angela Kindness-Shivers 3 month ago
I’m so happy! I love wrestling! Big Show and Fluffy !
Yancuic Rodriguez 3 month ago
Wait, Big Show has his own show?
Eric Rodden 3 month ago
Just seeing him do that just gives me chills
stopped watching the moment he told me to get lost if i dont know what a monday raw thing is...
dennis Hill 3 month ago
Thank you fluffy I needed that laugh.
Javier Garcia 3 month ago
WWE I remember Rey Mysterio and the undertaker I like the undertaker to most and Rey Mysterio it's like one of those wrestlers who can
Deanna H 3 month ago
Omggg FLUFFYYYYY!!!! I love u even more!!!! Stone Cold is my all time favorite too👏👏👏💜💜💜
LoadedSandwich 3 month ago
Who doesn't remember hulk Hogan vs Andre the giant. One of the most iconic moments in wwe history
DJ KO 3 month ago
Hell ya been waiting for something like this keep em comin fluffy
Bubbles 3 month ago
That's gotta be season 2 I haven't heard Big Show was gonna be on!
Exsecrabilis 3 month ago
-[02132020:0736]- Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant. Damn, I can barely remember that match. Kick ass match. Say, Fluffy you remember NWO ?
Kong Vu 3 month ago
Rhonda's Craft Obsessions 3 month ago
Oh, and mone more thing....I LOVE YOU FLUFFY! SMOOCH!
Clinton Simmons 3 month ago
Love the "autograph" The Big Show gave Anthony. Would have liked to see Juans as well. Nice video Gabriel.
J.R Bry. 3 month ago
Had the privilege of driving 'Big Paul' years ago. From Marietta to the Atl. Airport. At the time, he had just won the heavyweight title. Great guy.
Tredecim Kanzaki 3 month ago
I broke my bro and cousin's bone because of this. Hahahaha
BL4Z3 SAM 3 month ago
I Love WWE as well... Fluffy Thankyou for respecting the sport that people (including me love alot)... Give me a hell yeah!
Cindy Delisle 3 month ago
I would sell my soul just to spend 1 hour with fluffy
Mustang Life 3 month ago
I met bigshow he said I look like him
Sophia Kollia 3 month ago
I have been watching your videos for some days now and you can't imagine how you have helped me to feel better and more optimistic. I wish you have all the love and the fun of the world
PixelPeter __ 3 month ago
Big Show is actually 7'0"
MrsGreen Apple 3 month ago
I love BIG SHOW! I would love to spend a day with him, I have so many questions. I remember when it was called WWW and the Olympic Auditorium was the place. I was a kid & had no clue that I lived a mile away near 7th & Union. I loved the matches between Hulk H & Macho Man (I wanted to be as pretty as Elizabeth). Do you remember the Weed Wakers (wait, oh)? The Great Ali was a MEXICAN actor before he was in WWE. Wow Fluffy, I would love to spend a week with you and meet all the people, see all the places & eat at your favorite places.
Tery Tucker 3 month ago
Feb. 20!!! Tonight! Orlando, FL I have tickets! Wooo!!! Fluffy in the House!
George Leiter 3 month ago
I used to get punched in the chest by DI's in Marine Corps Boot Camp!
Gus Alcon 3 month ago
I wanted to see the hand print in the last guy lol that Hand is like A Whales Fin.
Vincent Clayton 3 month ago
Fluffy I was supposed to drive 5 hours with my gf to see you tonight in landmark theater, I'm sorry to say were not going to be there I caught the flu maybe next time fluffy, keep doing what you do
Donald P 3 month ago
Love your stand-up, but I have to say, I left right after you said "we have nothing to talk about" inre: wrestling.
Audrey New 3 month ago
*Monday night raw is TRAAH 😂💀😭 it’s all about FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN 💀😭☠️*
Billy Valero 3 month ago
I'd like to see fluffy here in cancun, that be cool AF
Jaqen H'ghar 3 month ago
Lmao the description "fluffy vs daaamn"😂😂
alvin Azwar 3 month ago
Big show!! One of my fav wrestle of all time!😤😤
nehemiah 3 month ago
This is awesome. I love wrestling too
Challenge Accepted! 3 month ago
One of my top 3 favourite comedians right here! Keep it up brother 🍻