SCIENCE CLASS- WHY Does Helium Make Your Voice Higher?

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Live stream with demos your brain will enjoy where we answer a basic question every time.

Does farting make you weigh more or less?!?! Place your guess and give me feedback too-
TEKNERO 10 days ago
Mr mark: “this won’t replace your science class.” Me: I’m homeschooled, anything goes.
Lucas Wang 10 days ago
students: physics class sucks mark rober: hold my helium
Nick Nick 10 days ago
The boys: Your voice is so high pitched Me, an intellectual: Actually, my vocal chords are stronger than yours
BlowntoBytes 10 days ago
I see you are already following the most important rule as a teacher: Leaving the cursor on screen when you play a video.
Athena Greek goddess 10 days ago
“This won’t replace your science class” I’m being home schooled Cus COVID-19 so actually it’s better than the current science class I’m having!
15K Subs In 2020 Challenge 10 days ago
"Quarantine is not a fun experience." Me, as an introvert: I see nothing wrong with this.
SethTheProgrammer _ 10 days ago
Mark: I hate public speaking. Also Mark: I’m getting my teacher credentials right now to teach a bunch of students about physics.
Christia N 10 days ago
Mark Rober: The science classes will last 15 minutes Also Mark Rober: Makes a 45 minute class
Emilie Poirier 10 days ago
Mark : worked at NASA Also Mark: teaching high school physics is like my dream job ... It's usually the opposite, but alright.
Rasmus Jeske 10 days ago
Does that mean, a Person with a natural deeper voice has "weaker" voicechords?
ChummiestNut 10 days ago
He left his mouse cursor on the screen when showing videos... I think he'll fit in perfectly with the other high school teachers
Vera 10 days ago
Imagine Mark going to a job interview as a science teacher: "So, you were a NASA-engineer?" "Yes." "And you've been engaging and maintaining an audience with physics for years?" "Yes." "And you hold the world record in the physics experiments, such as the largest air horn and the largest elephant toothpaste experiment?" "Yes."
Mary McQuarrie 10 days ago
Mark Rober “This video will only be 10 minutes long” Mean people: “ugh he said it would only 10 minutes” Subscribers: “Yay more content”
Harry Naun 10 days ago
I love how this was presented. He showed the F=MA thing and it just kinda started to make sense. I appreciate that he gave us time to work it out. Made the concept super easy to understand!
Jim Was Here 10 days ago
Mark: don't tell me how many people are watching Person watching the veiws: only 9 people Mark: few Person watching the veiws: did I say 9, there's really 90,000 people watching.
h 10 days ago
Board: "why does *h* elium" Me: " *h* "
Sklz Man 10 days ago
Mark: imma be a physics teacher My physics teacher who likes mark: yes
Louis Vastel 10 days ago
Imagine having Mark Rober as your physics teacher. I'm so jealous
Samuel Gunter 10 days ago
Dang I missed this because my actual teacher had a live zoom call
Jason Wu 10 days ago
15:01 “Oil is heavier than water.” -Mark Rober, 2020
* Denizunee * 10 days ago
Mark: “You’ve probably never heard of him” Also Mark: Shows Mr.beast Fun fact: Mr.beast has right now 32.9 million subs and 4.99 BILLION VIEWS! Yeah I’m sure no one knows Mr.beast
Lucas Wang 10 days ago
Imagine having mark rober as your HS teacher... o_0
Spencer Merrick 10 days ago
My dad tried to get me to learn since I’m stuck at home due to covid 19 when I saw this and I’m really happy thx✌️
Joel Number4 10 days ago
When he had helium in his mouth he sounded like ty from dude perfect
Luke Nakahodo 10 days ago
Olivia H 10 days ago
Did I just *intentionally* learn something? Damn Mark what are you doing to me
itz syahmi 10 days ago
Real science teacher : “teaching” Me : sleep at back of class Youtuber : say someting Me: danm i felt like education something😂
Fred Xu 10 days ago
I believe that when you fart, you will loose weight. When you fart you release gasses including CO2, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and sometimes methane. Fart gas contains 60% nitrogen, 20% hydrogen, 10% CO2, 5-10% methane, and 5% oxygen. Normal gas that is in the air is composed of 78% nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 0.93% argon, and traces of CO2. We can use this to our advantage by finding out the weight of fart gas compared to normal gas. We will be having 100 moles of each gas. Search up what a mole is if you don't know, because this is related to chemistry. So by doing the math, 100 moles of fart gas will be 1520 grams, and 100 moles of air will be 1468 grams. So this shows that normal air is lighter than fart gas. But you may be asking "Why are you doing all this math and chemistry? When you fart you expel gas, making you lighter!" But what I'm trying to find out through this is which gas is denser. When gas is expelled, their will be a smaller amount of molecules there. I really wish i had a diagram, but envision this. But I am going to use the example here in the video. When you have a jar of helium, if that's possible, when you open the jar, gas goes out, but the normal air around us fills it in. That's why the jar isn't just a void with nothing in it. Same thing with your farts. As you expel the fart gas, normal air will come in to fill its place. OK now this is sounding gross. And because of the calculations we did above, the fart gas is denser and is replaced by something less dense, giving it less weight in the end. And because of all of this, my answer to your question Chandler, is Farting makes you lighter
Song Master 10 days ago
Coronavirus everywhere in the news, 10k views. a Youtube video about inhaling Helium over 450k views. I have a theory that there are a lot of helium heads out there :)
Eric Caine 10 days ago
When you become a teacher pleas work at a school here in Bergen Norway
Io&Dio 10 days ago
Excuse me Mr Rober, can we have a kahoot game at the end of the year?
𝕍𝕆𝕃𝔸𝕀ℝ𝔼 10 days ago
What do you mean this wont be a replacement for our science class? 😤
Tony Patino 10 days ago
I have counted 8 people saying they are second Edit: 10
JaredJ00 10 days ago
A wise man once said: "Does farting make you weigh less?" What? Mark is wise but that doesn't change the fact that he said it!
Manuel L 10 days ago
Hey man, Just wanted to say I absolutely love your content, and you're one of the few people getting me through school You probably won't read this, but I don't care Love from the Netherlands 🇳🇱
mario fan 1 10 days ago
Mark: water is a fluid its just less dense. Me: so we are breathing in fluid?
Nick Rice 10 days ago
I actually love this concept idea, especially these days, thank you, Mark Rober, from all the kids stuck home.
CinderHK 10 days ago
Mark: So, each of these classes will be 15 minutes long. Me: *Watching a 35 minute video*
python1103 10 days ago
You would make an amazing teacher, the kind students don’t wish death upon in the hallways 😂 you make it fun and interesting. Keep it up!
1 video 200 subscribers 10 days ago
petition for a kahoot game next class | | V
Maged spirit 10 days ago
*Corona virus exist Mark: hold my beer
Giannhs Alexas 10 days ago
Suggestion for future lessons: when you 've given all the clues ask the chat if anyone has figured out the answer and then point out if anyone got it right. This applies to a regular classroom as well! To make sure everyone has fully understood everything ask them to explain it to you as if you didn't know anything about that topic!!!!!! Great video btw I wish you luck in your future videos and of course for your career as a high school physics teacher!!! I wouldn't mind you putting out less videos if that means achieving your dreams!!! Sorry for the long comment just wanted to say good luck too you for the future
Ziotic 10 days ago
I hate that this is called a "class" because I'm voluntarily learning and going to "school" right now.
Hallie Geary 10 days ago
My favorite thing about a lockdown in Wisconsin is that they listed “Liquor Stores” as an essential place. That had me laughing so much when my dad told me
SplatSamurai 10 days ago
Loved every second of this class. I'll be joining next lesson and ones after that
Jim Was Here 10 days ago
Are you kidding me, I slept though the whole thing.
GavDawg 10 days ago
“Helium- it makes your voice go higher” class dismissed
free noodle 10 days ago
14:07 thank you for blowing my eardrums out
Tayne Allman 10 days ago
Students: physics class sucks Mark Rober: hold my helium
brennan 4045 10 days ago
no, i believe that when you fart, your body already took all the nutrients from your food which builds or fixes your body cells. so the fart that comes out your butt is just leftover.
Benayas Solomon 10 days ago
I hope every one knows that the optionally clicked on an online class
Sir Loaf 10 days ago
No one: My alarm when I'm sleeping: 18:41
Ben Shaener 10 days ago
When you fart you lose weight This is because when the fart is built up in your body it is actually lighter than air and it takes up the space of it so when you release that gas air is coming back in and Taking the place of that gas making you weigh more This is just my hypothesis though
twoac 10 days ago
This makes me so damn happy - you are a great teacher and an inspiration.
Mister thief 10 days ago
8:05 ‘so each of these classes will be about 15 minutes long’ Me looking at the stream length watching afterwards..... hmmmmmmmmmm
Hey dude Ima pan girl 10 days ago
🦕🦖HELP🦕🦖 my teacher said I had to find the moment when Mark explains inertia!!!
Liana Gao 10 days ago
*I will gladly ask my school to replace my current physics teacher with Mr. Rober. Just saying.*
TheDrewgoose 10 days ago
Thank you Mr. Rober! I have been having anxiety as we all are, and getting lost in learning today really helped me! I appreciate you.
Tomato Cat 10 days ago
I love the videos. NOW I GET 45 MINUTES OF IT EVERYDAY! I must be in a dream...
Wolftactical27 10 days ago
Mr. Mark: this doesn’t replace your classes Me: I’m homeschooled... try me
Acacia 10 days ago
I love this! I want more! However, please Mark, don't state theories to be fact when they are just that; theories. You can have an educated guess, but there is no way you can 100% prove the big bang ever happened. I'll leave you with this: The present crisis in Big Bang cosmologies began in 1986, when R. Brent Tully, of the University of Hawaii, showed that there were ribbons of superclusters of galaxies 300 million light-years long and 100 million light-years thick, stretching out about a billion light-years, and separated by voids about 300 million light-years across. These structures are much too big for the Big Bang theory to produce. At the speeds at which galaxies are supposed to be moving, it would require 80 billion years to create such a huge complex, but the age of the universe is supposed to be somewhere between 10 and 20 billion years.
chimera104 10 days ago
Thanks dude, my 10yr old daughter and I love watching whatever you decide to explain to us 👊
Peter Sobolewski 10 days ago
Damn! I missed his live stream! (I do live in Australia though, so it's pretty hard to watch it live.)
Really Rare 10 days ago
I swear if Mark was my science teacher I would be so interested in learning
Narwhal Eclipse 10 days ago
I watched this instead of doing my online classes, lol! Also, I love your videos Mark and I'm sooooo happy to say that I've been here for years now! Can't wait to see more!
Brodi 10 days ago
LITERALLY learned like 5 different sub topics i needed to know for my A Levels - too bad exams are cancelled
Zander Oosthuizen 10 days ago
Answer to Mr beasts question: Im going to use my knowledge in Chemical engineering and say that we can assume that there is a initially a greater internal pressure due to there being a gas buildup and followed by the removal of the gas where in pressure between the outside and inside of the body is equalized and using the ideal gas law(its an engineering assumption) this means that if the internal pressure decreased to match the external pressure, the moles and therefore the mass within the body decrease
Dragonbyte 10 days ago
coronavirus: exists mark: does a thing me without education: *stonks*
Willie Bravo 10 days ago
This is all I've ever dreamed of! School at home (bc of COVID-19)!! This makes me so happy :D now I need some homework Wait...Mark, are u gonna give homework?
Supervideoguy 10 days ago
These are great! I understand the need to appeal to everyone, but I think there may be room for a little more complicated topics.
bennani mohamed 10 days ago
no one: litterally no one: Mark Rober (10:02) : Oil is heavier than water.
Tynado 10 days ago
Mark: murders somebody Also mark: it doesn’t matter, we’re live
LucyAndHerCat 10 days ago
This is the same as my sixth grade science, we learned about waves, frequency, molecules, etc.
Jesse Dolling 10 days ago
I physically took notes on the whole lesson when it was live !
mAx ._. 10 days ago
3:36 When your actual science class is this because of coronavirus
I EAT MUCH ASS yum 10 days ago
11:56 That’s very true!
_ΜiΑ- TΑP ОN MY PHОTO 10 days ago
RageBloingYT 10 days ago
Watching this live was great. Can’t wait till Wednesday 🙂
michael sin 10 days ago
wait did he say "water floats on oil" xD
Dorian DE FRENNE 10 days ago
Love this concept it's just more interactive and helps the young people for school and everything continue this absolutely😍😍
Andrej Gergić 10 days ago
"same way oil is heavier than water, water goes up" ummmm when i pour oil into water, the oil floats?
Pedro Gonçalves 10 days ago
Ok, so when you eat food the food goes through your digestive system where it eventually through some other processes is converted to its simpler form, they are turned into micromolecules and macromolecules. The micromolecules are generally the ones that are beneficial to your body, and those are small enough to be absorbed in the intestines where they will eventually get to all of your cells all over our body to power them. The macromolecules though are generally water and non-beneficial or toxic substances to your body so they have to be removed, they are too big to be absorbed by the intestines so they keep going trough your digestive system and to the urinary system, where they are expelled from your body in the form of urine, feces or farts. So, to sum it all up farts are essentially an initial part of the food you ate, the part that your body doesn´t need and when they leave your body you technically lose weight since mass that was part of your body, that was inside you, leaves your body, making you just a teeny tiny bit lighter. I´m a portuguese 10º grade student, so I don´t know if this is 100% factual, but it´s what I know and what I could come up with to respond the question.
It's ABOUT flam TIME 10 days ago
25 minute explanation of why helium makes your voice higher... When helium doesn't change the pitch of your voice significantly, according to almost every source I can find. It just changes the resonances/formants.
Dak 10 days ago
When a YouTuber with 11 mil subs says his dream job is to be a teacher
Regan 10 days ago
Bro I learnt more in this one video than i did during my whole time at high school
Ben Vo 10 days ago
23:46 Anatomy doesn't apply to this man :D
NHL Hero 10 days ago
YYYYYOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! After the third clue I was like 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 that makes so much sense
King Whyvern Dragoon 10 days ago
“The same way how oil sinks to the bottom and water floats out.” Yeah I thought oil was less dense than water.
Loren Nunez 10 days ago
Can we take a moment to thank Mark for his time and effort❤
Holo Scope 10 days ago
Mr. Rober is so awesome, talking to us like his own children, thanks Mr. Rober
Luke Chakrabarti 10 days ago
This was so cool! You will be a great teacher! Can you do something along the lines of acids and bases or solutions next?
_ΜiΑ- TΑP ОN MY PHОTO 10 days ago
🤚excuse me Mr. Rober, May we have a Khoot exam at the end of this semester
Anthony Ramirez 10 days ago
If Mark was my teacher teaching me a science class, I will not get tired of him talking Like if you agree
Dylan Does Stuff 10 days ago
Mark says he’s gonna transfer his knowledge through my phone screen. Me, who’s watching on a Samsung fridge: AWW MAN.
Just Another Human 10 days ago
All I can say is thank you. Thank you for some how making learning soooo cool and interesting and thank you for making my day.
orange 1022 10 days ago
what?! hes teaching us in a cool way annnnnnd giving us prizes if we answer right ?!?!?! this is better than my actual science teacher( partially because i actually learned something0
Les Hopkinson 10 days ago
I wish my science teacher was as enthusiastic as Mark when I was at school. I’m now nearly 40 and I loved this. I just love learning.
Bien Adams 10 days ago
17:20 For a sec I forgot why he was talking about sound
Mine Kros 10 days ago
15:01 , Oil is lighter than water not heavier, it floats on the top not sink down.
Philip Salviati von Koppenfels 10 days ago
Would love to see a more advanced physics video - I know it probably won't happen because a lot of your audience wouldn't understand it, but your method of explaining is incredible and it would be really cool to see that applied to a more complex topic.