1000 Bath Bombs VS 1000lb of Dry Ice Experiment!

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Arthur Fleck 3 month ago
Do you ever read a comment and think I could have commented that.
LittleRunningMan 01 3 month ago
To the 2% that see this Have a great life, and you are amazing!
Alexis Muckerman 3 month ago
"WAIT YOU CAN JUGGLE?" "I'm a man of many talents"
B31- Tmrx 3 month ago
*Drage even if you think your fat it really don’t matter you should feel comfortable around all of us we’re like a really big family,I hope he sees this*
AA TT 3 month ago
All kids: I was told not to touch dry ice or i will get frost bite Funk Bros: Lets put 1000Ib of dry ice and 1000 bath bombs in a pool and swim in it!
Emily Davis 3 month ago
Capron “why are your balls so much bigger than mine” Corey “they’re just like that” 😂😂
Sealy4321 3 month ago
it's like, a weird version of the floor is lava. It's- Everybody jump out of the pool before the bottle explodes!
Shelby Mayo 3 month ago
Who is here after capron proposed to His girlfriend (i forgot how to spell her name)
Talise Devault 3 month ago
Capron: hey Corey can I take my car that’s covered in my girlfriends face!? Corey: ya sure why not! Capron: thank you Capron: can I drive it?? Corey: ya you drive her crazy anyways! I’m ded😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kate Gibb 3 month ago
Bathbombs in moving truck like so they see
Andrew Schejbal 3 month ago
“It broke the table” “That’s funny film it” 😂🤣
Anetusia19 3 month ago
3:51 what was the sound Corey?😂
Julien Ayala 3 month ago
“You can juggle?!?”😂😂😂
IAmGroot513 3 month ago
"Whirlpool" 5 seconds later. "No Whirlpool"
Emma Schmidt 3 month ago
Tracy Christensen 3 month ago
Capron: come on billy I need you to play with us Billy: hold on Capron: * drops billy in the pool* Me: HAHAHAHAHA!!! That so funny how he said “hold on”
Greg Freeman 3 month ago
Billy: The new gateraid flavor is swamp creature!😂
HeyItzMia X 3 month ago
“Wait you can juggle” You have been friends with him for so long how did you not know 😂
juliem_1986 3 month ago
"We've never done bath bombs before" -- Carpon "We need to treat ourselves more" -- Billy lol
Cool life 150 3 month ago
Here’s a challenge for you do as many backflips or front flips as you can all at the same time.
Calm Yourself 3 month ago
Science teacher: And you should always use gloves and goggles when using dry ice Funk bro’s: is that a challenge
David Oelrichs 3 month ago
What happened to the goats??? Also what's with the ending with Drage... 😂😂😂
Xander Harrison 3 month ago
Doctor: even touching dry ice can give u frostbite Funk bro’s and friends: takes bath in it
Boshra Ahmed 3 month ago
while they were at it they should’ve added coke and mentos in it😂
Michael Sarrington 3 month ago
0:58 im dying corey sounded like a goat or something
Huntsmans Vlogs 3 month ago
Your the best funk bro’s keep up the hard work!!!
McKenzie Playz 3 month ago
4:15 as mother trucker 😂😂 I saw a comment about this and even want to talk abg it drage you are a talented man and fell comfortable around people
Post Poly 3 month ago
Everyone: ohhhh! Billy: they look like skittles!!! 🤣🤣😂😂
Caden_1107 3 month ago
1:48 omg it’s so funny how billy is being help completely sideways like a board and he’s like hold on right when being dropped
Ashley Giaudrone 3 month ago
Billy: new gatorade flavor swap creature Me: IM DYING OF LAUGHTER hehahehaheha
RawRoman 3 month ago
Y’all should fill a pool full of soda and mentos. That would be five.
Daniel Madrigal 3 month ago
Capron finding out drage can juggle was the funniest thing 😂🤣
Galaxy Universe 3 month ago
Them with the soda bombs: Neighbors:OMGG CALL THE COPS SOMEONE IS SETTING BOMBS
Woodland DeMars 3 month ago
Yo Billy get out of the pool! What was in there? Rip Billy 2020
Miles _ 3 month ago
Ryan Dransfield 3 month ago
Who else couldn’t stop laughing when Corey jumped in and said haha in the middle of the air?😂😂
Gerrit Wezelman 3 month ago
New video: Dry ice in a moving truck. The smoke will look amazing!!
HL-ibuilt Btw 3 month ago
“Cory it looks like Swiss cheese”🤣
gloria de wee 3 month ago
The person that sang at 2:40 that was amazing I swear
LaZzy on iOS 3 month ago
0:26 to be honest that was good. I’m dying 😂😂😂
J VS C FLIPPING 3 month ago
Who else love the soap with dry ice
BOSG ACOG 3 month ago
We already know how this is going to turn out
Emily Davis 3 month ago
“POWERFUL BUBBLES” - Capron Funk 2020
juliem_1986 3 month ago
"Did our pool just fart?" lol!
Harry Morrow 3 month ago
I swear every single time I watch one of their videos I’m like “I wish I was friends with them”
Ritter Boy 3 month ago
I’m such a big fan I’ve been watching for three years!!🙄
Ali Woll 3 month ago
Capron: And Corey, why are your balls so much bigger than mine? Corey: they just always like that! 😂😂😂
Twin Gamers 3 month ago
They know there’s dry ice and went down heaps of times knowing it burns but keep doing it I love you guys
Jacob Cole 3 month ago
This was generally a good video and I really love the content y’all have been posting lately. Keep it up guys, good job on the good work.
Danni Arnold 3 month ago
Omg early I love u guys and the content u make it’s really good and makes me feel happy when I’m sad
Megan Carmona 3 month ago
4:02 FAV PART EVER 🤣🤣❤️❤️
Jaden Nguyen 3 month ago
7:58 maybe it too loud of the airhorn
Das Nica 3 month ago
Woah I’m early, what?😂❤️
Megan Carmona 3 month ago
Hey, I’m in love with Billy 😎❤️🤤🤤🤤
Frabreez Ellull 3 month ago
I love u guys I've literally watched y'all for like forever n y'all helped me when I was thinking stupid stuff y'all video helped
Josh Lee 3 month ago
When they were singing in the shower I was like what?????
Elijah Batts 3 month ago
I love how its feburary and there still doing this😂
C Schmieding 3 month ago
I love watching your videos so much as they bring a smile to my face everyday! The pure randomness you guys do while having fun is amazing! Dont stop having fun Funk Fam!!
Kendall Stoughton 3 month ago
This has been the funniest YouTube video I have ever seen! Omg! 😂
Jade Wiebe-Humphrey 3 month ago
Whenever I see a new video I click it right away!!!💖💖💖💖🤩🤩🤩 Ps: love you guys❤️
joxo . 3 month ago
Capron: carries Drew in the Pool also Capron : carries Billie in the Pool Drage: steps in Pool ! SAD LIFE
lit dudes 3 month ago
I want the funk bros to team up with dude perfect
Kian Gozza 3 month ago
Man I Love Watching You Guys!!! You Make My Day In NZ! Thankyou
fiju biju 3 month ago
I love your vids they have gotten me through a couple rough patches with my depression because you people inspire me to push on
scales and trails 3 month ago
I followed you guys on tiktok and I watched drages live stream
Im a weird Baker 3 month ago
Bruh u and the Dangie bro’s act so alike, y’all should do a callab or something😁
jk savage 3 month ago
When u put the towel over the bucket it kinda looked like snow
Sparkle Daisy 3 month ago
I have my post notifications on!!!! Love u guys!❤️❤️❤️
Saphira Sallenback 3 month ago
Love y’all! You are so amazing and you have the BEST ideas!!!❤️💛💜🧡🤍💙💚🖤🤎
brittanyfizzy 3 month ago
So, I just found you guys today and all I can say is I wanna be your friend 😂 You guys seem so cool, and as I watch all I can think of is that y'all give off so much chaotic energy, I love it! It's wild all the things you do, I would love to join 😂
Ari ben 3 month ago
I love your vid so much I have been watching for years now I’ve been here since day one! Everyone in the funk fam are amazing ppl Don’t let ppl that hate get to you when i have. A bad day I just come and watch your vids and they make me feel better
Megan Carmona 3 month ago
Clovis Cisneros 3 month ago
I laughed so hard when I saw drop Billy 1:50
Zach Allen 3 month ago
I tried it and It was so sick
Ruby Holden 3 month ago
Such a cool vid , hope to meet you one day. My idol
juliem_1986 3 month ago
New gatoaide flavor "Swamp creature" Billy you crack me up!
Pyper Sturges 3 month ago
I cracked up when he said a 1000 pounds of dry ice so casually
raylinparker 3 month ago
oh wow, i didnt relize this was posted today....well yesterday lol. thats crazy
Jennifer Mcdowell 3 month ago
You guys make me smile everyday! I've liked all your videos, watched all your videos, subscribed, and turned on post notifications. I love you guys!!!!
Lauret Miller 3 month ago
I can’t believe how much you guys have grown. From living in your parents house to making amazing vids and having a full house of friends. I also still can’t believe on Capron being engaged and Corey being with his girlfriend for (I think) 3 years.♥️
Marc Gottschalk 3 month ago
lol I am in 7th grade when me an my friends go swimming we make whirlpools
B3CKY 3 month ago
I dont think I've ever been this early on your guys videos. Even though I post notifications on. Love yall super entertaining
Chloe Britt 3 month ago
4:18 Oh my lord billy😂😂😂😂
Katie Gaming K 3 month ago
Omg when I saw this was posted I clicked it btw love you guys!!
Exotic Smoke 3 month ago
This whole entire video I was questioning how do you put like 1000 pounds of dry ice in a pool inflatable pool to be correct andThey are literally not even cold I would be freezing
Drippy_Zerry 3 month ago
Wait that dry ice in the bottle they blowing up 😂
Nikki Nicklus 3 month ago
Hotdog Boy 3 month ago
2016 was the peak of the Funk Bros YouTube channel with a ton of views, what happened to this channel it used to be very popular.
Owan Joye 3 month ago
I’ve been watching since the mcflip
Hollie Duthie 3 month ago
Keep up the good work guys <3
_.erikosss._ 3 month ago
To a vid chalenge where you have to stay in dru ice pool and the last 1 stands in wins +1 if you guys want to this challenge
gewoonVinzjo! 3 month ago
Fancy Ducky 3 month ago
nadia nobei 3 month ago
am first and i don’t know what to say
Taste Testers 3 month ago
No one Cory: ya u drive her crazy anyway
rng_ lowkey 3 month ago
I love you guys❤️! Keep going!!!!
Natalie Mohlman 3 month ago
Hey I love you vids you always make me so much happier every time i watch you videos
Bobz_ aruba 3 month ago
Capron = Hitler 3:09 look at his hand
Jacob Cole 3 month ago
It looks like a more fun image of the swamp in shrek
Hailey 3 month ago
i like how capron can just lift his leg up and get in the pool easily bc of how tall he is