My First Summer Job

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Next time you have a bad day at work...

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sWooZie 1 year ago
What was ur first job??
KJT VLOGS 1 year ago
Moral of the story: learn the child services number
Llouvakates Mantua 12 month ago
I honestly think your dad was teaching you a valuable lesson in life. Imma teach my child that, but not as hard core as your dad
Rolling Thunder 12 month ago
“I wanted you to know what it feels like to have a job if you don’t have a good education” **ten years later** Swoozie: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT
Exotic games 11 month ago
Swoozie was in a Netflix movie broskiii (the space between us) but for like a minute
Fedde .k 8 month ago
I get paid $2.50 an hour. Trust Swooz, I know exactly how you felt when you looked up at that TV.
Jordan Hardy 1 year ago
$100 for 56 hours BRUHHH, I would have lost my mind
elijah.lustig 11 month ago
Nobody: Actually Nobody: Not A Single Soul: YouTube: Ad 1/2
DONTNEED2NO 9 month ago
“Why you wearing that ting for boii”🤣🤣
pagethehusky 9 month ago
“ Bro why you so toxic? “ * BRITNEY SPEARS PLAYS *
Seanne Cherie 11 month ago
But that trini accent tho 🤣😂😭
Duchi 1 year ago
*Swoozie doesn't upload often* But when he does, you know its Quality Content
Random One 10 month ago
So with the minimum wage being $7.25 and you having worked 8 hours per day all 7 days of the week, you should have gotten $406 per week
Loser 8 month ago
I did the math you got 1.78$ an hour bru, 🥺
Foamyfantasiarosy123 plays roblox 9 month ago
"watch this man digging up inna im face no man" this has me deadddd
serenity xo 9 month ago
okay because I died when he said “bro why you so toxic” and the song started playing💀
ThomasTurner69 1 year ago
Disney: Got Free Food Body Shop: Got payed $2 to clean the toilets per hour Hmm, I wonder which job Swoozie prefered
Miya Corcoran 9 month ago
Are we not gonna talk about Swoozie playing aitch at the end of his video 🤣
Peppa 11 month ago
*My first job ever was being a child.*
Donny D 11 month ago
Shout out from Trinidad, bro. San Fernando in the house!
W Rm 8 month ago
I’m 11 so I can’t work but school is the job
uNiCoRn 1 year ago
"Boi why you so toxic-" *Brittany Spears intensifies*
Elliott Harrison 10 month ago
Aitch really took me off guard at the end, really didn’t expect swoozy to listen to him. Love from manny tho ❤️
Kaitlynn Mendoza 6 month ago
“Think of the dirtiest bathro-“ Ross.
Deserae Rambo 11 month ago
i laughed too hard when he said he tried to call child. Reminded me of when i tried to call them on my church counselor 🤣🤣🤣
Reyn J 10 month ago
*Swoozie with The UK Rap Aitch Outro*🔥🔥
Nandi Appiah 1 year ago
“Wha you wearing da ting fo boi” **wheeze**
Princess 11 month ago
Yo big up to Trinidad, that is legit of we talk somehow
M87DD9 8 month ago
1:17 Swooz think of the dirtiest bathroom Me: guava juice bathroom
Aro-En 1 year ago
"DIGGING his face".... Finished me😂😂
My first job was at Arby’s and every time I would answer a customer through the drive through and be like “ARBYS WE HAVE THE MEATTTT!!! What can I get started for you today”
L.A Tv 1 year ago
Finally a trini accent in the video again🇹🇹💪🏾........bruh got the subtitles😂😂
Teatv By the way 10 month ago
Swozzozie: think about the dirtiest bathroom Me: thinks of mine
TTV DEFT 8 month ago
Dang that sucks I made 30 bucks every 2 hours for picking weeds
Not Iarry 11 month ago
3:12 my favorite part 😂
crazy cats 101 9 month ago
1:24 Walmart bathroom's duh
Izaiah Vega 10 month ago
i was working for my uncle hard labor fixing houses for 7.25 an hour, i was fine with it until I got like bronchitis from all the Debry
monster mason 8 month ago
I get paid 14.75 and it’s my first summer job 😂
Lively MrVan 10 month ago
$2 per hour. 5 times less than minimum wage
GamerRailways 9 month ago
When I Saw Trinidad & Tobago Under The Orlando,Fl thing I Overloaded With Joy Like If U Is A Trini
Matantsa 1 year ago
$100? You should at least got $420 by law
Cameron W 6 month ago
Representing those manchester streets with the outro music. I thought it was aitch!
Ophelia Joseph 8 month ago
Aye he’s from Trinidad & Tobago just like me 😁🇹🇹 finally 🙏🏾
Taj Faraj 11 month ago
My first job was working on a dairy farm with cows and steer
Tea With Lena 7 month ago
5:51 he said "deh deh"💀
Ryan Little 1 year ago
Swoozie: *cleans toilets* Toilets two days later: "We dirty again." Sometimes I feel this, except for it's my entire apartment playing this trick on me 🤔
GamerRailways 9 month ago
Prince’s Town,Penal,Arima,Debe Those Are My Roots Anybody Else From Here?
kieba D 1 year ago
Swoozie can you do a video on the Aladdin movie! Pweez
SirJames 11 month ago
That story was tragic lol my respect for you has multiplied by 10, makes me happy I get paid 11.50 to work st Walmart lol
Raeanne Joseph 11 month ago
the trinidadian accent!! IM SCREAMING
ONE_shot_GURL 1 year ago
$1.70 an hour to where you are now.. congrats on all your hard work paying off swoozie! 🙌
Ryoichi 11 month ago
Dude the Liza Koshy “A DOLLAR?” popped in my head as soon as you said the hourly 😮
Spartanshothq 11 month ago
My first job was watching ur vids
The Sweaty Jager Main 11 month ago
When peter said that I thought he said "hey why you wearing that thing boy?" 😂
uglygodthe2nd 10 month ago
My first job was playing games on twitch
Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs 1 year ago
Fun Fact: Most people's first summer jobs occur during the summer
Jordan Marufu 4 month ago
Shoutout to Aitch for making it in the outro 🤞👏
KraNis 10 month ago
This reminds me of when I worked at Sonic. And how I worked almost everyday for 5 months AND went to school. Usually I'd get home at like 1am if I was lucky, plus I had loads of projects because of my AP computer science class.
K!ngKillaa 7 month ago
Im getting 50cents or less a hour 😢
Mega Mikey 10 month ago
Sleeping all day at work eating and drinking best job ever with no diploma easy
Boss Baby 1 year ago
I thought YouTube has recommended me an old video of Swoozie.
WouldAnyoneLikeSomeStew 10 month ago
*2:19** Yes, just yes*
Beanplayz7 8 month ago
Boi wut ur wearing dat ting for boi? And srsly? A lava lamp? BOOOOIIIIIIII
SinaB1 11 month ago
Victoria Tennyson 11 month ago
"boy I ran to that phone so quick and called child services" HHHAHAHH im dead
Tyrell Howard 1 year ago
Moral of the story..... know the child services number
Marcus James 5 month ago
3:13 Stop diggin in ya face n’man😂😂
Frankie Partaka 10 month ago
Haunted house still but luv it a lot like your videos
Joshua Yong Kwang Min 10 month ago
ade sanni 11 month ago
Swoozie got that aitch on in the background 🤟🏾❤️ my man, I just got my first job at a coop store on a part time schedule because I just finished my alevels
Richard Medina 6 month ago
3:07 He was getting paid 22 cents the hour or $ 1 and 78 cents for the full 8 hours.
Hyuzuka 11 month ago
2:20 *plays 0.3 seconds of music* UMG: it's free real estate
Hypo_OnYouTube 11 month ago
First job cleaning houses for $10 a day, multiple bathrooms for 24 cents an hour feels good I feel you brauda
Ethan Byington 1 year ago
Swoozie: Posts a new video Me: Ah sh*t. Here we go again
James White 1 year ago
I would have quit after the first week. I ain't working for no slave wages. My own father use to pay me $10/hr to work for him.
Shadowsong 11 month ago
Lmaoo I've just been dragging binders all over this huge building for the whole last week... still have a week to left welp. At least I'm getting paid more than 1,70$/hour! 😂
I_ CrimZon 10 month ago
It's kinda cool to see one of my favorite youtubers to have the same accent as me lol, also, love from Grenada ❤️ and keep the great work up!
B Ball Pro 912 9 month ago
You ain’t even get minimum wage 🤣
ECMG119 10 month ago
This was a great vid. Great lesson. Gonna show my son this video.
Dabba 1 year ago
Adande's dad: I want you to feel what it will be like, if you don't get good grades. YouTube: Hold my demonetisation.
Knight Artorias 11 month ago
Dax: i use to be a janitor sWooZie: so was i but i got payed less😐
Izuku Midoryia 9 month ago
My first job was babysitting...I got played a dollar an hour...for 10 hours...
Nauchara Keo 11 month ago
There’s no music and I feel like I’m missing something whilst watching this video I keep pausing 😂
Kevin Lopez 1 year ago
“Dad you came this close bruh” My dad: son I got you a job but.... it kinda doesn’t pay more like volunteer Me: calls that child services number
Ebony 1 year ago
U aint gon tell us how that mans died in the bathroom?
Angel Martinez 10 month ago
My first job was when I was 11 my dad's friend took me to a and fixing houses job and I helped him caring around a bunch of heavy stuff and cleaning and they pay me pretty good
Willow 9 month ago
sWooZie: be gettin paid less than two dollars an hour Me: inhales Me hol' up Me: The minumum wage an *h o u r* is $7.75 or somewhere near there- any less is illegal sO YOU SHOULDA BEEN CALLIN' THE POLICE OR SOMTHIN NOT CHILD SERVICES LIKE BOI-
Oboy lll 10 month ago
1:17 my bathroom
Mixer HOTSHOTTJR 6 month ago
"Why you so toxic" Haha haha
lanethelame 1 year ago
Been waiting forever for an upload... Thanks, swooz!!!
umakemeun pocoloco 9 month ago
Who else thought of simeons car dealership from gta
Mariah Ki’erra Dye 12 month ago
Forever 21 is my first job, I might quit tho I’m not getting enough hours sadly
Stan loona 7 month ago
JC Tryin Out The Beat 3 month ago
5:27 pulling an omertà there swooz?
Cool Cat 1 year ago
So Swoozie, your first job was at Disney right? Swoozie: Well yes, but actually no.
FortniteFizzy 5 month ago
4:23 battle bus horn
L8TOR G8TOR 8 month ago
My first job was a corner (cleaning up carcasses) and it was interesting
Life Sacco 9 month ago
You may be a thug but you can still be a germaphobe
Jeanuard Orbigoso 11 month ago
My first summer Job was I am a assistant photographer and videographer
Eman 1 year ago
Damn that bathroom crime scene. What happened in there? Edit:your dad is evil,man damn