GOLD Apple Watch Under Water for 9 MONTHS! - Can i Fix it?!

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We finally found the 24 carat GOLD Apple watch that Dan lost 9 months ago. His Apple watch has been soaking in deep water for almost a YEAR. Can the apple watch survive being under water for that long? Can an Apple Watch marinate in a marina for 9 months and still live? The only way to find out for sure is by tearding it down and seeing what needs to be replaced.

Our first failed attempt to find the watch:
Scuba Jake FOUND IT here:
Dan surprising me:
Dipping an Apple Watch in Gold with Casey:

HUGE Thanks to my buddy FIXD for helping me with the repair and spare parts:

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LARGE tool kit:
Travel Tool Kit:
Green Pry tool:
Metal phone opening tool:

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
Wide angle lens:
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nicolas selman 27 days ago
nobody: jerry:i´m not used to work with little things me: deeeaam
Charlex Alexandre 28 days ago
"microscopic screw" "screw that's smaller than an ant's leg" "illegally tiny" I think he doesn't like small things 😂😂😂😂
Batbot2006 28 days ago
“This guy came and fixed my watch.” Jerry:”This guy?”
Ahmed Mohsen 27 days ago
"One of them I gave to my wife, who has an iPhone and does that kinda thing" I honestly believe that the fact that the first thing you guys discussed when you met was the iOS vs. Android thing, makes this running gag a lot funnier and cuter at the same time.
Sunita Sharma 28 days ago
"I personally would rather poke my eyes out, than opening and repairing an Apple Watch"
Smitha MK 27 days ago
"This is illegaly tiny" That's what she said
Patrick 28 days ago
Corrosion: We are gonna feast on this watch for years to come. Zack : Good afternoon.
Leonard Ayres 27 days ago
He should make videos where every once in a while he repairs random tech from his viewers.
Dennis Deveaux 27 days ago
3:27 Zack has spent so much time tearing down phones that “Watch” just isn’t the first thought that comes to his mind.
Musical Manhole 28 days ago
This is like a really big crossover with JerryRigEverything, DALLYMYD and What’s Inside
Zoozoo 28 days ago
3:27 “Like everything else inside this phone.” You called it a phone
AlexandreG 28 days ago
"But we're not normal" she says... She looks like a normal girl, she's no agent 47 that's for sure
Jack Bushong 27 days ago
"I'm not used to working with tiny things." Same, bro. Same.
Youtube Watcher23 28 days ago
Jerry: can repair an apple watch Me:can't even put the cables in the correct spot
Hououin Kyouma 28 days ago
"i gave it to this guy to fix it" talk about disrespect
Andy Mankey 27 days ago
He’s not “used to handling small things” well I sure am every day at 1 am
Laavanay Aggarwal 28 days ago
So this guy can fix things too instead of "scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7"...
Jorge Avelar 28 days ago
Their friendship is solid. Happy for everyone!
Brady 27 days ago
"If you are still awake at this point, good job" Woah, he read my mind I was almost asleep lol
10k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge 27 days ago
“This guy came and fixed my watch.” Jerry:”This guy?” 28 days ago
It’s a nice thing to see how these youtubers are using their respective platforms in helping out others especially their fellow youtubers 😄 Youtube is not only a community. It is a family ❤️
Jaren Kempton 27 days ago
6:26 Just imagine: A dad brings back the family iPad from the Apple store to his kids and says, “The doctors diagnosed it with water damage and give it no more than 20 days to live...”
Ben Evans 28 days ago
Omg Dan’s house 😭😍he’s got a house like that just from seeing what’s inside things 🙄
A Random Commenter on YouTube 28 days ago
When you are so rich you drop a 24 karat gold watch into a lake and don’t spend a week searching for it
Mike Wazowski 28 days ago
*You can pay me back in Pizza, Oreos or Mountain Dew* Wise Words.
Rooty Poots 28 days ago
I have never heard anyone pronounce “isopropyl alcohol” the way you do.
M S 28 days ago
Jerry you could also give a voice over to any documentary, like “how it’s made” and alike! Very cool video! Did anyone feel that Dan intentionally dropped it coz he didn’t like the gold watch and then he made a guilt trip and then all this happened! Probably thinking “phew, got to keep this watch NOW!!” 😂 no offense Dan, love your videos as well!! Keep cheering everyone up guys! Xoxo
Gal Smirnov 28 days ago
3:27 Zach: like everything else inside this *phone*" Me: AHA!
James Dunlop 28 days ago
"Im not used to working with small things" Come on THATS WHAT SHE SAID lol
Aravind 28 days ago
Me: “Man thats not as hard as I imagined” Zach: “You looking big screen, reality smol!” Me: “I...I... just was lost! Nvm carry on buddy!”
10k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge 27 days ago
"I'm not used to work with tiny things" Now, now there's no need to show off
Serenity 28 days ago
I love how your wife said "We're not normal." I'm so happy that you two found each other and so happily married!
Otonashi Yuzuru 27 days ago
"I had this guy come over today" "It still has that weird stuff on it. He didn't replace the screen" that's so mean
FutureMartian97 27 days ago
Marvel: Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover in history. Me:
1 Subscriber Before 2021 27 days ago
“My wife has an iPhone and does that kind of thing” 😂P
SALTYFRLIFE 27 days ago
3:04 Thats what she said LMAO
Cubs City 27 days ago
Because the Apple Watch is “waterproof” and we all know that nothing’s waterproof. Because water is water and we all know water breaks.
Jasper Griffin 27 days ago
Dude just needed some rice People make life so hard sometimes.
Sam-I-Am 27 days ago
This makes me appreciate my Apple watch even more, incredibly tiny components and it all just works
10k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge 27 days ago
Zack a whe ago: "I am not going to repair an apple watch ever again" Well, well, how the turnables
Mi Hai 28 days ago
Dan: Wears a custom gold Apple Watch with the cheapest band available.
64-BIT Tech 27 days ago
- How wide do you want your monitor to be Zack : yes
BlaseSavage 11 28 days ago
“I’ll have Oreo, Mountain Dew, or Pizza” 😂😂😂😂
Sam Parsons 27 days ago
Apple *doesn’t want people in there devices* also Apple *nicely labels there parts in the same font they put on boxes*
Nick 4K 28 days ago
“The watch gets drunk” Zack: oh
Sayyid sahal 28 days ago
Other YouTubers: surprise with dumb stuffs Zach:Surprising by fixing apple watch.
bob marley 28 days ago
3:28 He really just called it a phone 🤦‍♂️ 😂
G.O_wow 1 27 days ago
0:32 “U could see my wife’s knee” 😂😂😂
Jayden 28 days ago
“Like anything inside of this phone” it’s a watch did you not sleep?
Omar Najera 28 days ago
Jerry: “I’m not used to working with tint things” Wifey: “yeah he’s not😏”
rage and let rage 27 days ago
"i'm not used to working with tiny things" he says then explain your wife my friend no offence meant but she's smol
Tristan N 28 days ago
3:25 “phone”?
BlueLamp 27 days ago
"-It's not currently working right now" JerryRigEverything
Adil M 28 days ago
Jerry is like a God, but for electronics. He give lives to those who have no hope of booting up.
Too_smokey4u 27 days ago
Damn that’s a sick house to be in during quarantine
themustardcat141 27 days ago
“I’m not used to working with small things” confirmed he’s packing boyssss
morty 27 days ago
"I'm not use to working with tiny things" Weird flex but ok
Aloysius Pinem 27 days ago
Dan: help my phone is broken Jerry: initiate surgery
Sean L 28 days ago
How could he go that long without seeing scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7
Vinamra Parashar 27 days ago
"I dont normally work with small things" Boyyyys he is packing. The king
Lou Gehrig Hust 28 days ago
3:01 "I'm not used to working with tiny things" That's what she said
Kai Mantupar 27 days ago
The way Zack says "isopropyl" reminds me of how Zefrank1 says "birds"
Jümøñdrê 28 days ago
Jerry: I'm not used to working on tiny things *Me noticing his monitor* Me: I can see that
100 subscribers with one video 28 days ago
"I'm not used to working with small things." We know, we know...
Vedraj r.m 28 days ago
“Not used to working on small things” There’s your innuendo
Benjamin Guillory 27 days ago
“I’m not used to working with tiny things” Lol
Elon Musk 27 days ago
*First time he is repairing an apple product instead of rigging it*
Nostradumbass 8 27 days ago
You bought a new watch and easily had ALL the data transfered. He literally already replaced the watch. If you all get cancer I'll understand.
sSemTeXx 27 days ago
The black microphone filter blended in with his bald head in the Thumbnail, and it looked like a Monk trim
Michael Carson 27 days ago
Before I watch: If by fix he means tear to pieces.... That would be a yes.
Laughing Man 28 days ago
3:00 Not-so-subtle way of flexing how big your junk is.
theskiviking 27 days ago
5:15 "then I'll take this screw that's smaller than an ant's leg, and put it back inside the metal bracket." LOL!
EpicPurpleHavok 27 days ago
3:03 "I'm not used to working with tiny things." Ohoho?
Mirage Master 28 days ago
The amount of dirty jokes is unreal “I’m not used to dealing with small tools”
Happy John 28 days ago
"Under Water" is one word. 4:46 PM 5/8/2020
Matthew Su 27 days ago
"Im not used to workin with small things"damn big flex
James Cox 28 days ago
“I’ll accept payment in the form of Oreos pizza or Mountain Dew“ 😂😂😂😂
No Name 27 days ago
Jerry What's about Mi Mix Alpha.We want to Know how it's durable and other you can do.
Meosh 27 days ago
It's weird to see Zack doing repairs.
Cristian 28 days ago
Jerry low key exposing how comfortable and high life style his friend lives lmao!
William Boskofsky 28 days ago
Hahaha I just watched “part one” of this a while ago
Tiago Resendes 28 days ago
*zack in a fight:* "my punches will hit you hard at a level 6, with a guaranteed knockout at a level 7"
Lunatic Leone 28 days ago
I never thought I would see my 2 favorite tech an outdoor people in the same video
littlepip 27 days ago
nobody: Zack: This is actually really small
Box play PUBG mobile 28 days ago
Alco exist Apple: I am not a friend so don’t look at me People :owoo
Drax 28 days ago
3:26 nice “phone” dude! 😂
aden12nd 28 days ago
Yo i got a Jerry rig everything Durand teardown ad before watching this 👌
Toby Evans 28 days ago
3;28: he said " phone" instead of"watch".
thefowles1 27 days ago
5:17 at first I thought you said ass leg
Sophia Morgan 28 days ago
Zack a whe ago: "I am not going to repair an apple watch ever again" Well, well, how the turnables
Shalahuddin Abdul aziz 28 days ago
When you want to be a killer, you need to learn to be a reviver
Karan Arora 28 days ago
My friends can't even move 4 metres to pass me the phone's charger.
Justin Pease 28 days ago
3:27 " everything else inside this phone..." Further proof that Zach only works on phones normally.
Phoenix967 27 days ago
I wish I could go sliding with an apple and break it and be like “oh well I’ll buy a new one” lol. 😂
Ben Dover 27 days ago
Who else saw the jerryrigeverything commercial on tv?
Milo Mitchener 27 days ago
3:02 it doesn't help that I'm not used to working with tiny things. ;)
Tristan N 28 days ago
1:25 you should have showed the clip of it getting to the Apple logo
Shadow Ninja980 28 days ago
3:26 "like everything else on this phone they are extremely tiny"
Blue Cord 27 days ago
I like that he keeps moaning about how small everything is
Berke Turan 28 days ago
3:26 "Like everything inside this phone" No, no. He's got a point.