Dragon Ball: GT Review (Part 1) - The Black Star Dragon Balls

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Part 1 of my 4 part series where I review and deconstruct Dragon Ball GT. I'm Totally Not Mark and I haven't seen Dragon Ball GT in maybe 15 years. After having changed a lot since then, after rewatching Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super... In this week's episode I will be taking a look at "The Black Star Dragon Ball" saga.

Sit back and enjoy as we follow Trunks, Pan and kid Goku on their adventures throughout the universe... until the show got cancelled!

(Episodes 1- 16)

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Hotcheetojuice 5 month ago
The number 1 problem with GT was all the missed opportunity’s and what could have been...
M. Mirza 5 month ago
If they wanted „a new generation of DB Characters“, they could‘ve let Goku stay an Adult and with Vegeta on Earth, while Trunks, Pan and *Goten* would‘ve adventured out to gather the Dragonballs
Strider Zessei 5 month ago
2:49 Mark: "I have no earthly idea how these balls really work." Me: "Have you tried working the shaft?" Super Kami Guru: "Good work, Nail!"
supersmashbro596 5 month ago
it can be summed up thusly: android 16: "sure is a lot of not gathering the dragon balls around here. do you know what would fix that?" "A GOOD OLD ROUSING ROUND OF GATHERING THE DRAGON BALLS."
Tuvillo 5 month ago
I don’ care about GT, but damn the opening song is so beautiful.
icecontrol1 5 month ago
The worst that GT did was make Pan a main character and didn't gave her the ability to become a Super Saiyan but somehow her grandson can even though he is 1/16 saiyan and doesn't know what a Super Saiyan is
Sjono 5 month ago
I was really looking forward to seeing a teenage Gotenks and they didn’t even deliver on that. At least they gave Goten some more character though outside of being Trunks’ friend
Dobilicious Like The Bubblegum 5 month ago
“Unitard guys”? Such disrespect to the para para brothers
B Tu 5 month ago
I’m offended that you didn’t spend enough time on Vegeta’s moustache that’s the best part of the arc
Alejandro Molina 5 month ago
I remember when Dragon Ball GT aired in America, Toonami aired the first episode by merging the first seven minutes of episode 1, the last seven minutes of episode 2, the scene when they found the little robot, and the last eight minutes of episode 17. Funimation knew that the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga was so bad they had to condense it into three episodes (and one scene) into one and called the cut out episodes "The Lost Episodes". I'm not joking here people. This is what they did, and looking back that was hilarious.
Tyrone L.D. Style 5 month ago
Pan got all that screen time just to never win a single fight. That’s *tuff*
Aaron Parks 5 month ago
I never realized until now that the episode with the catfish is just a rerun of the introduction episode for oolong in Dragonball. Right down to dressing one of the male protagonists as a girl to bait the baddie.
TheZeroNeonix 5 month ago
Episode 1: King Kai: "Hey guys. I was just spying on you training for no apparent reason, and I happened to notice the Black Star Dragon Balls were used. Well, since no one on Earth knows anything about the Black Star Dragon Balls and their contrived rules, I guess I'll pop in now out of nowhere to share this necessary monologue to get the plot moving. The balls will cause Earth to blow up if you don't travel the universe to find them within a year. How do I know this, since Namekians are the only ones who know how to create Dragon Balls, and Namek never blew up due to Black Star Dragon Balls? I dunno. Don't question it. I'm a Kai. I just know stuff."
Omari Walker 5 month ago
In my opinion, GT had a bunch of amazing concepts. Like travelling the universe to potentially find more powerful opponents. Super Saiyan 4 and the fact that the using the dragonballs have consequences if used too much. These are concepts that should've been given another chance. If done with better direction, of course😌
Gredran 5 month ago
I remember seeing GT the first time and not having a HUGE issue with it. Sure it didn’t meet ALL of my expectations, but it was more of dragonball and I was happy. But I didn’t realize at the time that Funimation had combined the ENTIRE first arc into a recap episode, and tbh, when I saw those “Lost Episodes”, they were marketed as YAY MORE DRAGONBALL THATS AMAZING, and then you learn why it was cut initially in America. And it’s funny, when Nickelodeon has the rights to Dragonball, they played this arc INCESSANTLY, and I totally realize why haha. I really liked the Baby Arc because even if not all of it was consistent with the narrative already established, I liked the idea of Baby growing into different forms and even sneaking away because he was too weak. I think my favorite episode of all of GT is when Goku and Pan return and Baby has taken over. That tension when you KNOW Baby has been there, and everything is just... so deathly quiet. And then they are all just so cold and quiet and Goku, Pan and Trunks have ZERO clue(which may be debatable, but remember Baby is a robot so it may have been more difficult to sense his increase in power). I’m excited for when you go over Baby arc. I understand the following arcs were rough, but I LOVED that arc
Nicholas 5 month ago
obviously Vegeta cant go on this mission, he's to busy having a midlife crisis
Super Potato God 5 month ago
If I remember correctly the English DVDs I had when I was a kid started at episode 1 but then skipped to episode 16, so when you say episodes in the arc could've been skipped you are extremely correct.
Tree Frog Gamer 5 month ago
GT in a nutshell: How do we re-do Dragon Ball but with new characters and ridiculous power scaling? Black Star Dragon Balls
Igno Mer 5 month ago
Everytime I think about gt is like: good ideas, bad way to develop those ideas and sometimes straight up bad ideas
Joseph Lisowski 5 month ago
Fun fact the English dub for dragon ball gt combined this entire ark into one episode. No I am not kidding
Horbin Rodas 5 month ago
No, vegeta has a MOOSTACHE you've lost all credibility
ThelronFjord 5 month ago
The moostache isn't the worst part of GT Vegeta's character design, it's the horrible haircut, and the out of touch boomer clothes he wears.
Shozbodgaming 5 month ago
I didn’t ever really hate gt like a lot of people. However I can agree that the beginning of gt is a bunch of sub plots. Basically Dragon Ball Side Quest
ZeroNumerous 5 month ago
To be fair to Dende: Why would he think that the Black Star Dragon Balls are any different than regular Dragon Balls? Just leaving them laying around is very in character for Popo, and he's the only one that knows how important they are.
Homo Demon 5 month ago
Well folks, you know what they say; "BON PARA PARA! BONPAPPA!!"
Kolink Probably Memes 5 month ago
Mark is dead. Mark remains dead. And we have killed him. That's why this totally isn't him.
Nick In the Closet 5 month ago
10:36 Chris Hansen: "Please, have a seat."
Thurman stevenson 5 month ago
They should have just gone with goten rather then goku
OceaniaMapping 5 month ago
7:28 Broly: *Heavy breathing*
Roger Smith 5 month ago
As a dragonball fan for the past 20 years i must say, dragonball franchise reached its peak in the sayan saga, frieza and cell sagas were pretty satisfying, but after that i kept watching only because of the franchise's hype. I mean think about it, super's best saga is Goku black, and it's not even that good.
Dax Schaffer 5 month ago
15:20 GT always felt like it was begging us to care about the characters through tired tropes and reused storylines. You could say the series had poor... Pan handling?
ImmaGoku 5 month ago
"I have, no EARTHLY idea, how these balls really work" - Mark
Tobey 5 month ago
They should rewrite all of GT when Super ends
Mr. Awesome 4 month ago
Here’s an idea: what if when the mystery Nemekian split himself into Kami and King Piccolo, the Dragon Balls split as well, with the Black Star balls being the Piccolo to the normal balls Kami? That way they wouldn’t have disappeared when they re-fused, because Piccolo is technically still there.
Iug 5 month ago
"Once Pilaf finishes using his balls to turn Goku into a little kid again" You know. You didn't say anything dirty but it still came out dirty.
Nintendo Overdrive 5 month ago
"It's lewd in all of his glory."
Alucard J.B M.P 5 month ago
Admit it, who cried like a "Baby" when that final scene scrolled with Dan Dan Kokoro in the background?
Cruz Brothers React 5 month ago
7:13 is no one gonna point out that this story concept was ripped straight from the original Dragon Ball when they dressed goku up as a girl to bait out oolang who was also terrorizing a village? Only OG fans remember😂
COOLBEANS375 4 month ago
Wait you know that goku went to Yardrat after beating Freiza so maybe, he a legend was passed down as a Sayain using the Kameha or something.
Hamza Adrees 5 month ago
I thought GT was amazing when I was a kid, only when I discovered the DB community on the internet did I realise other people thought differently.
Cynical Slasher 5 month ago
Toei Animation “We just don’t give a crap”
simtek34 5 month ago
1:55. Note: It was 5 years, not 10 years. There was only 5 between Z and GT
mil mil 5 month ago
When I was a teen, I loved the GT soundtrack (Japanese ver). The American opening, always made me laugh. Pan was cool. And ssj 4 Goku is the only form of Goku that I've ever crushed on. 👀💕 *Ssj4 Goku is hot af.* I still hate GT tho
#AMc21光闇 5 month ago
Now you know how a lot of us felt when watching Gt.
Barry Crossnoe 5 month ago
“When I was a young teenager” *proceeds to play half a second of Crawling by Linkin Park* lol. I went from DBZ to Linkin Park I’m transferring from an adolescent to a teenager
OneAndOnlySound 5 month ago
At least, in the end, after poor misteps with the first saga, then getting pretty interesting and exciting for two of the saga's, it had an actual ending, unlike the z ending, and the animation-while some wierd choices were made, looked nice overall. No renovated stories or endless nostalgic efforts, and cut out rubbery sticker animation with the worst original characters ever. Though, I'd actually say in all it's efforts, GT's biggest mistake was making "kid trunks" grow up directly into "future trunks." He would NEVER turn out the same with Vegeta's upbringing. Even Super in all it's horrible efforts set that message straight in one episode without even saying it (in probably the only actually good original saga in super) for good reason.
viennacalling 92 4 month ago
A giant catfish that causes earthquakes? Sounds like Namazu from Shinto mythology.
Ultimate Otaku 5 month ago
Gt Had So much potential it had good ideas and good “villains”
Daniel Bracey 5 month ago
Mark: You do know there is a half-hour sum-up episode they made to cover all of this crap (the first 16 eps) in 23 minutes?
cuchi ibañez 5 month ago
11:24 "looks like doctor gero from dragon ball FIGHTERZ" yeah, love dragon ball fighterz manga.
Luis Awakening 4 month ago
10:17 he looks my my 3rd grade teacher 💀😂
M. Mirza 5 month ago
0:53 so, you were in „that“ phase too in your Teen years, eh?
Jean-Philippe Doyon 5 month ago
Uub...the wasted character in so many way...the infinite potential for stories there...it's beyond insane !!
JJDude 5 month ago
GT as a whole was just...boring...Lots of potential of being it's own thing. Instead they tried copying Dragonball and Z. Even other arcs have the same type of theme to them. Like you have your frieza esq villain, your another Android villain, and the psuedo Majin Buu Villain. They should've made Uub being the main character. SSJ4 should've been more unique in terms of gaining new abilities or such rather than just look different with the basic Faster Stronger deal.
Myron Rogers 5 month ago
I feel bad for this man. He really thought there were any fans of the first arc, or the show for that matter.
Luiz Fernando 4 month ago
This shenlong came from yu-gi-oh
xxgoku77 5 month ago
11:37 it is impressive, it was the only thing i remember from the series
Sjono 5 month ago
10:38 “Why does he want to resurrect Luud?” So he could lewd the loli of course
off colored 5 month ago
If I could sum up GT in one sentence it would probably be "good ideas, poor execution" but I loved the ending fight me
Eye ' z Killer 5 month ago
2:34 “Once Pilaf finishes using his balls” LOL
Jay Gonzalez 5 month ago
3:02 That’s sounds just like Dragon Ball Super,The Super Dragon Balls!!!!
chris S. 5 month ago
1:55 To me, uub being able to lump goku up like that makes me feel like it WAS worth leaving but imo he shouldn't have "left" in the idea that he just goes and trains uub but constantly visits home. Mans has instant transmission, he can be anywhere in the world he wants in SECONDS. Also the fact he didn't teach UUB how to do it irks me lol
vegaobscurax23 5 month ago
I fell apart at “flabby chest with nipples” 🤣😂🤣😂😆
Stan Brule 5 month ago
If they were going for a DragonBall: The Next Generation thing the party should have been Pan, Trunks, and Goten. But no way were the higher ups at Toei about to risk a new DragonBall series without Goku in the spotlight. They really did Goten dirty in this series, and Vegeta, and Gohan, and Pan, and really every character that wasn't Goku.
Johnathan Spence 5 month ago
You know, I was mildly considering watching GT to see why some people love it so much. I don't think I'll do that now. I will however enjoy the fruits of your pain by watching these videos to understand the overarching plots.
Capn WBAtismo 5 month ago
Tfw weird soccer mom nonce alien isn't the worst thing you've personally seen in anime (And yes I'm excluding R34)
Bruno Masic 5 month ago
9:36 Instantly subscribe s. And doesn t ever think of watching gt again.
Perhaps 5 month ago
“The whip is alive and turns into a whip warrior thing....episode 12” 😭😭😭
Dexo Plex 5 month ago
Dragon Ball Gt: *Exists* Mark: “Why do I hear boss music”
Isaac A.garcia 5 month ago
9:36 - 9:41 please make this a full version! Mark: No.
Nicholas Leclerc 5 month ago
*click* *click*click* 5 month ago
Gt: *Exists* Mark: "So you have chosen death."
Biryani Boi 5 month ago
I mean... you have to admit.. THE INTRO WAS A *BANGER* (Japanese Version That Is...)
Headshredder 5 month ago
The biggest crime of GT is pan never becoming a super Saiyan.
Emmanuel Makoba 4 month ago
I've never heard Mark ever sound slightly harsh hahaha. Even he can't take GT
Zaire Barkley Porter 5 month ago
It's a Good thing I forgot about these episodes 😂😂 😂 9:42 how I actually feel about GT
WaywardHero 117 5 month ago
" I now embrace the sweet release of death" -Bardock TFS DBZA
Mr. Mutou 5 month ago
I will admit..i DID love the soundtrack and the ending was touching i just wish uub was stronger and more relevant to the plot
Fruits Punch Samurai 5 month ago
Funimation actually cut down this arc into 1 episode called "A Grand Problem" for Toonami.
Anthony Bonetti 5 month ago
You forgot to mention that when the gang kills luud, they literally say "peter piper picked a patch of pickled peppers" just so goku could get the timing down for the blast instead of counting because goku wasn't good at counting P.S. I remener that scene when I was younger too.
Dodo Turbina 4 month ago
9:42 i literally laughed my butt off
Jose 84 5 month ago
Fanboys on GT: "It sucks, they dont show any characters outside Goku" Fanboys on Super: "Its great, the series is focused only on Goku" Super is embarrasingly bad, literally reusing fight scenes from Z, no story, devolving characters, characters being out of character, shitty villains, shitty jokes, and a lot of filler, something GT never had...and somehow the manga is worse. The funny part is how both series were made by Toei, and fanboys even forgot that back in 1996 Toriyama ALSO gave his blessing to GT, just as he did it with Super...and he designed a lot of characters for both series (Vegeta's mustache? His idea). Anyway, GT is not "bad", but it came out in a time where people were TIRED of Dragon Ball, ratings started to drop at the beginning of the Boo saga, and they never recover...on the other hand, making Goku a child was a mistake...I get what they wanted to do, and Toriyama himself saix it was a brilliant idea, but it just didnt work. And of course, how they wasted Oob.
KingofHearts787 5 month ago
9:36 You para para’d in the wrong neighborhood
Tyrone Johnson 5 month ago
I don’t remember these episodes being THIS bad my gosh...I just remember being incredibly bored by GT as a kid and wishing it was as good as DBZ, while legit wondering why it wasn’t
gb benner 5 month ago
I personally enjoyed GT a lot, Dragon ball Z was all about power ups and the next big menace. But GT had lots of random moments and adventures.
Cekeybula 5 month ago
I never treated GT seriously, That's why i enjoyed imagination of creatures in show.
Advent 4 month ago
Although I've already seen the video twice I keep clicking on it cause the thumbnail is aesthetically just so pleasing, keep doing what you're doing for these thumbnails they got a nice theme going for them
Mr. Joy 5 month ago
"Pan's role was to be strong but still lose to the enemies and then be rescued by Goku, "a heroine who makes Goku a hero"." That made me want to throw up reading that. The wasted potential of this series makes so much sense when you see quotes like that. Awesome video though, kudos for making it through.
hunter keps 4 month ago
2:34 It usually has the opposite effect
SigmaFTW 5 month ago
Giru was my favorite part of GT, I MEAN LOOK AT HIM HES A LIL ROBOT BUDDY
Jean-Philippe Doyon 5 month ago
Mustache feeling !!!
ghlegend195 5 month ago
Huh. Interesting video essay. I'll have to watch the other episodes. (sees it was published yesterday) Aaaaaaaaannd now I do as the man says and subscribe and wait for the other parts. But as someone who played through Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and never had a *damn clue* what GT was about, I think I'll really appreciate this little series of videos. Good work!
Ryan Tiemann 5 month ago
"I feel cheated." And thus you summarized GT in one easy sentence.
Sedrickemmanuel Maristela 5 month ago
I bought a pirated tape of GT and really enjoyed it when i was about 10 years old. The intro is still good for me even today.
Abby Danger 5 month ago
Dragon Ball GT has always been my personal favorite. I love the characters and story.
Jerry Chen 5 month ago
However, I feel like Gt's few redeeming qualities lies in the Super Saiyan 4 transformation, the intro (dan dan kokoro), and the ending. - The transformation was unique and looked awesome in general. The method of obtaining it also connected back to the Saiyans origin which I thought was perfect as the last transformation during that time period. - The intro was flawless in my opinion as the song struck a lot of emotions and showcased the amount of adventures Dragon Ball has gone through over the course of 10-15 years. - Finally, the ending to the series is probably the best ending I have seen of yet. Not only was it emotional but it wrapped things up very nicely and is probably the best ending dragon ball as a series has ever had.
Join my Patreon ? 5 month ago
The story that killed my love for the series as a kid. And I was balls deep into DBZ at that age.
Andrew Garfield 5 month ago
GT had AMAZING concepts and ideas but the execution of it all was just HORRENDOUS.
ThereIsNoTry V 5 month ago
Jesus...I never even questioned how Pilaf's gang got to The Lookout
darksideofevil13 5 month ago
3:13 can you tell me what that song is? I've searched for it for ages and could never find it. I always liked that background tune though.