HE GOT INJURED! Me & Flight vs McQueen & Kenny! 2v2 Basketball Rematch!

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K.bndman 4L 4 month ago
Idc the last 10 irls from flight I’ve seen nothing but improvement
The New Mr.Smiles 4 month ago
Idek why but when they said “Irish spring green green” and “wet like waterrrr” back to back it hit different
Adnan Badih 4 month ago
U know what’s flights problem... after he makes one shot he thinks he has takeover and shoots from deep.
Marcus Davis 4 month ago
When flight put on his kicks he sounded like a little kid on Christmas’s that just got new sneakers
Connor Carey 4 month ago
Is it just me or does flight actually play defense and hit shots when cash is his teammate 🤔
Panda 4 month ago
Nobody: Flight: “The bank is open on a Sunday” That had me dead
BIG DUBZEY 4 month ago
Flight's actually alright now, he has patience and awareness on defense, and isn't taking the worst shots on offense, plus he hittin his layups now
Justas Peace 4 month ago
Nobody: Flightreacts: The bank is open on Sundays
Ahmed Gz 4 month ago
Flight is a decent player but he’s bad at 1v1 and he’s lowkey improving
Joshy10k 4 month ago
When flight wins: Y’all played like warriors When other people win: Flight team stand down 😂 🤣flight don’t deserve this
Connor Perrin 4 month ago
Is it just me or does flight look like he’s actually improving
Shannon Breed 4 month ago
Jordan Dove 4 month ago
This dude McQueen rolls his ankle and acts like he broke it.
Kenji Ward 4 month ago
3:07 hands down one of the best baskets I’ve seen Flight make, it was under control and everything🤝💯😭
Granpa King 4 month ago
That McQueen dude is such a little punk I mean seriously cry about everything
Erikk 4 month ago
No one: Flight: that’s my type of injury
Eric Meyer 4 month ago
For all of those wondering, this is what flight looks like when he’s trying
dev1120 4 month ago
Bro...... did anybody else die when he slomo’d the “HaNdLeS” 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣 @5:29
Santiago Biker 4 month ago
11:56 Cash and Flight waking towards us like an epic final scene of a movie after they just killed the villain 😭😭
Ludaone 1 4 month ago
This man did the “instant replay” shit flight does 😂😭
Ariana McIntosh 4 month ago
nobody: Flight: *makes one layup* Also flight: “ITS THE SHOES”
big walnut 4 month ago
11:34 Flight with the straight CLAMPS to win the game
Dre Gaming 101 4 month ago
When flight makes shots it makes me feel like a proud dad
Jaden Goddard 4 month ago
DEE SMOOVE 4 month ago
Nobody: Flightreacts: Replays him barely able to do crossover between the legs. Also Flight: “Look at those dribble moves”
ACEE 4 month ago
Cash: 8 PTS Flight: 3 PTS Both played garbage and got the dub. Like this if Cash and Flight are 2-0.
jay denny 3 month ago
Explain to everyone how you just got carried by fLight “the best loser of all time”😂😂😂. Explain please 😂
Christopher Rola 4 month ago
Flight definitely is trollin everyone he ain’t that bad
CBR33ZY 4 month ago
i was dying when Cash put the instant replay of Flight’s dribbling 😭😭
Johnny Taco 4 month ago
Nobody: Also nobody: Cash: I’m go more try hard then James and Zack combined
Zach Crosco 4 month ago
You can actually see how happy flight is when he is putting on the shoes. People hate on flight to much.
XTG Prod. 4 month ago
5:29 cash a god for this 😂
Hammad Shaikh 4 month ago
Why does flights defensive stance look like the hash-slinging slasher from spongebob 🤣
OG.RIPPA305 4 month ago
Why don't you teach flight. Every body all was pick on him. But never show him how to be batter
Andre Holton 4 month ago
“That ain’t travel” 😂😂 the voice
ImNotNuub 4 month ago
Dakota Shutt 4 month ago
Flight actually almost kinda looks like he might know what he’s doing when he plays with Cash
Jayce Whiddon 4 month ago
Who else got some heart for flight and when he was talking about how awesome the currys were u thought, poor flight he’s genuinely a good kid
UNRELEASEd plug N 4 month ago
10:18 ricegum is in the background I didn’t think it was but it is
Stephen H. Smith 4 month ago
Flight and cash have the best friendship on sports youtube😂😂
D B0iii 4 month ago
12:01 Tyrone “Flight” Biggums That Boy Was Out There Parched 😂
Lakersyoungcoreareaverage playersatbest 4 month ago
Gotta give props to Flight. Even if he misses some of the layups or gets stripped, he's being aggressive and driving with a purpose. Not that bs running sky hook. I bet if he put on a few pounds from bulking he'd start making those layups
Uncle Drew 4 month ago
⚠️For everyone who doesn’t know: AND 1 IS NOT A FOUL CALL. If you call and 1, it’s not a foul. ⚠️
itsKeMonte 3 month ago
This “W” doesn’t count for flight since it’s not on his channel! 😂😂
Ariyan Bekoe 4 month ago
Cash seen that stiff arm lebron did on josh hart and already put it in his arsenal😭😭
Will Cee 4 month ago
Honestly flight be trying his a*s off and I respect that frfr.
Lord 2wice 3 month ago
Kenny look like he got them Giannis on
Pablo H 4 month ago
Bruh that ain’t flight, he usually misses those 😂
Terrlol 4 month ago
McQueen: gets injured Flight: I’ll be doing that by June
Variious FC 4 month ago
This how me and the boys be at pe acting like it’s the nba finals🤣
PTV10 4 month ago
2:13 Not even in the first 2mins of the game McQueen travelled AGAIN!!
Gerorge ? 4 month ago
Queen probably gonna be like “it wasn’t fair my ankle was sprained” as a excuse😂
Yvng Saltineツ 4 month ago
Kenny: *starts losing* “FOUL!”
Jason B 4 month ago
No one: Flight: a high ankle sprain kept me off the team in 9th grade
Sxlicify 4 month ago
Flight got the stamina to play a whole game, but he doesn’t understand how to preserve it
ManamiTsuki 4 month ago
7:52 Flight used Eagle Eye and eagle spear from Kuroko no basket 😭
La Mamba- 4 month ago
Flight: these my fav shoe ever man🥰 Cash: aww man look at curry man😂😂😂
Soha _13 4 month ago
I swear flight be playing descent when he’s with cash, like he’s actually thinking when playing 😂
WetRee 4 month ago
flight growing on me 😂‼️
Simpsnn I 3 month ago
flight shoots like he allergic to the ball 😂😂
Simpsnn I 3 month ago
flight shoots like he allergic to the ball 😂😂
Michael Otunuga 4 month ago
Nobody: Mcqueen to his ankle: WHY YOU HAD TO BREAK ON MEEEEE!!
Online Gamer 4 month ago
Nobody: Cash at the beginning of every video: This the most highly requested video on my channel
Hoover K. 4 month ago
Flight has a sparkled condom on his head.
john scanlon 4 month ago
“High ankle spring kept me out of my 9th grade year” Flight we know you got cut bro stop lying
Bryce Koh 3 month ago
The Chinese man is kuroko basketball dude he like the green hair dude in kuroko basketball cause the green hair always do long shots
IamrylanT 4 month ago
11:54 they look identical both screaming 😂😂
D.onovan 4 month ago
3:08 did flight just hit a reverse layup after beating Kenny to the spot like that was a genuinely good play 🤯
big boi 4 month ago
7:05 cash didn’t dive for a loose ball like he said he would ...
Supreme Baller 4 month ago
flight look genuinely happy when he was talking about the currys
Certified Prince of A Warrior Race 4 month ago
"If its not on my channel it doesn't count" -Blunt reacts 2020
Grimey Belle 4 month ago
The sound effects after someone misses a shot is mocking it 😂😭
TruManiacTv — 4 month ago
8:18 you can legit see McQueen take 2 steps and is already half to the paint before dribbling
Koyi 4 month ago
I deadass Lost it when cash held his nose impersonating McQueen 😂
x1orozco -_- 3 month ago
4:13 Ik he missed but the moves are evolving
HENRICO 4 month ago
His ankle wont hurting when he was trying to dribble and drive on flight
Haris Ahmad 3 month ago
4:26 u can hear the slap for sure
O O O 4 month ago
lmao i thought flight uploaded this for a sec when the instant replay was his flub
Richard S. 4 month ago
0:55 looks like Kenny’s that one light skin that know he about to get recked and flight looks like he doesn’t know what’s going on at all😂😂
Isaac The Goat 4 month ago
if i got $10 for every layup cash missed i’d have like $500 lol
Martin Espinoza 4 month ago
2:23 cash playing like Zion lmfao
Moar Juice 4 month ago
YESSSS! I was on the edge on my damn seat after the score was tied at 8.
Chris Warner 3 month ago
Bruh... no cap. I saw “Kenny” and now I’m disappointed cause I was expecting KOT4Q
King Asaad 4 month ago
Flight just upgraded to the “team work make the dream work badge”😳
DontGetPostered _ 4 month ago
flight is like Mcdonald’s, he is cool to hate on but secretly everybody loves him 😂
King Asaad 4 month ago
Flight just upgraded to the “team work make the dream work badge”😳
Kamari Hill 4 month ago
0:45 flight on Christmas when he get new shoes😭
Viiruss YT 3 month ago
Or we not gonna talk about how at the beginning of the vid flight was saucing up?
FADE Gang 3 month ago
Who flight been watching he got some new moves 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the look back with the ball & up & under
Cameron Lindo 4 month ago
I was crying after he put flight failing to handle the ball in slo mo at 5:29
Alloy Brax 4 month ago
5:30😂😂 I'm rolling on the floor
Ha ha Ha 4 month ago
Ok flight got that “slightly faster first step”
dunkkid23 4 month ago
Cash is literally Flight's personal nemesis, cuz really a bully 😂😂😂
YBKEvan 4 month ago
No one: Flight: Crab dribbles Also Flight: Instant Replay
Cedera junior 4 month ago
The instant replay of flight caught me off gourd. I ain’t gonna lie
Javiaughn Basnight 3 month ago
Kenny is literally the only good person on the court .😂😂
Cody Townsend 4 month ago
8:37 my god flight actually made a high basketball iq play 🔥
Anther site 3 month ago
That was the saddest 2 minutes I’ve ever seen
Abhay Sirsi 4 month ago
Tooth Fungus 4 month ago
“The bank is open on sundays” 💀