The 2020 Subaru WRX is a Modern Day Classic

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2020 Subaru WRX Review by The Straight Pipes. The Subaru WRX is pumping out 268hp and 258lb-ft tq from a 2L 4 cylinder turbo boxer engine. At $39,695, would this be your pick over the Subaru WRX STI, VW GTI, VW Jetta GLI, Honda Civic Si, Honda Civic Type R, Subaru BRZ, VW Golf R, Hyundai Veloster N?

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TheStraightPipes 3 month ago
What do you think of the WRX? Modern day classic or desperately needs an update? Would you take it over any of its competitors?
ThatOneDude702 3 month ago
Last time I was this early, the Evo still existed.
Zed Lucas 3 month ago
Jakub & Yuri TURN off the HILL START ASSIST it helps remove that JERKY feels
tjw5083 3 month ago
Not a Subaru guy but at least they still make manual transmission.
Jonathan Zuege 3 month ago
Me: Started work 10 minutes ago. Straight pipes: drop new video. Me: ok time for my 15 min break.
inflow divide 3 month ago
*RIP* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 😢😢💐 They were brothas
Das_Roy-vR 3 month ago
9:40 I solved that issue by getting the angeled charging cable. That way the cable isnt bent.
Contra 3 month ago
Dammit I was gonna go to bed...oh well. 14:03 more then.
Don Sambandaraksa 3 month ago
You guys smile so much when driving Subarus. It's a tell.
Maxxas Crow 3 month ago
Will this be the decade of part 2 of the Japanese Renaissance?
Danius Mazgeika 3 month ago
Btw I am a bit late Buuuuuuuuuuuuut in Lithuania we have milk bags too
Daniel Goldring 3 month ago
I got a 2019 Base WRX. Same car as this review. I love it. The AWD has helped me multiple times (even though the snow this year has been sparse). I did the change the tuning with a COBB access port (and additional few hundred dollars) but that seemed to take care of the rev hang. Also, if you turn off the hill start assist, it really improves the jerkiness. I absolutely love this car as my commuter and it doubles as a sweet vehicle when I want to punch it. Base '19 WRX cost me brand new $25k US. You just can't beat that with any other vehicle and trust me, I was really leaning towards a Golf R but couldn't justify the price tag.
Justin Davis 3 month ago
Love the review guys! Totally agree with you both, which is why I went 2019 base sti classic. Cheers!
ChaosphereIX 3 month ago
Manual transmission!? Props to Subaru for making one in today's Valium-infested automotive landscape.
Marcelo Caruso 3 month ago
I laughed kinda hard at 3:20
Enes Sentürk 3 month ago
i'm a simple man I see a blue Subi, I click like
zace xd 3 month ago
Pass the vape bro!
zgSHADOW 3 month ago
I really like the look of this generation; it distinctly looks like a modernized WRX/WRX STI I don't think I'll be able to say that for the next generation
Craig Kroznuski 3 month ago
Ok, the prowler doing doughnuts in the snow, is the best thing I will see today! Bravo!!
hardijames 3 month ago
No wang, no fun
Affalterbach Brackley 1967 3 month ago
Comparison between 2020 and 2015 ? vs 2005 vs 1995 JDM Ultimate comparison.
Mark Oots 3 month ago
LOL @ "Double Dual" , haha makes sense to me!
BASITH PH 3 month ago
It’s good that Subaru still have the manual transmission for the WRX and STI🙌
Alessandro B. 3 month ago
I see Subaru, I press like. Automatic.
Anmol Singh 3 month ago
What's that intro song!! Sounds like a floyd kinda track!
DeeJay Adverb 3 month ago
Sti wheels and scoop ;) I remember those days J!!!
eddie gray 3 month ago
Keeping my volester N and 11k I saved
menra 3 month ago
i somehow always end up here in the first 5 minutes of uploading by accident
ConLee 3 month ago
I don’t want awd for winter because I think I need it. I want awd for winter because it enables me to do some hoon shit 😂
Foot 3 month ago
When she says “do the thingy in bed” 3:20
SwordQuilava 3 month ago
The heated seat controls look the same on my friends 2004 Forester 2.5XS Premium lol
slifernoslifing 3 month ago
I’m team AWD, live in Portland, ME. Even my friend’s FWD with good winter tires doesn’t do as well on the hills as my wrx does. I also like to go adventure up north. Lots of mud and dirt in some of those back roads
XxblockyxX 3 month ago
Last time i was this early it still had the Evo to compeate with
Tyler Bryant 3 month ago
I’m so pissed I got the performance package In 2019 now they come with brembo
OfficialHoneZtAbe 3 month ago
It's a good morning when you wake up to a str8 pipes video about a car you're at least somewhat interested in
Darkside 91 3 month ago
2:30... I believe that’s called nostalgia.
VBHB 3 month ago
Needs more power but the fundamentals are still great.
Pro Env 3 month ago
4 last owned cars are subarus. Still owning 2 bought new 2017 and 2019.
sirchippyton 3 month ago
I myself have a 2018 Civic Si. Great daily driver, sun roof heated seats, android auto (all for $23,000). Get 30-42 MPG. Handling is amazing and feeling the LSD rip you out of corners is addicting. Also have a 2003 5-speed forester for the bad weather. The best of both worlds.
Will C 3 month ago
Proud 2020 Sti owner 😄
WhaddupImJohn 3 month ago
Commenting until you find a 2019 Taurus SHO to review!! They are good for the price used!
Billy Hughes 3 month ago
I've never been a fan of these but,'re all's review has made me like this car more now. I still think I'd take a manual GTI though -- I like hatchbacks.
Acc0rd79 3 month ago
We need to have some videos showing "if you lived in Florida, what tire would you get?" haha
Eraz Indrawan 3 month ago
2:35 lol
rx7racerca 3 month ago
If only there were a version of this chassis with a large, easily accessed cargo area for increased utility. If only some sort of WRX hatch/wagon were possible...
S Tristan 3 month ago
I still have my 2002 wrx wagon. I’ve had it from new. Brilliant car!
Andrew Mahoney 3 month ago
finally brembos on a wrx! the challenge of driving a wrx smooth is real
Julian Valles 3 month ago
I can’t wait for you guys to hit 1 million subscribers. You guys deserve it more than most. Keep up the hustle boys. 🇺🇸💯
Dreamy 3 month ago
Want a -AWD Sedan? Subaru WRX -FWD Sedan with great MPG? Honda Civic Si (buy winter tires!) -FWD Hatchback? Hyundai Veloster N (buy winter tires!)
Vofking 3 month ago
Great review as always. But, guys, I remember, you promised 3.8 Genesis Coupe.
Armand Rivamonte -Young 3 month ago
I need those breaks on mine
Francisco Lugar 3 month ago
Ahh this thing is just perfect!
Ridge frost 3 month ago
why do i feel like i have watched this video before
Nuvpreet Singh 3 month ago
Cliché comment Notification sqaud💪
Todd Stevens 3 month ago
Great review! For everything we gain, we lose something.
jkeener1988 3 month ago
Love my 2020 Subaru Forester, ya I'm not that cool! :)
Gabriel Hakulín 3 month ago
Missing the spoiler 😭😭😭
jacob valencia 3 month ago
Roger Beecroft Channel 3 month ago
ANOTHER GOOD VIDEO BROS!!! My videos still need some help!!!
Marti Sison 3 month ago
Saw you driving this on the 427 last week!
non clickbait 3 month ago
I needed this review
Omi Almanza 3 month ago
Yay 🙌
Sub1e Roxx 3 month ago
I have 2018 STI, sport tech. Love the beast in our MONTREAL winters 🤪
Mike R 3 month ago
Finally my dream car
padistedor 3 month ago
Back in the early 90s I had a '88 GTI with good tires and had a ton of fun in the snow. I never got stuck once.
confettihunterminus1 3 month ago
Y’all should get into some left foot breaking to help fight the understeer.
Brandon Gonzalez 3 month ago
Modern day classic? I don’t see an Evo?
Petey 3 month ago
It's funny how they bring up the shifter shaking meanwhile on my car the steering wheel shakes
SuperDestrier 3 month ago
A lot of brands and cars today are riding off their storied pasts, while not being very good today.... My point is, ALLOW IMPORTATION OF ALL CARS ANYWHERE!
Eco 3 month ago
Very much a Doug kind of title. Thought it was his video at first.
Morris The car guy 3 month ago
My dream car👌
Maithresh patel 3 month ago
7 comment
Diatomic Potato 3 month ago
Same damn old center console as my 2008 it :)
Rob Penton 3 month ago
Best part of the day is seeing these guys uploaded a new video.
Michael Olivas 3 month ago
Sold my sti for an evo 😭
Dan Lord 3 month ago
Does 4th gear still rattle on acceleration lol
Mr. Chan 3 month ago
AWD makes me invincible in the winter
Alex Dragomir 3 month ago
This model is in such need of a refresh. cant wait to see what they will release with the new 2020 imprezas out. Hopefully a hatch wrx
Chesta717 3 month ago
Veloster N with winter tires has had no issues for me 🤷🏻‍♂️
Paul Wolff 3 month ago
"Don't buy SUVs!" Words to live by. Thumbs up.
井上ましろ 3 month ago
2021 Levorg STI for Canada! Please Subaru.
63JackBlack 3 month ago
That launch looks crazy!! That thing really gets up and goes
Ruben Itty Sabu 3 month ago
I'm going to make this my car. You guys did this. Hope you're happy.
Pavao Kastelan 3 month ago
I highly respect this car for to me undefinable reasons
Saging na Maruya 3 month ago
Yeah you can handle winter absolutely fine cause u live in Toronto 😂
DrMcMoist 3 month ago
You two are a modern day classic!
David W 3 month ago
Ouch - yes the STI would be the better buy, specially for resale. Great review guys!
Victor Alley 3 month ago
Depends on where u live... if you live in a very hilly or mountainous area with twisty roads awd or 4x4 is the way to go.
Hugo Edlund 3 month ago
Rip evo the bro
jeffk412 3 month ago
Guys, how many times you gonna pass that brick house in one video?! 😁
Ariz _1703 3 month ago
And it's still have a manual transmission 👌👌
Asif Noaman 3 month ago
Still doesnt have the raw feel of the earlier impreza's. At least they are still making these cars unlike Mitsubishi
93remix 3 month ago
When SUBARU makes their prototype WRX/STi's into production, I think the looks alone will have the attention vs GOLF R/GTi, & SI/Type R.
Jose J 3 month ago
Thanks for converting the currency from Canada to US to give us an idea.
7he Duke 3 month ago
Still Kind of Mad that we don't get the WRX in Germany Like ever. And also no STI since 2019. Damn emissionsregulations keep stealing the cool cars. Great Review bois keep it Up!
Artem Dzhadzha 3 month ago
Try RWD w/o LSD on snow and little incline. That will surprise you :)
Basih 3 month ago
Imagine if Subaru took this exact car and dropped a EZ30 or EZ36 in it.... would definitely be the best sedan on the market.
Eduardo Arreola 3 month ago
You have to do an evo I know it's old but that's the dream
Alex Dasilva 3 month ago
Where is this (roads)? Gotta take my wrx on these roads!
Austin Stoddart 3 month ago
Just got rid of my all wheel drive car to winter drive my frs. Best decision I’ve ever made! Rear wheel in winter is way to fun