Allegra Miles vs. Michael Williams - Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" - The Voice Battles 2020

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Allegra Miles and Michael Williams fight it out on Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" during The Battles on The Voice.

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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.

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The four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice” returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the show’s newest season.
Nick Jonas, the multi-platinum Grammy and Golden Globe Award-nominated recording artist, actor, songwriter and member of the preeminent group the Jonas Brothers, joins acclaimed coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 18. Carson Daly returns as host.

Allegra Miles vs. Michael Williams - Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" - The Voice Battles 2020

The Voice
Alexandcat xx 10 days ago
I honestly think that Allegra could win the entire thing. She is ridiculous
Dallas B 10 days ago
Allegra is Nicks best chance at winning this show!! Her vocal abilities are just magical and perfect!! She’s definitely one to watch out for!
Meli Lopez 10 days ago
robertantonnyc 9 days ago
They were both nailing those light falsetto notes. Love her tone & his falsetto and chest tone. This was everything I didn’t know I needed, will listen again and again.  - So You Wanna Be A Singer
Keyon Davis 10 days ago
Dang!!!! Michael's falsetto sounds 10x better than the blinds and Allegra had more control than the blinds. Nick is proving to be a BEAST as a coach
K A 10 days ago
See it's not that hard, why can't they name the blind auditions like this, also this battle was so good!
Nostalgia And Such 10 days ago
NICK JONAS IS LITERALLY SUCH AN AMAZING COACH FIGHT ME his pairings have been so amazing the song choices everything is beeaauuttiiffuull
Hydro20 10 days ago
This was the best performance so far. I wouldn’t even call this a battle! They were both amazing
O Fletcher 10 days ago
I loved both but I felt more with Michael. But Allegra had that tone but u can tell Allegra forces her tone while Michael can have more longevity and seems natural like he could do it all day everyday
Hannah Banana 9 days ago
Can we talk about how ECSTATIC Allegra was when Nick saved Michael?? She was genuinely so happy and it was so wholesome 😭
Rebecca Clendaniel 10 days ago
Nick is the coach that is enhancing his team's storytelling skills, not only through singing but blocking and working WITH their battle partner.
Caleb Jordan 10 days ago
ok Allegra's voice is ANGELIC
R5Rockin 32 10 days ago
I legit believe that Nick planned on using his save for this round the whole time because he realized early on that both Michael and Allegra are too awesome to leave.
Angie H 10 days ago
The four contestant knockout round is going to be crazy 🤯
Kf Younger 10 days ago
I prefer Michael's voice because he is effortless all the way through.
Yolanna Lu 10 days ago
Ice_Moonlight 10 days ago
I was so glad Nick saved Michael. And her reaction when Nick saved him was so great
Kyle B 10 days ago
I could see Allegra going to the finale
d.fstudios 10 days ago
She reminds me of Addison Agen. Have saying that, I do feel, Samantha, Joei and Todd are ahead if her. But she definitely has potential to be in the finale
Kim Coates 10 days ago
I just realized why Blake and John didn't give them a standing ovation. They're both in shock😲 and thinking Nick just won the whole completion with Allegra.
Carmelo 10 days ago
Nick about to take this season easily
busboy888 10 days ago
Allegra man! She might just win this whole thing.
Meagan Faulkner28 10 days ago
i think allegra’s going to win the whole thing!
Jacarious Oneal 10 days ago
Best battle tonight
Brandon Parker 10 days ago
Yo Allegra finna win the Finale. Unreal
Kala Ngaue 10 days ago
So we not gon talk about the chemistry they got going on ?👀
starrzndreamz 10 days ago
take my money, give me a recording of this. this is a record that would sell. SO GOOD -- the arrangement, their voices complement each other so well, and ahhhhhhhhhh it was live. LOVE IT.
Yehudit Winiarz 10 days ago
I’m glad that Nick put them both through. You can tell there was a lot that these two created during their time with Nick.
Poett ! 10 days ago
Allegra sounds exactly like Brynn with a mix of Addison
Alana A. 10 days ago
When Kelly said 👁👄👁 I felt that
ashley preston 9 days ago
"I don't know why they're not standing. They're dumb!" -My mom after my school talent show competitions
Marquito 10 days ago
Allegra's tone sounds AMAZING.She has a really beautiful voice and her runs and breath control were excellent.
Ballskeezy 9 days ago
I've been waiting to hear more from Allegra especially after singing one of my favorite songs of all time. I wouldnt be surprised to see Joanna(formerly Team Nick) and Allegra from Team Nick standing next to each other in the finale. Michael aint no slouch either!! That falsetto?? woooooooooo baby
Anyatama Biswas 10 days ago
that was good pairing
May Flower 10 days ago
You can't tell me that Allegra & Michael don't remind you of Shawn & Camila. I think Nick just made a new couple
Jacarious Oneal 10 days ago
She runs 10 days ago
Whenever we meeeeEeeheeeehEEEEET
Jonah Douglass 9 days ago
Wow! Michael really impressed me with his falsetto and Allegra just keeps giving me more and more finale vibes every time I see her sing. And how about the fact that Nick has done the best job so far with picking songs and battle pairings.
ãshok Gt 10 days ago
THE BEST BETTLE ❤️lets go Team Nick ,not bad for the New Coach
Sjoelle33 10 days ago
Allegra is my favorite voice contestant ever! She is incredible. After the show, if she gets a good producer she will be the first and only winner to have mainstream success. She is a real artist and can sell records.
Chris McKee 9 days ago
It feels like Nick has been a better coach than the coaches who have already been on for multiple years with these song choices and battle pairings.
Francesca Daniel 10 days ago
Her tone! Stunning! His falsetto oh my! Team Nick!
Leticia D 10 days ago
I love how excited Allegra got when Nick saved Michael. That made my heart happy.💜
jazmine sosa 10 days ago
I don’t know why but Allegra reminds me a little bit of maelyn
Rebecca Clendaniel 10 days ago
Saw this live on tv and immediately after the performance shouted that I needed a repeat button. Check me out camped here for the 24 hours hitting replay. 👉🏼😉👉🏼
Trista Ince 10 days ago
Allegra Allegra Allegra. SANG that song missy. That was amazing. Her tone is beyond amazing.
dreamergirlbaby 10 days ago
I’m so glad they both went through. Their voices are literally like the male and female version of each other. They complement each other so well
awkwardpineapple 10 days ago
Aww Allegra’s reaction to Michael getting saved was so sweet
Mark Lewis 10 days ago
Dang Allegra might win
Angie H 10 days ago
Allegra sounds like Addison Agen!!
Colton Cary 10 days ago
Nick knew what he was doing by picking Allegra...that was the only way he knew he could keep them both on his team! They were both AMAZING and I’m SO happy they both get to stay on Team Nick!
Leemo Taula 9 days ago
When I first saw that the song they’re going to sing was Whitney Houston’s How will I know I thought, how r they going to sing it.. but damnnn this is on a whole another level.... her voice is unique and what John said he is a little Nick Jonas
Brian Sherrod 10 days ago
Allegra makes me so happy when she sings. I am such a huge friend of Michael! Oh this was so good. Another hard battle to choose from!
Zand Matt 10 days ago
Nick is killing it this season ❤️
Kendra Malotka 9 days ago
Allegra's reaction to Michael getting saved was great She was so happy for him too
musiclover 21 10 days ago
3:25 "it was an all skate" REAL talk hahaha the fact that this is the actual term 😂I worked at a skating rink lol love Kelly
Nothing Nothing 10 days ago
I have to be brutally honest.....I prefer the Whitney Houston version: although Sam Smith's version takes it to a fresh new place. I'm from the 80's and it is HER song, after all. But I thought both of them were tremendous (especially Allegra) and I'm glad Michael was saved by Nick. 🙂🙂
Betsy 9 days ago
Allegra’s voice doesn’t sound effortless. It sounds forced and affected. She’s also swallowing some of her words 🤭. Michaels voice is effortless and annunciations clear, beautiful voice and I prefer him.
Just Looking 10 days ago
Allegra's voice is beyond amazing. When she sang her first verse I felt a chill and got goosebumps. Pretty sure my goosebumps had goosebumps! I really believe she has 'perfect pitch' which makes her pretty special. There are only about 10,000 known perfect pitch singers. She has so much control of her falsetto and I can see her becoming a huge star. The whole performance was so good because Michael also has an amazing falsetto. He worked hard to get there and once he knew he could, his voice just soared. Absolutely the best battle (if you can call it that) I've heard, not just this season, but other seasons too. Allegra will be in the finals and win the Voice (my opinion).
HIM AGAIN 10 days ago
Most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard
Elizabeth Bennett 10 days ago
They are both insane!!!!! I am definitely looking forward to more of these two voices this season! So glad they both moved onto the next round!! <333
Jasmeen Aimer 10 days ago
Kelley’s face when Allegra took the high notes is lit 🙌🏻
Candid Candy 10 days ago
Goodness me... Allegra got one of them special voices. Very beautiful. Michael is great, too. Their voices complemented eachother wonderfully.
Aaron Baker 10 days ago
That "yeah" at 1:13 though 🔥🔥🔥
Isaiah Addoo 10 days ago
Can we just acknowledge how crazy both of their vocal ranges are 🥵
Ashley Schmidt 10 days ago
Allegra’s reaction when nick saved Michael was so sweet 😭❤️
Kiera Windsor 10 days ago
I was praying he was going to get saved he’s an amazing singer
georgina Stephanie 10 days ago
Okay Nick!!! You're doing a little something something
Lucy Horn 10 days ago
They both are so amazing. This was the best duet I’ve ever heard probably
Joanna Cruse 10 days ago
So glad Nick saved Michael!!
Jake Luna 9 days ago
THE BEST BATTLES!!! THIS WAS SOOO GOOD!!! Michael is not getting enough credit for his performance, it was amazing!
Attn Jack 10 days ago
Gotta say this is really wise career move for Nick. He's doing great.
Jade Moreno 10 days ago
I didn't think much if micheal as this great singer I love and has a wow aspect but damn he just changed my mind, from a good singer to wow
Mione134 10 days ago
Get them to sing a Waitress or Dear Evan Hansen song ASAP
Rachel Phillips 10 days ago
Omg, I got major chills!!
Travel with Alex Wong 10 days ago
This was a magical performance for sure!!!!! The harmonies together were unreal. Allegra has a very unique voice!
Celtic Warlock 10 days ago
ALLEGRA!!! ♥️♥️♥️ She is probably my favorite this season.
Primrose Jones 9 days ago
Allegra got more excited that Michael was saved I'm telling you that's a sign of a new couple alert 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Khandoker Nuzhat Rafa Islam 10 days ago
I've been waiting to see how she does in the battle and it was great!!
Darryl Philbin 10 days ago
These two had great chemistry! Reminded me of Madilyn Paige and Tanner James. OG fans know what I'm talking about. If not, go look it up.
David Williams 10 days ago
Definitely Allegra won this battle and her voice amazing.
pucrob 10 days ago
Great performance by both! So glad Michael got saved, he has a great voice!
minh-tam luong 9 days ago
i got chills when allegra sang but i can’t tell if it was because i need to pee or bc of how captivating her voice is...
Esther Kleinman 10 days ago
I squealed in delight as I watched this! Just amazing.
JR Sodano 10 days ago
Go Michael!!!!
jhhayes 10 days ago
Best dual of the night. Allegra has an incredible voice and there is so much potential at getting to the finale. Michael deserved that save. He and Nick could sings falsettos together.
Darryl Philbin 9 days ago
2:09 (Inside Kelly's head) "Damn, Nick can coach"
DFERN 10 days ago
Such a fantastic performance! I want the audio for my phone!
A A 10 days ago
I don't know how anyone could ever choose on the basis of this performance, they were both beyond spectacular.
Desireé Ross 9 days ago
Nick is THE coach. Wow, he’s really got an ear for a great voice and knows how to guide them into success ♥️ Also, I have listened to this performance about 20 times in a row. My goodness, so good.
CRFHONDARIDER100 10 days ago
There chemistry is off the charts
Hannah Lynn 10 days ago
Wow! Michael's falsetto at 1:57 blew me away. I'm rooting for him.
Jason Hawes 10 days ago
Who knows at this point who will win but two coaches probably regret not even turning for Allegra.
christi crenshaw 10 days ago
They would really be good putting a song out together. Their voices go together beautifully
al fogel 10 days ago
In my 5 Best duets I’ve heard in all the years watching the Voice. USA. Absolute magical, mystical, celestial notes, perfect blending and harmony. Just beyond words.
Natalie Nunya 10 days ago
Oh my my my. What a dose of heavenly tones. Just gorgeous both their voices.
Jennifer Johnson 10 days ago
I want these two to fall in love!! They have SO much chemistry on stage and their voices blend so beautifully!
Amber LeeAnnTv 10 days ago
They’re adorable!! They should date!!!
Samantha Pucket 9 days ago
Has anyone else noticed that nick’s pairings are the best? Nick’s team for the win!!!!!!!!!
Panda Mojo 10 days ago
Allegra you betta stop!!!!!! So glad shes on my team, the young man was amazing too