Scream Powered Microwave

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Your robot ideas are bad and you should feel bad

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Onstage jungle 1 10 month ago
Make a robot clock that only shows the correct time when you’re not looking at it.
FaffyWaffles 4 month ago
Its like if tony stark was evil and short
TheBoomPhantom 5 month ago
I love how micheal made sure he didn’t cuss around the little kid lmao
Nosaj 411 5 month ago
Michael when he first started: "Im super open to suggestions" Michael now: "Your idea is terrible and you should feel bad about yourself"
Makana Rivera 4 month ago
Gip Gap 10 month ago
Make a twister mat that's electrically charged everywhere but the circles
microwave69 YT 5 month ago
*i* *am* *a* *100%* *offended* *by* *this*
gaby arias 4 month ago
"you guys should've at least asked" "can we do it" "no' "was that like a no?"
SmoreBob 4 month ago
6:10 “IT’S A HOT ORANGE” (Crowd going ballistic)
Black Prince 5 month ago
Michael: *creates a microwave powered by screams* 7y/o Russian kids that play CS:GO: I'll cook your food in less than a second
Jade Wright 10 month ago
A robot that constantly trys to get stepped on while you walk
Boof 5 month ago
You should make a robot that has enough mental capacity to bypass the "I'm not a robot" verification in websites
Eddie Bermudez 5 month ago
Imagine warming something up in this microwave at 3 AM
Rosa Parks Did 9/11 5 month ago
That's cool and all but I got a better idea: A microwave that screams. That's it. All day, every day. A microwave that screams.
Matthew Garland 5 month ago
“You could’ve at least asked” “Can we do it?”😂😂
BUBBY THECHUBBY 10 month ago
Make a TV that gets louder every time someone talks during the movie
spoge 4 month ago
wait this is literally monster’s inc
Caesar cch 3 month ago
Make a car seat that tazes kids/people when they say "Are we there yet?"
JellyAndFriends362 4 month ago
Me: * *makes this* * The 2 y/o in my house: *the power of the sun in the palm of my hand.*
pigster1355 5 month ago
Michael: only giving away food to show that our ideas are shit Also Michael: target hates nice people giving away free food
sam yorio 10 month ago
my parents: * going through a divorce * microwave: _”it’s showtime”_
Sword Forger 5 month ago
Make a laptop that takes a picture, and tasers people when they put into the wrong password
Sebadasstian - 4 month ago
Make a robot that insults people walking past you
FatalMLGpro 1 4 month ago
Here’s one a targeting System that shoots Liquid nitrogen at people so then you’ll have the biggest dong in the room
Sola Scriptura 3 month ago
You should make a watch that electrocutes who ever is wearing it when they do something anoying
LooneyPort 10 month ago
Make a vape that bullies you for being addicted to nicotine
Raf 'Guard' Leblanc 5 month ago
Build a floormat that is linked to a doorbell. When the doorbell-button is pressed, it sends a signal to the doormat and it tazes people... so that they scream... so that you hear when there's somebody at your door... at the new offline tv house... outside your room... or at the bathroom, idk...
Manfred Zwick 4 month ago
The fact that he went so far just to tell you that your idea is bad makes this one of the best videos by Mr Reeves
Kin 5 month ago
"why would I need that when I have you!" *Roasted and toasted*
Dragonbyte 4 month ago
Benjamin Johnson 10 month ago
you should make a door that moans every time you open it
Mr Tri 3 month ago
At some point someone is just gonna ask him to make a bomb.
Tyler Lowder 5 month ago
"Might be the saddest day of my life" Says the man who house burned down in a wild fire.
ugly migraines 5 month ago
very pissed off manager karen: you gotta go! you could have _at least_ asked. michael: ...can we do it? very pissed off manager karen: >:( NO
Raindrop 4 month ago
Make a tv that gets mad when you talk over it
Another Guy On Youtube 10 month ago
"What would you like today" "Popcorn?" "Popcorn, absolutely, how great is your lung capacity?" Black Market Schemes 100
금동진 5 month ago
That lady looks like she’s had enough free food lmao
Clorox Bleach 5 month ago
Imagine being hungry and needing to use this at 2 in the morning
Ta Toad 3 month ago
I bet the guy who put that suggestion in is honored
Generic Clips Channel 4 month ago
A Hitman robot that carries out paid hits automatically
Geordi Kinnane 9 month ago
a keyboard that tazes you when you make a spelling mistake
Fantasy 3 month ago
this idea was so terrible and you should feel so bad about it, so bad that I clicked on THUMBS UP on this video I LOVE IT I needed to laugh this much lol
abadbadman 5 month ago
A robot that makes robot so we can hurry up the wiping out of the Human Race.
Will La Verne 5 month ago
Make a ding ding that shoots luek warm viscous liquid and jirates to the sound of crying
The -Biggest loner 4 month ago
I can just imagine this being a thing, and whenever I'm sleeping, one of my parents or siblings screaming so they can cook there food....
PYROKTOPUS 10 month ago
*Michael Reeves:* _makes scream powered microwave_ *People at Monsters Inc.:* 🤔
Ruski 5 month ago
5:50, Michael Reeves, showing off his microwave to Mark Rober, an ex-Nasa Engineer .
Wolf-Claw666 3 month ago
> you could've atleast asked "Can I do it?" > no
CaptainMeep 3 month ago
Make a robot that mocks every word you say with a Gordon Ramsey voice
Joseph Hayden 5 month ago
Make a robot that catches William when he goes to brecfest
Coda 10 month ago
*Puts metal in microwave* *screams to make it turn on* *_gets scared and screams louder_* microwave F uC kI n G explodes
Simon 5 month ago
Listen here, that thing would be a godsent where I grew up. My sister has this problem where anything she says sounds like she's screaming. Because she is screaming. That constant beeping might shut her up.
arcader dude 4 month ago
Build a robot that actively tries to fall down the stairs
Maniatails Plays 3 month ago
A robot that gets a knife and stabs someone when they do a tic toc
Delilah 5 month ago
Make a video where you tazer people for an hour and its against their will
Graham Smart 10 month ago
Totally not an idea! : A Computer keyboard that electrocutes you every time it detects a spelling mistake.
the Jingerbredman 5 month ago
I got everyones favorite food tin foi- AAAAAAAAAAAH oh shit
A Pufferfish • 69 years ago [edited] 5 month ago
JohnJaggerJack 5 month ago
That target manager had "karen" tattooed all over her...
Azyxium 3 month ago
Do a microwave that starts or stop with voice (like "Start" to make it start or "Stop" to stop it
Pearllover100 10 month ago
“Can we do it” “No” “Is that like a no...”
New York 3 month ago
But what about a airsoft gun that uses heat signatures that are high enough to be a person to tell it to fire, so you can cheat at airsoft if your into that kinda thing #nightmare
Kitkatmeowzie :3 3 month ago
make a robot that punches anybody that is not you
Retro 4 month ago
Make a robot that translate dogs thoughts into human speech
TALP 828 4 month ago
5:51 i love the guy in the middish top left plugging his ears... that would totally be what i would do :P
Bob Stuarts 10 month ago
Make a robot that shoots William Osman when it detects his face
The True Dissapointment 3 month ago
he just made a machine to help with his sponsor.
Y Uh 3 month ago
Yo Michael how did you figure out what pin was for start/stop I’m trying to build this but I have no idea which pin to connect it to with the relay
Dark Gaming 3 month ago
You should make a robot that just says no
Nyan Pigle 5 month ago
Street of New York and any huge city : cooked to perfection Anywhere open: somehow it's colder
Cole 5 month ago
“You guys should’ve asked.” “...Can we do it?” “No.” “ that a no then?”
Sadd_Loserr 5 month ago
5:48 sounds like a million rubber chickens...
Oofer Skoofer 3 month ago
Park Wilkinson 3 month ago
a robot that tracks feet and chases to taser them.
Kalel H 3 month ago
You would make a running disco robot screaming words
Mercypoptarts 10 month ago
Make a robot that donates 1$ to a charity every time you swear Edit: this is a horrible idea why did you like this
Strawbbwafer 4 month ago
When the fat boomer employees get to flex their P O W E R
Battle Frame Studios 5 month ago
Michael: This is the worst idea ever to grace my screen Also Michael: So we got kicked out for doing it so I guess Target hates FUN.
Btw I-am-Kyle 5 month ago
A grocery bag that when you put groceries in it starts yelling insults towards vegans
uchihaRZA 4 month ago
Nobody: Michael: We even got ugly goblin people to try it Me: Casey Neistat collab?????
Ben Hall 10 month ago
“Can we do it?” “No.” “Is that like a no?”
Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25T 3 month ago
A robot at belittles you for everything you've ever said. Oh wait, we don't need that. We already have Michael :(
shadowalker 3 month ago
Make asomething that shocks ppl when then talk
JustBlaze 5 month ago
The microwave goes MMmMMMmMMMmmmMmMmM Michael goes AaaAaAaAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaAAaaaaaahahhhhhhhhhhh
Maxwell MOORE 3 month ago
Make a machine that electrocute u evertime u say something bad abt ur comments. Then do a video on reading comments
FBI 10 month ago
"You should've at least asked" "Can we do it" "No" *Sad microwave noises*
SHDWz ProFiT 3 month ago
Reee kid would've had a feast
Alexander Leach 3 month ago
Make a robot that deletes all make a robot comments
jarvis chen 3 month ago
ok so: a idea machine that thinks of ways to make ideas to ask us to ask someone else to come up with a video idea that asks me for a video idea
PRESTON GARVEY 4 month ago
"if it takes days,weeks,months" well it took two hours
super woomy god 10 month ago
You should make a robot that screams to power the microwave
LoZ_Pro1 3 month ago
*Give this microwave to Jacksepticeye*
Tense Rasberry 4 month ago
Make a robot that yells at bad robot comments (“-“)
Tammy McKee 4 month ago
Make a robot that tazes people when ever they look at it
Crazy 0.o 5 month ago
A robot that tazes you just for the fun of it :)
Mega Snorlax 10 month ago
Target Employee: you didn't even ask Michael: can we do it Target Employee: NO!!!
Kidômaru-Kun 3 month ago
1:37 I feel like the microwave is trying to tell me something...
Speedstriker 5415 3 month ago
you should make a computer that only runs minesweeper when you're not moving the mouse.
Everbodylovesjames Theabandonedrobloxaccount 5 month ago
I mean a drone that selfs destructs when it hears someone talk to it
The0neAndOnlyNoob 3 month ago
6:50 - 7:00 So does that mean you are the insecurities that causes viruses into your device...