Did I Make the Worlds most Useless Pencil?

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Ashton Michael 5 month ago
I was so caught off guard when Bobby said that he quit heroin. I'm so beyond proud of him for talking about that with us and sharing part of his life and for taking that action to better himself. Thank you Bobby and I'm proud of you.
Awaria Zycie 4 month ago
Why is no one talking about how he was having both a seizure and a breakdown in the mud and his sponsor's earbuds didnt fell out, that sold me lol
Mark Davis 4 month ago
you're the second person I've heard say that nicotine is more difficult to quit than heroin. But, that said, I'm still going to join you Bobby. I'm going to quit too. I don't know how, I've tried before but damnit, I'm going to do it. Hang tough Bobby.
GerhardtSchark 4 month ago
Bobby: Howdy friend want to earn 20 bucks Stranger: this isnt anything sexual right Bobby: no you just have to hold my floppy pencil
TheRealAlpha2 4 month ago
Funny story: just now I was like "Whatever happened to Bobby Duke?" and when I went to search for the most recent video I discovered that I'd been seeing the thumbnail for this video the entire time and just hadn't watched it yet.
Renaissance Pink 5 month ago
I smoked for thirty years 30 a day. I got pneumonia and nearly died in intensive care. That feeling of not being able to breathe made me swear if I got better I would never touch another cigarette. I never smoked again. No stop smoking aids,; the thought of smoking made me ill. It’s been 12 years and I have never missed smoking. Pneumonia was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Christina The Idiot Alien 4 month ago
I imagine swinging this in class then it breaking. *And then it swings into someone’s face.*
GHOST_EXIRT 5 month ago
Anyone else have those book fairs back in middle school where they sold toys and there was a complete rubber pencil so it just flopped everywhere
MotionWorld Films 4 month ago
“I’m just not a big fan. I’m a human” best thing I’ve heard today
LimeRat 4 month ago
“I need cigarettes.” *Finds a cigarette case full of pencils* “This works too, I guess.”
Alex Guerra 5 month ago
I remember when he posted “15 days without tobacco” and I was so proud. Now it’s been 2 months?!!! Omg Bobby we are sooo overly proud of you. You are on a roll man. Heroin, Alcohol, Tabbacco. Bobby you are so strong, you are smart, and you are doing amazing. We are really proud Bobby. You are a warrior, Overcoming an addiction can’t be easy and you’re doing amazing brother. Keep it up, we have your back
Emily Brooks 4 month ago
The only thing Bobby is high on now is the thrill of being able to listen to his favourite music using raycon earbuds while flopping around in mud.
Chesney Gray 4 month ago
Bobby Duke Arts: Did I make the worlds most useless pencil?? ME: U MEAN ONE OF THE WORLDS COOLEST ✏️
Josiah Miguel Mizona-Geronimo 4 month ago
*"Why does it take 5 Minutes to cook Minute Rice?"* Man's Asking the *_Real_* Questions
A rat probably 4 month ago
taylor is a college student, proof: the gasp when bobby mentioned the 20$
True Matcha 5 month ago
I'm just gonna tell you. Don't say: "I'll only smoke one" Doesn't work But good luck.
professional connoisseur of extravagant bread 4 month ago
Alternative title name: Bobby Duke pays strangers to play with his floppy pencil
Saul Vega 4 month ago
Just imagine a stranger seeing this adult guy playing in the mud and opening a cigarette box with pencils inside
Stray 5 month ago
I wasn't expecting to cry when you were talking about quitting tobacco, but it just really hit home a little too hard. My mother separated from my father when I was a kid because she wanted to get out of the meth lifestyle and take our family away from it. She's be clean and sober now for over 10 years. The one thing she hasn't stopped yet is smoking. And she smokes a lot. I'm so worried about her, but she's at the point of just being angry anytime I bring it up to her, now. Addiction is a terrifying thing, and I've seen far too many people lose to the battle. You're fucking amazing, Bobby Duke. I and the whole community are extremely proud of this feat, and even though it has been, and will be a hard road ahead, you really have done something absolutely amazing. The healthier you is beautiful, and I'm sure without the health fears weighing on you as much, you'll really be able to feel happier and do more with your life. Thank you, so very much, for sharing your story here, honestly. It showed me it is possible. Much love and care from Washington, Bobby, and I'm excited to see what crazy and beautiful project comes next from you! <3
Leanne _ oreo 4 month ago
Kid: mom! It's the neighbor being weird agian! Kid: Look!! Is rolling on the ground woah! The mom "....were moving
Nicole Appel 5 month ago
“I’ve got about a 10-inch problem...” “That doesn’t sound like a problem”
Wavez 4 month ago
“I can turn that into art yes I can” thats a sub
Peka Blum 5 month ago
Intro : it’s gonna get dark in the intro Me : well yes. But actually no. Also me after watching the intro : well yes. But this is a budget decrease of doctor strange
Fabookids 4 month ago
Bobby: I don’t want you guys to see my disgusting nails, Me: *goes back 10 seconds* Omg thanks for likes I know everybody says that but really thanks
Cailíosa Mulholland 4 month ago
"hey could I borrow a pencil?" "sure dude" *hands them this*
Unkn0wnP3r50n 5 month ago
Bobby’s Friend: can I have a pencil? Bobby: hehe....sure
Wolfers Galaxy 4 month ago
Bobby: *coughing a lot while explaining* My mom quit tobacco and I didn't see her cough a lot but I hear you cough a lot because of the terrible stuff in your lungs
I Love Fried Chicken 4 month ago
"I'm not a fan, I'm human" *you sure 'bout that?*
RavenCrow 4 month ago
Video: starts Me: ok, just the usual talking, I’ll skip some *skips to 1:09 * Also me:...... did I click on the right video?
Aidan Dered 4 month ago
Title: Most useless pencil Me: Hold my dull pencil
S Cohen 5 month ago
I’m so glad you decided to quit. My father died about five years ago due to lung cancer from smoking that same brand you were holding for forty years. The lung cancer spread to his lymph nodes, and by the time we figured out how bad it was, it was stage four. Thank you for quitting, I’m so proud of you. ❤️
Shady's gacha stuff 4 month ago
me: **sees a new Bobby Duke video** I Want Thyat!
Artie person guy 4 month ago
BOBBY: About a ten inch problem-- BLAKE TAYLOR: _(snorting life out of nose)_ That- that doesn't sound like a problem...
Christian Beall 4 month ago
Imagine going on a walk with your kids and seeing him film that intro
Louis Gui 4 month ago
This video is sponsored by ra- Raycon. Phew.
S V 5 month ago
quitting was one of the best things I have ever did, I was up to three packs a day at times and now I don't miss it at all, in fact smoke bothers me a lot now. Hang in there Dukey
SlurpyTeh Slurp 5 month ago
Ariana Scala 4 month ago
“The way we do tha- *Summons Demon*... excuse me, and...” 😂
Chip_ Chap 4 month ago
Nobody: The first minute: *grunting noises*
Crystal wolf gaming xx 4 month ago
“Enough shaneynizzlegizzle” Yes.
Degeneracy 101 5 month ago
“A little bit of extra chub, it’s not gonna kill you, but nicotine will.” -Bobby Duke 2020
Mistron 4 month ago
1:00 imagine if someone walked past and saw this
Arctic Fox 4 month ago
The intro: *exists* Me: oh it can’t be that bad The video: *_dont karma creep up on you~_*
The Toaster 4 month ago
I wish you and my husband could be friends with your guys’ sense of humor. Holy shit. Also you’re just a genuinely awesome human. We lov yew, dewkey
Jonathan Reading 4 month ago
I'm pretty sure that the robot voice from 5:15 was taken from the game "HORACE"
SKYY 5 month ago
Imagine you’re taking a stroll in the forest enjoying nature and then you walk into someone that is doing what Bobby was doing during the intro. I think I turn and walk away slowly
Tegan Blincoe 4 month ago
Id laugh if someone was passing while he was making the intro XD
Gia Weaver 4 month ago
His hands, gesture movements, there's so much of it while he's talking.
hazem zoma 4 month ago
YOU are absolutely HILARIOUS 🤣 And that’s why I love ❤️ you and your vids ❤️💪👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
mr amaz ing 4 month ago
1:10 Some guy waking in forest ' Nope i getting out of here this is cursed
Reese Needs a Nap 5 month ago
“i have a ten inch problem” “that doesn’t sound like a problem”
Christopher Ribay 5 month ago
My man mad respect for being so open for something so serious. I’m glad to have come across your channel your creative mind is greatness at it’s finest. I’m glad to hear that you’re made these HUGE steps. Keep it going mate.
Llama Auggy7865 4 month ago
Hey man quitting vaping for me was hard to, I get where your coming from I’m proud that you did it man and also quitting alcohol, your a hero in my eyes.
Chocosen Pan 4 month ago
Eyyyyyyyy Wewd Man is baaaack! : D I'm so happy to have returned to Youtube to see one of my favorite YouTubers be back as well!
Paul Burridge 4 month ago
My mom walked in to see a grown man in his underwear rolling in a puddle spitting up baby hands LOL
somegal 5 month ago
"I've quit heroin" It all makes sense now... Ok but seriously that is insanely admirable and I believe in you, you can get through this too, always remember that your whole community loves you and we're here for you! Keep living your best life, man!
Liz LeGrande 4 month ago
I GOT MY “I WANT THAT” HOODIE IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!! I’m gonna love explaining where that comes from!!!
tav finkelstein 4 month ago
1:00 - 1:20 This is what my sleep paralysis demon looks like
Ryuzaki Reaper 4 month ago
"I'm not a huge fan. I'm a human" You don't know how long I chuckled at this.
Texas Justice 4 month ago
I completely understand trying to kick the habit of cigarettes. I am on my 3rd go around with this beast and am using chantix again. This time I will succeed because I am tired of not being able to breathe. With that said...... love watching your videos, you have amazing talent and so hilarious.
Wuzzup129 5 month ago
"A little bit of extra chub... It's not gonna kill you, but nicotine will." -Dukey, 2020 Congrats on quitting tobacco, Bobby! It will only get better from here!
Caius Spring 4 month ago
Imagine if someone walked by while he was filming the intro? 😂😂
splgamingstudio 4 month ago
Bobby wheres the wewd merch gone i cant find it 😭😭😭
Margaret Christensen 4 month ago
bobby: making art and quitting drugs me, crying: you're doing amazing dukey, we love you!
telmo miñano 4 month ago
My question is Who recorded him while doing the intro?
Amy Rooplall 5 month ago
Robot: " Why does it take 5 minutes to cook minute rice?" Something I ask myself every day... But other than that! Congratulations over quitting tobacco and alcohol!! Everything is just going to get better and better from here! Hope you have a great day/week/month/year/decade/...LIFE.
Not The Real PinkSheep 4 month ago
*Plot twist: “Instead he traveled the whole world asking every person he could find and because more babies were born the more “people” he has to interview but because of the 20 dollar bill for writing their name with chain pencil, he soon got poor but still kept interviewing and interviewing never coming back home…………”* To be continued
WhiteWool tries 1,000 subsirbs with 1 video 5 month ago
*”I can turn that into art, yes I can!”*
Pink slime pack 4 month ago
1:20 bda: * having a panic attack of some sort* also bda: * sees pencils* i can make art out of dat :D
Java Jones 4 month ago
Congratulations on kicking tobacco! I thank the heavens I never started, so I don't know personally how hard it is to quit. I've had friends and relations kick the habit, and man, what a struggle. I'm pleased and proud for you. Also, thanks for the tutorial on how to make the chain from the solid. I've seen carved chains before but never quite figured out how to go about making them. Great work!
Rachel Bee 5 month ago
1. i'm insanely proud of you for quitting. you're one of my favorite creators and no matter how long it takes for you to post another video i'll always wait. I'm glad that you made that decision for yourself because your daughters and wife are beautiful and now they'll get to spend so much longer with you. 2. I totally knew that you weren't gonna pop up back behind the desk at the end. as soon as you went fully out of frame I was like where is he gonna pop up. yOU CAN'T FOOL ME BOBBY DUKE
Angie Kyle 4 month ago
Bobby, after you the artist who voiced the "a few moments later" and other add ins? Btw have I mentioned how proud I am that you gave up tobacco, and alcohol in the same year?. Bles your heart, I'm praying for you and your family. September 12,1996. The day I threw away my cigarettes.
Katschultz MSP 4 month ago
I feel just as worse for his wife seeing him like this.. especially the beginning of the video... oH my 😂
Sara Tinjaca 4 month ago
X x-KittyGacha-x X 4 month ago
Wow such graceful hand movements, really helps me to know that he’s talking Lol 3:25
Don-Antonio Lormand 5 month ago
just another Nerd 4 month ago
2:33 "Excuse me, I need to put the demon in my shed back to where it came from."
Ro Ro 4 month ago
"Nick Stokes" CSI 😂😂
Deborah Kirkland 4 month ago
Hey Bobby, missed you lately. One thing I found when I quit smoking was I had to give up reg cawfee and go with decaf for the entire first year that I quit. It seems to go hand in hand, smoke a butt, need caffeine. I'm now 17 years Smoke free. Still get the odd craving tho. Best of luck to you bud. 🍀❤️
Yalllouu 4 month ago
Congratulations on 2 months clean, Bobby. Remember, we're all here for you, stay strong!
mildly Irish 5 month ago
I find the fact that this man did heroin incredibly surprising.
Tyler Lee Jones 5 month ago
"added some c's onto my thiccness" is the best possible way to say it and I'll be using it
Oli Ward 4 month ago
Honestly, good job on quitting tobacco (that’s too late) but you didn’t strike me as the kind of guy to do that kind of stuff.
Mikayla Hall 4 month ago
12:05 when he was laying on the ground at the gas station is a big mood!! I love watching your videos they make my day better!!
Larry Dunlap 4 month ago
Hey Bobby, I noticed in the introduction that you are wearing a “I want thayut” t-shirt. I have to say, “I want thayut too”. When will they be available in your merch? Please, oh please!
Elaina Sasso 5 month ago
Me: *getting choked up when Bobby says the intro came from a dark place about quitting an addiction expecting something dark and upsetting FOR SOME GODFORSAKEN REASON* Bobby's intro: WAS THAT.
De ad 4 month ago
I'm not gonna talk about the intro
Artie Quick 4 month ago
Bobby: I want to care the shaft into a chain Bobby why do I want to do that Me: because you can?
cяαsн ĸeon 4 month ago
1:35 when you finally go home after going to the bar
Sean Hogan 4 month ago
The honesty is like the most refreshing kombucha ive ever tasted, thank you ❤️
Brent Loaf 5 month ago
The most useless pencil is a pencil that can’t do pencil things, like be a pencil
Daniel Zendejas 4 month ago
Hey, I’m watching these with Raycons in my ears
Spoopy Skeleton 4 month ago
At the beginning imagine his neighbors Ewing him I bet there like wtf
Plasticgamerkid YT 4 month ago
Answer: *yes*
Alia SW 4 month ago
I love this man, he's one of the best figures for an example for mental and physical care and is so open about it. That's why hes one of my favorite youtubers. You're amazing Bobby keep it going😁😁
Chris Fullmer 5 month ago
Imagine seeing a man just in his underwear, flopping in a mud pool.
Adib Mohammad 4 month ago
Imagine the first second he writes with the pencil the tip breaks
big papa 4 month ago
2:33 I laughed so hard because of the nice calm soft soothing "scuse me"
Michael Myers 4 month ago
When you want to draw, but get into a fight at the same time.
maconSTUFF 4 month ago
Respect buddy... in the last year I've quit smoking and failed like 20 times... 😒Currently 3 days into my 21st attempt... 😂