Reacting To Logan Paul's Diss Track

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Uros Mihailovic 3 month ago
Respect to JJ for giving Logan respect when is due.
zuygj bnsv 3 month ago
Logan Paul: *actually makes a good song* Everyone liked that
Acidicflipper9 3 month ago
Im so happy that you both respect each other now. Not gonna lie yall's collabs would be hilarious
Verified Otaku 2 month ago
JJ: “I’ve got SICK genes!” Forehead: *oh do you now?*
Willis Price 2 month ago
I like how KSI is still nice about Logan and doesn’t talk shit about him
SebGamerDK 3 month ago
JJ: “Logan is good at coming back from a loss, he’s not like deji and joe weller who failed” Deji: new video “my bro betrayed me”
AverageBrino 3 month ago
Damn.. it seems like the loss Logan took was actually a blessing. Humbled him and now it seems the tables has turn cuz mans been getting nothing but positivity even KSI has to give props to him. Give credit where credit is due.
CJ Meade132 3 month ago
The fact that jjs complimenting Logan’s diss tract is the fact that it’s actually good af
butti fdft 3 month ago
Jj says he has never took an L but he must have forgot when he went up against harry with distracks.
Team Rocket 2 month ago
Is K broke? Cause his windows is not activated.
Ryan Smith 3 month ago
Jj : "AB hasn't boxed before" Ab's wife: " Am I a joke to you ? "
Jakevlogsandgames 2 month ago
We are in 2020 and people still making diss tracks Wow
TSMP_Hutch 3 month ago
“Logan Paul” in video title. Doesn’t watch until 12:07
Raf Medina 2 month ago
It would be cool to see jj and logan team in a UFC's match or boxing vs other boxers or YouTubes
Dab Rabbit 2 month ago
I feel like that Deji doesn’t know what a rap is but jj does
Gerli Cog 3 month ago
The best thing about ksi is that even when he dislikes someone he can still compliment them instead of being salty all the time.
Andrew Firebud 3 month ago
AB got kicked off the patriots and the raiders and is pretty much the laughingstock of the NFL
Nick Nack 2 month ago
JJ: "I don't think he's doing American football at the moment" Randolph: "What the hell is American Football" Edit: Omg thanks for all the likes my previous record was two!!!!😂😂
RandomRyan09 2 month ago
Logan: “Your girl said that ain’t nobody harder then me” Antonio Brown hitting his wife: am I a joke to you? Hey I’m happy you guys liked this comment! :)
mnika voli 3 month ago
JJ: reacting to Logan Paul’s disstrack Me: Looks at the corner of the screen Activate Windows 😂
- AatroxRevin 3 month ago
Jake paul teaching kids how can they make money - Jake Paul: Give me your money - Kids giving him money - Jake Paul: Thats how you make money - Kids: Wow
Ne mi go znaes Imeto 3 month ago
I like how he’s honest about his music he’s not like “ahh it’s bad” because he hates him
Random Guy 2 month ago
Jj: says Logan has better content than deji Deji: am i a joke to u
XIX_EcHo 3 month ago
"JJ Also known as KSI" Quirk: Can lose weight and gain weight at will. Shoto: "Hold up"
legendary rebel yt 3 month ago
JJ:"i'm running out of space" JJ's forehead: * am i a joke to you?
Matt 3 month ago
JJ: " God bless my genes man " His hairline: " *Am I a joke to you* "
ShadowHunter 3 month ago
Logan Paul: actually makes a good diss track Me: *Visible Confusion*
Mattu gaming 2 month ago
It is because AB made a song called whole lotta money 💰 what is the opiset
Logan Velez 3 month ago
14:38 is when the actual video starts.
Coco The bunny :3 2 month ago
Is it me or does his hair look like french fries growing on his head? No offence JJ, your hair is still fabulous
Rehaan 3 month ago
JJ: "god blessed me with good genes" His hairline: "am I a joke to u"
William Neale 3 month ago
JJ: there you go, i activated windows Windows: he came back, and then lost to me
Easy Money 3 month ago
Jake try’s to teach kids how to make money and also charges them $20 a month
12pled 2 month ago
You forgetting AB is from the hood hood, hes gonna forget all his boxing training once he touches the ring and just straight brawl lmaoo
Agent 007 2 month ago
"IM RUNNING OUT OF SPACE" has a wall with nothing on it
Victor Charle 3 month ago
JJ: “I have sick genes!” His beard: Am I a joke to you? Edit: Hey, thanks for the likes btw. This is the most likes I ever gotten on a comment!
bilisha coli 3 month ago
JJ:"I'm running out of space" Literally has a massive blank space to the side of him
Amadibored _ 3 month ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Simon In A Galaxy Far, Far Away: why arent you eating white cod? Exactly
Zack Hickson 2 month ago
JJ "this was recorded 2 weeks ago" Youtube "are you sure about that"
Coldzz 2 month ago
ksi : why have i got some ar.. foreign language on here 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ahasan Chowdhury 3 month ago
JJ: I finally activated Windows. Also JJ: Didn’t even activated Windows Edit: WOW! I didn’t expect to get 1.4K likes
Jadis Vega 3 month ago
He’s saying whole lotta money going broke because Antonio brown made a song saying whole lotta money
Faraaz Rahman 2 month ago
But.....nobody beats “On Point” 😂🤣🤣
Gr34t Man 3 month ago
JJ:"im running out of space" Me:how about the spqce i your belly
Arthur_YT 3 month ago
JJ: YouTube is a horrible word to rhyme with. Also JJ: Beerus: I’m the YouTube God.
Alexander Chen 3 month ago
JJ: "no fluidity in his form" Also JJ: windmill boxing
Cody Nolan 2 month ago
JJ: I’m running out of space to put these paintings up. JJ’s wall next to him: am I a joke to you
Blue Bunny 2 month ago
"I can't hate" a few seconds after "Wait but didn't his bird die" BOI
Kire TV 2 month ago
Charlotte Drew 2 month ago
“VelentiMes day” he so dumb💀
TEEBALLZ 20 3 month ago
sanguine paradise Uzi says, “In reality i’m 5’4 stand on my money now i’m 6’6” Now knowing that a US bill is .0043 inches thick we have the equation Y x .0044 = 14 inches (6’6 - 5’4 = 14 inches) To solve we divide both sides by .0043 and get approximately 3,256. Now to be actually be able to stand on the money he would have needed 2 stacks so we are up to 6,512. This means Uzi was standing on approximately 6,512 US bills. Now you may be wondering what dollar amount the bills are, but going back to the song Uzi states, “I just made 100k, it was quicker then a Vine.” Which means he makes money very easily so we can just assume he’s using $100 dollar bills. So the equation is now 100 x 6512 = 651,200. In conclusion this means that Uzi was most likely standing in $651,200 to go from 5’4 to 6’6.
ELM9 3 month ago
Note to self jj doesn’t actually start the reaction until like 14:30 like wtf
bodoy euir 3 month ago
JJ: I’m running out of space. The blank wall to his left: well that was a lie
Rory McInerney 3 month ago
JJ"I don't have any room" Bare wall beside him"boy"
Noah 16 Football 2 month ago
My new favorite YouTube becaus when he said “Isn’t the bird dead”
Sidemento10million 3 month ago
Deji releases “The Truth” Ksi reacts to Logan Paul’s Diss Track Deji: Am I joke to you?
IssaBoyEli 2 month ago
JJ: See You Soon what JJ 's Fans Hear 2 months
Daniel Sediqi 3 month ago
I rlly want KSI to fight Logan again cause that win didn’t seem like a good enough win to me
Santtu Korhonen 2 month ago
With maverick he doesnt mean the bird, he means the lifestyle with that line✌🏼 He made a video about that, you should go watch it👐🏼
Bubba 2 month ago
JJ: where am i gonna put that painting? Its huge *literal huge empty wall next to him*
Siikz 3 month ago
JJ: *Reacts to Logan's diss track instead of Deji's song* Deji: he's trying to make me jealous
Joshua Gallant Jr 3 month ago
AB: NFL,jail,fighting Logan Everybody:🤦‍♂️
Joshua Robinson 2 month ago
JJ you’re the last person who should be talking about fluidity of movement 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣
Don’t Do 3 month ago
Ksi: YouTube is a hard word to rhyme Eminem: Are you challenging me?
lorenzo rivero 3 month ago
Nobody: Jj: “ Didn't the Bird Die?”
JXI - 3 month ago
Fans : “ACTIVATE WINDOWS” 2 weeks ago : “I’ve activated windows” Today : “ Activate Windows “
Nebbulance 3 month ago
14:30 bottom right. Still had not activated windows 😂
Carlos Rodriguez-Larios 2 month ago
Only reason he expresses hoe much he won is because he wants u to ignore that he would've lost if it wasnt for those 2 points
Greasy Sausage 2 month ago
Btw Logan names his diss track “Going Broke” bc AB’s diss track was called “Whole Lotta Money”
Da Saucydrip 2 month ago
Ksi, I’m running out of space The wall next to him 🤨🤨🤨
Kavirrr 3 month ago
biggest flex of all time: "i don't know what it's like to lose"
Josh Thompson 2 month ago
Honestly I didn’t like u before but I got a lot of respect for you after not talking trash ab logan
Jacob Mora 3 month ago
"Going Broke" "These Days" Going Broke These Days lmao
TheDenisWorldYT 3 month ago
When you realise jj hasn’t activated windows
Evan Harnest 2 month ago
It’s funny he brought up net nobody because net nobody baited him and then flamed him on bend the knee net nobody won that beef js
JustDragonBall 3 month ago
*Me hoping JJ reacts to Deji’s new song* JJ: “I don’t think I will..”
Jared Perkins 2 month ago
they need to make a song with drake that would be sick
Crimson RGX 3 month ago
5:25 so I see why he does YouTube now
seppie boii 2 month ago
Listening to a Paul diss track and giving him ad revenue :( Watching a Ksi video to see a Paul diss track so no ad rev for him :)
RaZr_Raess 2 month ago
Original term : credit given where credit is due Ksi: props where props is due😂
zayn 3 month ago
JJ: “I have sick genes!" His receding hairline: Am I A Joke To You?
Kethujan Vimalathasan 2 month ago
KSI: That's how you come back from a L no one:.... KSI: Obviously I Beat Him
Joshua West 3 month ago
I’d love to see KSI at the fight supporting Logan😂 also lowkey want them to do a track together for the memes
Bryan Torres 2 month ago
Can we just pay attention at the fact that he just said: when ever I twain hard
Mr.Stoopyhead 3 month ago
0:00 ill tell whats going on with your hair its spaghetti without sauce
Amil McIntosh 3 month ago
I love how honest JJ was about the diss track. Thats why I rate him.
J A Y 2 month ago
This vid was recorded on my bday and posted on my post bday
MrBunnySuit 98 3 month ago
17:02 😂 yo but like...
J.kilbz.04 2 month ago
Me: clicks on a Logan Paul song to meme on it Also me: it’s actually good Again also me: The fall of Jake Paul was a banger
Aidan CE 2 month ago
Lmao Joe Weller never failed to come back, he’s more liked now then he ever has been.
Kiwi adventures 2 month ago
Still using Logan for content I see
Shahmir Ali 2 month ago
The song was actually fire 🔥 ngl it was fire fire
Zachary Jones 3 month ago
I feel like deep down they're homies....
Morleys fried pigeons 2 month ago
Tbh jjs genes aren’t that good 🤣🤣
EDM Boss 3 month ago
JJ: damn, I’ve missed a lot, Logan Paul made a song, Tobi made a song Deji: looks like it’s going to be a long Christmas this year
Alessandro Sanchez 3 month ago
for the first time in forever ksi was actually nice to logan
Ioba_pro Lolo 2 month ago
I didn't beat him because your strong because he got u on back side of your head and refferee took 2 points from him dumb ass! JK I still watch you on YouTube and I sub to u
Tanmay Sapra 2 month ago
Ksi: I finished Logan Paul’s career Logan: Getting more views than Ksi
aidxn .__ 3 month ago
14:28 for actual reaction Thank me later
Robert Ahern 3 month ago
Logan’s name: *mentioned* Ksi: I WON THE FIGHT