Disney VS Universal

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Caleb C 3 month ago
The new era of swoozie... its time boys
ッTooSpooky 3 month ago
Swoozie does not post for 100 years: Me: “Shame...Shame...Shame”
sWooZie 3 month ago
One more idea: My boy Austin says Game of Thrones land needs a ride where the ride starts off AMAZING but then sucks by the end of it...(just like the show)
tigergal426 3 month ago
Swoozie: Uploads Me: *crawling out of my stack of hw* The savior has come back
Arnav Singhal 3 month ago
"Buy universal"...end of the war 😂😂
Instigator I 3 month ago
sWooZie: dropping new video tomorrow Tomorrow: watching video and questioning why sWooZie acting as if he ain’t post in months
Ermehgerd 3 month ago
Swoozie: *dropping smart af ideas for Universal* Universal CEO: WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN!
Jordan Dawg93 3 month ago
Me: sees title Also me: Rubs hands oh this is going to be good
Playdead 3 month ago
“Hmm let’s just buy universal” - Disney
Cringe Indeed 3 month ago
Swoozie is like the Lebron James of youtube stories. His prime never ends, he only gets better
Isabella Conguta 3 month ago
Me: sees Swoozie notification; happy to finally see his videos! Mad because its only 4:21 minutes.... happy again because i value it anyways.... but hey Swoozie WE NEED LONGER CONTENT PLEASEEEEE
Amaan Khan 3 month ago
Swoozie has looked the same for the past 10 years
Daleep Chahal 3 month ago
I've been watching ur channel the whole day
LLCreampuff 3 month ago
“SHAME, SHAME” -rings lil bell-
Exotic Gamer 3 month ago
Hey sWooZ, could you give us more vids of when you were a Lifeguard at “VISTA WAYYYYYYYYYYA?”
Dr.Gameplay 3 month ago
Swoozie : Uploads Also swoozie : See ya after 5 months🙋‍♂️ Jkk.....i love this dude💖💖💖🔥🔥🔥
Adrian Martinez 3 month ago
“if y’all start losing.... just buy universal” gg swoozie
trxpless 3 month ago
sWooZie has a beard now??? I feel like I’m watching Simba all grown up for the first time again
FreeLawSunAdmission 3 month ago
Love that animated swoozie was wearing a sleep bonnet. Protect that style
brian rodriguez 3 month ago
Alison Chin 3 month ago
the “shame ... shame” LMAO
GO-GO SO-SO 3 month ago
Here's another tip for Disney. I heard that they discriminate when it comes to certain hairstyles like dreadlocks. If you have dreadlocks, they will not hire you. Maybe they can not be so prejudice?
hehe BOIII 3 month ago
when swoozie finally uploads after 3 months
x3n0g3ai2s 3 month ago
1:44 Reference to Tyrone Biggums, shout out to Dave Chappelle
maddox bozeman 3 month ago
bro we've been waiting like 3 months and this was so short. loved the story tho
theFitty 3 month ago
Jayden John 3 month ago
3:25 I had this arther stuffed animal and I had a nightmare of him fighting me and I lost badly for some reason he was so strong 🤣
Xavier Gil 3 month ago
These new animations are sick much love swoozie ❤️
Y2Kelly04 3 month ago
1:53 I ain't even gonna lie I went to Disney world in 2018 and my cousin and I did this exact same thing on the 7 dwarfs ride since it was a 240 min wait
Plus 1 Intelligence 3 month ago
When I went to Orlando (I was 15 yeares old) I enjoyed Universal far more than I did Disney. Although I did end up spending more at Disney.
Jake Waller 3 month ago
SWOOZIE thank you for your videos they always make me laugh after a hard day at school or a sad day
Marco Vlogs 3 month ago
Me : sees swoozie uploaded Also me : *its been 50 years..*
Dominic Hunter 3 month ago
Oh so you’re just gonna come back out nowhere like you haven’t been gone for 2 decades
King Crazy 3 month ago
I literally went to both last week to March in the magic kingdom parade, literally my childhood and the most fun trip I've taken in years 😁, but we had Disney shirts on at universal with a universal passes and Disney passes at universal so that's how I noticed the war 🤷🏽‍♂️
Artemis Wolf 3 month ago
This is just ridiculous, everyone knows the Mandalorian is baby Yoda’s sidekick
Tyler Durden 3 month ago
They should make a Ready Player One land 👀 the whole land is like the OASIS.
superior sound 3 month ago
“You can actually die”😂😂
Devin Tucker 3 month ago
Swoozie: Uploads Me: STOP EVERYTHING
Hassan Productions 3 month ago
Landowner: time to pay your rent Adande Swoozie: SO
Mark Phillips 3 month ago
You: just buy universal! Me: STONKS!
TheLifeOfDev 3 month ago
You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for that “sWoozie has uploaded a new video:” notification
Leo A 3 month ago
It’s honestly a real treat when u post.
KirbyKips 3 month ago
I feel like Swoozie could look like Will Smith if he had more hair. That beard reminds me of his beard.
Alexi Felton 3 month ago
The Leroy Show 3 month ago
When swoozie uploads me : I must go
Wowthisisfun Lol 3 month ago
"buy universal" I mean I wouldn't be that surprised they have too much money to not be able to
Aiden Grant 3 month ago
Yo I watch this episode or whatever you want to call it of SWooZie like 10 times already
Simply Christi 3 month ago
Aww I actually love this art style I thought I would be sad to see the old one go but we welcoming the new now 😂😂
LeBeautiful 3 month ago
If Disney actually incorporates Game Of Thrones Land...they’re winning 💯 *Sir SwooZie, has sent his regards.*
lil NXSTY 3 month ago
see you guys when he needs to pay his rent
Nathan Laird 3 month ago
Whenever I see swoozie I press so fast my mom yells at me
Grant Gaylord 3 month ago
This was so good, let’s hope swoozie can keep consistent so his audience can grow
harper lee 3 month ago
Was anyone else expecting him to start dancing to thriller the whole time..?...that outfit man😂
Cyclone Lol 3 month ago
3:09 bUt wHaT AbOuT tImOn AnD pUmBa
Ali Eltahir 3 month ago
I lowkey like his old cartoon style way more. It like adds to the character of the videos.
TheRealGzy 101 3 month ago
I saw the thumbnail and was like I’ve watched. But then I saw the time it came out (one hour). My eyes lit up😂
96 Studios Nerd Art 3 month ago
Swoozies animations have gone next level. when did he get Boost in XP...
DemonicAngel :3 3 month ago
EyesOfByes 3 month ago
0:01 Yo. What's up with those shoes? You have to warn about such big changes 😏 Shoutout from Sviiidääään 🇸🇪
TheNickH3X 3 month ago
hi-key, that go kart idea is fire <3 I'll empty my bank account for that
Ben Waldburger 3 month ago
Swoozie: *suggests a ride that you can die on* Me: Um... 😨
Awesameer 3 month ago
All I'm saying Universal has and will always have, the best, hypest rides.
Jeffery Okafor 3 month ago
Yo where has this man been?????
Mateo casillas 3 month ago
YES ITSSA WAR MATE!! I’m crying laughing
Sora D 3 month ago
Swoozie: say to fight baby yoda in the middle of the night Me: it be cool , but what about the people who are heavy sleepers ☠️
Sonia Sharp 3 month ago
Me over here with my season pass, "LETS GO TO DISNEY!"
Jeremiah Rufus 3 month ago
"Buy universal" 😂😂😂😂
smartinez020 3 month ago
I just hear *LAWSUIT* in every swoozie's suggestions 😂😂😂
Jaxson Shoemaker 3 month ago
Low key, mid key, high key, digging the new animation sWooZie
SavageCabbage 3 month ago
Me: oh my gosh I can't wait for this new Swoozie video😄 *Video just starts * (5 Seconds later) *Video ends* Me:😅😂😭
solana cobb 3 month ago
wass good 3 month ago
His Olaf voice KILLS ME. 🤣
DeltA DrAx 3 month ago
Be careful wit dat beard swooz, spill one drink, and you’ll be like by cousin after he spilled a drink on his beard, spending about an HOUR squeezing all the liquid out! Not fun, dude, glad it’s only 4 this vid.
Dat 3 month ago
Had me caught off guard seeing a swoozie vid in my subs
Wowser 2020 3 month ago
Really said make it so where you can actually die on the ride😭
Christopher Padilla 3 month ago
You know it’s going to be a good day when Swoozie uploads!!
KDH Amstrad 3 month ago
*The legend has returned*
monsta tarique 3 month ago
Big up Trinidad 🔥🔥🔥💯 swoozie keep it coming 💯
Josh Yeet 3 month ago
I was hype for swoozie uploading to come realize the vid was 4 min
Brandon Persaud 3 month ago
always a good day when there's a swoozie vid
Hassan Productions 3 month ago
I swear my man only comes out when it’s time to pay rent
slosheryt 3 month ago
If you dont start posting MINIMUM weekly I will find you...
AJ the BlueJay 3 month ago
Love the gags in the animation this time around. It’s on another level. Also, I’d buy a shirt with that “LETS GO TO DISNEY” moment on it.
Nicholas Scantlebury 3 month ago
I saw swoozie on notifications and that was the fasted my hand has moved
Galaxy Cat 3 month ago
Yo whoever animated this, MAD PROPS
Ike4Life 25 3 month ago
4:04 I’m dead😂😂😂
Koopa Queen 3 month ago
This got out of hand quickly 😭😂
Brittni Logan 3 month ago
Le’me just say... the new animations 🤍🔥🔥🔥🔥. It’s a good day when sWooZie drops a video. Ugh 😁😁😁 my day has been made.
mbr715 3 month ago
now... let's just take all the moments to lose it over that couch -- i mean.... >gleep< (thud)
kastuki Bakugou 3 month ago
:3 nice vid broski I’m a og in a different account and just found you from my other phone!
Jason Lesch 3 month ago
Ooooh man, I've missed this!
Brooke Ann 3 month ago
Omg next time I'm at a theme park and people try to cut I'm starting the "SHAME" chant.
N N 3 month ago
The walk of atonement would end up being the main attraction
Stuff And more Stuff 3 month ago
I wanna be Imagineer when I’m older too
PAW DASHER 3 month ago
This new animation is so cool!!!! Welcome back the King of YouTube!! ❤❤
Griffin Reynolds 3 month ago
Swoozie I love you and a just wanted to say you have been such a inspiration I have been watching you for awhile and you are so great at story telling and I have watched almost all of your videos on this channel
WilloD4484 The Animator 3 month ago
Lily Fang 3 month ago
Swoozie be talking bout $ lands Me: that couch...
xVicious Knightx 3 month ago
Ah damn last I remember swoozie used to work at a Disney park & he's giving them ideas like it's not bad enough they own star war's & marvel.
SuperJ kob 3 month ago
I’m just happy you uploaded dude, I’ve been starving for new content. You made me eat my own legs it was that bad