The Roomba That Screams When it Bumps Into Stuff

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Thanks to everyone who helped out with screaming!:

Screaming Roombas are technology that mankind has dreamed about ever since we could look up at the stars, today I was able to bring that dream to life

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Jacob Stringham 1 year ago
I know it's a joke, but so many people would totally buy this.
Tyson Sommerville 5 month ago
Need to make a Canadian one. When it bumps into things its just "oops" "sorry" "pardon me" "just gonna sneeeaaaak passed ya"
memeslut 5 month ago
michael looks like a depressed tom holland who's parents didnt love him
Greengiraffes 128 6 month ago
"Who is this?" "Michael from YouTube" "Heyy vsauce" "Nononono the other science Michael" "Oh.." He sounds so disappointed.
DRGNNEYE 5 month ago
Michael: Now it's on the kid-friendly mode Ruumba:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
TechForYou 1 year ago
Make a chair that moans when you sit on it then bring it to the public
Vinn 5 month ago
Michael: **asks for happy voicelines** LilyPichu: **says really dark stuff** Michael: **face gets really sad**
Ado Skg 6 month ago
Imagine sneaking this into someone's home at night.
brandon Davidlawrence 6 month ago
"Kind of looks like a bomb ", not anymore. Every isis member: genius
Normal Human 6 month ago
I love how the target return lady was just like "do you have the receipt" and not even fazed
Jeppe Vendel 1 year ago
Make a wall that screams every time a Roomba bumps into it.
Julian Nowland 6 month ago
everyone: has a positive reaction to the roomba and says they would be one in a heartbeat michael: "I guess the world just isn't ready for this technology yet"
Aurum 6 month ago
I prefer Lily's, it sounds more irritated than in pain and there's just something beautiful in loli swearing
CoolEnder 6 month ago
Me: *first time visiting this channel Me: *Clicks this video Micheal: i hate every single one of you
ilemraz S. 6 month ago
william: apologizes for house that burnt down michael: "i hate every single one of you"
Kathan 7 month ago
In 5 years, this guys either gonna be homeless, or a multi billionaire.
Cumber GT 6 month ago
He reminds me of a Rick-minded Morty.
Brenonon 5 month ago
6:22 ive never laughed harder "the roomba is dummy thicc"
Isaac Bailey 5 month ago
"I'm a Roomba!" Why is that my favorite of the quotes...
Ali Asadi 6 month ago
I feel like he did some extra things the Roomba accelerates into objects
Kiddo VR 1 year ago
I want to see a large room full of these things bumping into each other cussing and swearing each other out.
Hope Therapies UK 6 month ago
PLEASE send this to Ryan Renolds and ask him to record some “screams”!!!!!
Reuben and Peter 4 month ago
Make a GPS that curses when u make the wrong turn AND HAS GODRON RAMSAY’S VOICE
OOL' Billy 6 month ago
"It makes things a little more personal, Y'know it screams" *F I D D L E S T I C K S*
Jake Kenth 5 month ago
"F**K!" Loli swearing is great. Why don't we just uncensor the sw- **THUMP THUMP THUMP**
Gender 1 year ago
"my roomba is dummy thicc and the clap of its ass keeps it from moving stealthily"
Nathan Kidd 6 month ago
"Oh hey Vsauce!" "No, I'm the other science Michael.".
Lex Sketch 6 month ago
Everyone: I’ll take 5 Michael: the world just isn’t ready for this
Julianna 6 month ago
" *AHHHHHHH! WHY WAS I CREATED THIS WAY??!?* " ~Roomba after bumping into a pair of shoes 2k19
Peter 5 month ago
When you called to Lily, it kinda looked like the dog in the picture of Lily is talking, not her.
maxmoefoe 1 year ago
Can you make a Roomba that collects silt from the ocean floor
toxic fox 4 month ago
The roomba: cursing in pain everyone else:casually eating
Badger Bear 5 month ago
“The worlds not ready for this” *literally everyone wanted one and was totally ready*
Proper Breeze 5 month ago
If this was a product I’d buy it. Imagine, at midnight, you’re about to fall asleep, then all of a sudden you just hear a thud followed by a scream coming from your kitchen
Auden The Ice Dragon 4 month ago
This is like if R2D2's beeps was uncensored
Christopher Larkin 1 year ago
Make a door that insults you when you pull instead of push
Constance Keller 5 month ago
Here ya go... 4:26 is kid-friendly mode. "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" 6:08 is the Bomb Mode 7:12 is Grandma Mode "Fiddlesticks!" 7:21 is the Ralphie Parker Mode "Fudge!" 8:43 is the Torretts Mode "I'm A Roomba. FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK!"
Webb Merriam 6 month ago
Michael: Would you buy this robot that constantly screams in pain whenever it hits a wall? Everyone: YES ABSOLUTELY Michael: I guess the world just isn't ready for this technology...
DiscoGamer 101 4 month ago
cyre 6 month ago
Anyone know the song at 1:12 ? Starting to annoy me that I've heard it and don't remember. Thanks.
Itz Poison 1 year ago
Make a door that insults you when you pull instead of push
Tim Zhang 6 month ago
You could've used Gordon Ramsay's voice, its all over youtube.
Dimas152 6 month ago
"unlike michael reeves roomba, this is a legit functioning roomba" -Peter Sripol
A Wild Rengar Appeared 5 month ago
hey Michael, I thought I would let you know that people are selling Ding Ding plushies under the name "PeePeeplush"
Suschi 6 month ago
Michael: Here's Michael Reeves..... iDubbbz: Ahhhhh, Vsauuuce!
Nerd City 1 year ago
A Roomba that demonetizes you when you collab
lego_ lego0101 6 month ago
Micheal reeves is the jimmy neutron in real life
XXXSlayer 4 month ago
I would turn this on in the morning if my kids didn't wake up I get to clean my house and the kids will be woken up by a 30 something person shouting profanities
Sally Diallo 5 month ago
How about this, a vacuum cleaner that makes a choking sound when it sucks up something
Milena Telegina 5 month ago
lol michael looks like a stereotypical nerd with his glasses on lol
Gonzo 1 year ago
Make a wall that screams when it hits a roomba
the EDM dragon 5 month ago
Should've added the "Peter hurts his knee" sound effect
Bethany Maxwell 4 month ago
I have never wanted a Roomba more.... here, just take it: 💵💵💵💵
Marco Pena 4 month ago
"Don't ask me for anything ever again"
The0neAndOnlyNoob 5 month ago
Make a bottom part, clone it and make money. Imrovise. Adapt. Overcome.
tankproof2 9 month ago
a chair that moves away when it detects you're trying to sit down
Hunzobob 6 month ago
harld kardika 4 month ago
I legit thought William was Michael's dad before i knew anything about will
bruh 6 month ago
7:33 is that the same target manager who yelled at you guys in the microwave video
Flesh 5 month ago
Why does no one talk about the fact that he says “personable” instead of personal or personally
Joe Mama 9 month ago
It’s 3 am and all you hear is: FUUUUUUUUUCK
Random Productions 6 month ago
No one: Absolutely no one : Commenters : "Wheres the roomba? I want to see the roomba!"
Anna Baelfire 5 month ago
I can't stop laughing. this is the greatest thing Iv ever seen.
AsianPersuasion 5 month ago
i would enjoy it..... until it starts screaming when i'm asleep at 3am in the morning
Mihnea Toader 4 month ago
That's cool and all but... Where's that roomba at?
Ryan M. 1 year ago
HE DID IT WE BULLIED HIM INTO DOING IT im so proud of each and every one of you for bullying this 12-34 year old
BK3200 /BK32000 4 month ago
Make a robot that when someone touch it. It will shoot the person.
Northeast Reaper 5 month ago
I feel like this kid would be a great character in Supernatural
Isaac Bailey 5 month ago
"Steve's Job" That's sexual, I just don't know how.
Zipy 5 month ago
8:47 looks like off-brand william and michael
Jude Fullmqn 10 month ago
It succ, It cleans up mucc, but most importantly, It scream fucc
Arial Sans 4 month ago
Make a Roomba that screams when it bumps into stuff.
Jaker The Snaker 5 month ago
*bumps into wall* Roomba: Why are we still here, just to suffer
Jeanna Schuur 4 month ago
Make a chair that moans every time someone sits on it
Miguel Paiva 6 month ago
Where is our sequel to a roomba that screams when it bumps into things
Alex Batker 1 year ago
Can you make a roomba that screams when my dad beats me
Nicole Longie 4 month ago
I wanna knife screaming if it cuts something
Ka Te 6 month ago
does it stull do the cleaning tho or is it too depressed at this point to even give a flying shit about the purpose of life?
Tim 0901 6 month ago
Would be so fun if we got someone like morgan freeman in it. "Ow.. i just hit the wall...."
We Are BACON! 4 month ago
I would be most impressed if you could build a "defensive" automation, that can gauge threat levels and act accordingly. Such as: being able to detect and acting in accordance with law. Carry out judgment. E.g. it sees a person with a gun it announces your threat and will warn you of it's imminent response to your threat. Edit basically an Auto Turret with non lethal capabilities. That doesn't require any human guidance.
Tanaja M 7 month ago
“I hate every single one of you” -Micheal Reeves
Pug _Z 6 month ago
Can I buy one please, hell I’ll take it for free I need this thing in my life
We Are BACON! 4 month ago
Build an autonomous trash compactor. That compacts (automatically) after a set volume has been filled.
Zoe Erica 4 month ago
Make your stairs say something like "ow" whenever someone steps on it-
Presley Peters 5 month ago
Michael looked like their son sitting at the dinner table with them
Deep Blue 8 month ago
Where’s our chair that moans when you sit on it MICHAEL
devilangelchild 6 month ago
I want this just to mess with my parents
Blurry Vision 4 month ago
I want to have a Roomba with the Simpsons quotes in em. “DANG DIDDLY D’OH!”
Waude 4 month ago
5:20 well yeah he IS as psychopath Ps. Needed to check comments that I'm the only one who commented this
Despa Sickomode 4 month ago
Make a room a that when it vacuums stuff it spits it back out
grace calis 1 year ago
"Roomba that screams when it bumps into stuff" **Roomba gets hit** **Roomba immediately has existential crisis**
GhostEVFox 6 month ago
Okay so we got swears from ia- *immediately breaks character*
the HAULERS 4 month ago
8:43 I was dying😂😂( I'm a roomba, Fuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk!!!
GeoX 5 month ago
I love how the roomba when a metal nut came off and it just turned around and looked at them like: You saw nothing
SCP D9341 4 month ago
5:28 *WHEN DID DORA LEARN TO SWEAR?!?!?!?!?!!??!*
Name not found 1 year ago
*Youtube is finally starting to understand what I want.*
Dogz Rulez 6 month ago
The girls voice sounds so much like a friend I have that makes that same voice lol.
Thanos Grape 6 month ago
The Duck 5 month ago
when the room a starts repeating nightmare I realized that would be an amazing song, someone pls do this.
Ben King 4 month ago
4:13 I think the Roomba has Tourette syndrome for a sec.