Last To Leave 7 STORY Box Fort Wins!

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Zaniya Sander 5 month ago
Plot twist: The girl didn’t get grounded. She just didn’t want to jump in the pool!
Fuze_ Crypto 5 month ago
Am I the only one that heard “and action” at 9:10
Phoenix Ringma-Ward 5 month ago
I’m surprised the whole scaffolding didn’t fall over.
snowseed 5 month ago
Nobody: Me and the boys when we find my grandma’s amazon boxes:
All OfUs 5 month ago
"We're getting pizza!" Child: "WHAT THE HECK!!"🍕😂
Maja pawlik 5 month ago
Girl:my mom grounded me Capron:for staying here for too long Girl:yeah
Nathan Lee 5 month ago
1:20 I swear he said “I got the weed”😂
Akasha Snow 5 month ago
Corey's always getting forced out. Someone either pushes him out or tricks him. Like in the McDonald's video lol. Also, anyone else think that mutual agreements or deals should be banned?
Lost AF1's 5 month ago
“I got the wii “ thank god for subtitles 😂
Hydra Hunter 5 month ago
3:26 For a second I thought the tower was on fire 😂
Michael Rodrique 5 month ago
That is the coolest and most insane Thing I have ever seen😳
Copmen TheGamingXED 5 month ago
When the papa jake reacts to this video Papa Jake : WE NEED TO MAKE 14 floors Logan! Funk bros: oh...
Chass Hdz 5 month ago
I just love the fact that they are still together andddd have their own channels cause they are both so different and I’m happy seein them both grow❤️😩🙌🏼
Meme Sauce 5 month ago
I’m so confused so bottom floor is just stairs, second floor is cool section, third floor is the bedroom and then the top is heli pad ??? That’s four floors, either I’m stupid or that’s not 7
WILLIAM SCOOTS 5 month ago
When I saw this I thought it was from like 3 years ago but It wasn’t sick vid btw
Jade Wiebe-Humphrey 5 month ago
Capron: “I’m going to zip tie the tv to this thing.” hits the pole things Corey: “ wait... WOAH WOAH WOAH. Your going to buy me a tv if it falls... right?” Capron: “.......” 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this video was amazing❤️❤️❤️ you guys are so funny
SOS Games M.E 4 month ago
Damian Medina 5 month ago
Cory “if my tv falls you’ll be my a new one right?” Capron doesn’t respond
Lewis Shaw 5 month ago
Charlie: And Action. Drage: I was gonna give Corey his blanket but he kinda fell out
William Dryden 5 month ago
Did anyone notice that the camera man said “and action”
Braxten Foster 5 month ago
I thought he said “I got the weed”
Carson Fincher 4 month ago
If it fall whose ever idea this is he's paying for it
Inèz Bij de Vaate 5 month ago
The way Corey fell out had me dead 😂😂🤣
dee daniels 5 month ago
Papa Jake: we have the tallest box fort ever! Funk Bros: we fina end dis mans whole career
Sinead Ukulele 5 month ago
This whole video I had anxiety thinking of the fact that this could just topple over any minute
Nasip 5 month ago
you got direct MESSAGE from charlie answers the phone "Hey Charlie"
dutch gamerboy 5 month ago
9:11 And action
Aus1LFCfan Lfc 5 month ago
Did anyone else hear “And Action” 9:10
Daddy Andme 5 month ago
wait drage before they went to sleep he had a tiny beard, but when they woke up he didn't. So that means he got out!
Angel Santiago 5 month ago
who saw caprons pillow when he said ha was going to bed lllmmmaaaooo
ImyouNine 5 month ago
1:23 is that a wiid? im calling the police!
thatdannykid97 5 month ago
2:06 the dude was watching video from the vlog squad, you can tell by the tesla. i think it's jasons video lmao
Minoru Mineta 5 month ago
Imagine knocking the tower down whilst being inside it.
MaDestini Taylor 5 month ago
He said WEED 😂😂 they’re trying to stay family friendly with “Wii”
Isabella St.Clair 5 month ago
Anyone else notice how the one guy went from having a beard at night but had no beard the next morning 🤷‍♀️ Like the video tho it was a cool idea 😎
Rosalia Martinez-Armstrong 5 month ago
Why do the funk bros hang out with 14 year old kids and like 39 year old guys in the same box fort
baderdad is gay 5 month ago
I know I am not the only one that heard the filmer say "ready action" when the big guy woke up from his sleep in the morning
Jack Johnson 5 month ago
The first kid that got out has hoonigan merch
iilypsy 5 month ago
4:32 "aw thanks blood" - white girl
Brain Fart Studios 5 month ago
Me: I got the memes! Everybody: :|
Time Krafter 5 month ago
Imagine being this Early and not promoting scams. Noice.
Phoenix_King _06 5 month ago
I love that capron has a picture of Rydel on his pillow
Theedog ! 5 month ago
*me when I don’t get a single penny for winning my mom the jackpot* *YEET* 2:57 *also me when my crush goes out with my enemy* *I BELIEVE I CAN FLY* 4:20
Connor Fahey 5 month ago
So, I'm not saying this just so I can maybe get noticed by you guys but I really love your vids and yall are great YouTubers 💯 keep them up🔥
Austin Tarr 4 month ago
Was it just me, or when he said"I got the Wii" I thought he said I GOT THE WEED 🤣🤣🤣
Elvrin Toram 5 month ago
3:33 Zelda breath of the wild! XD I recognize that beep anywhere 😂 you guys are sooo cool you look like a blast to hang around :) when I was little I could make a excellent sheet fort :) but this takes it to a whole new level ^^ you guys should fill your pool with foam cubes and do tricks xD can't wait to see more videos!
Merrick Esparza 5 month ago
0:43 I laughed way too hard at that kid waving his hand like he’s having a seizure.
Kingston Oldham 4 month ago
They literally stayed in there for only like 3 hours
davi Caus rocha 5 month ago
Just me hear the: “action”
Flo0ffy 5 month ago
nobody: them: BOX FORRTT the rain clouds: hMmMmM..
dei mamä 4 month ago
Am I the only one who noticed that he said "and action" at 9:11min
Nash Norton 5 month ago
How many likes is how many times I have to jump in my outdoor pool I am in England
Eggs On Toast 5 month ago
3:33 is it weird that I heard one beep and recognized it was BoTW
San bombazo 5 month ago
So basically it’s a construction stand with pieces of boxes around it... not a box fort
Tristen Rodrigue 5 month ago
I can just imagine the boxes collapsing and you two going down with it
Chloe H 5 month ago
3:45 "aw I want a cuddle too"😂🥺
Titan 5 month ago
9:10 "and action"?
Carter Ruhle Productions 5 month ago
4:09 imagine if she jumped out of the door that doesn't lead to the pool....
TheMagentaPuppy 5 month ago
I love how Capron has a pillow with Rydel's face on it. XD
freak son 5 month ago
where's the intro bruuuhh/// One Two Three .four! /// damn -_-
Fake Echo 5 month ago
Just think when you die it’s forever and ever and ever and ever
Frostly Bunny 5 month ago
I love to watch you guys you make me so happy, but billy is my favorite and IDK why
Craxy Jhit 5 month ago
1:23 I thought he said I got the weed 🍁 lmfaooo
JONA HAMLIN 5 month ago
Anyone else notice the step Brothers reference this is a house of learning doctors
Boshra Ahmed 5 month ago
i was saying how was it standing on its own😂😂
Tammy Primeau McNabb 5 month ago
Reference to step brothers when he said this is a house of learning doctor's
David Kozniewski 5 month ago
Did anyone else hear “and action” at 9:12
Brooklyn Shultis 5 month ago
Ad: or- The guys: hey guys
Jason Bohleber 5 month ago
This looks so fun imagine this with all of ur friends
Hunter Kirkpatrick 5 month ago
9:11... and action, I was gonna give Cory his blanket but he kinda fell out
philliesfan the goat 5 month ago
That fort looks like something straight from toy story
Tik Tok Creations 5 month ago
At 9:10 someone said action the they start talking
spencer 5 month ago
2:05 uh what’s that sound
prod. by lucid 5 month ago
0:44 who’s child is this
The Sniper 5 month ago
I always ask myself wins what at the end?!
Ty Lucas 5 month ago
9:10 I herd “and action”
TheEmeraldWeegee 5 month ago
Someone: destroys the box fort Funk Bros: "Nice going, p a l. It took us 3 days to make that box fort. *THREE DAYS!!!*"
Lindsay Lovvorn 5 month ago
My son is obsessed with the Funk Bros he’s five! He now wants me to build a fort like you all did! So he can jump and flip out of it! He wants to be a ninja! The funk Bros is the only channel I allow him to watch and he watches every day and loves it.
Meez Breeze 5 month ago
9:10 He said and action, thats how u know most of the video is staged
Lucius John 5 month ago
“Idont care if I’m out”
Left4 Games 5 month ago
1:23 thought man's said I got the weed
Sarah Leavy 5 month ago
9:30 Capron's "rise and shine" is everything 😂😆😆
Not Jacob 5 month ago
9:12 it says and action then he starts talking
Wooden Spoon 5 month ago
When You Decide To Move Out *But On A Budget*
Burningham 5 month ago
9:10 u hear the camera man say action
Kaden Williams 5 month ago
Me: welp time to jump in the pool on top of the fort pool: please god no just please don't jump
Mila Elstgeest 5 month ago
Imagine being that child who just jumped out and missed the pizza 🤣🤣😅 I mean than you are pretty screwed up😂😂
Marissa Brophy 5 month ago
Your guys are amazing, keep up the hard work and u make me happy when I am sad... love u guys keep up the hard work
ashley rittner 5 month ago
the shrine indicator at 3:33 gave me PTSD cause I just spent last night taking like an HOUR to find one that kept going off and it was hidden in a mountain 😭😂
Smirky Tea 5 month ago
4:09. What if while she was sleeping they moved the fort to their friends house, but he didn't have a pool?
Furryartist Gamer123 5 month ago
Wut if it started falling or raining?!?! (I just pressed the video btw)
Miguel Chavez 5 month ago
Am eating a cookie Just wanted everyone to know
Maxwell Rechkemmer 4 month ago
I thought he said he got the weed
itsAcesFN 5 month ago
Where’d u get that metal thing for around the box fort. That’s awesome where u get the frame for it
Chloe H 5 month ago
Happy to see Payton in a video with Jason, they're so cute together 🥺
Boozibear 33 5 month ago
1:24 I thought he said Weed lmao
Brendan Merriott 5 month ago
This reminds me of that OG Ed Edd n Eddy episode with the box town
Troy Cerasuolo 5 month ago
I love you guys but... Drage clearly has a beard when he goes to bed, and when they wake up, he doesn't. Please explain.
hannah choi 5 month ago
i wish i was their neighbor 😂
Leo Dillon 5 month ago
I remember watching you guys years ago when you rode scooters