Inside Von Miller's Massive Closet | The Walk-In | GQ Sports

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Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller's closet is just about big enough that you could get lost in it. At a cool 2,000 square feet, Von's closet is lined with sneakers, suits, glasses and hats beyond count. And we were lucky enough to get a taken on a tour of the closet by the man himself.

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Inside Von Miller's Massive Closet | The Walk-In | GQ Sports
Asher Khan 5 month ago
Von called us broke in 90 different languages
ch3xmix 5 month ago
He got one of those anti-theft tags on the back of his head, LOL
Von 5 month ago
2,000 square feet ????? Hollon because people house ain't even that big.
Louis Allen 5 month ago
Wtf is that bit of hair ahaahhahaa
Riley Ashton 5 month ago
Dude owns so many clothes he doesn’t ever need to wash them
DurkDa Perk 5 month ago
Paul Finch 5 month ago
"Camo goes with everything" Goat.
Davide Giovannoni 5 month ago
When your closet is bigger than most peoples houses. Edit: thanks for the like
Chooong7 5 month ago
I wanna flick that caterpillar behind his head.
Chris Mereen 4 month ago
The first 50 seconds tells you everything we should know about our clothes: we do not need that many clothes! He said himself he wears the same thing over and over...
Mike Williams 5 month ago
Mike Amiri is NOT cheap, the cheapest pair I saw was 750 bills...hey Von I know we're close in age but I've heard it's never too late to adopt...
Alex Carr 4 month ago
Looks like he still doesn't have enough space for his shoes.
NOY NOY 4 month ago
That aint a closet, thats a mf’n store lol 😭
Just Another Random Channel 5 month ago
2,000 sq ft is insane...bigger than my 3 bedroom apartment and a lot of peoples houses...crazy!
Adhy Nugroho 5 month ago
Von Miller tries hard not to make it look like he's flexin'. He's basically just explaining what items he has.
Serge J 5 month ago
Von: "ANYBODY CAN DRESS LIKE VON" Also Von: (holds up $1000 jeans)
IamSuave 5 month ago
I love how he's not afraid to wear his clothes more than once!
Jack Barton 5 month ago
the back of his definition of a soul patch. (Also, Von is GOAT)
ChocolateCurls317 4 month ago
As someone who wears glasses I love the eyeglass collection.
John T. 5 month ago
You know you made it when your closet door has a keypad lock
SMSV 4 month ago
Von Miller’s closet is literally the size of my house
Krista Anheluk 5 month ago
Love the shirt he’s wearing here...
crazy raccon7 5 month ago
He looks like a mix of Michael B Jordan and Simeon Panda
Casey Robinson 5 month ago
“You can put anything in this hat...a lighter” von Miller isn’t slick
ImCharlieTaylor 4 month ago
he said “this is my favorite bag” but it still got the tags on it
Tameka Swan 4 month ago
He seems like a humble guy even with a big closet.
darealphantom 5 month ago
Von literally been a Saks fifth/barneys/nordstrom store in his house that's dope
B.A.C 5 month ago
wow i've never seen a guys closet this big. pretty cool to see a man very into fashion though
Alexander Galvan 5 month ago
As a raiders fan, I’m a Von Miller fan
Blakkk Fero 4 month ago
Either he has a passion for fashion or he didn’t have a lot growing up.. or both? Idk 🤷🏽‍♂️
Nathan Orleans 5 month ago
“i got the dope sweats- to the adidas sweats” the disrespect
Keller Cooper 5 month ago
AYYYY Von’s a legend!!🔥🔥
Mari Got 5 stars 5 month ago
Yea, this is fire
mrboatshoe 5 month ago
That Carhartt Camob suit is fire. I woulda wore that at my wedding 😂😂
Shake 5 month ago
Dudes closet is twice as big as my house
SlattMan69 5 month ago
Fr33minded 5 month ago
Von got the drip on lock 🔒
BANE 5 month ago
Simply Ridiculous !! I respect him having his own style and he’s worked hard for everything he’s got .. - Much Respect
ksu1402 4 month ago
He is the nicest and most humble football player ever!
John Productions 5 month ago
What is that triangle on the back of his head 😂😂
Ghost 5 month ago
His closet bigger then my studio flat 😬
HeyFranziska 5 month ago
Von’s great! Style and personality on point
kaiefalam 5 month ago
he got a walk AROUND closet
Penny Hardaway 5 month ago
He could go 20 years without wearing the same shirt twice. That's absurd
Richard D 5 month ago
Very impressive closet and very fashion forward, should've added some watches.
MillerTime East 5 month ago
I think django inspired him a little to much, half his wardrobe looks like it’s bout to be half past noon 💀☠️
brady mullay 5 month ago
the barber probably pulled a prank on him and left that and von still hasn't noticed lmao
Voxized 5 month ago
So ripped jeans and camo.. it's almost like he went hunting
Stormie Weather 4 month ago
This is conspicuous consumption to the 10th power. Smh
sixsense foundation 4 month ago
CARHARTT, CARHARTT, words, words, CARHARTT, words, words, CARHARTT...
Flo 5 month ago
He has more sunglasses than I have clothes....
Principal Skinner 5 month ago
Mike Amiri, Mike Amiri. Billie Jean, Billie Jean.
Gerald Deus 5 month ago
Super fly setup. Hope I can do this one day.
Andrew Joseph 4 month ago
"14" years
Professional Commenter 5 month ago
That Grammy's suit at 7:22 is poppin! I'm a woman and I would love to wear some of his clothes because they are so unique and beautiful!
icyy 4 month ago
Imagine if he got traded 😂😂
Andrew Boettcher 4 month ago
4:49 when she in the bathroom after you hit
Bryce Plath 5 month ago
Love how his closet has more square feet than my house
MJJSmoothCriminal 5 month ago
Best closet I have ever seen!
Baltine 4 month ago
His closet about the size of my house 😳
Angel Highlight 4 month ago
It will difficult for this guy to get out of the closet
Tim Michael 4 month ago
Think he has his needs and wants confused.
beauty4u132 5 month ago
Amazing , a dream, a goal, a blessing! 🥂💕😩
JJ C 5 month ago
Ohhh that’s why he has the adidas logo on the back of his head 🤯
macario sakay 5 month ago
Such a cool cat Salute to von
Anthony De Freitas 4 month ago
Class act, one of my fav players
IamSuave 5 month ago
@0:25 👀 I'm sorry, I lost focus looking at that starter "rat tail".
Volcomman 5 month ago
Bro I don't even have a closet
Mawali Omar 4 month ago
Von butchered almost every name he called lol. Great guy though, very down to earth.
Bank of Werner 4 month ago
He spent more hours shopping than most of us in the classroom.
Soly Prohopscuz 5 month ago
0:37 where those human race Dame 2s?!?!? whattt
Mr Orange 5 month ago
This is my goal set up. Keep moving forward.
lagaby12 4 month ago
Omg I’m in love
terrance woolford 4 month ago
This was dope to see... thanks GQ
leaisha adelson 5 month ago
Absolutely love his vibe
nj 4 month ago
ADIDAS for 14 YEARS... 🤔 since they recruited him to A&M 👀
Sheila Neal 4 month ago
Mr. Von i hear ya I'm the same way i love clothes and shoes i got to get rid some my clothes and shoes too it's time for inventory 😊
Korvus 4 month ago
My Bears would like to give Denver 3 1st round Picks for Von ✊🏾
Jose Reyna 5 month ago
I want to swat the back of his head kill that furry tarantula.
Participant Tablet1373 5 month ago
Imagine a celeb buying a Mall for a closet crazy
Don R. Mueller, Ph.D. 5 month ago
Where does he keep his massive ego?
Daniel 97 5 month ago
i have never felt so poor in my life.... ...and i've had water for dinner :(
Jake Davidson 5 month ago
Do a shoe collection
Rock A 4 month ago
My house which I thought was a good size lol 2400 square feet lol gawd
Playboi DLN 5 month ago
This just shows that 3 families can live in his closet and he can cloth over a thousand people 💀
Davide Giovannoni 5 month ago
Imagine having more shoes than 100 woman
Elephant In The Room 5 month ago
thats sick, its like a 1990s macy's store
erik puka 5 month ago
Von could fit in the 1800s but also on the future.This guy is amazing
erik puka 5 month ago
12000 items?7500 t shirts.You need years just to have time to select and arrange those.
Nathan Villasenor 5 month ago
What are the name for the balanciaga glasses those r 🔥!!
Sergio Palafox 5 month ago
Those vintage shirts r 🔥
Alex Marin 4 month ago
I want the camo shirt he’s wearing
Fenixx 4 month ago
C'mon Von ! We all know you hid all your Jordan's before the camera get in cause you have a deal with Adidas... Black men, we don't wear Adidas on the Daily basis 🤣
Eduardo Saavedra 5 month ago
Send me the gear you dont want haha 💯 #college
Ryan Paul McCarthy 4 month ago
We need Travis Kelce's closet
D.P. H 5 month ago
how does he fit into amiri? with those quads ??? i know they are stretchy but still
Ray A 4 month ago
Do your thing black man good stuff. just remember make some Investments, save some money for the future generations and help out your people
QueenofSole 4 month ago
Badabapadaaaa I'm loving it! 😍😍👍💯
Deathzy 5 month ago
When my room takes up 1/6 of your closet
Watch It Happen 5 month ago
2,000 square feet!? This man has A HOUSE for a closet! I aint mad at ya, do ya thing. #Insane