HOW ROCKETS ARE MADE (Rocket Factory Tour - United Launch Alliance) - Smarter Every Day 231

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2nd Channel Interview with Tory about rocket engines and competitors:

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SmarterEveryDay 3 month ago
Thanks for watching this video. I'm glad you're here. If you feel like this earns your subscription please click here: How this happened: I messaged Tory "If you ever find yourself with an open lunch I'll buy. No cameras, just rocket geek chat." A few months later he changed a flight one day so we could grab lunch, but he also carved out a couple of hours before lunch to give me a personal tour. He's as cool off camera as he is on camera. He allowed me to ask any technical question I had, and I never even got close to the limits of his understanding of rockets. His technical prowess is something I aspire to. We made a video on the second channel where I interview him about more specific things about rockets, as well as how he feels about competitors. 2nd Channel Interview with Tory about rocket engines, competitors, and business philosophy:
SpaceDolphin 3 month ago
42:35 “these are sharp edges, so careful” Destin: *immediately touches edges”
Simeon Higgs 3 month ago
Destin: so you're going to show me how to build a rocket from scratch? Tory: that's correct Destin: *into earpiece* 나는 내부있어
goommenter 3 month ago
Me: 55min video: no way I have no time for that! Also me: 55min later: second video, please!
James x 3 month ago
I am just blown away by a CEO that knows the intricacies of his product to the very core, no "umm", "I'll get the SME to answer that" or the classic, 'i'll get back to ya on that", amazing.
Monkey Mind 3 month ago
I absolutely love how excited Destin is every single moment he is in that factory.
Danny 3 month ago
SmarterEveryDay, takes an hour and makes it go by in what seems like 5-10 minutes.
Yusuke Shinyama 3 month ago
I like how he uses metric units casually, just like real engineers and scientists.
Noah Lopez 3 month ago
24:00 “We’re gonna show you friction stir welding” AvE has entered the chat.
Dwayne Madsen 3 month ago
Wow! This was ending and my thought was, "I thought it was an hour?" It was! But it sure didn't seem like it! Great job! Very engaging, very enjoyable. And you were right about what a great guy Tory Bruno seems to be! I enjoyed every bit of this. Thank you for taking us along.
none urbusiness 3 month ago
No apology necessary...we dont care about the other production noises when there's a ridiculous epidemic of uploaders who cover up the nature sounds of things with music, not to mention stupid music, instead of letting us hear the actual sounds of the people, equipment, processes, etc
Royalton 3 month ago
25:55 *heavy Finnish accent* welcome to the hydraulic press channel
Trenton Thompson 3 month ago
1:24 I love that he has a cowboy hard hat
Salon 3 month ago
"We're going to learn how to build rockets" "The knowledge on how to build them is protected." Well then....
justaguy 3 month ago
You can see his appreciation for hand work, i respect that for a man in his position
Rebs RedOne 3 month ago
Big „Thank You“ to ULA for giving you the opportunity to do the tour! Also: It is nice to see a CEO who is so obviously an engineer, not a bean counter.
Mr Paul 3 month ago
That was a great tour, super CEO attitude, loved the respect of life aspect for the Astronauts.
Aaron Johnson 3 month ago
I love watching scientists interview other scientists. They always ask questions that I don't even know enough about the subject matter to think of asking.
jcadult101 3 month ago
That was perhaps the most impressive thing I've seen on the internet. I've walked the 757/767 assembly line in Seattle, elevator assembly to rolling out the door, and can imagine your excitement as the pieces became parts.
Electric Ave 3 month ago
As a Machinist I must say this was amazing. And I’m definitely going to follow Tory Bruno on twitter ! Thanks Destin !
Nemozoli 3 month ago
15:33 Destin now has a rocket chip in his pocket. (I'l see myself out...)
Tim Long 3 month ago
Destin, you earned my subscription a long time ago and you repay my trust every episode. Awesome video, I could tell this is your "thing".
robert91rs 3 month ago
Such an incredible interview with a passionate person. Congrats Destin, so good.
GhostOfAbe 3 month ago
5:15 Oh. My. God. I'm not ready for a camera! 😂
Nimrod Barak 3 month ago
This was a fantastic video. Tory was great, and the passion was real. 10 out of 10.
Pablo M Rondina 3 month ago
is the first time I saw a interview of Tory Bruno it's an amazing and knowledgeable engineer
jurrrus 3 month ago
That is so amazing! Destin you're a huge part of what is good about YouTube :)
ilaril 3 month ago
Tory Bruno is an awesome guy! My "who'd you want to have lunch with" guy, definitely.
D P 3 month ago
No loud music, no silly diagrams, animations or hyperbole, just intelligent questions and great answers. I learnt so much from this. Thank you.
Dark Madder 3 month ago
One of the most incredible videos I’ve seen in a long, long time!!
CollectPanda33 3 month ago
This is incredible. I can’t imagine being a worker there with the CEO walking around
Mihir Panchal 3 month ago
Alex Domatas 3 month ago
8:07 those tires on that genie sure are fancy, i wonder where they get em from, they look like theyd handle snow better than the ones weve got up here.
Dustin Snodgress 3 month ago
5:30: much through, look of a kid and in candy factory.
Mr Arca9 3 month ago
34:00 that took a lot of trust man, you literally had it on camera. Guessing you sent this video to him for approval before uploading to the public?
Adam Mercer 3 month ago
My favorite line from this whole video is "I'll show you that, too."
Luke Wren 3 month ago
39:56 "We weren't able to film details of the engines themselves, but they're made offsite by a variety of different sources." *RD180 in background* *cough Russia! *cough*
Gary Rathbone 3 month ago
The most interesting video I’ve ever seen on YouTube and I’ve been here since the beginning Thankyou
rawkfist 3 month ago
"Factor of ignorance" my professors always say that. I love this
Isidoor Dubbelboer 3 month ago
0:20 sound just like when I’m farting
Ashwin Saharawat 3 month ago
Hi Destin! Just wanted to share that i somehow felt emotional watching this. I've Lots of respect for Tory and people who know their stuff from Core to Cover. Thanks for sharing.
Stephanie Young 3 month ago
One of the fastest hours. Good job Destin. I guess time flies when you're having fun. :)
Extra Space 3 month ago
"Groovy baby" ;)
Levi M Luke 3 month ago
Thank you Tory!!! That dude is amazing, I’m sure he had to jump through so many hoops to get us this insight. Gah! Thank you!!!
Carolina mud Reaper 3 month ago
25:30 ahhh I hate when people have a good question that dont get answered due to being distracted😑
TheMrpunisher77 3 month ago
Thank you for uploading this, that was really interesting to watch.
Eric Kaminskas 3 month ago
"this is the DDdoOooOOOorrRrRRrrrRrrRR
evo2jz 3 month ago
This is the most interesting video I've seen in a while (well, this and your other videos of course !)I couldn't stop watching!! Thanks again!
OscarGonzoJim 3 month ago
i love when these types of videos go up i can watch them each over and over again, i can't wait for you to go on the rocketship
ChrisMcFlyDude 3 month ago
I'm like wow... This was such an amazing and insightful factory tour. Thanks Destin!
David Allen 3 month ago
You have made my day with this video. It is absolutely amazing. Well done sir.
DGL LTD 3 month ago
Loved this insight, highly informative and recommend! Thanks Dustin!👍🏻
Bertie Koch 3 month ago
Destin, It was absolutely amazing watching this and the humbleness of Tory is outstanding.
Akash Singaram 3 month ago
Thank you so much for this video! Really loved every second of it. Avid aviation and rocket enthusiast here.
Naz 3 month ago
That was amazing, thank you for sharing this.
Josh kahn 3 month ago
Destin, I’ve seen all of your videos, and this one was by far my favorite. Thanks for taking us with you on this tour.
MrRickSpringfield 3 month ago
This is amazing. Good timing on releasing it on the weekend! Plenty of time to watch it! Looking forward to the ULA Boat tour!
Nicholas Cowling 3 month ago
this did not feel like an hour long vid !! loved every-second off to the second channel for more
Chumbis 3 month ago
This video was really amazing. It's so clear that you're in your element talking with Tory about this stuff.
awalton 3 month ago
Augh I cannot put into words my level of jealousy. This is a literal dream tour.
Chyza 3 month ago
Its really sad that all of this amazing work ends up in the ocean.
James Devadatta 3 month ago
35:11 How could you just miss the UFO lying on the floor there man?
Brian Cullen 3 month ago
Juan Manuel Grau Lafaurie 3 month ago
Amazing video, great interview, thank you for this video
shanepj13 3 month ago
Easily my favorite SmarterEveryDay video. I wouldn't have minded if it was several hours long! It's awesome to see a CEO as knowledgeable, personable, and truly excited as Tory Bruno.
Lounge Pc 3 month ago
Best video you've done Destin - Well done!!! Loved every second of it!
P DaPhuuLz 3 month ago
now i can almost build a missile in my backyard thanks to this knowledge.
jabzilla21 3 month ago
As a Texan, I love that ULA Cowboy Hat. Also nice rockets. Love the tour!
SteelZenith 3 month ago
Amazing video, I love that they're essentially creating a big tube, but with such tight tolerances and weight specifications
Rocky Rodger Abad 3 month ago
watched it till the end. absolutely amazing!
kobester03 3 month ago
I was positively giddy watching this almost the entire time. Awesome job!
Conceded war 3 month ago
I love R.C. Bray as a narrator him in the Expeditionary force series is amazing
mdma17 3 month ago
This just sounds like two nerds happily discussing rocket technology and I love it :D
norm1124 3 month ago
As a Swiss 🇨🇭 I like the fairing being built here ... 😭 But aside that: GREAT Video!
TheThirdGerman 3 month ago
Hello Destin, thank you for this video, it was incredibly interesting!
daryl 3 month ago
Amazing as always Sir, good to see that you are being entrusted for these kind of stuffs, your video inspires us young engineers to know more about science
Kip Woods 3 month ago
Thank you Dustin, I've had an single section Iso grid clock from my Grandpa who passed before I was able to learned what one did. McDonnell Douglas gave them out as achievement awards. Now I cherish the clock even more.
Aleksander Zbikowski 3 month ago
This is amazing, loved it from start to finish
Shane Wesley 3 month ago
Fantastic job making this video, just Watching this had my adrenalin going & was so mind-blowingly awesome seeing & hearing about this whole process. Thank you for this awesome video.
Damien Milk 3 month ago
One word "WOW", without a doubt the best video i have ever watched on youtube. Thanks.
Dat Dang 3 month ago
I'll definitely order my next custom rocket from ULA. Amazing video, I absolutely enjoy it. This video is a treasure for mechanical engineering students like me.
Heeby Jeebies 3 month ago
Destin, you are the exact right person to do this your and interview. Great job!
Oh Asis 3 month ago
That was an excellent interview and walk through. You knew enough to ask the right questions thus making it more interesting for the viewer. Thankyou for taking the time and the effort to produce this work. There was one question that constantly ran through my mind as you did this - 'what would a flat earther say if they were to accompany you?'
Bassiehoek 3 month ago
I loved every second of this!
Paul Besançon 3 month ago
Dustin, this video was absolutely incredible. Thank you so much and thank you Tory
s ss 3 month ago
Why am I smiling so hard and feeling happy while sitting on my butt doing nothing!!😂
Scooby's Scoop 3 month ago
This was an hour, and I was like, give us 4 hours!
Meend YabizNess 3 month ago
This is by far the coolest stuff on YouTube. I genuinely look forward to your content, man.
dave jack 3 month ago
AMAZING video Destin! absolutely LOVED IT!! THANKS for always teaching me stuff!!!
Christopher Whitener 3 month ago
5:15 Lmao. Sets iphone camera to .5
Arnau Albà 3 month ago
Thank you Destin, this is amazing
Matt Cooper 3 month ago
I've never been more impressed with a CEO knowing as much as of the intricacies of his product than this guy. What a stud - also this video shows how knowledgeable Destin is in rocket science. So cool!!
J CC 3 month ago
Destin... I was a foreman at a union specialty sheet metal shop and I can assure you that multiple breaks along the surface will form a perfect rolled arc... when we tried to automate the process, it never had the same finished quality that the human operator can adjust for in production. We made massive parts (not as large as rockets, but did need to complete our products outside because the 12 foot high doors we had were not large enough). When scaling big, highly trained, skilled workers are worth much more than any machine. Thank you for taking us along with you on this tour!
Andrew Lightbody 3 month ago
Best video I've seen from you in a long time. This was awesome. I'm also really interested in the manufacturing side of things so I'm sure it helped pique my interest.
Frodo Baggins 3 month ago
23:22 Destin: people know you, don't they CEO thinking: yeah man, I'm only the CEO of this company
Shut da hell up 3 month ago
mike9657 3 month ago
Absolutely one of the best Youtube vids I watched in some time.
Matthew 3 month ago
This was an awesome Video. Thank you for showing us all this amazing feature of man kind!
M S 3 month ago
How It's Made: Smarter Everyday Edition
ArnaudS 3 month ago
Thanks for reminding me why I want to keep studying engineering. I really needed that motivation. Thanks to Tory Bruno too for being so awesome !