Breaking Into a Smart Home With A Laser - Smarter Every Day 229

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**Note 12/28/19: The lock company notified me that they've updated their software to lock the user out after 4 incorrect attempts to enter a PIN.**
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This work was performed by a team of researchers at the University of Michigan and University of Electro-Communications in Japan. For more information check out their website or contact them at [email protected]

Here's one of the microphones on DigiKey

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SmarterEveryDay 6 month ago
Thumbs up if you got an ad for some kind of always listening device before the video. Thank you for taking time to watch. When I read the paper I knew I had to make a video about this. I hope you enjoy it. If you feel like this has earned your support, the Patreon link is here and I'd be grateful.
Daniel Costache 6 month ago
LockPickingLawyer is laughing in the distance
BrayanAlfaroTv2 6 month ago
Being poor/broke has never made me feel so safe.
Lars Sims 5 month ago
Alexa: Intruder detected activating 50. Cal turret.
ChiefBroady 5 month ago
It would be interesting to hear the recording from alexas voice history.
Michael Hill 6 month ago
"Lasers? Where we're going we don't need lasers..." - The Lock Picking Lawyer
obvious_humor 4 month ago
0:13 Nope, no microphones listening here. I don't have any smart home devices and I have the Google app uninstalled from my phone :)
Boxersteavee 5 month ago
SmarterEveryDay: Tells us a vulnerability in smart products Also SmarterEveryDay: Also shows us how to get into someone elses house
Miljan Bojovic 4 month ago
GOOGLE HOME: I couldn't verify your voice so I can't set a reminder" HAHA!
Mysterious Wolf 5 month ago
My mini Google activated at the beginning of the video saying: "I couldn't verify your voice, therefore I cannot set any reminders,"😂😂
Jessica Hao 6 month ago
The reason phones are hard is because the microphone inside is not directly behind the microphone hole, it’s to the side. This is because they also have sim trays that are designed to open when a small pin is stuck into the hole, so if a user tries to stick the sim tool into the wrong whole, They won’t break the mic.
Ali HN 4 month ago
My Alexa asked me "when should I set the reminder for?" And I said "nevermind" and she cancelled it lmao. Nice try tho
SIEEPY 5 month ago
14:00 imagine trying to sleep at night n hearing this
ITZ PHE 6 month ago
I want to see a horror movie based on this specifically
Joshua Lloyd 5 month ago
When your friend texts something you don't actually care about: 14:43
demopem 6 month ago
The "S" in "IoT" stands for "security".
Robert MacEwan 4 month ago
We don’t know how it work yet? . We are so screwed when the aliens come.
WeAllFailXxX 5 month ago
Whenever they said “hey Siri” it triggered mine
Christopher Wrigley 6 month ago
as a audio recording engineer, this really gets the wheels in my head turning
XMaster65 5 month ago
3:42 *chuckles maniacally* "you will..."
TheGerman Polo 6 month ago
If you Start the record program on your device and then shoot the laser on it, what sound would come out the smartphone when play backed the laser command?
Old Account 5 month ago
7:06 you should probably have an epilepsy warning for this
Trace 1k 4 month ago
Don’t know why this is in my recommended but I guess you learns something new everyday ❕technology getting crazy!
Very Long Unagi 5 month ago
When ur google assistant is Japanese and you have to say "Okke- Guuguru"
GhostMiner 4 month ago
*0:08** When you try to hack my home assistant, but I don't use them...*
TTYT Cater 6 month ago
Destin : im about to shoot you with a laser My google home: deffense protocal initiated deploying claymore roomba
Kaoff WetShark 5 month ago
00:05 - Aha ! I'm french so none of them understood :D
Vintagaro Perez 6 month ago
in the intro when he said “Alexa” and more other robots she my Alexa said “ sorry you got the wrong one” LMAOOOO
Mag Maz 6 month ago
When you said, "ok google..." my alexa and iphone both started listening.
Ayush Sahoo 6 month ago
6:19 yes. And also laminar flow!
Dont Matter 6 month ago
Destin: "Hey Google, we are about to shoot you with a laser" Google: "My apologies I dont understand" Destin: *Heh* "You will"
Ethan Shaughnessy 4 month ago
"Alexa. Ok Google. Hey Siri." Google Home: I guess my Siri impression is working, even when I'm not trying. I can also do an impression of a toaster.
Giovanni Reyes 4 month ago
0:06 my google didn't verify your voice lmao
VinsG1379ITtronics 5 month ago
When destin says “hey Siri” to his iphone, my iPhone’s Siri reacted to his voice! Anyone experience the same thing?
Sno Clown 4 month ago
"I couldn't verify your voice so I couldn't set a reminder..."
Pseudynom 6 month ago
"Hey Google, we're going to shoot you with a laser." "I don't understand." "You will."
Ryan Fierro 6 month ago
11:28 he said “hey Siri” and it activated mine wtf
UnitD77 5 month ago
"Thank you for your time" Bruh I would gladly do almost anything reasonable you ask of me just because of how great of a person you are. Want to make a video about cars? I'm your man, I'll drive to you and teach you everything I know. You are a true Renaissance man.
Rougest 6 month ago
When he said hey Siri open the garage my Siri went off and I freaked out
Aydo Tornado 5 month ago
Says "yeah, like where something like a laser microphone would be very useful" *Unlocks door thinking he said the correct code* 14:27
Evan Young 6 month ago
"Hey Google, set a reminder..." Joke's on you. I'm using headphones.
Andrew Catignani 5 month ago
Y u activate my “hey Siri” it messed with my phone
Ronan Pätz 5 month ago
0:03 When you figure out what King Crimsons ability is
Jayden G 5 month ago
Tom 4 month ago
0:10 ha ha "sorry I cannot recognise your voice try again"
Daniel Kim 6 month ago
"Alexa, ok Google, hey Siri" *Laughs in bixby*
fireflameej 5 month ago
When you said hey google my google home responded and I had my phone volume at like 10% lmao
The woke flat earth man. 5 month ago
When you said hey Siri open the garage, my iPhone switched to siri.
Djilik 1 5 month ago
0:07 i couldn't recognize your voice.
MoneySett 6 month ago
When this dude said “alexa set a reminder” alexa told me “whats the reminder for ?”
Bartłomiej Jaworski 6 month ago
My Google home: "i couldn't verify your voice so I can't set any reminders"
YVG 6 month ago
11:27 made me crack tf up
Hayden Mcintosh 5 month ago
I was watching this on my iPhone and when he said " hay Siri open the garage door" it worked for me and my garage door opened
Mike O 6 month ago
While watching this episode my watch told me that I haven’t set up a home devices!
RubenP300 4 month ago
You did activate my Google assistant, I was like WTFFF!!!
Joe Horvath 6 month ago
Interesting, similar issues with analog locks. Picks and bump keys can open 99% of residential door locks in literal seconds, still more you can blow out the jamb with a strong kick or a sledge. Most people don’t have reinforced jambs or bump resistant locks. Home security is basically being a little harder to break in than the next guy. Honestly a dog is probably the best deterrent for the opportunistic thief
Metal Fire Game Time 4 month ago
When you were showing the lasers it reminded me of the work of Léon Theremin. You should read about his Espionage device that was the precursor to the laser microphone.
Andrew Hardy 5 month ago
"Hey Google; Uninstall Facebook." No compliance. "Hey Google; play my favorites playlist." No compliance. Has to have data connection to do anything. "Hey Google; change your name to Alfred." No compliance. Goofle sucks poo.
1000 subs Without any videos 5 month ago
**hey Siri** *laughs in voice recognition*
Owain Lanfear 5 month ago
11:51 it opened my garage!
Vlad Todosin 6 month ago
*Me:* You can't break into my smart home *Destin:* _Hold my laminar flow_
MaltheGamingH H 5 month ago
4:00 Who thought he woulds say MEME?
Jason Thompson 4 month ago
Windows are a security flaw... Hold the presses! Thanks for wasting my time guys.
Andrew Woods 5 month ago
My Alexa just said “What’s the reminder for?” so thank you for that.
Travis 5 month ago
"Alexa, Ok Google, Hey Siri" Always watch youtube with headphones ladies and gentlemen
UnknownGhostzzz 6 month ago
"Alexa, okay Google, Hey siri" "What I just did probably worked for a small percentage of you" Me: *laughs in broke*
Sean Dickinson 5 month ago
Really interesting! I love that a laser can induce a MEMS and mimic sound vibration.
SongLeakerzz 6 month ago
intro: UhM i HaVe My AiRpOdS iN!!!!
Kelly Gold 6 month ago
"Sorry I couldn't recognize your voice"
Randy Hobbs 6 month ago
When you said “Hey Siri “ my iPad answered and Siri came on. That’s just weird.
Rhys Tedstone 6 month ago
One scary thing with google homes: You can tell it to set the volume to 0, it will do it silently. All feedback will then be muted, allowing you to brute force the lock without audible warning
Renzo Polcaro 6 month ago
You activated my google mini multiple times 🤦‍♀️ 😂
Gary Allen98 5 month ago
Thanks for the video! Now i can break into my neighbors house xD
pete cash 6 month ago
He’s teaching us how to break into a house with thy kind of lock
Ashton Hundt 5 month ago
theni 6 month ago
my phone just set a reminder to be "smarter" literally every day. Now i'm gonna be reminded that i'm dumb every day at 12 noon.
Henrik Jensen 5 month ago
Thank you for activating all my devices
Muhammad Rizwan 4 month ago
You're an amazing YouTuber God Bless You!
oborojin 5 month ago
This was really cool~ Got a new sub.
PureDeluxe 6 month ago
when he said "alexa" my alexa starting saying "yes say that again"
Leigh B 6 month ago
I love that you’re doing the process of journalism like most people think journalism is just newspapers and stuff but at its basics it’s the process of seeing a thing, verifying it’s truth, and alerting the public to the thing. Newspapers just happen to be the most common platform for that process, but that’s changing, and this is cool.
Emre YAVUZ 5 month ago
That was the best test I have ever watched on YouTube! Thx for moving engineering forward guys... :)
Candi Eye Studio 4 month ago
I love the way you start the Video by making every device in my house start spouting 'I can't recognise your voice' - Cheers for that 'Bar Steward'
HOT SOLDER DIP 4 month ago
my phone said "when do you want to be reminded to subscribe" lmfao I think some laws was broken just now hahahahahahaaaa! Great video and info !
Joe O 5 month ago
That was amazing to watch, my home is full of these gadgets and it's never once occurred to me there could be an issue like this with them. Let's hope your video gives these companies the kick up the backside they need to help improve the security of the devices.
TheeJackalope 6 month ago
"Convenience leads to vulnerabilities." Paraphrased from Shannon Morse from Hak5
Ethan Needle 5 month ago
It scared me when my Alexa actually set a reminder to subscribe.
SvendGaming 4 month ago
When he said hey Siri my Siri thought it was me and turned on wtf
Robbie Ard 4 month ago
Thanks for making my Google Home shout about voice match settings, ultimately waking up my daughter
8-Bit Hero 5 month ago
0:07 he set of my google home
Akshay Mutalik 6 month ago
He forgot everyone should😂😂😂😂
verzure 6 month ago
3:24 "low tech", fixes with soldering iron
The Gamer 4 month ago
When you said Alexa it activated my Alexa xd
Prakhar Jain 5 month ago
incredible videos, always boosts my enthusiasm towards science :P
Crey Lacoste 6 month ago
Nen 6 month ago
Family: Decides to go on a week long family trip Robbers with lasers: “It’s free real estate”
Synth 6 month ago
I accidentally read this as Breaking Into a Smart Home Every Day 229. Wow! What a great idea!
Yumpif 6 month ago
11:27 he activated my Siri
cryptearth 5 month ago
the best way to protect you against such stuff: don't bring big brother home on your own ...
davor maplenik 6 month ago
That's so cool, let me grab one of my lasers and open my neighbor's door