2020 Important Channel Update - Happy New Year!

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won't be long. thank you for your support. see you soon

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hey Show More and mobile folks. thanks for sticking with me. looking forward to seeing you in a month's time or sooner if you see me on other platforms. okay. sorry if this makes you sad. i want to make sure i do a good job. thank you. have a good month. see you on feb 6
thedredmanable 6 month ago
He's taking a vacation to work on his political campaign, obviously.
Liam Godfrey 6 month ago
Wait you're a comedian I thought you were serious.
DLSacks 6 month ago
Hey, we'd all like a phacation, but some of us have Phil's to pay.
Talanani Yiyaya 6 month ago
Please stop making eye contact with me.
Matthew Neubeck 6 month ago
Hey this guy kinda looks like the front running Gamer for President Ace Watkins!
paillote 6 month ago
He is not comming back, just like my ex. I'm so sad
0b00000111 6 month ago
Man I hope this Phacation allows you to grow an illustrious beard. Also: Two shows a week? Where are you local again?
El ViejoHG 6 month ago
This is one of the best channels I follow on youtube and it's incredible how little subscribers you have, yet you are still fully commited to it, your vacations are well deserved
AEmilius Resurrection 6 month ago
Happy New Year, Comedian Phil Jamesson. You were one of the few and far apart highlights of 2019. You will be missed. R.I.P. #NeverPhorget
Arnold Footballhead 6 month ago
we love you phil. we support you phil. three cheers for phil.
Weston Hawk 6 month ago
But many of your videos have multiple people! Could we possibly get weekly videos from just them, excluding Phil?
ScarlettTheHuman 6 month ago
That's great! I'm excited to see your sketch comedy video next week, as promised by the entertainer-subscriber contract we all agreed to when we subscribed to your channel.
Barnaby Smith 6 month ago
Wait I thought you had a year long phacation already to grow that full beard of yours
LordHelix 6 month ago
I had no idea you were canadian. Will you be doing any standup in toronto? I'd love to see your show
onled1 6 month ago
We're with you, friend
whyilee 6 month ago
Take your time off and don't worry, we'll still be here when you come back!
Ellie W 6 month ago
This made me sad initially, but then I was very excited for the metamorphic direction your channel is going in, and the admirable initiative that you are displaying. Good luck and happy new year!
Jack F 6 month ago
really happy to hear this, Phil! it's gonna be a good year for all of us; glad you're jumping onto a stronger trajectory
Janarik 6 month ago
You've gotta do what you've gotta do, Phil. I definitely understand the "making videos for the sake of making videos" feeling. You TAKE that break. KING.
TonytheCapeGuy 6 month ago
You have a vibe where I can never tell when you're being serious. XD
Nate Goat 6 month ago
This is outrageous! Its unreasonable!
Richard Luzum 6 month ago
Thought this was finally the video where you recommit to promoting #PHILGANGNICEBOYS My disappointment is immeasurable and my decade is ruined.
Underwater Coastline 6 month ago
That’s good, we’ll let you philter through the bad stuff and come back refreshed (here’s hope) Jokes aside, enjoy your rest and all the best for the projects Phil!
Onkel Pappkov 6 month ago
I guess I was Today years old when I had my heart ripped in two.
j_smitty01 6 month ago
A well deserved vacation indeed! Enjoy your time off, Phil! As always, great job.
davidmst 6 month ago
Oh no, is this like that "See you next year" video?
LivingArkly 6 month ago
Hope you have a relaxing break! Happy to hear it when people notice hints of burnout preemptively.
Superlative CG 6 month ago
Tetris is a training for fitting leftovers in the fridge from New Year's Eve celebration.
Rex0142king 6 month ago
What happened to the initials at the final frame of your videos?
thenewtypetheory 6 month ago
Best of luck Phil! You’re clearly talented and have put in a ton of work into your craft. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll do next!
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l 6 month ago
*☼ i am excited for the projects.* & frankly, even the burnout. im here for it all! mostly the burnout - ok, you _"got me"_ big man. Are either of us happier for it? i thought you were on vacation.
Cally 6 month ago
Good for you! I'm glad you're being proactive to prevent burnout and I'm excited to see what your phacation will inspire.
Alri Ya 6 month ago
god I just want to scream at that beautiful, happy, smug face of yours. happy new year.
Nate Brown 6 month ago
Phil, have a nice vacation man! Gotta nurture the soul sometimes, you know. Keep it up, homie.
Ben 6 month ago
We’re all okay with this, Phil!
Maggie C. 6 month ago
Fair enough, Phil! Take your well-earned vacation, and take all the time you need to create more awesome content. :) Happy 2020!
UniQueLyEviL 6 month ago
Happy New year man!! Take care of yourself and I look forward to your new projects!
Tyler Minski 6 month ago
Enjoy your time off, I'm excited to see long form content from you, your skits always have funny premises and I'd love to see where more time can take those ideas. You should tape your standup for us to see too 😁
Ben Gallaty 6 month ago
Please do enjoy your vacation! Quite excited to hear the live show tour announcement and looking forward to your return.
Bruno 6 month ago
This video felt like a parody. I'm am very confused.
August 6 month ago
Thank you for this video, Phallus Jam. Can we expect any new Dissecting the Frog videos in the future? Those were fun.
Nick Dutton 6 month ago
You stream games!? Why did I not know this, I've been missing out. Doi
Evan Camp 6 month ago
Really enjoying this channel so far. Pumped to see where you progress. Keep working!
Peter Speak 6 month ago
Do a live show here in Huntsville Alabama!
Noma 6 month ago
take your time my man, quality > quality
Why156 6 month ago
So excited, love the honesty, good luck buddy!
L S 6 month ago
I am extremely happy you are taking this break (and taking care of yourself), and I'm very happy to hear that good things are on the horizon for you!!! congratulations and im looking forward to what's in store in the new year!
Ryan Held 6 month ago
So you're doing a stand-up tour? If so, where can I find the schedule?
Orange Chocolate 6 month ago
Missed a good chance there to say Phirst, Phsecond, Phird, Pharbage, and Phebruary 6ph.
Sydney Stutsman 6 month ago
Good luck with your standup and I hope the new year treats you well! I look forward to hearing how this new step in your career treats you, can't wait for February 6th
Tyler Hunter 5 month ago
Its good to have a break.
Justin Berg 6 month ago
This is actually awesome for you
matthlowder 6 month ago
Take care of yourself, good sir!
sam lastname 6 month ago
This is good, take as much time as you need.
CPTAZ Studios 6 month ago
How can it be wonderful without you??
Quintin West 6 month ago
nguyen duy 6 month ago
And here i thought the reason was the military service
Caleb Larson 6 month ago
Phil I'm gonna miss ur vids but have fun!
thatguy00271 6 month ago
I love you and am glad you are doing what you believe to be the best for you!!!! Happy New Year!
GoTeamScotch 6 month ago
I dont understand this skit, but still very funny overall and I liked it. Keep philling my feed with great phivdeos!
Siddhi Desai 6 month ago
Have a good 2020 Phil! :)
Galois Deer 6 month ago
Very good reasons; I will miss you, but I will also eagerly await your return.
YEEEA GANG WEED 6 month ago
haha funny skit, cant wait for next week man
Miles Murphree 6 month ago
Have a great phacation!
SirNintendo28 6 month ago
Take a well-deserved break, bud
Menacing Banjo 6 month ago
Oh no, thank YOU for your support.
Zac G 6 month ago
ArtIsPaperView 6 month ago
Are we going to be able to see your comedy shows?
Reina 6 month ago
Your pose is making me uncomfortable
Griffin Mendel 6 month ago
love you Phil❤️❤️❤️
Onkel Pappkov 5 month ago
It's only been 3 weeks since the tiny knob video but I want to remark that I am not okay with you missing, Phil. I understand that you need to sustain your physical presence with food but I feel like you are neglecting your true fanbase who have known you for many weeks, supporting you with mean comments about your long hair, you girl. I demand a PJ video or else I shall be mildly annoyed and watch something else in the meantime!!!1
Dome 6 month ago
Good luck dude! Wish you all the best
David Jeffries 6 month ago
I'm going to miss the weekly videos, but it's important to take care of yourself and work on your career. Good luck!
ael 6 month ago
All the best, Phil. Good luck.
L3AVEMDEAD 6 month ago
Glad to see you doing stuff, even if it's not here. Good luck in 2020 Philliam
Austin Banks 6 month ago
Would it be possible for you to post any of your standup?
bobfox 6 month ago
Happy New year 🎉 please enjoy your phacation
Taylor Reiner 6 month ago
Go Phil!!!
Evan F. 6 month ago
good luck phil!
Shrek Donkee 6 month ago
Daniel Gilbert 6 month ago
Hope this means you're focusing on your political campaign. #GamerPres
Michelle Horn 6 month ago
Whatever you need man. I’m here for you. Enjoy your time away and take care of yourself.
A. Richter 6 month ago
Gotta focus on your presidential run, I get it. Ace 2020
Dimitri Fulconis 6 month ago
Missed opportunity to say Phirst
Pogman999 6 month ago
Have a good moth off Phil 👦
reverant tangent 6 month ago
Good luck handsome
Maria Pole 6 month ago
So is it February or Phebruary???
Claire Goatcher 6 month ago
Kinda disappointed you didn't say phirst.
Matthew Thomas 6 month ago
Janus looks forwards and backwards
Mr. Internet Man 6 month ago
How dare you
Krystine Kimes 6 month ago
Love u Phil
cyrilio 6 month ago
I don’t understand. Just want quantity an enjoyment. Isn’t it rewarding enough that you made me laugh? In protest I’m going to watch less of your (new) videos per week!
Isaac Fankhauser 6 month ago
no. we actually hate you now.
Michael 6 month ago
i lophe you phil haphe the best phacation!!!!
freezman13 6 month ago
jak jak 6 month ago